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The training ground was nothing special, that is until a giant panda leaped from the pool that Ranma had just knocked his father into. He heard the guide yell something up at them, but was on alert as the panda leaped at him. Ranma was expecting a savage claw swipe, or an attempt to bite at him, but the snap kick to his chest came as a surprise and his guard was out of place.

As Ranma fell he berated himself. A wild animal had just used a Saotome School jump kick and he had let it, but how could a panda know the Sao…SPLASH.

He was under water, but fire burned through his body. Every muscle tightened, every hair stood on end. He tried to move, to propel himself upward, but something slowed him and added drag to his swimming. After what seemed like an eternity he broke the surface and took in a much needed lungful of air.

"Oh, too bad sir. You fall in Spring Drowned Gir…"

The guide stopped in mid explanation as a pair of black leather wings spread out behind the poor young boy turned girl.

"Aiya. That new."

One Half a Wing and a Prayer

By Seth

Chapter 1

Breaking China

Ranma looked into the mirror that the guide had in his cottage at the new body he, or rather she, had been given only a day ago. It was definitely female, about half a head shorter, had red hair instead of black, and did we mention it was definitely female. Ranma was in a great deal of shock over that first and last bit, she had just finished chasing her father-turned-panda all around the area and had beaten him to a pulp.

It was during this chase that Ranma had finally noticed her two new appendages, her wings. The fat panda had jumped off a small cliff to avoid the still unbalanced girl, and she had jumped to catch him on the way down. She fell considerably slower however, and could feel how the air was moving around her.

Ranma thought back to the joy of that first, clumsy swoop. She had seen one of her wingtips out of the corner of her eye and quickly lost focus on where she was going.

"Stupid tree."

The crash itself was not as painful as Ranma would have thought, but the new shock of seeing the wings that had ripped through what was left of her gi nearly drove her over the edge. It had taken her two hours to calm down and slowly make her way back to the cottage.

The Saotomes were shown that hot water would reverse the curse, but cold water would bring it back.

"You sir," the guide pointed to Genma, "Fall in Spring Drowned Panda. Tragic story of panda that drawn in spring one thousand years ago." Genma Saotome seemed nonplused at this and simply waited for the other shoe to drop.

The guide turned to the now male Ranma and said, "You sir fall in Spring Drowned Girl, I think."

Ranma growled, "What do ya mean ya think? How come I got those wings sticking out my back?"

"I not know. This not ever happen in fifteen hundred year that Spring Drowned Girl exist." The guide sat back and took a long pull on his pipe. "Best thing now is send for wise elder from nearby tribe. Is Amazons that know much Jusenkyo lore. She maybe help you sirs."

"We do not need the help of some weak old woman. My son and I have been afflicted with something, yes, but I doubt a woman has the power to help us."

Ranma looked at his father with ill concealed contempt. "How about you get stuffed old man. I got freaking wings on my back and want to know what the hell is going on." He took a deep breath and continued, "You may be able to pass as a pet panda, but there is no way I'll be able to go out without people thinking I'm a monster or something."

"That is because your new body is a monster, child." Ranma and Genma spun around to see …a hairy prune with a big stick hop through the window. "I am Cologne, Matriarch of the Amazons"

The guide bowed respectfully, "I glad you here Elder. This one fall in Spring Drowned Girl, but is not just girl."

The strange Amazon, a very old woman now that Ranma had a better look, nodded sagely and considered the young man. Ranma looked to his father and saw scorn coming from his eyes. He looked to the old woman and saw…she was waiting for something.

"You said I'm a monster, what do you…"

"Enough of this nonsense!" Genma stood and stormed over to the Elder and proudly exclaimed, "My son will not be bothered with this talk of monsters and amazons. The very idea is absurd."

In less then a heartbeat, Genma found himself through the window, and airborne heading towards a boulder. "Me and my big mouth."

Back in the cottage Cologne commented, "I hardly have the patience to teach one child, let alone two." Ranma turned from the window to the old Amazon, his face turning from amazement to a smirk.

"I wish I thought of that."

"Now then," Cologne continued, "show me the curse form."

