7 Horcruxes – part 1

Pansy had always thought of herself as a tough girl who was not easily scared. When she saw a bunch of Death Eaters apparate in front of them, her opinion about herself suddenly changed. Curses started flying around and she was nearly hit by one of them, when a strong hand suddenly pulled her away and saved her from being paralyzed or maybe even dead. Pansy looked up into the warm eyes of Ron Weasley, but before she could say a word, she already felt another hand taking hers and the deep forest disappeared in a swirl of shadows.

When she could finally breathe again, Pansy noticed that she was actually in a very familiar place.

"Hogwarts?" Weasley suddenly asked next to her.

They were standing in front of the huge castle and Pansy had never felt happier to be back.

"I thought you would rather spend some more time in school than in a forest full of Death Eaters, Mr. Weasley, but if I was wrong, I can take you back faster than you can say Quidditch."

Pansy turned around and looked into the coal black eyes of Snape, who examined them closely. Was there something like concern in his gaze?

Weasley snorted.

"Yeah sure. I'd rather spend a lifetime in potions than return to that fucking forest." he murmured so low that Snape couldn't hear him.

Pansy couldn't avoid a smile, but it disappeared nearly immediately when she noticed that the three of them were all alone.

"Where is Draco?" she asked worried and Weasley snorted again.

"Which one?" he asked dryly.

Pansy gave him a furious glance and then looked at Snape who appeared motionless like always.

"They could escape – all of them. We will meet again here in Hogwarts, as soon as our mission is fulfilled."

Weasley's eyes narrowed. He exchanged a glance with Pansy who knew exactly what he was thinking, because it was the same thought that went through her own mind.

"We will search for Ravenclaw's tiara." she concluded slowly and Snape nodded.

"We don't have time to waist. I would take both of you home and do this on my own, but unfortunately I can't do that. They would track us down otherwise."

Snape glanced at them before he continued in a harsh voice that didn't allow contradiction.

"From this moment on both of you will thoroughly follow my instructions. If not, you will find out that I am much worse than your greatest nightmare of a Death Eater."

This time Weasley kept silent and Pansy just nodded, sure that her favourite Professor would never allow someone to harm her.

It was early morning and darkness was finally banished by the first rays of sunlight. Pansy suddenly knew unerringly that this day would change everything forever.


Draco had never felt worse than in the moment when Hermione suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes, holding his future self's and Ginny's hand. Draco had wanted to follow her, but before he could even try to do so, his hand had already been taken by Dumbledore and he'd left that damned forest next to Potter.

They were now standing on a deserted muggle street in the heart of London, but the only thing he saw was Hermiones shocked expression when the Death Eaters had suddenly apparated out of nowhere. When she disappeared in front of his eyes, he had thought for a short moment that maybe it was the last time he had seen her. But there were so many things he still wanted to tell her. So many things he wanted to do…

Draco took a deep breath and tried to relax. Hermione was with his future self. Who could he trust more than himself? He would never allow someone to lay a finger on her. Draco looked around a bit calmer and tried to concentrate on their task.

He didn't have to ask where they were. He had once been here with his father and knew that nothing less than the Ministry of Magic was hidden behind the shabby building in front of them.

"How did the Death Eaters know where to find us? Where are the others?" Potter asked worried and Dumbledore replied in his usual calm voice.

"I'm not sure, but I suppose that they've been following Professor Snape. Even if Voldemort trusts him, there are still enough who don't. Your friends are all safe. Professor Snape disapparated with Mr. Weasley and Miss Parkinson to Hogwarts and our future Mr. Malfoy is with Miss Granger and Miss Weasley close to Diagon Alley."

Potter frowned and was about to ask more questions, but Draco didn't wait to hear them.

"Hermione is here in London as well?" he asked surprised, his heart beating faster at the thought that she was so close.

Dumbledore nodded and Potter couldn't hide an amused smirk.

"We should meet up and make a new plan how to get the Horkruxes." Potter finally suggested and Draco nodded agreeing. But Dumbledore shook his head, a pitiful sparkle in his blue eyes.

"There is no time left. They will try to get the cup in Gringotts, and we should concentrate on the task to pay a visit to the Ministry of Magic. I'm sure Dolores will be happy to see me."

