Lost and Found

Hermione knew it, but when they opened the door and the room was actually empty, she couldn't hold back a sob.

"Where is he? Mione, where the hell is Harry?" Ginny nearly screamed, her brown eyes showing the same panic Hermione was feeling.

"Harry is in the Forbidden Forest. He will sacrifice himself." Future Draco suddenly said from behind and Ginny and Ron turned pale while the other Draco cursed and murmured something that sounded like 'always playing the hero'

"What are you talking about?" Ginny asked in a voice that made Hermione shiver.

Future Draco didn't even cringe.

"Harry is the last Horcrux. When Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby, a piece of his soul was sealed into Harry. That's why he can talk to snakes and has these visions. And that's also why he has to allow Voldemort to kill him. Without defending himself. It's the only chance to make Voldemort mortal again."

Ginny broke down in Ron's arms, a terrified expression on her face and Ron, who was pale as a sheet couldn't help that tears where running down his cheeks.

"So we can't do anything, right? We will just have to wait and look while Harry dies?" he asked husky, wishing he could wake up and notice that this was all just a nightmare. Pansy put her hand on his arm and the warm touch seemed to distract him for a short moment.

"We can do everything to guarantee that Harry's sacrifice will not be in vain. I will go to the Forbidden Forest and I will take the Aurors with me. They know the most important things and they swore to fight. This time there won't be a senseless massacre, because this time we know what awaits us. We will win. You will be staying here to protect the castle in case the Death Eaters manage to escape us."

Future Dracos eyes were set on Hermione and she grimaced. This was a promise she couldn't give without lying. And she knew that Ron and Ginny and probably even Draco felt the same way.

"Hermione, please." he said pleading, touching her with his eyes.

Before she could even think of a reply, a cold voice suddenly started speaking as if Voldermort was standing right next to them.

"Dumbledore, I don't want to harm anyone. I won't even enter Hogwarts if you just cooperate. Give me what you have stolen and I will leave. I have an army of fighters, much stronger than everyone in this school. You don't stand a chance against me. Give me what I came for and nobody has to die."

"I have to go. You go to the Great Hall." future Draco said and hurried downstairs.

Hermione looked after him and felt terrible. How should she know what was the best thing to do?

"Come on, let's go." Ginny said determined, her brown eyes glowing.

"Gin..." Hermione started, but was interrupted by her best friend.

"If you think that I am standing here to wait for the notice that Harry has been killed, then you're damn stupid, Mione!" she whispered furious and Hermione shook her head slowly.

"Gin, if we run into the Forbidden Forest without any plan, then we won't be able to help Harry. We will just be killed. And you know that Harry would do everything to protect us if he knows that we are in danger. He would fight and if he dies like that, he won't be able to come back."

There was a long silence after those words and Hermione knew that she had been right. The only way to save Harry was to trust in her friends. Even if this would mean that they would be even more devastated in case Harry wouldn't make it.

"Come back?" Pansy suddenly said surprised and Hermione nodded, without taking her eyes off of Ginny.

"If he dies unresisting, then there is a chance that the curse will only destroy the Horkrux inside of Harry, but not his soul. If we allow him to die, we can save Harry and destroy Voldemort. But no matter what we do, Gin, Harry has to die tonight."

Ron was not in the condition to say anything after this statement. He was still too shocked to understand what was actually happening. But Ginny was not that paralyzed. She clenched her fists and stood up straight, ready to go to hell if necessary.

"So what's the plan?" she finally asked serious and Ron just shook his head disbelieving.


Ginny had always been a tough girl. If you grow up with six brothers, you automatically become more resistant than normal girls. Ginny knew everything about boys. She knew how they looked naked, she knew how stupid and bossy they could be, how arrogant and self-centered and also how caring, protective and stubborn. Ginny had never been impressed by the opposite gender. They were all so easy to see through. And then, one day she met Harry.

Ginny still didn't understand how Harry had been able to awake all those feelings inside of her. From the first time she'd seen him, she had known that he was different. No matter how many guys she had dated, nobody had made her feel like Harry did. When she had first looked into his green eyes, she'd been lost. And when he had saved her life in second year, he had become her greatest hero.

But Ginny was not stupid or blinded by love. She knew that Harry had his weak points. And one of them was his determination to protect everyone he loved – no matter the consequences. And even though she loved this attitude because it was so typically Harry, she nevertheless wished he would have once in his life thought twice. Didn't he know how lost she'd be without him? That she couldn't stand the thought to live a single second without him? How could he put himself in such a danger without even considering the pain he would cause her? The answer was of course obvious. Harry wouldn't be Harry if he wouldn't try everything to protect the ones he loved.

All these thoughts went through Ginnys mind while she was running towards the Forbidden Forest. Ron, Mione, Draco and Pansy were next to her, even though Ginny still didn't know why Pansy was even there. It didn't matter, they were getting closer to the place where Voldemort was. Ginny could feel it. The forest seemed darker, more silent and creepier than ever.

The plan was simple: they would approach the meadow where Harry would probably be killed and would keep an eye on what happened. They had all agreed that they wouldn't interfere. Not until Harry would wake up again. Hopefully. Ginny didn't want to think that maybe he wouldn't wake up at all. There were so many things she still wanted to tell him.

They finally reached the meadow and Ginny shivered. The presence of evil was so perceptible that it made her heart pound in fear. Not fear for herself but for Harry.

Ginny exchanged a glance with Mione and nodded. They split up to surround the meadow from more than one side. Ginny had insisted on staying alone. She didn't want anyone close to her when it happened. So Draco and Mione disappeared to the left, Pansy took Ron's hand and they went to the right, while Ginny was standing alone on the place she'd been standing before. She had promised not to interfere and she would keep it. But her hands were trembling when she finally put some branches aside and watched the scene in front of her.


It was even worse than she'd imagined. Harry was standing in front of Voldemort, who was surrounded by Death Eaters in black cloaks. Right next to him was none other than Snape. Ginny cursed unladylike. So he really was a traitor.

A cruel smile was placed on Voldemorts thin lips, but Harry was standing straight, not even his wand in his hand. He was pale, but determined. Those green eyes were brighter than usual, but they didn't show fear. Instead they showed pity. But not pity for himself. Ginny clenched her fist and shook her head. How can you feel sorry for that scumbag, Harry? You're just too good sometimes.

