First off: Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who read this FF and said that they really liked it. You guys are the best and look forward for more of my, er, possibly contagious randomness.

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Anyway, the point of this 'chapter' was about an anonymous reviewer who asked me if there would be any FFs about Edward's adventure with buying food and all. The answer is, no, there will not be another FF about that. It just would get so repetitive and everything. I don't think there is anything that can go wrong in a supermarket, with vampires doing the shopping that I haven't used. Also I got a PM (apparently you can't review the same chapter twice) of someone asking what happened to Melanie. Melanie got admitted to the closest mental hospital, ok? Her room-mate was that insane old woman.

So, yeah, sorry, no Edward FF because he is such a lame character and all. (KIDDING!! I love him! Don't get your hopes up, Loony) Besides, I don't think there is anything let to say about this story.

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(I'm a huge Emmett fan, in case you haven't noticed)

Moving on… Listen to Imprint! Yay! I love Matt! And Andrew! And Laura And Elysa and everyone else on MuggleCast, too!

I know, weird and random, but, hey, that's me!


P.S. I mean, for Heaven's sake, even my name is weird.