Leap in Time

Chapter 1: Life and Death

It was dark. Raindrops were falling heavily down from the black sky, covering their faces, soaking their clothes and hair. They were running. Running for their lives. The city was dark and dirty, the streets empty. He could hear her heavy breath; see the fear in her amber eyes. He squeezed her hand. They found refuge in an old, empty cabin. She went around, saying the usual spells, while he lit up the fire.

"This won't be safe for long." she whispered, her voice husky.

"I know, but it'll do for now." he replied.

They changed a glance. She couldn't hold back her tears anymore, and finally broke down. He put his arms around her, trying to comfort her with the warmth of his body. There was no need to say, everything would be ok. There was no need, because she knew it was a lie anyway. The only thing that was for sure, was that the two of them were going to die. And it would happen soon.

She sobbed. Her cheeks were red, her hair soaked and her eyes still watery. He felt a wave of fondness going through his body.

"Don't cry. We have a task. We can still change it. None of this has to happen, if we're successful."

She snuffled and wished her tears away.

"Yeah, if. But what, if not?"

He shook his head.

"You know exactly what happens, if not. We're not allowed to fail."

"But how should we convince them? They'll think we're completely crazy, or that they are."

"We'll think about that, when we're back. For now, just take your clothes off. You'll catch a cold, otherwise."

She smiled a bit and started to take her shirt off, without any sign of shame. He approached her, not able to hold back. If this was the last night he'd have on this earth, then he was glad to spend it with her.

He helped her take off her clothes, while she helped him as well. He felt the heat of her slender, familiar body, and put his arms around her. Skin on skin. Her hand ran through his hair, like she did so often before, and their lips melted into a sweet kiss. It wasn't necessary to say the words "I love you". Both of them knew, anyway.

The fire was pleasant and the feeling of her body, so close to his was pure happiness. If there had been a possibility to stop time, this would have been the perfect moment. He inhaled the scent of her silky hair. Strawberries. Everything about her reminded him of strawberries. He closed his eyes in complacency, but opened them soon again. Every time he closed his eyes, he'd see all those images. Blood, corpses, chaos, darkness. He'd hear them scream and feel their pain. It was better to stay awake. He had enough to deal with, no need for nightmares as an extra.

She woke up around dawn. Her eyes wet, her face expressing all the pain he felt as well.

"I saw Ginny." she explained, trying to hold back the tears.

He stood up, to get some breakfast done. He knew that she needed some time, to calm herself. He made coffee out of water, but the taste leaved a lot to be desired. She didn't complain. She gave him a smile, dressed and drank it without hesitation. They were silent for some moments.

"Today we'll have to go. If not, it's too late." she suddenly stated, calmly.

He nodded in agreement. She cleared her throat.

"If one of us dies before being able to go back, then the other one has to fulfil the duty alone."

He shook his head in shock, opened his mouth to protest, but she put her little hand on his, squeezing it softly.

"We have to try everything to prevent this from happening. If anything happens, you'll go alone. The same for me. It's of no use being killed out of sentimentality. We have to be strong. We have to fix it. Please, promise me you'll go alone if necessary!"

He nodded hesitantly, tears in his eyes now as well. She hugged him, trying to express her feelings with a kiss. It was a desperate kiss, full of passion, anxiety and insecurity. A farewell kiss. He kissed her back as if tomorrow would never come. He was of course aware that this was probably the case.

They spend the day in the cabin, arm in arm. There was not much left to say. It was their last day. He sighed. He didn't imagine things would turn out like this. How could he have? Falling in love with her was against everything he'd lived up to. But love isn't rational. He kissed her hair and felt her smile. She took his hand, drawing little circles on his palm, with her finger.

"If there is something like reincarnation, then we'll meet again, won't we?"

Her question sounded lightly, but he knew her well enough to say that she was desperate enough, to even consider life after death.

He smiled.

"Sure. I won't let you off the hook so easily."

She chuckled.

"As long as you're with me, it won't be bad."

"As long as you're with me, I'll be in heaven." he replied, kissing her hand.

She relaxed a bit, her tears falling on his hand. They didn't talk anymore. They just held each other, waiting for the necessary full moon. It was their only chance. Tonight or never.

They finally stood up. He could feel his heart beating faster. She bit her lower lip, a custom that showed her insecurity. He smiled. They had had so little time together. He doubted even a whole lifetime would have been enough for him, but he would have taken it with pleasure. He could see her in front of him. She was holding his baby, laughing at him. This dream would never come true. But if there was something like rebirth, then he would find her. No matter where, no matter how, he would definitely find her. Their souls belonged together.

They took each others hand and left the little cabin. It was a cold November evening. They disapparated to the place they'd decided to leave from.

He knew immediately that something wasn't right. They heard about ten plops and were suddenly surrounded by Death Eaters. No escape. His heart froze, while looking at the black cloaks.

"You shouldn't have married a mudblood. Now you'll have to die as well." a husky voice said pleased.

He did the first thing, he could think of: throwing her behind a rock and stand up, to fight as many as possible. He was good, cursed about five of them, defending himself and her. But he was alone and they were ten. He felt the power of the curse and found himself lying on the grass, paralyzed. She was trying to get to him. He wanted to scream, she should run away, but he couldn't. He saw her desperate face and the surprise, when the curse hit her in the back. He screamed in silence. She was screaming as well. Crucio curse. Unforgivable. She crawled towards him, took out the time turner of her pocket, put it around his neck and made five revolutions. He screamed silently, begged her to stop and cried. She managed a smile, put something in his hand, kissed him and said the words he'd never forget: "I see you in heaven."

Then the curse hit her and the light in her amber eyes lapsed. He felt his body disappearing, saw her body lying in the wet grass, the black cloaks trying to hold him back. He was screaming, crying, fuming. He felt the swirl of colours around him and closed his eyes. He landed hard on the glade he'd been leaving right now. But here were no black cloaks, she wasn't dead and the grass wasn't wet.

He was lying on the grass, not able to stand up, not yet willing to do, what he needed to do. He just lied there, crying. He'd seen so many people die. His parents, his friends, his teachers. So many. But none of them had caused so much pain like the loss of her. To know that she'd never smile like that, made him feel like he was dead himself. He vomited on the grass. It suddenly started raining and he felt the raindrops mix with his tears.

He opened his hand, and saw the ring he'd given her at their wedding. A silver ring with a blue sapphire.

"We have a task. You have to do it alone. You have to change the future. Please. Rescue everyone. Rescue us. I love you. I see you in heaven."

He could hear her voice, as if she was standing next to him. He took a deep breath. He had a mission. He wouldn't disappoint her. The tears were still running down his cheeks.

"I'll find you. I promise."