Ginny looked around frowning. Where were the members of the Order? Shouldn't they be here already? But there was nobody besides Death Eaters. When she heard Voldemorts next words, she cringed in fear.

"So you've finally come, Harry Potter. This should have already happened five years ago, but anyway, you're here now. Where are the Horkuxes?"

Ginny noticed that Voldemort didn't move towards Harry. It was as if the Dark Lord didn't dare to approach the Chosen One. As if he knew that this was not over yet. And Snape couldn't take his eyes off Harry, too. But the way he looked at him was different. Was there despair in those black depths? Ginny bit her lower lip. Her heart was pounding even harder and she started to sweat. I can do this. She said to herself again and again.

"They are destroyed. Every single one of them. You are nearly as mortal as I am, Riddle." Harry said smiling, his voice clear and without any sign of trembling. His fists were clenched, but besides he appeared to be as calm as if he was having small talk on a Sunday afternoon.

Voldemorts eyes were glowing red and Ginny could nearly feel his power physically. She had to fight hard not to turn around and run away, but she didn't move. If Harry could do this, then she would also manage to stay.

Voldemort glanced at the big snake next to him, a nasty smile on his ugly face.

"You dare? I will never be as weak as you are, Potter. Don't compare us!" he shouted and pointed his wand on Harry.

Ginny held back her breath, when Harry fell on the ground, screaming in pain. The Crucio curse had hit him and didn't let go for what seemed like ages. Every single scream was like a cut of a knife for Ginny. No physical pain could have been worse than the pain she felt, watching Harry suffer. When the curse finally released him, Harry stood up again, breathing hard.

"You have lived far longer than you should have. It's time for you to die, Harry Potter. Your mother has managed to protect you for 16 years, but tonight it's over. And I will be the one killing you. That's how it should be. It's our destiny after all. Nobody can live while the other one is living. And when I'm finished with you, then I'll take care of all your little friends and their families. I will turn this world into a world of darkness. And there is nothing you or Dumbledore can do to stop me. Farewell, Potter." Voldemort sneered, his wand pointing at Harry's chest.

"You're talking too much, Riddle." Harry said with a weak smile on his pale lips.

Ginny felt blood in her mouth, but she didn't care. A terrible feeling of panic and doubt suddenly hit her. Everything inside of her body wanted to run towards Harry and throw herself in front of Voldemorts wand. But it was too late. Harry glanced at the place where Ginny was standing, as if he knew that she was there, watching him deedless.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort shouted agitated.

A green light illuminated Harry's face and for the second time in his life he was hit by the power of the killing curse. There was a loud bang and his lifeless body fell to the cold and wet ground of the Forbidden Forest. He had not defended himself.

The scream that was close to escape Ginny's mouth was held back by a strong hug. She looked up into the familiar blue eyes of Dumbledore, not able to hold back the tears and the trembling of her body. He bent down and kissed her forehead very softly.

"Look." he just whispered, his surprisingly strong arm still around her shoulders.

Ginny turned towards the meadow and saw Voldemort lying on the ground, his Death Eaters surrounding him worried. The curse had obviously thrown him to the ground as well. Only Snape was watching Harry with an intensity that made Ginny shiver.

Nobody else seemed to notice the pale hand of Harry Potter that had definitely moved.

And then everything happened very fast.


Curses suddenly started flying and the members of the order appeared on the meadow fast like shadows, every single one fighting at least three Death Eaters. Ginny recognized her brothers and her parents, Lupin and Tonks, Kingsley and Moody, Some of the teachers who had decided to fight as well and in front of all of them: future Draco. His appearance confused the Death Eaters and helped to throw them off their guard.

The element of surprise was definitely on their side and one Death Eater after the other was taken down by curses. But there was suddenly no trace of Snape. It was as if he'd vanished into thin air.

Future Draco managed to take Harry's body and disappeared with him into the forest. Ginny looked up into Dumbledores eyes, a gleam of hope in her own, blurry gaze.

"Go look after him." Dumledore said encouraging, a smile on his lips and Ginny started running towards the place where Future Draco had disappeared. She didn't look back. The only important thing was Harry. And if there was a chance that he would wake up, then she wanted to be with him.


Hermione wouldn't have managed to stay in her hiding place if Draco hadn't been with her. His arms were holding here until Harry finally fell to the ground, his body lifeless and broken. Hermione threw herself in Dracos arms, crying so hard that it nearly hurt. Even though she'd known what to expect, it had felt far worse than she'd ever imagined.

"Honey, look." Draco suddenly said and Hermione turned around just in time to see Harry's little finger move. She opened her mouth in surprise and finally fell down on her knees, crying even harder.

Draco hugged her firm, trying to comfort her with his touch.

And then there were suddenly at least twenty shadows behind them that were all nearly flying to the meadow, throwing curses at the surprised Death Eaters. The Order of the Phoenix had decided to interfere and they moved so fast that you could hardly see them.

One of the shadows touched Hermiones lips before he disappeared into the fight. And even though she'd not been able to see him, she was sure that it had been Future Draco, giving her his own kind of comfort.


Ron was with Pansy when the Order and the Death Eaters suddenly started fighting. His vision was still blurred by tears and he was a nervous wreck by now, but he could nevertheless see that the Death Eaters were clearly in superior number. Even though the Order had managed to immobilize a lot of Death Eaters in the beginning, they were now surrounded by black cloaked shapes that were fighting a life and death struggle. And his family was right in the middle.

Even worse was that Voldemort regained his power and was now ready to start fighting as well. He hadn't even noticed yet that Harrys body had disappeared. Ron saw Nagini from the corner of his eye. The snake was right in front of him, behind Voldemort and she didn't notice him yet. It was crazy, but this was the best chance they would ever get. He took his wand and made a step towards the snake.

"Don't even think of it, Weasley! Are you crazy? They will immediately attack us!" Pansy whispered furious, her dark eyes still red from all the crying. Ron couldn't help feeling a strange sympathy for that girl. She had hated him and his friends for years, but she'd nevertheless been crying with him when his best friend died. And she'd been nearly as happy as he was when they'd noticed that Harry had definitely moved afterwards. Why did she make him feel like that? Ron smiled and this simple gesture made Pansy shut up. She closed her eyes devoted.

"You won't listen anyway, right? Why are you Gryffindors so eager to play the hero?" she whispered annoyed. Ron just shrugged and she sighed.

"I know a pretty good curse. Do you trust me?" Pansy suddenly asked serious.

