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"Okay, what was written on that list again?" I said as both Emmett and I jumped out of the car.

Emmett rummaged through his coat pocket and found a rumpled, messed-up list.

"Emmett, you have a scrap of paper in your pocket for exactly 8 minutes and it emerges barely alive," I sighed, with a shake of my head.

"Whatever," Em retorted. "At least, I can still read what it says." He looked at the paper for a moment and said, "Dude, scratch that. I have no idea what the hell is written on this paper."

"Give it to me," I reached out to take the list and looked at it. After a moment of confusion, I glanced up at Emmett with, I'm sure, the safe befuddled look that was on his face. "Uh, Em. What are Pop-Tarts?"

"You tell me," Emmett replied.

"Get one of those shopping cart things," I ordered, pointing to one of them standing outside the store. "This is probably gonna take some time."

Emmett grabbed a cart and two vampires walked into the supermarket with a shopping cart.

"Whew," Emmett said as the smell of the vegetables hit them as soon as the sliding doors opened, "Get a whiff of that."

"That IS disgusting," I agreed, causing a man who was advertising some sort of completely inedible food to walk away, obviously thinking they were speaking if the food he was intent on offering.

"Bella never said anything about vegetables," Emmett said, reviewing the list again. "I think…" He sounded unsure, having no idea if the foreign names written on the paper were for vegetable or fruit or bread or drink.

He looked up. "Fruit Loops are in the fruit section, right?"

"I'm sure they are," I smiled, glad that they have finally figured something out.

Emmett walked toward the fruits which were on the right of the store's door. I dragged the shopping cart behind me. It rattled on its rickety wheels.

"So," Emmett sounded unsure, "which are the fruit loops?"

"Um… We'll find those later. What else is fruit-related and is written on Bella's list?"

Emmett consulted the list and squinted as he tried to read Bella's messy scrawl. Neither of us had dared complain about her handwriting while she was compiling this list, nor had we volunteered to be the ones to do the writing. The first one would have sent her to a fit of uncontrolled rage that even I wouldn't be able to handle and the second would've caused hysterical, unsecure sobbing. I wonder why so many women want to get pregnant and have babies (ahemROSALIEahem). It looked like it was all mood swings and punches in the stomach to me. Actually it looked like a right pain in the a—

"There's Fruit by the Foot," Emmett said, breaking my concentration.

"Huh?" I said.

"That's another fruit-related thing on Bella's list," Emmett explained, looking proud of himself.

"Right. Shopping. Um, what's that?" I asked tentatively

Emmett sighed with exhaustion. "I DON'T KNOW! All I know is that I'm missing a Rangers game and there is no (here he said a very colorful word) TV in this place."

"Okay, calm down." I tried to infuse some calmness into his system without drawing (more) attention to Emmett. He had attracted quite a few looks our way with his yelling. A woman was staring at Emmett, obviously enthralled by his (snort) beauty. Boy, would Rosalie kill her if she knew. I looked at her and the force o my stare drew her to me. The feelings she had been having for Emmett changed to me (awkward!) and I bared my teeth at her. She looked stunned and ran away to the door of the store.

As I saw her running to her rusty car (in Forks, the only kinds of cars are 'Rusty' and 'Breaking Down' and 'Already Broken'), I felt sort of bad. Here she was a person we could've asked what Fruit Loops, Pop-Tarts, Fruit by the Foot and all the rest of this stuff was. Too late, I thought.

I looked at Emmett who was clinging to my feet, obviously dying about missing his hockey game. He was letting out childish sobs. I nudged him with my other foot.

"Emmett, get up."

He looked up at me. He let out a strangled sob. "You're from TEXAS!" For some reason, that made him cry even harder.

"What? What about me being from Texas is so… crying-worthy?" I asked, confused.

"After the Rangers game, there is going to be a game between the Dallas Cowboys and… and…," after tat, it was obvious I wasn't going to get a straight word out of him.

"C'mon," I muttered, walking and dragging Emmett behind me as I bravely wandered through the unknown realms of the dark and dangerous supermarket.

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