Chapter 9

Harry giggled as DiNozzo was thrown over Ziva's shoulder. He had been living with Gibbs for over a year now and his birthday was coming up. Gibbs had said that he would sign him up for karate lessons if he still wanted it. Harry couldn't wait.

Harry squeaked when he was lifted into familiar arms. It seemed like no matter how big he got, his guardian would always be able to pick him up. The thought made Harry smile at the safe feeling it created. He turned a smiled at the smirking Marine.

"How are you doing kiddo?" Gibbs asked; hold his son tight, it was only a matter of time before Harry became his son legally. Right now he was still just his guardian but soon he would be his legal father and Gibbs couldn't wait.

Harry grinned, "Abby showed me some fun stuff on the computer and Tony told me about some movies he thought I should see."

Gibbs rolled his eyes at hearing what Tony did with his son. It seemed like the man was trying to corrupt his boy. "Well the team and I have a case so how would you feel about spending the day with Aunt Jenny?"

Harry squealed, "I get to spend the day with Aunt Jenny!" He loved spending the day with the woman; she always seemed to have something fun to do. Well except when she took him shopping, that's when he would rather be back in Mexico. He really hated shopping, it was just so boring!

Gibbs chuckled and hugged the boy tighter. "Yep, she said she was going to take you to enroll in school and take you to a book store, she has my credit card so don't worry about that. Ok?" Gibbs smiled when Harry started bouncing excitedly in his arms. He loved going to book stores. Gibbs would have thought him a genius if it wasn't for the fact that he was really bad at math and some sciences. But he did know a few languages thanks to his time with Ziva, and he loved reading, though he mostly stuck with fantasy novels.

Harry squirmed out of Gibbs' arms and ran to the elevator that would take him from the gym up to the Directors office. He couldn't wait, not only would he be able to go to school, something he had been waiting for ever since he had had to leave the one in Mexico, but he was also getting new books! He had finished all his other ones; Orson Scott Card was his favorite author so far!

Gibbs chuckled and followed Harry to the elevator, calling out one last time to his team, "Gear up, and DiNozzo, get the car."

Harry bounced impatiently in place while the elevator took its sweet time in taking him up to his favorite Aunts office. She was waiting for them right outside her door, already packed up for the day. Her secretary had that look on her face that said she wasn't pleased that Jenny Sheppard was leaving early. Harry giggled and his behind Gibbs when the secretary turned her disapproving gaze on him.

Jenny laughed, "Don't worry so much, I still have my cell and PDA if you need to get a hold of me." The secretary huffed and went back to typing at her computer and ignoring the others in the room. Harry just kept on giggling and hiding behind his guardian until Jenny came up beside him.

"Let's get you registered, what do you say Harry?"

Harry giggled and nodded his head and questioned eagerly, "then the bookstore right?"

Jenny smiled, "of course."

Harry bounced in excitement, "I can't wait!"

Jenny shook her head and turned to look at the smirking man who had moved out of the way so Harry was no longer hiding behind him. "You be careful and try not to offend anyone."

Gibbs' smirk grew, "no promises." Harry giggled and took his favorite Aunts hand. Gibbs' smirk fell into a small smile as he rubbed Harry's black hair, making the boy yelp and push the hand away. "You be good little man."

Harry smiled, "I'll try but no promises." Harry grinned when he saw the secretary roll her eyes at his almost parroted words and heard her mutter 'Great, a mini Gibbs'. The secretary was always the most fun to annoy, and so easy to. Goodbye everyone, see you tomorrow!" He shouted as Jenny led him over to the elevator and out the building, he really did love staying at the NCIS building when he could, sometimes he had to stay with agents that Gibbs trusted when things got to bad and he didn't want Harry there.

Harry whistled the entire way to the school he would be attending. It was a private school that was run by a former Marine, which was the only reason Gibbs was even letting him go, apparently he didn't trust public schools for his charge. Harry looked at the school as they pulled into the parking lot. It was a huge Victorian style building with two long buildings coming from the sides which Harry figured was the dormitories for those who didn't live around there.

Jenny smiled and took Harry's hand in hers, "Let's get you registered." She led him into the big building while Harry just kept looking around at all the pictures and other things that hung on the wall. They were almost to the Headmasters office when a certain picture caught his attention he ignored Jenny's continued attempts at getting him to move and simply stared at the strange man.

It was a mean looking man with brown hair and glaring brown eyes. His hair was even messier than his and he had a scar that ran from his right eye passed the edge of his lip over the middle of his chin and ended at the base of the left side of his neck. The man made Harry very nervous, it didn't help that he felt like he knew this man from somewhere. Both Jenny and Harry jumped when a voice sounded behind them.

"That's Damien Mitchell, a former Headmaster of this school." They turned to see a man standing behind them. He had graying hair that almost looked like Gibbs', his build was almost exactly the same; this new man was a bit taller than Gibbs was though. "He was Headmaster before me, but he was arrested and sent away."

Harry looked at the man who he now knew to be the Headmaster, "Why was he sent away?" Harry was so absorbed in looking at the Headmaster and the portrait on the wall he never noticed the pale face of his favorite aunt.

The Headmaster looked between Jenny who was shaking her head, trying to tell him not to say anything, and the little boy who was still bobbing his head between him and the picture. He decided to tell him anyway. "He was caught by NCIS about two years ago, turns out he was hurting young men. NCIS got involved when he went after a Petty Officers son. Actually Gibbs was the one who caught him."

Harry's eyes grew wide, he knew his guardian caught bad guys, but seeing one he had caught was something else all together. He shook himself out of his thoughts when he heard Jenny speaking to the Headmaster.

"That's enough of that, let's get Harry registered for next year," Harry followed the two into the Headmasters office to start the paperwork his thoughts still on the strange man he had seen in the picture. And a few times in the past year.