Ron looked at her for a moment. Some strands of black hair had freed themselves from her long pigtail. Her jeans and the white coat were dirty from the walk through the forest and her face was pale. Her dark eyes were big and tear stained and she looked so fragile that he wanted to protect her with everything he had. No matter who she was, he did trust her.

Pansy just nodded as if she'd seen the conclusion in his eyes. She turned around and walked a bit closer towards Nagini. Voldemort was now standing and he was really pissed. His Death Eaters were fighting, but until now the Order was still equal.

Nobody took care of the snake. And Pansy didn't hesitate. She murmured something and pointed her wand on Nagini and before someone could react, the ugly head of the snake was rolling on the floor, neatly disembodied.

Voldemort seemed to feel that his last Horcrux had been destroyed because he turned around screaming, his gaze searching for the culprit, bloodlust glowing in his red eyes. Pansy made a step back and Voldemorts curse would have hit her if Ron hadn't thrown a protego spell in between. He took her hand and they started running as if the devil was after them – which was probably even true considering that Voldemort was as close to a devil as someone could be.

But Voldemort didn't get a chance to follow them. Suddenly his way was cut off by a huge barrier of blue flames. Ron and Pansy hid behind a tree, their hearts pounding while the adrenalin was still rushing through their veins. They were watching Voldemorts furious grimace turn into a sneering one.

"I should have known that you're here, Dumbledore."

Dumbledore suddenly appeared in front of Voldemort and he was the absolute opposite from the Dark Lord. Dumbledores aura was not dark and fearful but light and warm. And it was at least as powerful as Voldemorts.

"I told you more than once that I can't accept you bullying my students, Tom. You really didn't learn your lesson."

Dumbledore said with a smile.

Voldemort snorted.

"Potter is dead, Dumbledore. The boy you have tried to protect for so many years, has been killed. I would say the one who doesn't learn his lesson is none other than you. You came too late, Dumbledore. Nobody can win against Lord Voldemort."

Dumbledore still smiled and looked nearly bored while he listened to Voldemorts monologue.

"You say you killed Harry? Where is the body?" he finally asked in his smooth voice.

Voldemorts eyes opened in shock. He looked around but couldn't find a trace of Harry. And then he let out a loud and unnatural scream that made Ron and Pansy shiver while Dumbledore was smiling in a way that was at least as scary as Voldemorts scream.

And then the two most powerful wizards in the world began to fight their own battle.


Ron and Pansy didn't wait to watch this fight. They turned around and hid somewhere safe where they could watch the whole struggle. The Aurors were getting more and more tired and some of them were badly injured. Ron could see that his father was holding his left arm and that he was bleeding. Lupin had an injured leg and Bill had a bleeding nose. And right in the middle there was suddenly Hermione, fighting Bellatrix Lestrange together with his mother and Tonks and Bellatrix' crazy laughter was everywhere.

Malfoy was helping Charlie who was nearly hit by a curse and they started to fight another huge Death Eater together. Ron clenched his fists.

"They won't endure this much longer. We have to help." he finally said breathless. Pansy closed her eyes but nodded.

"I knew you would say that."

She took a deep breath and made herself ready to step right onto the meadow when she was held back by Ron. She turned around surprised and felt his lips covering hers in a sweet kiss. If someone had ever asked her if she could imagine that Ron Weasley was a good kisser then she'd have probably laughed. She didn't feel like laughing now.

His lips were warm and soft and his kiss was passionate and loving at the same time. Pansy closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. She put her arms around his waist and didn't care about the curses, the war and even Voldemort any longer. For a short moment there was just Ron and nothing else mattered.

He finally broke the kiss but didn't let go of her. Pansy knew that he'd done this in case they wouldn't get a chance later. But this thought didn't make her that sad anymore. There were things in life that were worth fighting. Only now did she finally understand why Gryffindors were so eager to save the world. Fact was that somebody had to do the bloody job.

Pansy gave him another light kiss on his lips and smiled.

"Let's go. We have to beat up some Death Eaters."


Ginny didn't have to search long. Future Draco was just about to put Harry's body under one of the big trees when she appeared in front of him. He gave her a little smile and a nod.

"Take good care of him. We still need his help when he wakes up. It's not over yet."

Ginny nodded grateful and sat down next to Harry. She put his head in her lap and looked up at Draco.

"Thanks. For everything you have done until now. No matter what happens tonight, I'm glad that you chose to come back from your future. I'm glad that you helped us go through this. Draco, honestly, thank you."

He obviously hadn't expected these words and Ginny could have sworn that his silvery eyes had become a bit brighter, but he smiled and nodded as if she'd given him the greatest gift ever.

Draco turned around and was ready to go when he suddenly stopped and hesitated for one moment.

"Ginny, please do me a favour. Tell Hermione that it's not her fault."

He gave her one last glance and Ginny shivered when she saw the expression on his face. But she didn't hold him back. She nodded and gave her promise and future Draco disappeared into the darkness of the Forbidden Forest. Before she could even realize it, Ginny felt that she was crying.

One of her tears fell on Harry's cheek and as if he'd felt her pain, he slowly opened his green eyes and looked at her as if he saw her for the first time.

"I guess I'm in heaven..." Harry whispered exhausted and Ginny laughed and cried at the same time, not sure where to kiss him first.


Hermione noticed immediately when future Draco appeared again on the meadow. He was amazing. He didn't only save her from a couple of curses but also the other ones. It was as if he was the centre of their little group, even harder to fight than the best Auror. With his help the Death Eaters got defeated and captured one by one.

Hermione was still fighting Bellatrix, together with Molly and Tonks and she was tougher than expected. Even though she was crazy, Hermione had to admit that she was an incredible witch. The way she used her wand was scary. But when she glanced at future Draco and saw his younger self next to him, she got distracted for a moment.

"Draco, you miserable traitor, what the hell is this supposed to mean!" she screamed furious and this moment was enough to give her a well placed stunning spell.

Voldemort who saw Bellatrix falling on the ground let out a high scream and increased his attack against Dumbledore. Most of the Death Eaters were now captured or dead and the Aurors were all exhausted. They were watching Voldemort and Dumbledore which was an incredible spectacle. Hermione could have never imagined that a wand could be used like that. She wasn't even sure if these two needed a wand at all.

"You won't be able to defeat me, Dumbledore. No matter how hard you try, we are equal!"

