Hello, all! This is going to be a follow-up for another story of mine, the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX one. It expounds upon a plot device left open at the end of the fic and also gives me an opportunity to write out more of the characters that we didn't see too much of in the first fic. Since I'm back in school now, I kind of doubt that this one will be finished in the speedy manner that its predecessor was. Sorry about that, but this is the best I can do.

Well I see him every morning in the schoolyard

'Fore the school-bell rings

And when he passes in the hallway

Well he doesn't

Seem to notice me

He's got a crush on my best friend

But she don't care 'cause she loves someone else

I'm standing on the outside of the inside

Where I want to be

Love's unkind

Love's unkind

Love's unkind

Love's unkind

Cause he's not mine (1)

Judai listed dangerously to the side before swinging back to his original position. His head lolled in a sad little fashion that was quickly righted when noticed by his friends.

Sho sweatdropped as he poked and prodded his friend into an upright position that he hoped was passable as someone who was awake and attentive during class. This was History class, the one class that Johan and Judai didn't have together. Naturally, because of this, there was nothing that Judai felt the need to pay attention to. Thus, his current out-cold state and poor Sho's plight.

"YUKI JUDAI!" the teacher bellowed.

"Yaaaauggh!" Judai was abruptly brought to feet and sudden wakefulness. As any exceptionally early riser will know, the faster you wake up, the harder it is to stay awake. Sleep yanked him back down again, causing his knees to buckle below him. Judai crashed to the ground, though luckily he was still too asleep to really feel much. Or perhaps it was that his head was really that hard.

"Yuki, would you like to explain to the class what I just was informing them about? I'm sure they would understand it better from the mouth of a fellow student," she said, fixing the horizontal boy with an unblinking, beady stare.

"Did it have anything to do with Mukden Bridge?"

The teacher looked startled. "Er… yes…"

"Oh, I know that one… Japanese guys dressed up as the Chinese soldiers and faked blowing up their own bridge in Manchuria so they could declare war on China and take over in order to get the raw materials they needed during the war."

The teacher looked especially displeased. "Yes… that's correct. Next time though, Yuki, please attempt to look interested in the lesson. Your antics could be misconstrued as impertinence."

"Yes'm, yes'm, three bags full," he murmured, almost falling asleep again. (2)

Once the laughter of the students had calmed down, the teacher resumed her lesson and Judai attempted to resume his nap. But Sho was having none of it.

"Hey. Hey, Judai."

"Whaddya waaaaaant…?"

"How did you know what she was talking about? If you were awake the whole time, then what was I doing trying to help you out? You couldn't have made my life a little easier and told me you were awake?" Sho demanded to know.

"I wasn't awake," Judai muttered. "But I knew we were around the middle of WWII in Europe when I passed out, so I figured I had nothing to lose by asking about Mukden…"

"That's not what I mean. But since when are you so smart that you know all about material we hadn't even covered until you slept through it?"

At this Judai smiled, his eyes a little bit more lively than they had been while he was adjusting to being awake. "I peeked at a couple of Johan's textbooks when I went to his room the other night."

Sho blushed and stopped talking.

"Not like that, you perv. We were talking about… stuff," Judai muttered, mind wandering, as per usual.


The two were walking along the beaten dirt road that went from the Slifer dormitory to the main buildings, holding hands and looking extremely sappy. Luckily for them both, no one was usually out at that hour, or at least, no one with a big mouth. Judai smiled and rested his head on Johan's shoulder sleepily.

"Are you going to pass out on me now?"

"Mmm… possibly," Judai muttered. "But not before I get the chance to ask you…"

"Hmm? Ask me what?"

"Just… something…well, I think it's important, but I'm pretty sure you're not gonna be as on-board with the whole idea as I am…"

Johan made a pained face and glanced towards Heaven. "Why do I get the feeling this question of yours is on par with asking me to help you hide a body?" Judai laughed but made no effort to negate the taller boy's fears.

