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Chapter One: Song One: Cantaloop/Flip Fantasia by US3

Sena smiled to himself as he set up his new MP3 Player he had just gotten for his birthday. It was kinda small, but he didn't have much music on it anyway. Most of the music he did have came from Watt, who was adamant for a cultural music exchange despite the knowledge that Sena didn't have much.

So Sena had an MP3 player full of American music. 'Some it's quite catchy, really.' He mused to himself as he stretched himself out for an afternoon jog. It was one of the rare days at Deimon that he got home before midnight, and he wanted to take advantage of the slight December warm-up.

He wandered towards the door and yelled to his mom that he was going out for a jog.

"Alright, Sena! Be safe!" She called back.

He agreed and headed out, starting at a slow run while he fiddled with the settings. 'I guess since I don't really know any of the music, setting it on shuffle will do.' He decided, moving to set the little device.

The minute he did, he heard the introduction to the song and quick, jazzy notes.

He sped up, moving into his regular jogging speed as the vocals sped up. Unintentionally, he started nodding along with the fun, brassy music. The vocals were too quick for Sena to really catch, but on and off he'd catch a word or phrase.

"Hear the poems recited on top of the groove/Smooth, mind, floating like a butterfly/Notes start to float, subtle like a lullaby/Brace yourself as the beat hits ya/Dip trip, flip fantasia" The smooth voice broke down.

Sena was really enjoying the music. He'd have to remember to send Watt a nice thank you e-mail. And maybe correct his use of 'shonen-ai' in place of the 'shonen' genre of manga.

Inadvertently, Sena started slowing down to no more than a fast walk. And he started humming along with the catchy music.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he started moving in time with the music rather than the pace he'd previously set.

"Trip the tour upon the rhymes they soar/To an infinite height to the realm of the hardcore/Here we go off I take ya/Dip trip - flip fantasia"


Sena froze. The music was just so fun, he had lost track of what he had been doing altogether, and danced down the sidewalk rather than running as he intended. And he'd been caught. He looked up, heart filled with dread, expecting the worst.

He was not disappointed.

"How are you today, Shin-san?" He inquired civilly, while lowering his arms from their previous dance positions.

"I am well." Shin informed him gravely. "What were you doing?"

Sena winced. If nothing else, no one could accuse Shin-san of being too indirect.

"Umm…" Sena hesitated. He cast around desperately for an acceptable response. "Bracing myself for when the beat hits me?"

A/N: Over the next twenty or so days, I'll be doing 'shuffle drabbles' but playing with the rules a little. For anyone not familiar with the concept, the general idea is to set a music player on shuffle and write a drabble for each song that come up. It depends a little on where you get the challenge, but most of the time the drabble must be written to the time limit of the song. But everyone who knows me knows I'm absolutely OCD about research. So I used the song as inspiration and instead limited my words to no more than 1,500 words. The other thing I played with, was the songs. I have a lot of music on my account that I have but don't listen to for some reason, but my shuffle apparently loves these songs. (orz) So I took a little artistic license for some of the 'shuffle'd songs.

Extra A/N: I always want to dance to this song while it's on… and then I remember I can't dance! DX