"But we are not." a voice suddenly said and Voldemorts eyes narrowed dangerously, while everybody turned around to watch none other than Harry standing on the meadow, pale and dirty but obviously alive. People started crying and shouting and some even fell on their knees because they couldn't believe it, but Harry's eyes were only set on Voldemort.

He approached Voldemort slowly and stood next to Dumbledore who gave him a wide smile and shot a triumphant glance at Voldemort.

"You really don't learn your lesson, Riddle." Harry said cooly, his hand clasped around his wand. He definitely wouldn't die unresisting this time.

Dumbledore made a step back and together with all the fighters he formed a circle around Harry and Voldemort. A barrier of the same blue flames suddenly appeared around them.

"This time you won't run away Riddle. This time we will bring it to an end. I don't want anyone to interfere. He's mine." Harry said determined.

Voldemort shook his head as if he couldn't believe it.

"You dare..." he started but Harry interrupted him.

"Yes, I dare. So what? Do you want to know why you couldn't kill me, Riddle? Do you want to know why you couldn't kill me the second time even though I didn't defend myself?"

Voldemort snorted.

"Is it again the story about the power of love? Your mothers blood is in my veins as well. Her protection spell doesn't work anymore!"

"Yes, we share the same blood, Riddle. And that was the biggest mistake you have ever made. You made it possible for me to kill you. You digged your own grave."

Voldemort shook his head sneering.

"You can't kill me, Potter. You're not strong enough. I have tried to kill you twice and this time you won't be able to escape."

He pointed his wand at Harry who was smiling and then he saw the man who had been by his side for years stepping into the circle around him. The coal black eyes of Severus Snape were set on his face and Voldemort hesitated for one moment, his expression confused. .

"What's this supposed to mean?" he asked, his eyes narrowed.

Harry's smile got even brighter.

"It only means that Severus Snape has never been your man, Riddle. You should have know that. But there were so many things you should have known and in fact you don't know anything."

Voldemorts eyes were again glowing red, the power of his fury radiating around him like a flame but then he suddenly started laughing, a loud and evil laugh without any sign of real emotion.

"Don't tell me it's still the mudblood?" he asked Snape sneering, contempt and anger in his voice.

"It has always been her, but you have never been able to understand. And that is what made you so easy to fool. I have been waiting for this moment for more than 16 years. This is my revenge. " Snape simply said, his words as strong as Voldemorts aura.

Voledmort grimaced, his face an ugly image of his broken soul.

"Revenge? You think it is possible that this kid will be able to kill me? If Dumbledore and you didn't manage to stop me?"

Voldemort laughed again, but Harry was still smiling, clearly showing his confidence.

"This kid is destined to destroy you, Riddle. You were right, it is destiny. But it is destiny that I am killing you.

Voldemort screamed and shot another killing curse against Harry who chose his beloved Expelliarmus curse. Hermione couldn't help thinking for one moment that Harry was crazy, when Voldemorts curse suddenly backfired and threw him with an indefinite sound to the cold ground of the Forbidden Forest.

Voldemorts disbelieving, red eyes were staring lifeless into the grey sky of a cold winter night.

Everybody was silent for a few moments as if they couldn't believe what had actually happened. And then the noise was incredibly loud and everybody was hugged and started crying and laughing and the exhaustion and fear made way for relief and happiness and the indescribable feeling that a nightmare had ended.

Hermione hugged Harry firm and apologized a thousand times and then she hugged Ron and everybody else until she finally reached Future Draco.

"You did it!" she screamed and jumped into his arms and he held her firm and buried his face in her hair, his hug so familiar and warm as if she knew him for years and not only months.

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. It's all thanks to you, Hermione. I..." he started, but he should never be able to finish his sentence.

To knock Bellatrix Lestrange out with a stunning spell had not been enough. Suddenly everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Bellatrix screamed in agony when she realized that her master had fallen and shot a curse at Hermiones back. Before she could react, Hermione felt herself being pushed aside and saw the curse hitting future Draco right in his chest. He fell on the ground with the same, indefinite sound she had heard only a few seconds ago, when Voldemort had been killed.

Without even thinking twice, Hermione turned around and fired her first killing curse at Bellatrix Lestrange who was falling on the ground surprised, her big, dark eyes open and empty.

But it was too late. Hermione turned around terrified and saw Draco lying in a puddle of his own blood. She kneeled down next to him and put his head in her lap, caressing his cheek softly. There was even blood in the corner of his mouth.

"Help! Please, can't anybody help?" she sobbed but Dumbledore and Snape were already next to them. They used various spells, but the bleeding got even worse.

Hermione could hardly see through the crying, but she noticed that Snape shook his head and that Dumbledore closed his eyes for a second, as if he had made a decision.

And then future Draco opened his eyes and looked at her and there was even a little smile on his face.

"Wanna thank you..." he whispered and Hermione shook her head crying.

"No, don't. Stop talking as if you are going to die. You won't. You'll be ok. Please, Draco..."

But he shook his head.

"Internal bleeding curse. Nice one. Not curable. And hurts like hell."

Hermione sobbed and squeezed his hand.

"You can't, Draco. I won't let you. Not now that you have reached your goal!"

He took all the strength he had and put his hand on her cheek.

"...will always love you." he murmured, his eyes getting darker.

Hermione nearly broke down.

"No, Draco, please don't..." she cried but he still smiled.

"...look awful when you cry." he said and squeezed her hand encouraging.

Hermione sobbed and shook her head.

"How can you keep joking?" she whispered smiling when he suddenly sat up to press his lips on hers.

The kiss was different from everything Hermione ever felt. She had been kissed by future Draco before, but his lips had been soft and inviting, full of life and warmth. Now she could taste his blood in her mouth and his lips were cold and rough. Hermione had never felt so desperate after a kiss.

Future Draco laid back on her lap and looked at his younger self who was standing behind Hermione, his hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry." future Draco whispered exhausted. "Will now return to my own Hermione. This one is only yours. You have to be happy." and with a last, loving glance at Hermione he closed his silvery eyes for the last time.

Hermione started screaming and crying, but she knew that there was nothing she could do. And then future Draco's body started to vanish and even though she was shouting and pleading and burying her nails into the cold ground of the forest, he was suddenly gone. As if he had never been there. And in that very moment, as if lightning had struck him, Dumbledore broke down and died straight away surrounded by students and friends and without being able to say goodbye.


