My Foolishness – Chapter 1 – Why did I just let you go?

I just watched you walk away

I can't even make you stay,

I know that you're leaving because of me,

And I know that it's my liability…

"Aya, don't go…" Souichirou said holding Aya's hand. He's stopping Aya; she's going away for sometime. He doesnt know wether she is going to come back or not.

"Souichirou let me go!" Aya was crying as she pulls her hand. "I don't want to stay! I can't take it anymore! I don't want to get hurt anymore! Please let me go!" Aya said while Souichirou hugged her tightly.

"Aya, we have to go." Ren, her cousin, said to her.

"Yeah, I know…" Aya replied as she break Souichirou's hug. "Souichirou, stop it! You're hurting me!"

"Aya!" Souichirou had nothing to do but let her go. Let her do what she has to do, what she want to do.

I've hurted you many times, I've hurted you and made you cry… I'll wait for you till you come back again….

Souichirou fell in the ground… he's sad… he looks so sad… Aya left and he knows that he's the reason why she left. A tear drop fell from his eyes and it started to rain. Aya went in the car and stared at Souichirou as they go. She saw Souichiro very sad and he was crying for her. She never tought that he'll be very sad to see her go.

"anD now that i'm staring at you at a very far distance

i'm guilty that i wasnt able to give you that kind of exuberance

i just broke your heart and made you cry

said that i didnt love you but that's just a lie"