Draco gazed at Potter who didn't look too satisfied himself, but they both didn't complain. Draco didn't want to imagine Hermione being caught in Gringotts, but he knew that he couldn't do anything to help her right now. The sooner they would find that damned locket, the sooner he would be able to meet her again.

"Ok, so let's get this over with. We don't have much time." he finally said determined and got a nod from Dumbledore and a knowing glance from Potter. Annoying idiot…

"But before we go both of you have to promise me that you will do exactly as I say. Without complaints."

Dumbledore's blue eyes were ruthless and after they exchanged another glance, Potter and Draco eventually both nodded agreeing.

The satisfied smile that appeared on Dumbledore's lips made Draco shiver, but he tried to hide his uneasiness. This was not the time for fear or doubts.


"You think they won't recognize that I'm not her?" Hermione asked worried.

"You just have to pretend to be a nasty bitch, so there shouldn't be a problem." Ginny answered winking and gave her the black cloak she was supposed to wear.

Future Draco was standing next to them, his silver eyes set on the two girls. They had taken a room in the Leaky Cauldron and were now preparing everything for their visit at Gringotts. It was still early, so they had to wait until the huge bank would open. Hermione looked at the magical watch in the corner of the room. Still ten minutes left…

She glanced into the mirror and grimaced. Hermione looked just like Bellatrix Lestrange and she hated the dark eyes that were looking back at her from her reflection.

Draco had managed to steal a hair from his aunt and Hermione had used some of their Polyjuice Potion to transform into the woman she hated most in the world. This was their only chance to get into the vault of the Lestranges. It was dangerous but not impossible. Ginny transformed into a plump Death Eater with a mean face and Draco used a complicated spell to make himself invisible.

Hermione sighed.

"I hope this won't end badly."

Ginny frowned, but didn't say anything. They were all tensed and scared, but also determined to succeed.

Hermione glanced at Draco's motionless expression and could nearly feel his strain. This was his chance to readjust everything that had happened in his future. Their eyes met and Hermione felt the familiar tingle that only Draco could cause.

"Let's go." he eventually said husky and both girls took a deep breath.

Hermione glanced once more into the huge mirror. Her face was pale, surrounded by long, silky hair and the dark eyes were gleaming fevered. It was finally time to go.


Pansy followed Weasley and Snape into the castle and for the first time in days she felt safe again. She allowed herself a moment of relief. It was early morning and most students that had stayed in Hogwarts for winter holidays, were still sleeping.

Everything was silent and peaceful and Pansy imagined how wonderful it would feel to go to her own bedroom and lie down in her huge king size bed. How easy it would be to pretend everything had only been a dream. To pretend Draco never fell in love with Granger and that the Dark Lord was still just a dark memory from the past. Everything could have been so easy. But reality was different and Pansy realized that her sheltered life would never be the same again. She sighed and got a strange glance from Weasley. As if he would understand what she'd just been feeling. As if he knew.

Pansy had always thought of Weasley as the clumsy, insensitive friend of Potter and Granger. He'd never really been an independent person for her, just part of the annoying trio. But now she suddenly started asking herself what kind of person he actually was. He was walking next to her in his blue jeans and a brown sweater, his hands buried in his pockets.

He was nothing compared to Draco of course. He didn't have that self-confident way of walking, that heart-breaking smile, those intensive grey eyes that could make a girl tremble. Weasley way of walking was light-hearted, his smile was bold and his eyes were warm and deep. And his lips were sensual in a way that made Pansy blush. What the hell was she thinking?

He'd saved her earlier. If he hadn't pulled her away, she'd have been hurt or even killed. He had no reason to protect her, but he'd nevertheless done it. Not Draco but Weasley. Pansy gave him a short glance and noticed that he was looking at her. He turned away immediately, slightly blushing.

Pansy smiled.

"Thanks." she whispered and Weasley looked at her surprised.

"What for?" he asked low.

"For saving me earlier. I didn't see that curse coming." Pansy replied and couldn't avoid blushing.

Weasley didn't really seem to know where to put his hands, or what to do, so he just shrugged.

"It's ok."

Pansy smiled again and nodded. He was dumb. Completely incapable of talking to a girl. Her smile got brighter. He was not a bit similar to Draco. And that was just the best thing about Weasley.


