Secrets and Immortal

The Twilight Fan fiction Sequel to Betrothed and Forgotten


The setting is 2 years later from the date Bella became immortal. Her crazy newborn years are over. Her grief against Jacob is almost over. Everything is perfect. That is, until a dark secret comes back from Bella's past. A secret that reminds her of her dark past- one she was forced to forget- and that one little thing she had been keeping from everyone but herself. With the wedding drawing nearer each day, Bella is forced to make a choice that not only affects her, but her past as well.

And when Eliza and Nate take over the entire Volturi, they want one certain person. And they would do anything in world to get her. Secrets anyone?

Well everyone knows, secrets are meant to be told. Anyone who doesn't confide in someone will have their secret slipped out in the end. It just goes to show, that things are not always what they seem. Even if you are an immortal vampire.

Okay, it's not that great of a summary- it's very hard to explain. I skipped over the newborn years, simply because there was too much information afterwards that I wanted to put into text. Tell me how you like it!!!!! =) Oh and don't worry, Bella's newborn years won't be forgotten. They'll be mentioned much, much, more than you think.

=) Kylz