The guide handed Ranma a glass of water, and at a gesture from the old woman left the room. She nodded to Ranma, who emptied the glass over his head. He felt his body shift, losing height, shifting anatomy. He thought the process would seem painful, considering the drastic changes, but all he felt was a slight tingle. After only a heartbeat the transformation was done, then she felt her wings once more push through her torn gi and spread wide. Once the wings had finished, Ranma took a moment to see how they moved as the Amazon Elder watched on.

"Can I get rid of this?"

Cologne sadly shook her head, "The curse you have received is a special one. It contains special magic of its own that will make you immune to almost any cure I can think of. I am sorry, child."

Ranma looked to be on the verge of tears, "So I'm stuck as a monster for the rest of my life."

"No, child, you are only a demon in form. A monster is one who has given up on all that makes them human, have you done that?"


Cologne nodded, "Good. As for your new form, you will find it to be very interesting. How do you feel physically, young one."

Ranma slowly stood and began a kata. Cologne waited, seeing the girl was taking the question seriously. She watched as the girl flowed through several forms, increasing her speed as she moved. It was a graceful dance that incorporated kicks, punches and blocks in rapid succession. After a moment Cologne saw the redhead's wings begin to mimic the movements, moving to block, balance, and strike. The kata moved to advanced forms and showed even greater speed and power.

This child is a prodigy, thought Cologne.

Soon the kata ended with Ranma in a guard position, her wings swept forwards to block her periphery. "That was incredible, but it felt weird."

"How so, child?"

Ranma sat down and considered her wings, watching them out of the corner of her eye. "It's like I already know how to use them. I could feel them move with me, and how they affected my balance. It was so weird."

Cologne nodded, "Let me tell you about something that happened many years ago. A young girl stumbled across our village at the time, she was beaten, bleeding, and near death. Our best healers spent the next two days tending to her, and slowly discovered what had happened. The girl was from a distant land, fleeing from the evils of her birth family. She wandered into this part of the world and was taken as a slave of the Musk, the ancient enemy of the Amazon tribe. Once she was healed, the elders of the time saw that she had great inner strength, and offered her a place in the tribe. For several years the girl lived among us as a sister, friend, and comrade." Cologne paused and sighed. "Then came our greatest shame."

"It was during a fierce battle with the Musk. Our warriors had been greatly out maneuvered, and only a handful remained to face hundreds of the enemy. In desperation, the girl let loose with power that she had held back since joining our tribe. The Musk were driven off or killed, and the Amazons saved, but the powers were demonic and feared by the tribe. For the crime of being born a demon, she was cast out and hunted. She never fought back, even though we betrayed her for nothing. She was chased to the very pool you fell in, and struck down."

Ranma asked, "How could they do that? She saved them. That was just stupid."

"I know boy, but rest assured we were punished. Her spirit placed a new curse on that pool. 'When the time is right and a true warrior is found, treat her better then you did me, for she will ether be your savior, or my revenge.' Since then, my family has been charged with finding that warrior. In five hundred years, we have found no one worthy, but now you bare the mark. Your wings are her wings."

Ranma looked confused, "So what does that mean?"

"It is a blessing and a curse," Cologne said. Ranma groaned at this, but Cologne continued, "We did not think a mere male would be the chosen one, and this will complicate matters. But none the less, it is up to me to see to you."

"You still ain't answered me," Ranma growled out, "What am I?"

"A being with the soul of a human, and the body of a sex demon."

"A WHAT!?!?!" With that Ranma promptly passed out.

Hours had passed by the time Ranma regained consciousness. He was reverted to his male form and allowed to run through quick katas to try and find his center for the next round of explanations. Meanwhile, Genma had returned and was subdued by Cologne for a lecture of his own. The old woman went from annoyed to volcanic in minutes as Genma explained his world view to her. In as simple a way as possible, Cologne then explained to him the results of interfering in Ranma's new training and possible destiny. Ranma only heard a little of what Cologne threatened, and quickly moved as far away as possible. The poor Guide was not so lucky, heard more of this, and was forced to retire to the wash closet to violently empty his stomach.

Ranma saw his father walk out of the cottage later, looking more pale then his gi, and visibly trembling.