They were finally staying in front of a naked stone wall in the seventh corridor. Snape turned around and glanced from Pansy to Weasley and back.

"We have to pass this wall three times and concentrate on what we wish to find. If everything goes well, a door will appear." he said lazy, his black eyes alert.

They started going around in the empty corridor and Pansy tried to think of Ravenclaw's tiara and the place that Potter had described. They didn't have to wait long. The huge door suddenly appeared in front of them and when Snape opened it, they were standing in a cathedral like room with thousands of things that had been hidden here in centuries.

"Follow me." Snape finally said coolly. Pansy and Weasley exchanged a glance and entered the huge room.

Future Draco had explained the hiding place of the tiara in detail, but it nevertheless took a while to find it. Weasley was looking around fascinated and Pansy knew that he'd have loved to spend the whole day there, just to see what he would find. She rolled her eyes about his enthusiasm but nevertheless smiled.

Eventually they found the cursed tiara on the head of an ugly stone figure and Snape's eyes turned a shade darker when he put his pale fingers on the ancient piece of jewellery. Pansy couldn't help but thinking that this was way too easy. She shivered and put her arms around herself as if she wanted to protect herself from the dark aura of the object they had just discovered.

Snape's eyes were gleaming eerie for one moment, but then he hid the tiara in his cloak and turned around to face them with his usual cold expression.

"We will have to destroy it as soon as possible. The dark energy is extremely strong."

Pansy frowned.

"Weren't you supposed to bring Gryffindor's sword to destroy the Horkruxes? Where is it?"

Snape gave her one of his seldom smiles.

"The sword is in Dumbledore's possession. We will have to find other ways."

"We could go down to the Chamber of Secrets. There should still be some of these Basilisk fangs." Weasley suddenly said and blushed under the surprised glances he got in reply.

"Oh come on, I'm not completely dumb, ok?" he finally murmured offended and Pansy just shrugged smiling while Snape was frowning, obviously lost in some thought.

"As far as I know only a Parselmouth can open the Chamber…" he said matter-of-factly.

Weasley was the one shrugging now.

"I know how to pronounce the words. I could just try to make those noises and maybe it works."

Snape just nodded.

"It's better than waiting for the sword at least."

Pansy could hardly hide her surprise, but then she noticed the shadows under Snapes eyes and his pale face and thought that maybe this Horkrux put more pressure on him than he would ever admit.

They followed Weasley into a girl's bathroom and watched him looking for something. He bent down to a tap and finally stood up again satisfied.

"Here it is." he said just to bend down again.

Pansy approached him curious and saw a snake that was carved into the copper tap.

"This is the entrance?" she asked curious and Weasley turned around and nodded.

She'd never been so close to him before. Pansy made a step back and blushed. Weasley gave her a short glance but then turned back to the little snake.

He opened his lips and made a strange noise that sounded like a fizzling. Nothing happened. Weasley frowned and tried again and suddenly Pansy had the impression that the little snake had actually moved.

"Try again." she demanded and Weasley made once again that strange noise. This time it worked. The washbasin disappeared and a huge pipe suddenly appeared instead.

"After you." Pansy said smirking.

Weasley snorted amused but before he could reply, Snape suddenly stood between them.

"Both of you will go to their dormitories now. You've done enough. From now on I'll take over."

Pansy wanted to say something, but Snape's expression didn't allow her to do so. Weasley just frowned, not sure how to say what he wanted to say.

"Take care that nobody sees you." Snape ordered before he disappeared into the darkness of the pipe.

Pansy shook her head disbelieving.

"After all that future Draco told us, it's not that easy to destroy a Horkrux. What if he can't do it on his own?"

Weasley sighed.

"I'll look after him. You return to the bedroom."

Pansy snorted.

"Yeah sure, as if I'd let you go alone."

She stood with her hands on her hips and instead of arguing, like Draco definitely would have done, Weasley suddenly offered her his hand.

Pansy looked down on his hand and without hesitation she took it and nodded. Weasley's hand was warm, just like his eyes and the smile he gave her. She'd have never thought that this warmth would feel that good.


Draco was standing in a public toilet in front of the mirror. He couldn't believe that this was really him. One day he would definitely kill Potter. He glared at an old man in a blue cloak with many wrinkles who could hardly hide his grin.