The sun had yet to make its entrance, but the sky was growing lighter all the same. The spectrum of colours slowly making their way around the world reminded the pair that each of them had classes the next day – ones that they should probably be halfway awake for. This, however, was not big enough a concern to get in the way of their limited time together. It may've been only a walk with no one else around, but to them it was something much more special, regardless of how sugar-sweet it sounded. Odds were good that the couple had developed diabetes from the sweetness of their devotion to one another.

Johan stopped at the large twin doors that marked the entrance to his dorm building. Judai tried to continue walking, but walked straight into his boyfriend.

"Judai, you really need sleep. One day you're going to walk in front of an oncoming train or something like it and die just because you're too tired to make the extra effort it takes to get out of the way."

Judai smiled. "Well, at least I know you'll be there to yell at me to wake the hell up. 'Sides, sleep isn't really that important." Johan facepalmed and helped his sleep-deprived boyfriend up two flights of stairs to the dorm room.

As soon as they entered the room, Judai fell over face-first onto the mattress, sighing like a man carrying the world having been relieved of his burden. Johan couldn't help laughing at the highly undignified image. His horizontal boyfriend sent a nasty look his way, or what was really a normal look that was too exhausted to make the extra effort and look nasty, but still managed to get the general point across.

"You wanna crash here with me tonight, I take it?"

"It sounds like a REALLY good idea right now, yes."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me… what was that thing you were going to ask me before?"

"Mmmmm… Johaaaaaan…Let me sleeeeeeep goddaaaaaaaamn it…"

Johan began to poke Judai mercilessly. "Nuh-uh! I really want to know now! Come on! I won't let you sleep 'til you tell me what it was!"

"Meanie-pants! Fine, fine! But just in case you've forgotten, I DID warn you that you might not like it."

"Alright," Johan said, holding up a hand in mock solemnity. "I swear I won't freak out, no matter what it is. Unless it really DOES have something to do with hiding a body, in which case I'm pretty sure I reserve the right to freak out."

Judai laughed and shook his head. "Oh, Lord, it's nothing like that. My work isn't near sloppy enough for me to need HELP hiding bodies."

"…Much as I love you, you frighten me on occasions."

"Love you too, dear. So… here goes. I want to meet your Mom over summer break."

Johan was silent for a while, his face changing expressions a few times over. Judai looked at him with a puppy face, unsure as to his boyfriend's thoughts on the matter. Johan leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his forehead in his hands. "But… why would you want to…"

"I just do. Does it bother you? I mean, I know I've asked to come to your home with you once or twice before and you kept saying no, but wasn't that because you didn't want me to figure out that you were part of a Mafia family? Since I know now… I guess I just assumed that you'd be okay with it. If it's not, I totally get it."

Johan shook his head, looking up. "No. It doesn't bother me. I'm just wondering what on Earth everyone's reactions will be. I never know how Mom's going to take things, and the others… like to be as unreadable as possible."

"Then surely I'll make no impact at all?"

Johan laughed outright at that. "Judai, angel, the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs is constantly being outdone by you in terms of impact. I think you'll turn their worlds upside down. It may be amusing to watch."

"So I can come with you?"

"… You understand that, for the most part, the decision isn't up to me? I mean, it's completely up to Mom. It's her house, for God's sake, plus I don't know if she'd be okay with anyone she considers an outsider staying in for a while. She's really paranoid, which brings me to the final point."


"My family's Mafia. Like, guns and drugs and warlords and crime and DEATH. If something happened to you, I'd probably take a dive off of the tallest building I could find within five minutes."

"Ow. That strikes me as something that would show up in the morning, no pun intended."

"I'm serious here, Judai."

"So am I. I really didn't intend for that pun to slip out. I seem to have a gift for it. But all kidding aside Johan, just relax. Your mother managed to raise a wonderful child like you in that environment, didn't she? If you lived for so long, then I seriously doubt that anything could magically happen to get one of us killed in the limited window of time that I'll be visiting your house."

Johan's eyes shifted to the rug on the floor. "I'm not worried about what may happen inside my home. I'm more worried about what might happen when you leave to go home."

