A/N: I am starting a new story! Hopefully it would be better than my last one. In a way it is somewhat unique. There are some things that are used in a lot of fan fictions, but some that are not. This is just the character list, who's related to who, just to clear it up. It IS all human.

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Edward Masen: The most popular guy at school, even though he doesn't want to be. Username: mindreader337. Talks to PlainJane7765 almost everyday on YouTube and MSN. Big brother to the over excited Alice. Son to Esme Platt and Edward Masen. Currently living with Esme after a recent divorce. Hates his sister but would be the first to help her if she was in trouble.

Isabella Swan: Doesn't see herself clearly. After escaping Phil, who comes home drunk almost every night, Bella moves to Forks to live with her dad, Charlie. The only place she feels she belongs is on YouTube. After meeting Mindreader337 her life brightened up considerably. Username: PlainJane7765.

Alice Masen: Always in her brother's shadow. She is the second most beautiful girl in the school, yet guys don't drool at her feet. She has a huge crush on the mysterious Jasper Hale, but thinks he is to busy bailing his sister out of trouble. About the most unknown person on YouTube. Username: Addictedtoshopping77689. Hates her brother but would be the first to help him if he was in trouble. Her wish is to become popular, and its about to come true.

Jasper Hale: Annoyed of his sister always getting in trouble. Never had an relationship, but hopes to have his first one with a spiky haired wonder. Jasper is wanted by many girls, but not quite as many girls as Edward. He is very popular on YouTube. Username: Feel4UWithBlondeHair. Son of Albert and Katie Hale. Brother of the gorgeous Rosalie Hale. Albert Hale left after very mysterious reasons that only Rosalie and Jasper know.

Rosalie Hale: Has a new boy every week, but she wants only one, the almighty Edward Masen. Rosalie Hale only thinks of herself. She doesn't realize how angry Jasper gets at bailing her out because she didn't succeed in her goal of impressing Edward. Rosalie, the most beautiful girl in the school, has boys practically begging her to throw them a glance, to notice them. But Rosalie being the self centered girl she is only notices one guy. Goes on YouTube frequently, but has no videos. Username: LovelyRme090909. She wants what she can't have.

Emmett Cullen: Wants, no NEEDS, Rosalie. But Rosalie wants Edward and everyone knows it but Edward. He made a plan to become Jasper's best friend just to try to get closer to Rosalie, and actually ends up liking Jasper in the process. Emmett has a new girl every two months, three if he is feeling generous. His father is Carlisle Cullen. His wife died four years ago and he moved to Forks to see if he can out his medical degree to good use. Emmett watches tones of Funny Home Videos on YouTube. Username: BigFunnyAndDidIMentionBig.

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