"Nice dress, Malfoy." the old man sneered amused.

Draco narrowed his eyes, but didn't say anything, because Dumbledore had turned around and watched him with a smile.

"So are you ready? Harry? Draco?"

Potter nodded. He looked funny with his white hair and that huge nose, not to mention that he was much shorter than Draco. But at least, Potter was a man. An old and ugly one, but still a man. Draco glanced once more into the mirror. Together with a hair of the old wizard they had also taken a hair of a slender witch in the same blue cloak. She had brown curls, brown eyes and freckles and was probably in her fourties. And she wore of course a fucking dress.

Draco felt the cold airflow around his legs and couldn't believe that girls actually liked to wear skirts in the deepest winter. It was cold and uncomfortable and he looked like a fool. Not to mention that Potter would have probably liked to roll on the floor laughing.

Draco sighed. At least Hermione couldn't see him like this. For the first time since they disappeared from that forest, Draco was glad that he had been separated from her.

The plan was simple. As Dumbledore was with them, it would be no problem to enter the Ministry of Magic. They knew where to find Umbridge and they would not waste time to steal the locket. Dumbledore had prepared a duplicate so that the toad wouldn't even notice. Draco was till nervous, but confident. And Potter seemed to feel the same way. As long as Dumbledore was nearby, they would be fine.

"I'm ready." Draco finally said and his voice sounded like a silly tweet.

Potter started laughing so hard that it took nearly five minutes for him to calm down enough so that they could finally go. Dumbledore just smiled and gave Draco a compassionate glance.

Yes, one day he would definitely kill Potter...


Everyone knew that Bellatrix Lestrange was one of the Death Eaters who had been able to escape from Azkaban a year ago. Since that terrible fight in the Ministry of Magic last summer, nobody had seen her again. So it was of course impossible for Hermione to just walk through Diagon Alley disguised as Bellatrix. Fortunately Draco knew some pretty good tricks to make not only himself invisible but also other people. So the only person people could actually see was Ginny who appeared to be a moody wizard in a battered cloak. As it was early monring, there were not that many people on the way anyway. Hermione was nevertheless relieved when they entered the huge, white wizard bank.

Lots of goblins were busy counting money, weighing diamonds and other jewels and writing notes. Hermione took a deep breath and felt that the invisible charm disappeared. The reactions were not as bad as she'd assumed. Goblins didn't care that much about Death Eaters. They didn't like wizards in general, so they didn't really make a difference between good and bad ones. Hermione had nevertheless expected some frightened or condemnatory reaction, but they just looked at her curious.

"Mione, go ahead. And don't forget to be a bitch." Ginny hissed low and Hermione finally moved towards one of the goblins that looked a bit more open minded.

"Good morning Miss Bellatrix. It's a surprise to see you here." the goblin greeted her in a high voice.

Hermione just nodded bored.

"I have to take something out of my vault. And I don't want anyone to know that I've been here. You can imagine what will happen otherwise." she said in that icy voice she hated so much, a cruel smile on her lips.

The goblin nodded.

"Sure, Miss Bellatrix. Bodrod will lead you to your vault. Please just follow him."

Hermione nodded again and tried to ignore her fast heartbeat. She felt Draco's warm hand on her shoulder and relaxed a bit.

The goblin called Bodrod went ahead and Hermione, Ginny and Draco followed him. They sat down in one of the carriages and drove for what felt like hours. Hermione could feel that they got deeper and deeper and then they suddenly drove through a waterfall and Hermione noticed immediately that something was wrong.

Ginny looked like herself again and Draco was perfectly visible. And she didn't need a mirror to know that she also didn't look like Bellatrix Lestrange anymore.

Bodrod grinned mean and just opened his mouth to say something, when his expression suddenly became blank.

"You will take us to the vault of the Lestranges. You open the door and take care that nobody sees us. You will wait until we are finished."

Draco's voice sounded like a spell and Hermione grimaced. She didn't like the Imperius curse. She knew that it was necessary, but she still didn't like it.

Bodrod just nodded and they continued their way.

"What happened?" Ginny asked confused.