"Boy," he spoke to his son, "Listen to what the old woman has to tell you. I will meet you down the trail in a week."

"What's up, Pops?"

"I fear that I need to evaluate my options, Boy. Consider this another step on the path of a great martial artist." Genma then stumbled on his way, muttering about needing several stiff drinks.

Ranma blinked as he watched his father leave. This wasn't the first time Ranma had been left alone with a new master for training, but he knew that this was very, very different. During their travels he and his father had stayed at many shrines and temples, from that crazy monkey priest who kept trying to yank his ponytail, to the noble Shaolin Monks who his father kept trying to steal from. During all these visits Ranma had picked up a few basics of spiritual beliefs, all of which made clear that demons were evil and without a soul. Now here he was, cursed to turn into a demon, but he didn't feel evil. When he had changed, the only bad thing he felt like doing was beating the snot out of his father, but everyone he ever meet also felt like doing that.

He was a demon, a sex demon. Not that he knew anything about sex, only that it involved a girl somehow, and that his father thought that girls and sex would make a True Martial Artist weak. Then again, his father was a moron, or so everyone he ever met told him. And that old woman, Cologne, was a girl, and she had handed his father a beating in the blink of an eye.

Obviously something was going on around Ranma that he didn't understand. Now, Ranma was a genius at figuring things out in a fight, but his father had gone to great lengths to make sure that Ranma stayed ignorant of anything outside of martial arts. The few times Ranma had attended school were when a truancy officer caught him on his own. Ranma knew that he should know more, but he was trained to react, not think, and it was times like this that drove him nuts.

From his father he knew demons were evil and sex was weak. From Cologne, who he trusted more at the moment due to the fact that she had not yet tried to kill him in some stupid training exorcise, he knew that he turned into a sex demon that may be some kind of hero or something.

"Thinking, Boy?" Cologne asked from beside him. He had been so deep in thought he had not noticed her approach. After climbing down from the tree he had jumped into due to surprise he turned to her.

"I was, but it was going nowhere. I don't like this curse; I'm a guy, not a girl. And especially not a demon." Ranma's eyes shifted towards the sky, "But for a few seconds, I flew. The ultimate expression of the Saotome School of Mid-Air Combat, something not even my Pops can do. Plus I felt faster then ever, stronger too."

Cologne nodded, "You are in conflict between what you were, and what you have been changed into. Your father has a rather poor view of women, and I assume he passed that on to you?"

Ranma considered the miniature elder next to him, "He did, but I can tell you aren't weak."

"Good, then there is hope for you yet. Do not consider your new form weak in the least, for it possesses strength and powers beyond any ordinary person. As for the demon, remember it is the actions of the person that make them good or evil, not their form. Yes, you may have to endure some unwarranted bias against you by those who have closed minds, but remember that if you are strong willed, and brave of heart, you can persevere."

Ranma considered this and nodded. He liked the idea of being strong in mind, body and soul. But one matter remained.

"What do sex demons do anyway?"

Cologne blinked, sweatdropped and looked at the boy, "Do you know what sex is, young one?"

"It's bad?"

The old woman, with as much grace as she had, dropped face first to the ground in disbelief. Over the next few hours until dark, Cologne and Ranma had a very frank and enlightening discussion about the…ahem…ins and outs of sex. The whole experience was slowed considerably by Ranma almost fainting on several occasions, and losing a considerable amount of blood through his nose. He went to bed that night as red as the hair in his succubus form, and his mind dancing with more information about the human reproductive system than he wanted.

The next day, after waking up to a small, but uninterrupted breakfast, Ranma went through his morning katas while Cologne watched. Once he was in a deep state of concentration, Cologne used the tiniest amount of cold water to trigger the transformation without the boy noticing. For a moment Ranma lost his concentration and almost his balance.

"Keep focused," Cologne growled at the neo-demon-girl in her best instructor voice. Ranma snapped back to a ready stance and picked up her kata where she stumbled. Soon the forms returned to a graceful dance, unencumbered by the changes to her body.

