Right, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Obi's Second Cousin and I'm normally found over in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen category. The following is a preview for the prequel story of my trilogy, 'A New Hand for a New Century', comprised of the fics Queen of Spades, An Eight-Card Deck, and Seven of Spades. Those are already published and can be accessed through my profile. In those stories, Agent Daria Noclaf works fairly frequently with Vader. This story will described how they met and has been in the works longer than the NHNC trilogy. Only my easily distracted nature has prevented me from actually getting THIS one written out… That's changing now.

(Black Screen. Male VO)

Male VO: "Choose your champions."

(Shot of two people, one male and one female, sitting across a large table from each other, with a group of people looking on)

Narrator VO: "It is the greatest game ever played."

(The woman, who has large violet eyes, makes a series of selections on what appears to be a keypad)

Narrator VO: "One that will change the course of history."

(An image of Daria Noclaf appears in midair before Violet-Eyes, followed by an image of a rather familiar-looking black metal helmet- Darth Vader)

VE VO: "My champions."

(shot of Vader, holding an Imperial officer off the ground by the throat)

Vader: "Do not fail me again."

(Shot of Daria, sword drawn)

DN: "Well, that was a mistake. On your part."

Narrator VO: "Two Champions."

(Shot of Daria and Vader giving each other wary looks)

Narrator VO: "Set against the greatest villains in their histories."

(Shot of Emperor Palpatine speaking to Prince Xizor and his lieutenant, Guri)

Emperor: "Skywalker will not escape us."

Xizor: "He will not, my Lord."

(Shot of Koor and K'Wah)

Koor: "Our time of glory approaches, my brother."

(Shot of an elaborately dressed Pharaoh standing next to a man in armor, both overlooking a review of similarly-armored troops)

Ra: "The Sun God's empire shall rule for eternity."

Narrator VO: "Unlikely allies."

(Shot of the four villains, shaking hands)

(Shot of Daria, facing Vader)

DN: "We're going to have to work together to get out of this alive. Are you with me?"

(Shot of Daria and Vader shaking hands)

Narrator: "And time,"

(shot of a parade of stormtroopers and other Imperial might)

Narrator: "Is running out."

(shot of Guri attacking Luke Skywalker)

Vader: "No!"

(Screen cuts to black. Silver Arubesh letters turn to English)

Narrator: "Eyes of a Sith, Feather of a Gryphon."

(shot of Violet-Eyes smiling at her opponent)

VE: "Let the games begin."

Narrator: "Coming soon."