"That waterfall is made to expose all kinds of disguises. It's a protective mechanism." Draco replied concentrated. "It means they are suspicious. And now they know that there are imposters in Gringotts."

"How the hell should we ever leave this place again?" Hermione asked hysterical but Draco gave her a little smile.

"I have a plan. But first let's find the Horcrux."


The Ministry of Magic was a place of power and fortune. Draco had always liked this place, but now he suddenly felt different. Everything seemed so superficial and without any warmth. He couldn't tell why he felt that way but it had nothing to do with his dress.

Dumbeldore walked through the hall as if he was at home and he had that little smile on his lips. Potter and himself followed inconspicuous. It would have looked strange if they had walked around together. Everybody greeted Dumbledore respectful and most of the people were surprised but happy to see him.

The three of them went into an empty elevator and Dumbledore pretended to talk to Draco, who put a stupid smile on his face.

"Where is Umbridge's office?" Potter asked as soon as they were alone.

"In the same corridor as the minister's. I think Scrimgeour wants to keep an eye on her. He doesn't like her that much, as far as I know." Dumbledore said winking.

Draco couldn't believe that Dumbledore was that relaxed. He glanced at Potter who seemed to be used to that annoying calmness.

"I will visit the Minister while the two of you can take care of Dolores. Augusta Burbage is a friend of hers Draco, so I think it would be best if Harry hides under his invisible cloak while you are talking to her. I'm sure you will find a way to take the locket from her and replace it with the duplicate I have created." Dumbledore said smiling and Draco just looked at him surprised.

"You won't come with us?" he finally asked and Dumbledore shook his head slowly.

"Dolores and I really don't like each other. She would get suspicious if I'd ask to see her. I'm sure the two of you will manage this task. And I'm nearby, so don't worry."

"But you will be busy with the Minister." Potter said frowning.

Dumbledore just shrugged.

"People saw me, Harry. Don't you think it will be strange for me to come to the Ministry without visiting the Minister?"

Potter didn't reply. Dumbledore was right. He was not a random wizard who could come and go as he wanted to. He was famous and people would indeed talk about it if he came to visit and didn't ask to see the Minister.

Draco and Potter exchanged a glance and finally the elevator had reached the right level and the three of them went into different directions.

Potter was now hidden under his invisibility cloak and Draco felt strangely alone in his high heels.

"Don't worry, you look hot." Potter said chuckling and Draco gave him a glare in response.

"You better shut up or I..." he started in that high voice of his, when the door of an office suddenly opened and Umbridge came out.

Potter tensed next to him and Draco felt the same way. Umbridge had not changed that much. She still looked like an ugly toad. Draco put a fake smile on his face.

"Dolores!" he started and knew that Potter could probably not avoid grinning at the sound of his squeakie voice.

"Ah, Augusta. What are you doing here?" Umbridge asked, one of her ugly, sweet smiles on her lips.

Draco wanted to puke.

"I actually wanted to ask you if you would like to have a cup of coffee with me. We didn't talk a lot lately."

Umbridge frowned.

"But we had Lunch yesterday." she said a bit confused and Draco cursed silently.

"I know, I actually just wanted to tell you something. It's private, so do you mind if we go back to your office? It won't take too long."

"Is it about you-know-what?" Umbrigde asked excited and Draco nodded with a smile.

"Yes, just let's go into your office."

He had no idea what Umbrigde was referring to, but he didn't care anyway. She only nodded curious and led Draco back to her office.

As soon as she closed the door, Draco pointed his wand at her and said: "Stupor!"

Umbridge was thrown against her desk, her ugly face pale as a sheet.

Potter took off his cloak and glanced at him furious.

"What the hell are you doing, Malfoy?"

Draco gave him a cold look, even though it didn't have the same effect in that body.

"What? Did you expect me to have a tea-party with that toad? I have no idea what she was talking about. Take the locket and stop going on my nerves, I want to get out of this dress once and for all."

Potter snorted and bend down next to Umbridge. She really wore the golden locket and Potter held his breath for a moment before he replaced it carefully with the duplicate he had created.

"And now? Should we just leave her like this?"

Draco shook his head.

"No. Come over here and help me."

They took Umbridge and placed her in her office chair. Her face fell on the desk and neither Harry nor Draco cared about that. Umbrigde was nobody who deserved kindness.