Judai's eyes widened.

"There are probably cameras or whatever stationed all around our house that belong to rival Families. You've already experienced a taste of how nasty they can be to get what they want. We already know they won't think twice about kidnapping or even killing you to get to me and subsequently, my Mom."

Judai shivered. He remembered all too well the incident of three months ago, as did everyone else. It had been a very confusing time for everyone, so the entire group had spent days talking about it amongst each other just to figure out what the crap had actually happened. Even now, there wasn't really a concrete story.

Apparently, some men from a rival Family had wanted to take Johan captive, but hadn't been able to get him alone, or something along those lines. To lure him out, they took advantage of Asuka's odd schedule and made it look like she had been kidnapped. When Judai and Johan had gone out as a tag-team search party, Judai had been the unlucky one and had been taken captive, drugged, half-starved, and molested. With the help of Haou and hidden talents for pickpocketing, Judai had managed to escape. His friends had taken care of making sure that the members of the rival Family remained locked up for a good, long time. Even if the threat was gone, Judai still had nightmares about the whole thing. He knew he had gotten off lightly with all limbs attached.

"I still want to go with you. If it'll make you feel better, I'll wear disguises, the whole nine yards."

Johan still looked skeptical. "Why do you want to come so much?"

Judai took the question in, not quite sure of the answer himself. "I think… there's something special about being brought home to meet the parents, you know? Odds are good that we'd need to get it out of the way at SOME point, so why not now?"

"Meaning you just came up with the idea on the fly one day and only just now came up with any kind of justification."

"Precisely. You know me too well."

Johan sighed. "Fine, fine. I shall talk to Mother the next opportunity I get. Mind you, that might not be for a good long time. She's usually really busy."

"I'll keep it in mind."

"Okay. So, were you going to sleep or not?" No answer. Johan raised an eyebrow and looked down at his lover to find the boy out cold on his bed. Normally, Johan would've let him sleep, but as it was, it was time to go to classes. His nap session would have to wait until later that night, if he managed to make it through the day awake.

-End of Flashback-

Judai smiled at the memory. It had only been last night, but that didn't matter much. He had weaseled a promise to try out of Johan, which was all he had really thought it proper to hope for. So far, things were going his way. It was a nice feeling. A better feeling would incorporate a nice, soft bed, though. A few solid hours of silence to just pass out. A relatively soft desk and monotone teacher would serve just as well.

Unfortunately, the bell to get people to switch classes was loud and annoying as hell. Judai made a small, frustrated noise that told the people around him that he was in the mood to punch something. Possibly something that would make a loud noise when injured.

"So… what did you talk to Johan about if you weren't… um…" Sho asked on the way to their next class.

"Oh, we were talking about his folks being a super-secret Mafia family and I was asking if I could come over to his house over the summer. He was saying it was too dangerous and I could get killed or something like that."

"Haha. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. For a minute there, I thought you were serious, Aniki."

"I was."

"And I'm a CIA member."

"Shut up, Sho."

Johan's fingers fiddled with the front of his jacket, twisting the material back and forth. His mother made him nervous. He loved her, to be sure, but she had her moments. Actually, he had noticed that she had the tendency to make just about everyone around her nervous. There were a few exceptions, but most of those exceptions happened to be cold-blooded killers who had nothing but respect for the woman. Knowing that fact alone was usually enough to get people to be nervous around her, as they should be. Since Johan was her son, he knew a good deal more that would have the most emotionless man in the world breaking out in a cold sweat. He had no idea how his Mother was going to react when he asked her. Telling her he was gay had been enough of a minefield. Bringing the boyfriend home was going to be in an entirely different ballpark.

Johan dialed the number on his cell, praying that he would get her voicemail.

No such luck.

"Who are and how did you get this number, swine?"

"Hey, Mom."

"Oh, hi, honey! Sorry about that. Damn telemarketers have called me twice since noon."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Not half as sorry as the telemarketers were when I finished with them."