Hermione was in shock. Everything around her seemed unreal and far away. Even when it suddenly started raining and everybody ran around, she didn't care. The shock of future Dracos death, combined with the huge shock of Dumbledores sudden dying had made her mind just go blank. She felt Dracos arms around her as he lifted her up from the ground. She buried her face in his chest and could hardly bear the familiar scent.

Images started rushing through her mind. Future Draco when he'd first visited her in the dormitory; the regular meetings in the greenhouse; his kind words when she'd been sad, his smile when she'd been happy; the longing desire when he looked at her; all the things he'd done to protect her, the stories he'd told her and the pain in his voice while he did so. And then this wonderful kiss when she was at the Burrow. And the last kiss he had given her before he'd vanished.

Hermione started crying harder and she felt as if her whole body was aching from the pain of this loss. She hardly heard the comforting words from Draco and she hardly noticed his own tears that were falling down on her face while he was carrying her through a Forbidden Forest that had never been darker.


Dumbledores funeral was a huge event with tons of people coming from all over the country. Most of them still couldn't believe what had happened and even those who had witnessed his death didn't know why exactly he had suddenly died. It was nearly as if Dumbledore had decided to die in that very moment. Harry knew his mentor good enough to consider that possible.

After that terrible scene in the Forbidden Forest, everybody had been in shock. The Giants, who had been lurking in front of the castle had suddenly disappeared when Voldemort died as if they'd been released of a spell.

Some Death Eaters had managed to escape, but most of them had been killed or captured and brought to Azkaban. Professor McGonagall had taken over the place of Dumbledore as Headmaster and now, only three days later, they were all gathered at the greatest funeral ever.

Voldemorts body had been sealed in a cave, without any ceremony, while Dumbledore was in a beautiful, white coffin, and would soon be buried on the grounds of Hogwarts, the place he had loved most.

The ceremony was great and everybody was crying. People were as happy about Voldemorts death as they were sad about Dumbledores. And part of Harry still couldn't believe that he was really gone. That he would never be able to ask for Dumbledores advice again. And that his old mentor would never be able to answer all the questions Harry had still wanted to ask him.

Everything had happened so fast. And only a few people knew, that there had been another death which was hushed up because nobody really knew how to mention it. How did you explain all those people that there had been a certain time traveller who had made it possible to destroy Voldemort?

Harry felt Ginny's hand holding his and his gaze wandered towards Hermione who was looking down on the handkerchief in her hand. Her eyes were red and swollen and her face pale. Three days had passed and she still couldn't stop crying. It was as if part of her had died with future Draco and Harry couldn't help feeling sympathy with the Draco that was still sitting next to Hermione and that was completely ignored by her.

The tragic loss of future Draco, followed by Dumbledore death had been a huge shock for everybody. But for Hermione it had been worst. She'd done everything to give future Draco his second chance and then he had simply vanished. As if he'd never existed. But maybe that was actually the point. He hadn't existed in this time. And worst was that they couldn't even organize a funeral for him because they had no body to bury. Hermione had prepared a blue fire on a white rose and they had set it swimming onto the lake. That was the only goodbye future Draco had received, but it had been a nice one.

Harry was grateful. No matter which circumstances had brought future Draco to this time, Harry was happy that he'd been their friend. Without him, he would now be the one lying in a coffin. And even though he felt a bit guilty about this thought, he couldn't help feeling also relieved.

Harry glanced at Ron who was sitting next to Ginny and crying like a baby. Dumbledore would have probably laughed when he'd seen those expressions. Next to Ron was none other than Pansy Parkinson, but the gaze that met Harry's was that of Severus Snape. The former Potions Master was dressed in black and as motionless as ever. He gave Harry a little nod and he nodded back.

Maybe they would never truly like each other, but there was more than the love for Lily Evans Potter that linked them. And part of Harry was happy to know that there was someone he could rely on. Someone who had been as close to Dumbledore as himself.

"They keep staring." Ginny suddenly said husky and Harry noticed the glances from all the people around them.

He shrugged. For the first time he just didn't care. There were so many things that were more important than that. Harry squeezed Ginny's hand and concentrated on the ceremony. Dumbledore would have probably laughed.


Two months later

Draco was walking alone through the familiar corridors of Hogwarts. It was nearly seven o'clock in the evening and most people were in the Great Hall for dinner. Draco was on his way to the library, though.

After the funeral they had considered to close the school until first of September. McGonagall wasn't sure if they should continue classes after all that had happened. Finally they had come to the conclusion that it was best to keep up classes and try to act as normal as possible. Draco was sure that a certain picture of their former headmaster had probably helped with this decision.

Dracos parents had visited him straight away after the spell that had magically locked them in their own house had been broken with Voldemorts death. They had been relieved and happy to find him safe and unharmed, and then they had decided to travel to America, just because they were able to do so.

And because people were still talking. It was no secret that the Malfoys had been Death Eaters of Voldemort but it was also no secret that Draco had helped to fight him. They promised not to stay for long and Draco was glad that he didn't have to leave school. Well, first he had been glad. Now he sometimes wished he'd gone with them.

Draco was finally standing in front of the library, not sure if he should enter or not. Hermione was in there, probably gazing out of the window without even looking at the book in her hand.

Since his future self had died, Hermione had changed a lot. She had cried for what seemed like ages and no matter what he said or did, it didn't seem to reach her. Sometimes she didn't even notice that he was nearby. Two months had passed and they had hardly spend any time together. And if they had been together, then she'd been silent and absent with her mind. She apologized, but nothing really changed and Draco began to doubt her feelings.

He had started asking himself if she had actually always been in love with his future self. Was he just an available replacement? Had she just pretended to be in love with him because her true love had asked her to do so? These and more questions were spinning through his mind and Draco felt miserable. No matter what he did, nothing made her react the same way she had before. She nearly acted as if he had died as well.

Draco was interrupted in his thougths, because Hermione suddenly opened the door of the library and stood in front of him as if his thoughts had conjured her. Ginny was behind her and seemed kind of angry.

"Hey." Draco said and Hermione nodded.


Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Oh my gosh what kind of conversation is that?" she asked shaking her head and left the two of them alone.

"She's right, why is it nowadays so stiff between us? Why can't we talk like we did before?" Draco asked annoyed, not sure why he was so angry all of a sudden.

He didn't want to see her red eyes and he didn't want to hear her sobs again. How much did she want to cry for him? How long did she want to torture herself?