"Ok, let's go." Draco eventually said and Potter looked at him confused.

"Shouldn't we wake her up first? People will notice that she was stunned, won't they?"

Draco sighed.

"Ok, ok. I'll leave and you wake her up. Like this she'll think it was only a dream. Well, hopefully she will think like that."

Potter nodded and Draco left the room with a sigh. The Horkrux was in his pocket and Draco could feel darkness surrounding him. He felt power and pure evil, but he didn't give in to those feelings. He knew that there was also light and he would do everything to see that light again. In front of his inner eye there was the picture of the beautiful girl that had captured his heart. He felt a strange longing and sighed. He really wanted to know what Hermione was doing right now.


Hermione didn't have much time to think of anything else than her stomach at the moment. They were now at the deepest point of Gringotts and she knew that the vault of the Lestranges was close by. And that was good, because otherwise she would have definitely puked.

The carriage eventually stopped and right in front of them was an incredibly big dragon who spit fire. Hermione couldn't help but squeak and Ginny gulped terrified.

"That's why you bought dragon cookies, right?" Hermione whispered shocked and Draco nodded.

"I'm not sure if he likes them, but we'll try."

Draco took some cookies out of his pocket and threw them towards the dragon. Obviously he was half blind and he had not been well treated. There were scars all over his face. The dragon started eating the cookies and didn't mind them any longer.

Bodrod just looked at them with his blank expression, a little smile on his ugly face.

"Open the door!" Draco commanded and Bodrod put his hand on one of the doors and it suddenly just disappeared.

The vault was full of treasures, especially gold and jewels. Ginny looked at it as if she was in paradise and even Hermione couldn't imagine that there were really people who were that rich.

Ginny bend down to pick up a ruby, but Draco stopped her in the last moment.

"No, don't!" he said harsh and both girls looked at him surprised.

"We are not allowed to touch anything. As soon as you touch it it will burn you and duplicate itself. This is a spell to make sure that you don't steal something really precious. The duplicates are valueless. Just look around and try to find the cup I described."

Hermione and Ginny looked around and finally they all saw it. On top of tons of gold coins was the golden cup with the emblem of Hufflepuff.

"How the hell should we get it?" Ginny asked clueless.

Draco glanced at Bodrog and pointed his wand at the goblin.

"I suppose you can touch these things without being burned. Get that cup for us. The one with the badger."

The goblin nodded and climbed up the mountain of treasures until he finally reached the cup. He didn't seem to be in any pain. Goblins that were working for Gringotts were obviously immune. Suddenly they heard noises that got louder and louder and Draco cursed.

"They are coming to get us. Hurry!" he said to the goblin who hurried to come back. Bodrog wanted to give the cup to Draco, but he shook his head and opened his rucksack.

"Put it in there." he said and the goblin did as instructed.

"Ginny, give some more cookies to the dragon. Hermione, release his bonds."

Hermione looked at Draco as if he was crazy, but she didn't complain. She trusted him, so she pointed her wand at the dragon and screamed: "Relashio!"

The bonds of the dragon loosened and the noise of their chasers got louder as they approached them.

"Ginny, Hermione, on the dragon!" Draco screamed and helped both girls up on the dragons back. He placed himself right behind Hermione just when the dragon finally noticed that his bonds were gone and that he really wanted to leave this place.

He spread his huge wings and spit fire on the crowd of goblins that was running towards them. Hermione squeaked when the dragon lifted off his heavy body in the air and flew through the dark corridors of the bank.

"He's too big, we have to help: Defodio!" Draco shouted and Ginny and Hermione used the same spell to widen the corridors.

The dragon flew as fast as he could towards sunlight and fresh air and suddenly they crashed through the golden entrance door and left all the shouting and darkness behind.


Pansy and Weasley followed the dark tunnel that would eventually lead them to the Chamber of Secrets. The walls were wet and it was uncomfortably silent. A part of Pansy wished she had stayed in that bathroom or walked into her dormitory, but she didn't complain.

"I have a bad feeling about this. Take out your wand." Weasley suddenly said and Pansy's heart started pounding.

They went some more minutes and finally they found the entrance to the chamber.

Green, dim light illuminated the stony room sparely and in the middle of the room was Snape.

