A/N: My bff got me in to Elfen Lied, so I thought I'd write a quick something for the category.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the poem, The Fallen.

O Castitatis Lilium --- Lily Of Chastity

The Fallen

Lily of chastity,

lady of the night,

A deadly embrace,

A killing intent,

Hands of thine,

Siblings of hate,

Children abhorred,

Loved not,

Joined as one,


You are togther, a group against mankind.

Join as one, or fall alone.

Lucy didn't understand why she was different.

She knew it had something to do with her horns.

And then one day she snapped.

She killed many.

And then Kouta came.

He changed her.

He gave her a spark, capable of flaming in to life.

She loved him.

He betrayed her.

But she still cared.

Later, she was captured.

She lost her spark of life.


She met him again.

Lily od Chastity.

Find your peace.

Live Free.

A/N: Doesn't make sense I suppose...Ah well, just the ramblings of my mind.