As she came to an end, Cologne started speaking again, "You show a great deal of potential, young one. Tell me about your training, and do not leave anything out." Ranma sat across from her and told of the training, torture and abuse she had endured at the hands of her father. From training with masters across Asia, to the horrors of the Neko-ken, Ranma told of it all. She did not know why, but as she told the tale it felt as if a weight was being lifted off her shoulders.

When she commented on this, Cologne replied, "I saw the way your father acted when we first met yesterday. He struck me as a greedy fool that would do anything to achieve his goals." Ranma nodded with a smirk that spoke volumes on its own. "I decided that you would be on guard for duplicity, so I did something that is a little difficult for me. I concealed nothing."

"Why is that hard for you?"

Cologne looked down, "As a Matriarch of the Amazon tribe, I am under scrutiny by other Elders. They seek any weakness in me so the may take my position for their own. But that is another matter. My family is responsible for the treatment of the Chosen One, so I had to approach you, but the attitude of your father makes you cautious of an open hand. I chose to treat you as I would my own grandchild, with a trainer's hand, and a mother's heart."

"But you do want something from me," Ranma groused.

"Yes. I want to restore our honor, and if you truly are the savior that was told of, I can do so." Cologne waited for a response, but the redhead sitting with her seemed to take this in stride. This seemed to Cologne to be both a good and a bad thing. Ranma was willing to listen to her and seemed to understand honor, but the child was too willing to put up with something that could harm her. Genma has much to answer for, breaking this child in such a way. I swear that she will leave us more confident in herself then this.

"For now, we need to explore the other aspects of your new form." Ranma blanched at this. "You can move easily on the ground, but it is time to learn what those wings are for."

"Just as long as I don't have to do any of that stuff we talked about last night," Ranma agreed.

Cologne stood and took on an instructor's tone, "There will come a time sooner or later when you will have to deal with that. Remember, your demon form does not use energy like your male half will. Food will provide no sustenance; water will not quench your thirst. Only release will recharge your energy in that form. Remember the exercise that I explained to you, and try that tonight in private if it will help you understand."

Ranma shuddered, by reluctantly nodded.

"Good. Now on to flying." At this, the redhead demon girl perked up. Cologne almost laughed at the eagerness that the child expressed from that small declaration. Cologne led her into the woods, and up to a large cliff that overlooked the valley. As they approached, Ranma streaked her arms above her head, allowing her back, and new wing roots, to flex and get ready.

Nether woman noticed a worn looking boy standing at the edge of the cliff who had just turned toward them. The bandana wearing young man saw the demoness' chest almost pop out of a much abused gi top. His eyes doubled in size and a burst of blood sprang forth from each nostril. The sudden loss of blood caused a flash of dizziness, and the enormous backpack he carried combined with this to overbalance him over the cliff edge. By the time the women reached the edge, there was no sign of the boy, not that it mattered to them.

"The best way to learn is to do," Cologne lectured, "And you have already shown an instinct when you use your wings. This will be no different."

"Moving to block in a kata is one thing, but jumping off a cliff and over those cursed pools is a little over the top, don't ya think?

"Not at all, you are like a young bird ready to leave the nest. All you must do is jump and let nature take its course. As for the pools, they have spent their curse on you, and the demon magic in your body will allow no more to be added. Besides, your school specializes in mid-air combat, or so you have bragged."

Ranma took this as a challenge and steeled her will to the task. Sizing up the cliff, she took several steps back and spread her wings. A bird, huh? Well, I know I was able to glide before, so here it goes. Ranma began a fast sprint to the edge of the cliff. In a heartbeat she was at the edge; where she felt a pang of fear at the sight of the valley far below her, but she did not, could not, let that stop her. She kicked off the edge and jumped into open air.

For a few feet, Ranma was carried on pure momentum, her martial arts training making her leap one of Olympic proportions; however gravity soon asserted its influence and she began to drop. It was only with a massive force of will that Ranma was able to remain calm, but even with that a scream was torn from her throat. The cliff face speed past her as she maneuvered her wings to find some purchase, some lift, to keep her from plowing face first into the fast approaching ground. Still screaming and falling towards the springs below, Ranma yelled to her self, I WILL NOT FALL!