Snape, who was kneeing in the dirt, the silvery tiara in front of him. He didn't move, he was just staring at the phantom in front of him: a transparent image of a beautiful woman with long, red hair and green eyes. She was smiling but at the same time she looked very sad.

Snape had one of the Basilisk fangs in his right hand, but he couldn't bring himself to destrox the tiara.

"I can bring her back for you, Severus. You know that I can do it. She can belong to you like she should have from the beginning. There will be no Potter standing in the way. She will be alive – alive and happy and she will love you like she should have. You can't destroy me, because I'm your only hope, the only way to bring her back. Come on, Severus, you know that you want it. You never wanted anything so badly in your whole life. Your love for her will never fade. I can make it real, I can make your wish come true – forever!"

The voice was icy and high and sounded unnaturally evil. Pansy couldn't move because she was so shocked and Weasley obviously didn't know what to do.

The beautiful woman bend down towards Snape and looked pleading into his black eyes. Her voice was like honey, golden and warm.

"I always wanted to be with you, Sev. I always loved you."

Pansy didn't think that she'd ever seen so much pain on the face of someone – and at the same time such a love. It was shocking to see such an expression on the face of someone like Snape. She'd never thought he was capable of such feelings.

And then the phantom said something that changed everything.

"I would give up everything just to be with you, Sev. I don't need James or Harry, everything I need is you."

The love and pain in Snapes face turned into something dark and dangerous. The expression of the beautiful woman changed from loving to scared.

"No!" she screamed, when Snape suddenly pierced the tiara with the Basilisk fang in his hand.

The phantom shattered and the tiara broke into pieces. Snape was breathing heavy, his face even paler than usual.

"You would have never given up your child. Not for me and not for anyone else." he whispered trembling.

Pansy felt Weasley's hand on her wrist and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Let's go. He obviously doesn't need our help." he whispered and Pansy nodded.

They turned around and went back through the tunnel.

"I wish we wouldn't have seen that." Pansy finally said, a sob in her voice.

Weasley sighed.

"Let's pretend we didn't."

Pansy shook her head.

"I can't. I've never seen him like that. I had no idea that he was in love with Potter's Mum. I mean, can you imagine how much pain it caused him to see her marry another man? I don't know if I'd have been strong enough to destroy that tiara."

Weasley glanced at her and there was something in his eyes that made her heart beat faster.

"You would have done the same. Because it's not really Harry's Mum who was talking. If he'd accepted that offer, he'd have accepted a fake. He would have betrayed himself. Love is not always easy. Sometimes it's very painful, especially when you love someone and he or she doesn't love you back. But you can't force love. If it's one-sided, you have to learn to live with it."

Pansy couldn't help staring at him surprised. Weasley blushed and she strangely thought that it looked cute.

"You can be very sensitive if you want to. You know that Harry and your sister are actually going out, don't you?"

Pansy was not so sure about his reaction. She expected him to explode and tell her she was lying, but he just shrugged.

"It hurts when people that are close to you think that you're actually dumb. I play my role, but it sticks out a mile that these two are in love. I can't believe they really think I could not see it. Ok, I mean I didn't know from the beginning, but I know for a pretty long time now and nobody seems to notice."

Pansy smiled.

"I noticed."

Weasley looked at her for a long moment.

"Yeah, and that's the really weird part."


Hermione enjoyed the feeling of fresh air on her heated face and she also enjoyed Draco's body behind her, but she absolutely didn't like flying on a dragon.

"Oh my God, we really made it! I mean, we broke into Gringotts and managed to escape!" Ginny screamed excited and Hermione smiled in response.

"Ok, ladies, I think it's time to disappear. Voldemort will know by now that we are searching Horcruxes. It's time to return to Hogwarts." Draco said and took their hands.

Before they disapparated, Hermione though that now things would get serious. Breaking into Gringotts seemed to be a cakewalk compared to fighting against Voldemort. And she didn't want to think of the possibility that Harry would not wake up after his sacrifice.

No matter what would happen, tonight they would have created a new world – either one of peace and freedom or one of death and war.

Hermione felt Draco's hand squeezing hers as if he could read her mind and this simple gesture comforted her. No matter what would happen, it was definitely worth fighting.

Once again they were surrounded by darkness.

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