Hermione looked at him sadly.

"I'm sorry." she said honestly and Draco couldn't stand it any longer.

"Are we still a couple, or not?" he suddenly asked and his stomach clenched in fear. What would she say?

Hermiones expression didn't even change.

"I don't know." she finally whispered.

Draco felt worse as if she'd punched him.

"Fine, but I know. We are obviously not." he croaked, turned around and walked away. And the whole time while he was walking he had to hold back the tears that were close to expose his true feelings.


Hermione looked at Dracos back and wasn't sure what to do. He'd broken up with her. In front of the library. Just like that. Didn't he understand? Couldn't he give her some time? Tears were running down her cheeks again and she was suddenly grabbed by Ginny who dragged her down the corridor.

"Gin, what are you doing?" Hermione finally sobbed and Ginny snorted annoyed.

"I'm going to give you a piece of my mind."

Hermione didn't protest. She was too tired to do so. She was following Ginny out of the castle and into the cold night. It was still chilly even though spring was near.

They were finally standing in front of the lake and Hermione looked at her friend with the same sad expression she wore now for two months.

"What's wrong, Gin?" she asked slowly, not even really interested.

"I'm telling you what's wrong, you're pissing me off, Mione! Your whole attitude, the way you behave towards Draco, all the things you say are really pissing me off!"

Hermione opened her mouth to apologize once again, but Ginny was already talking again.

"Don't you see what you are doing? Don't you realize that you are throwing away your happiness? It has been more than two months, Mione. How long do you want to keep crying? How long do you want to walk around like a zombie and cry whenever you see something that reminds you of him?"

For the first time in weeks, Hermione felt angry. And she welcomed this feeling because there was so much anger she had been carrying around for those two months, not able to let it out.

"How long, you ask? How long? As long as it takes until my heart is whole again, Ginny! As long as it would take for you if it had been Harry who died and not Draco! Did you ever imagine how you would have felt if Harry hadn't been able to come back? Well, multiply that with one million and you will know approximately how I feel!" Hermione shouted and Ginnys eyes widened in surprise.

"But Draco is not dead, Mione. He was standing in front of you just now, breathing, living, and most of all: suffering. Can't you see it? Don't you remember future Dracos last words?"

Hermione looked at her best friend exhausted, again tears in her eyes.

Ginny continued as if she hadn't expected an answer.

"Draco told you to be happy. In front of all those people, he only wished for your happiness."

Hermione sobbed and kneeled down, her slender body shaken by tears.

"It's my fault, Gin. My fault! If he hadn't tried to protect me, nothing of this would have happened."

Ginny sighed and shook her head.

"You are so stupid, Mione. You, with your brilliant mind can be so stupid. You know what future Draco told me when I saw him the last time? He said I should tell you that it is not your fault. Mione, he knew that he was not supposed to live in your world. And he never wanted to do so! Don't you understand? He came back and knew that he would have to leave this place. He knew that it was not possible for him to stay. The natural balance would have been displaced. There is only one Draco meant to live in this world, and that is the guy who just got a broken heart because of you!"

Hermione didn't know what to say. She looked at Ginny and for the first time in weeks everything seemed to make sense. That sad look in future Draco's eyes every time he saw her; the fact that he had never wanted to talk about a future in this world; his self-abandonment when he appeared on the meadow to fight until the end... Hermione had always thought he behaved like that because he wasn't sure if they would make it. She'd thought he hadn't wanted to make any plans because he didn't know if they would succeed. But truth was that he had known that there would be no future for him. And he hadn't even cared. Draco had only decided to come back to give her a chance for another future. And to give his younger self the chance he never had. There was not a second when he had considered that this place could ever be meant for him. Maybe there had been moments of regret, but Draco nevertheless had never doubted his decision. And Hermione had not been able to understand because deep inside of her, she wanted him to stay by her side. She wanted to give him the happiness he deserved. But now she finally knew that Draco would have definitely disappeared, even if Bellatrix hadn't ended his life. And she finally understood that it was not her fault.

Hermione sighed exhausted and closed her eyes as if a heavy burden had been taken off her shoulders. Tears were again running down her cheek, but this time they were purifying. She thought of future Draco and for the first time in two months, it didn't hurt her. She had once asked him what he would do when all of this was over.

"I will return to my Hermione." he had always said. This had been his motivation, the reason why he kept fighting and why he didn't give up. Not because he wanted to live but because he wanted to be reunited with the Hermione that had died. His one and only true love.

Ginny smiled weakly.

"You finally understand, don't you?"

Hermione nodded grateful and hugged her best friend firm.

"Do you think I already lost him?" she whispered fearful, her heart pounding in anticipation of the answer.

Ginny shook her head.

"I have never seen such a devastated Draco before. He's been through a lot lately and you didn't even notice. You will have to make up for a lot. But he loves you and this feeling doesn't simply disappear. Believe me, I know it."

Hermione nodded, kissed Ginny on her cheek and ran towards to castle. She had to make up with Draco. She had to apologize. And she had to do it now.


Hermione went down to the dungeons and was finally standing in front of the Slytherin Common Room. She had never been there before and she had no idea how to enter, but suddenly the door opened and Pansy stood in front of her.

"Hermione? What are you doing here?" she asked surprised and Hermione thanked God that it was Pansy and nobody else who had opened the door.

"I have to talk to Draco. Can you please tell him to come out?"

Pansy frowned and finally she sighed.

"What the hell have you done? Draco came in and disappeared into his room without a single word. He looked terrible and he didn't want to talk to anyone. He won't even let his room-mates into the dormitory because he wanted to be alone."

Hermione bit her lip guilty.

"Well, we kind of broke up and it was my fault... I just want to apologize..."

She didn't even know why she trusted Pansy with these things, but their relation had definitely changed. And she was getting along with Ron pretty well, so maybe...

Hermione felt a slight bit of hope when Pansy didn't start laughing straight away. Instead she looked at her seriously, her dark eyes showing an unexpected sympathy.

"It's good to see that you are back to your usual self. Not that I like you that much, but even I was a bit scared when I saw you walking around like that. I will help you to get to talk to Draco, but first you will have to do something about that."

Pansy made a gesture including everything about Hermione when she said those words and her dark eyes were now narrowed concentrated.

„What exactly do you mean?" Hermione asked careful, not sure if she really wanted to know the devlish plan the Slytherin girl was obviously about to create.