Johan swallowed, fingers playing over his jacket twice as fast. Unconsciously, he sought out a place on the campus that would provide a good defense in case of attack. He was pretty sure his Mum was in Italy, but that meant nothing. He suspected she could reach through the phone and take out whomever she chose. "Hey, uh, Mom?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"You… remember that I'm gay, right?"

Raucous laughter echoed from the receiver. "Pretty hard to forget, love!"

Johan shrugged off the implication and continued. "Well, here at Duel Academia, I sorta… kinda…"

"Either you met someone, or you aren't gay anymore."

"Er… the first one."

"Ooooooh! Good on you! Picked up a cutie already, huh?"

"Do you have to make it sound like a booty call, Ma?!?!"

"Whoopsie. Sorry. Go ahead, Hon'."

Johan breathed deeply and forced himself to keep talking. "Well, I really, really like him… and, I mean, he kind of got kidnapped temporarily by some guys out of Figli di Inferno (3) three months back and accidentally found out about Volontà del Dio…"(4)

"He WHAT?!?!?!"

"I'm sorry, Ma! It wasn't my fault, I swear! The Figli squealed, not me!" Johan lied.

His mother cursed in Italian. "Boy, what is it exactly that you're asking?"

"I was thinking… since he kind of is already in the thick of things… well, he kind of wants to come home with me over summer break. His idea – I didn't really want him to come, considering what our house is like, but I told him that no matter what, it was still your decision in the end-"

"Of course he can come!"

Johan stood there, blinking his eyes and looking for all the world like a confused goldfish. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I said he's more than welcome! If that's all you were asking, why didn't you say so, for heaven's sake? A little meet-the-parents venture, is it? Well, you go and tell him that we'll take him in as though he were our own child! Oh! – and tell him I'm very sorry to hear about that whole kidnapping thing – you're both going to have to tell me all the details so we can exact an appropriate revenge later. Was there anything else?"

"Er… no. That was it."

"Oh, okay. Love you dearly, sweetie."

"Love you too, Mom."

Johan hung up and slid down the nearby wall. He sat there for a solid seven minutes, trying to figure out what all had transpired. It was definitely a good thing that his Mother was in a good mood – otherwise she might've flayed him without waiting to hear any kind of explanation. It was always a good idea to avoid her on bad days. The frightening part was that his mother was very good at hiding her real emotions behind a mask; too often people had no idea it was a bad day until someone else learned it the hard way. Johan had taken a gamble and won. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, perhaps for hours, and began to breathe normally. He wondered, not for the first time, just how his mother would react upon meeting Judai. The woman had a habit of building people up to be more than they were. He smiled faintly. Judai, for certain, would be able to live up to his mother's expectations. After all, Judai was perfect.

Okay, guys! That was the first chapter! It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. It ought to be pretty obvious what this fic is going to be about by now. I hope that people enjoy it, I really do. It's been a while since I posted anything, and now that I have easier classes (Bio, P.E., Arts & Crafts, and Drawing – REALLY easy classes) I can do a spot of work here and there on fics. Between this one and the Shaman King fic, I'm gonna be swamped, unfortunately. Well, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes in here. I caught what I could, but I really need a good beta while my sister is away at college.

(1) Love's unkind – It's a Donna Summer song, if memory serves. Or at the very least, she did a great rendition of it. In this case, I felt that it was a very appropriate song for a disclaimer – "Cause he's not mine."

(2) "Yes'm, yes'm, three bags full," he murmured, almost falling asleep again. – Remember that old nursery rhyme, "Baa baa, Black Sheep"? Well, here it is. I actually use that phrase a lot. It pisses off the teachers when they remember what it's from.

(3) Figlo di Inferno – roughly means "sons of Hell" in Italian. Correct me if I'm wrong.

(4) Volontà del Dio – roughly means "God's will" in Italian. Once again, I could be wrong. I'm a Latin student, not an Italian student. They don't even OFFER Italian at my school. I'd take Russian or Japanese if I could, but they don't offer those, either.

Love to you all.

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