Wings spread just a little further, back straining to bend away from the earth; Ranma saw detail in the ground. The grass rustling in the wind; the pools reflection of the midday sun; a small black piglet running into the tree line dragging a backpack; the Guide's cottage roof, and Cologne laughing on top of the cliff far below.

Hold on a sec…

Ranma looked around herself at open sky.

She whooped in joy as she passed the tree line behind Cologne and began a slow turn back. Slowly, in ever more daring attempts, Ranma turned, climbed and dove in the air around the valley. With each turn she grew more comfortable with her new ability, faltering and learning, but always recovering before touching the land. She felt freer the she had in all her memory, and as she dove in a manic pass close to Cologne, the Amazon Matriarch saw the first look of true joy from the airborne demon girl.

Ranma simply thought, if I can do this, I don't give a crap about anything else this curse has done. Soon she saw that Cologne was waving to her to return to the ground. Ranma nodded to her and began a slow swoop toward the top of the cliff. With only a few feet to spare Ranma's face turned from joy to horror. How do I stop this now that I'm up here?

"OH CRAP!!!"

She caught a leg on the edge of the cliff side, turning a stumbling landing into a spectacular face plant crash right at the feet of Cologne. The old woman looked down as Ranma spat out a mouthful of grass and started to chuckle. When Ranma shot her a look of indignation, she began to laugh.

"OK, so the landing needs a bit of work."

That caused Cologne to fall to the ground laughing her Amazon Elder butt off. The redhead looked on with annoyance, but soon found herself giggling as the old woman continued to laugh with the dignity of a four year old.

Ranma caught herself, Guys don't giggle, but then again, guys can't fly like I just did. Am I a guy that turns into a girl, is it affecting my mind, or is it something else? I feel better then I ever have, but what is the cost? Cologne sensed the shift in Ranma's mood and collected herself.

"Well done, young one," she said, "but it is getting late, and we must return to the cottage. Tomorrow we will journey to the Amazon village where I will help you through the next phase of your training."

Ranma stood and dusted herself off, noticing the almost destroyed condition of her gi. With a sigh, she took off the top to see the total damage, uncaring of the exposure of her form. Cologne once again sighed and promised herself to teach the new young woman as much as she could in the next week. As for the gi, it was torn, tattered, stained, and had two large wing induced rips on its back.

"That's just peachy. I don't suppose I can get a new one in this village of yours?'

Cologne looked at the top and grunted, "I am sure something appropriate can be found." With that, the duo made their way down to the Guide's cottage.

As they entered the clearing, the Guide noticed their return, and blushed profusely at the uncovered chest of the redhead demoness, but at a stern look from Cologne he turned away. But he was not quick enough to avoid eye contact with Ranma.

As their eyes met, both felt a jolt. The guide felt a slight tiredness, while Ranma felt a little less sore from the day's workout. Cologne saw the outward signs of this and quickly ushered Ranma into the house, then in a few quick words of mandarin informed the Guide that should he enter the house that night, he would find a quick death. After the door had closed, Ranma shock her head.

Cologne guided her to the cot, "You felt it then, didn't you?"

"What was that, Granny?"

Cologne smiled inside at the new nickname, but remained stoic, "That is the nature of the beast within you now. What you felt was the power of his lust at seeing you unclothed. You were able to feed off of that feeling, and if you had a weaker spirit, you would have done more."

"Uhg, that's gross."

Cologne smirked, "Is it? Remember, you are female now. Can you picture sex with a boy your age, perhaps?"

Ranma thought about it, but the answer quickly came, "No way."

"Then, how about with another girl?"

"But we'd both be girls if I'm like this. That's wrong, right?"

Cologne shook her head, "Remember all that we talked about last night."

"I'm trying not to think about it at all," Ranma muttered under her breath. Cologne heard this though and whapped Ranma on the head with her staff.

"You are a creature of desire now, and to control your power, you need to understand it. There is nothing wrong with two of the same gender being together; only those who have hate in their hearts can come between the forces of the universe that bring people together."

Ranma gulped at the outburst, but saw that Cologne was being very serious. She forced down a full body blush and thought back to the topics of conversation the previous night.