„I mean that you look like a hag right now and even though Draco seems to think you are pretty, under the given circumstances it's better to at least take a shower." Pansy said matter-of-factly, her arms on her hips and the dark eyes gleaming.

„You remind me of the scary side of Ginny and this is definitely not good." Hermione murmured, but Pansy only grinned and dragged her along towards the Bathroom of the prefects.


Hermione wouldn't have believed it, but she actually felt better after taking a bath in the huge tube of the prefects. Pansy had returned to her dormitory to take care of everything and Hermione was too tired to protest. She just wanted to make up with Draco and hopefully find out that he was still in love with her. She knew that she didn't really deserve it, though. After all he had done for her, she had completely ignored him for two months. Hermione couldn't even remember when they had really talked the last time.

What if he wouldn't forgive her? What if he'd had enough of her behaviour? A sudden fear ran through Hermiones body and made her shiver even though the water in the tub was still warm.

Before she could start to imagine all the worst-case-scenarios and her best reaction, the door opened and Pansy returned with a huge bag, followed by none other than Ginny.

„What the hell do you intend to do?" Hermione asked them shocked, when she saw that Pansy was starting to take out cloths, underwear and shoes out of the bag while Ginny was busy with Make-up and all sorts of lipgloss.

„We are going to transform you back into a human being." Pansy replied dryly and got a huge grin from Ginny.

Hermione would have never thought that she would witness the moment when those two would get along. Ginny with her fire-red, long hair and Pansy with her Snow White beauty were as different as two girls could be – both from appearance and character. But there was nevertheless something they both had in common right now: they wanted to help Hermione and Draco. And this, together with the fact, that Pansy was actually something like Ron's girlfriend, had made them reconcile their differences and find out that they were actually able to even become friends.

„Come on, Mione, it's time for your happy ending." Ginny finally said smiling and Hermione closed her eyes devoted.

After what felt like ages, Hermione looked into a huge mirror and shook her head disbelieving.

„I can't go to him like this." she finally croaked, moved by her own reflection.

Pansy and Ginny smiled at each other in perfect harmony.

„You're welcome." they both said at the same time and Hermione laughed.

She hugged both girls and took a deep breath.

„I'm nervous." she finally admitted and Ginny and Pansy both nodded.

„That's ok, don't worry. He can't say no to you anyway. For him you'd probably even look good in a potato sack." Ginny said calming and Hermione nodded grateful.

She turned around and left the prefects bathroom slowly, her heart ponding excited. It seemed to take forever until she finally reached the seventh corridor and stood in front of the blank, hard stone wall.

Hermione concentrated on Draco and passed the wall three times before a wooden door finally appeared in front of her.

„Draco, wherever you are, I need your support now." she whispered in memory of future Draco and eventually opened the door.


Draco just wanted to be alone. He didn't want to pretend everything was alright, when in fact he felt just miserable. One year ago he would have probably acted differently, but he was another person now. He had changed because of Hermione and had given up everything that was once important in his life. And what for? She'd made clear that she didn't need him anymore.

Draco wanted to pity himself, maybe drink some Firewhiskey to forget and then he just wanted to sleep. But as always, nobody seemed to care about what Draco wanted. He had been in his room for only half an hour when Pansy started knocking on his door, asking him to let her in. He'd tried to ignore her, but it was nearly impossible to actually not notice someone like Pansy. Finally he stood up and opened the door.

„What?" he asked impolite.

Pansy shook her head and sighed.

„You look awful, too. Take a shower and meet me in the Room of Requirment in an hour. I have to tell you something. And Dray, don't even think of not coming. You owe me one."

And with these simple words she turned around and disappeared before Draco could even give a reply. He sighed annoyed and decided to take a shower. He would of course go to find out what she wanted. Pansy knew damn well that he still felt guilty about her. Even though he knew that in the end there was no reason to feel like that at all. She seemed more than happy, lately.

But she'd risked her life to help him and it didn't matter if it was in vain or not, she was nevertheless right: he did owe her a big one.


Draco went towards the Room of Requirements and was immediately reminded of the reason why he'd spend so much time in that bloody room. In the end Dumbledore had really died and even though it was crazy, Draco couldn't help feeling guilty. That was of course stupid, but this feeling didn't let go of him whenever he thought about Dumbledore.

Draco entered the room which was illuminated by candles. There was a huge bed and a nice fireplace. It reminded him a lot of the room he had once been with Hermione in. A sad smile appeared on his lips. It had been so easy to reach her. Every word he'd said had been important to her. Even when they weren't a couple yet, he'd always known that she was listening. But lately he couldn't reach her and now he'd given up on her and he felt as if he'd abandoned a part of his own soul. How melodramatic... he thought ironically and sat down on the four poster. What was he supposed to do now? Should he try to talk to her once again? Would she come back to him if he asked her? Did she even care about him anymore?

Before he could decide what to do, the door finally opened and a slender figure entered.

"I thought you would never come. What the hell did you want to talk to me about?" Draco started and stopped when the girl approached him slowly.

It was not Pansy with her dark hair and eyes. The girl in front of him was skinnier than before because she'd hardly eaten lately. She wore a white dress that made her appear very fragile and petite, yet beautiful and attractive. Her heavy brown curls were now sleek and shiny and those golden eyes were watching him careful and maybe with a little sparkle of hope. Her cheeks were rosy for the first time in weeks and she was standing in front of him like an angel, not even aware of the impact she had on his condition. She had never been more beautiful.

"Draco?" the angel said insecure and he still couldn't reply. His fear that this was just a dream was too big. What if she would disappear when he started talking?

"Draco, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come." the angel suddenly said sadly and turned around to leave.

And before he could tell his legs to move, he had already stood up and grabbed her wrist, not wanting to let her go now that she had decided to come to him.

She turned around surprised and he bent down and kissed her as if he wanted to provoke the phantom to vanish and leave him alone. But she didn't vanish. And she didn't feel like a ghost or and angel at all. Her breath was warm, her lips soft and familiar and Draco pressed her body against his, finally believing that it was really her and that she was there – in his arms. And suddenly he knew that he would never be able to let her go again. She belonged to him and he belonged to her and nothing else mattered.


Hermione had prepared her apology. She'd thought of one million possible reactions but she hadn't considered that. Draco suddenly kissed her as if he'd never kissed her before and Hermione started to remember how sweet his lips felt, how strong his arms and how warm his body. The magic that had always made her feel weak around him had suddenly reached her again and she felt besotted and aroused and incredibly happy. He still wanted her. Even if he was actually angry, it was more than obvious that he nevertheless wanted her. And the way he held her was so soft and caring that Hermione felt like crying again. How could she have been so stupid? She nearly lost all of this because of her own stubbornness.

Draco suddenly broke the kiss and looked down on her, his silvery eyes darker than usual.

"Why did you come?" he whispered husky, his arms still wrapped around her.

Hermione bit her lip.

"I wanted to apologize." she said honestly and forgot about all the explanations she had thought of giving him.

He ran his fingers through her silky hair, his eyes locked with hers.

"If you don't go now, then I won't let you ever go again. Make your decision, Honey. If you stay tonight, you stay forever."

His voice was velvet and longing but Hermione knew that he was serious. He wouldn't stop her if she decided to go. She didn't hesitate.

"I'll stay." she whispered and there was a triumphant gleam in his bright eyes and a devilish smile on his seductive lips.

He carried her to the huge bed and Hermione didn't feel afraid at all. She'd always thought she'd be nervous or scared, but she trusted Draco so much that there was only curiosity and happiness. The candles illuminated his slender body and Hermione noticed only now that she had stopped breathing for a moment. He was so beautiful.

They didn't talk. They didn't look back. They only touched each other with their hands and their lips and most of all with their souls.


Hermione should have been tired, but she felt happily exhausted and yet too awake to sleep. Draco had wrapped his arm around her from behind and kissed her shoulder, before he buried his face in her hair. Hermione knew what he wanted to ask her even though he hadn't said a word.

"The one I always loved is you, Draco. It has always been you." she whispered and squeezed his hand.

He didn't reply, but squeezed her hand back, kissed her shoulder again and started caressing her body once again as if he didn't get tired of touching her. And even though Hermione was tired and exhausted, she didn't even think of rejecting him. They loved each other again, this time even more passionate and Hermione finally fell asleep.

She didn't know that Draco was awake all night, watching her sleep in his arms. And she didn't hear his I love you's. But for the first time in more than two months, Hermione could sleep with a smile on her lips and without any nightmares.



Draco felt cold. He could still see Hermiones crying face above him when a white light suddenly took him away, out of his body and out of this world to a place where he would hopefully find the one he loved most than anything else in the world: Hermione.

He woke up and smelled grass and earth and only moments later he noticed that he could even feel the grass on his cheek and the sunshine on his face. His eyes were closed and he didn't dare to open them. What if this wasn't the place he wanted to be?

Draco finally opened his eyes and found himself lying on a meadow. It was a warm and sunny summer day and he could hear a stream somewhere nearby. Right in front of him there was a familiar cabin and Draco took a deep breath, surprised that he could still breathe. Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

He approached the little cabin carefully and opened the door slowly. He'd hoped to find Hermione in there, waiting for him with a smile on her face, but the smiling face in front of him belonged to none other than Albus Dumbledore.

"Welcome, Draco, welcome. Sit down, please." his former headmaster asked friendly, pointing on a chair next to him.

"Where am I?" Draco asked confused, not sure what was going on.

"Well, that's a good question. I would say you chose a place that is important for you. I have honestly no idea where we are. I have never been here before. But you have, right?" Dumbledore asked softly, his usual, calm smile on his face.

"Am I dead?" Draco dared to ask, ignoring Dumbledores former question.

The headmaster smiled and shrugged.

"Yes and no, I would say. Yes, because you obviously died before. No, because this is not yet the end."

Draco frowned even more confused.

"I don't get it." he finally admitted and Dumbledore laughed amused.

"No, how should you? Draco, you have sacrificed quite a lot, haven't you? You have come back to prevent a war from happening. You protected my students, my teachers and everybody who would have been killed by Voldemort during his reign. And then you saved the girl you loved most on earth and you died for her. Don't you think it would be a bit unfair to let you really die now after all you have done?"

Draco shook his head as if he tried to understand what Dumbledore was actually trying to say.

"But I already died, didn't I? I mean, there is nothing we can do about that, right?"

Dumbledore smiled even brighter.

"Well, actually there is something we can do. I guess you already noticed that my hand was hurt by a strong curse?"

Draco nodded and Dumbledore continued, still smiling.

"I have lived a long and happy life, Draco. And I was glad enough to witness the end of Voldemort, which will ensure that everybody I care about will be safe in future. There is no need for me to live any longer. This curse would have killed me in less than a year, anyway. But you, my dear son, you still have your life in front of you. There is so much you still have to learn, so much you still have to see. That's why I decided to also make a sacrifice. One that nobody besides you will ever notice. One life for another one, Draco. My life for yours."

Draco couldn't really believe what he had just been told. He shook his head.

"No, I mean, I can't do that. The world needs you far more than it needs me. I can't take such a gift."

Dumbledore laughed.

"Voldemort is dead, Draco. Nobody needs me anymore. And my life will end soon, anyway. But yours shouldn't have already ended. This is no gift, Draco. It's the last wish of an old man, who is happy to return where he came from. Besides, I think there is someone waiting for you."

Draco suddenly saw Hermione standing there, an encouraging smile on her lips.

"I could really be with her?" he dared to ask and Dumbledore shrugged again, his expression still as non-transparent as always.

"Give it a try." he simply replied and Draco finally nodded, a grateful smile on his lips.

"How can I ever thank you?" he asked slowly and Dumbledore started laughing.

"You already thanked me enough, Draco. Just make use of your second chance."

And with these last words, Draco suddenly fainted and everything around him got dark.


He was lying in a warm bed and it felt very comfortable. Draco was afraid that he was again dreaming. What would he be seeing now? Where was he and most important: when?

The familiar noise of footsteps made him finally open his eyes and Draco found himself in a nice, bright bedroom. It was late morning and he was alone. But the pictures he saw on the wall made his heart pound for hope. And then suddenly the door opened and an angel was standing in front of him. She was smiling and was wearing a huge tray with breakfast. And she was obviously pregnant.

"Good morning." she said still smiling and bend down to kiss him. Draco was too overwhelmed to say anything. He just kept staring, close to crying because he couldn't believe that this was actually true.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked worried and Draco shook his head smiling.

"Nothing. Everything's perfect." he said and started eating the best breakfast he'd ever had.


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