"So that makes my girl half a Lebanese, right?"

Cologne fell once more to the ground at this and wondered if the child was brain damaged somehow. Considering Ranma's father, that is a very real possibility.

"It is pronounced lesbian, my child. And you are correct, your girl half is lesbian. Your inner self, your core is essentially yang, or male dominated. To find fulfillment you will seek chi that is yin. These are universal forces and represent your true self." Cologne patted the confused looking child on the leg. "Do not worry about losing yourself to the curse," Ranma looked up at this, "I know it is what troubled you all day. You will find a way to adapt. I have already seen that you are good at this."

Cologne turned to the door, "I will leave you here tonight. I would like you to consider all that I have said, and if you are comfortable with it, practice the exercise that I explained to you. Good night, child."

"Good night, Granny." And with the closing of the door, Ranma was alone.

Ranma removed her gi pants, and saw that they were in no better shape then her top. Sighing, she tossed them into a corner and sat on the cot, finding her center and meditating on all that was said. She looked at it from many ways, and tried not to think of what her father would say about it. The more time she spent with Cologne, the more she saw of a woman who was not only strong, but stronger then her father. She thought about her new state, about all she had learned about sex, and about the feeling of power and freedom her new form allowed her. An hour passed before she moved to stand in front of a full length mirror that stood in one corner, no doubt for the use all the victims of the cursed springs only a few hundred yards away, to see their new forms.

She had to admit, even by her limited knowledge of the female form that she was good looking. Damn sexy if she tried. The red hair and wings gave her an exotic, almost erotic appearance. Her breasts were full and unhindered by gravity, and were capped with large dark pink nipples that stood erect as Ranma looked at herself in the mirror. Her stomach was defined and showed enough definition to enhance her appearance without being overly muscled. Her behind was well rounded and topped off a pair of long, smooth legs. And as she spread those legs, she saw the final piece of the package. A small delta of short red hair that led to a set of puffy lips that drew Ranma's eyes in.

Seeing all of herself in the mirror sent a shiver down Ranma's spine. She had never seen a girl naked before, and now this creature of extreme sexuality stood before her. In her mind she pictured herself as a male, approaching the nude redhead, the mere thought of contact made her shudder with desire.

Can I do this? Do I want this? Can I resist this?

She could only wonder as she began the first steps of her new 'training'. It was a new world of sensations that she could barely understand. As her experimentation continued she found new ways to find pleasure, and with each discovery she found a deep hunger within her more and more satisfied, but even at the end it still craved more.

Ranma lay panting a short time later, barely aware of her surroundings, the image of herself in the heights of passion burned into her mind. Slowly her vision returned from the white haze of post orgasmic bliss. She now knew that there was no turning back.

First flight, then sex. The power, the freedom. It was with this thought that she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Ranma awoke to the first light of day. Stretching on the cot, she thought of last nights activities. She slowly stood and looked over to the mirror.

She asked her reflection, "You really did it, didn't you?" Quietly she straightened her hair and mulled over the event, noticing that thinking about it caused less embarrassment then the previous day. I'm adapting, just like the old woman said I would. I just hope I can hold on to me. She turned and almost left the cottage, but noticed she was naked. Not wanting to cause more problems with the Guide, or anyone else she passed on the road, she gathered up the remains of her discarded clothes. Tearing each pants leg off, she made a pair of instant shorts, and used the legs as a makeshift top, tying them together and around her in a harness fashion, so they would cover her breasts while not interfering with the movement of her wings.

One last time, she looked into the mirror, and was surprised at the sight. Like a barbarian warrior, or ironically enough an Amazon, she stood as a cross between beauty and power. Her wings tucked behind her, her hands on her hips, all she could think about was some fantasy fan-boy back in one of the schools she had attended over the years falling all over themselves to bow and scrape at her feet, like some dark, perverse goddess.

Careful there, Ranma. That almost sounds like you're enjoying this new form.

"Maybe I could."

She strode out of the cottage and saw Cologne waiting for her.

Cologne took in the new look and asked, "Are you ready to go, child?"

"Yeah, Granny. Let's get the show on the road."

To be continued.