No kid ever stands up on the stage at school and says, "I want to be a whore."

Back then, I used to say I wanted to be a doctor. My friends would say cop, fireman, soldier…those are nice dreams too.

But this is the real world…and dreams just don't come true. I know that now.

I am a whore. My name is Edward. There are no last names when you're a whore so I am not a Cullen right now. It's time to punch in for work.

Every night I get to be a cop, a fireman, a soldier, Tarzan…in a way.

I enter from the back door, to this huge establishment called "Fire". It's a club for women, there is no man's night, there are no gay clientele allowed in. That's the one thing I've never done and at least I have that to cling onto.

I am for women only. And that is no small boast. And don't be fooled. It's not only young, beautiful women I see. All ages, young, middle aged, even senior citizens pursued me here. I am always good to all of them.

Women are every bit as horny as men, more so, I think, since I came to work here.

I figured women would be soft and gentle with me. I figured wrong. Women came here to get drunk and fondle half naked men.

It was rare that I found one that stroked me softly instead of grabbed me hard. Their screams deafened me sometimes. I always laugh when I hear someone call women the weaker sex. Wrong. They are powerful, strong, and insatiable. I know.

After punching my card, I go down the hall to see where I'll be starting tonight. It is only 5pm, the sun is going down. Twilight. The saddest time of day for me. This is when my day as normal Edward Cullen ends…and I become whatever is written in my box on the board.

Under my name, I see the black word 'Vampire'. Shit, is it October again?!

Emmett sits back in his unfolded metal chair in front of his mirror and smirks at me.

"Vampire man!" Emmett teased, "Halloween is coming again!"

Then he let out his usual vampire hiss as I smiled back at him, walking sideways behind his chair to get to mine, to the left of his area.

I was never one to complain about my assignments, or my job. That's why Victoria seemed to like me from the start. Oh, Victoria's the boss here. The other guys loved to bitch about stupid things but I didn't want to endanger my job here. I needed it. So I did what I was told and shut my mouth.

"I don't mind being a vampire," I said as I put my duffle bag on the floor by my feet, opening my drawer and taking out my plastic container that said 'VAMPIRE' on it, "But the makeup is a bitch to get off."

"I know." Emmett agreed, "At least you're fair enough that you don't have to put it all over your body! I had a nice tan once and had to cover myself with that white crap."

I huffed, thanking God for small favors as I took my shirt off, tossing it in the open duffle bag at my feet, not wanting make up to ruin it. I quietly went to work dotting on the white foundation then blended it in until I just looked extremely white. I didn't like to go corny vampire.

I tried to make it subtle but still able to see that I was one. I did a little makeup around my eyes and I gave myself a little deep red for my lips to stand out a bit and blotted it so it wouldn't come off when I kissed someone.

Then I was ready to put in my eyes. Red…or gold? I tilted my head from side to side, deciding tonight to be a good vampire, gold eyes. Maybe later in the month, closer to Halloween, I'd be evil then.

I hated plastic vampire teeth. Slobbery, too white looking, gross. I had the real thing, porcelain fangs that glued onto my own teeth, the same color as my real teeth. I had even gotten pretty good at talking with these on now.

Besides, women loved sweet, sad, innocent vampire Edward more than wicked, demented sexy vampire Edward. Besides, the red contacts hurt my eyes more, for some reason.

In a couple minutes, my gold eyes were in and I gave a hiss to my mirror, getting into my role. One thing you have to be good at here, is acting. Another reason Victoria appreciates me is because no matter what happens, no matter how I'm feeling, when I step over the red line into the club area where the customers are, I become what I'm dressed as. And I never, ever treat any woman badly, or even frown at them. I am theirs and I always look as if I'm having the time of my life, always smiling and laughing, always loving whatever they do with me.

Women use me – that's my job. And I am very good at it.

I stood up to go to my closet and take out my costume for the vampire. Yes, every dancer makes or buys their own costumes, nothing is given to us except our assignment. My outfit tonight consisted of black leather bands around my wrists, no shirt, and tight black leather pants that were really more like shorts, with jagged ripped shreds hanging a little down my legs, half my ass exposed.

The idea was that I had once been wearing leather pants but they were savagely torn off me, almost. Victoria loved it when I first showed it to her. She had final say in costumes. No shoes or socks, either. And then, of course, my collar. It was a simple black leather collar, covering my entire throat. It had a large silver ring in the middle and it jingled whenever I moved even in the slightest way.

I oiled up my body next, which took an incredible amount of time. But this was another rule here. Always oiled, always look shiny and buff at all times.

It was 7:45pm and it was nearly time for me to be taken to my cage. Yes, vampire man works in a cage. He is very dangerous, after all. For the dancer being vampire, Victoria would personally escort him to the cage and have full say over who got inside. The more a woman wants to pay to be in the cage with me for a period of time, the longer she can join me.

For the right price, I even would sometimes have my hands bound over my head while they had their way with me. Not sexually, of course. At Fire, there's no prostitution. Well, that's what they tell the police, anyway. The truth is, there is no prostitution out in the open, where customers at their tables can see. And the women are not shy about asking for me privately. I must get about 15-20 offers every night, phone numbers, cards, invitations.

And Victoria also escorted the vampire to his cage because she never wanted us to break character in front of the customers. If women were out there, I could never just walk casually over to the cage and let myself in.

No, that's not realistic. Victoria would have to put the leash on my collar and drag me to the cage, forcing me in, as she would treat any real vampire. Okay, Victoria, whatever you say. I think she just gets off on it, personally. But she is the boss.

I was waiting for her to come and get me, sitting on my countertop and chatting with Emmett as he put the finishing touches on his camouflage soldier costume.

Jasper, another dancer, was also a friend of mine. He was to the right of Emmett's station and he would be a cop first tonight.

I was drinking my usual cherry icee, which worked to make my lips look even more reddish while I waited for my lady captor. Victoria and I got along pretty well and I've had much worse bosses.

Finally, we could hear women's voices outside, in the club area, and I could see Victoria coming through the dressing room curtains now. I stood up, tossing out my drink and checking my teeth in the mirror. Good, nice and white…fangs secure.

"Edward?" she smiled at me with her twinkling blue eyes as her hair fell in long ringlets past her ivory shoulders. Very beautiful. What man would mind being on a leash with her in control?

"Victoria!" I smiled at her, leaning in and giving her a kiss on the lips. She always kissed all of us. This was perfectly normal.

"Mmmm." She grinned at me, "Cherry. Nice touch."

I got my leash from my closet and clipped it onto the silver ring at my neck, handing her the other end.

"560 calories in one of those slushies." Emmett reminded, looking up at us, sitting in his chair, "You should forbid him to drink those, Vic."

"Hey" she motioned over my body with her hand, "As long as he looks like THIS, he can drink any damn thing he wants to, okay?!"

I laughed, rolling my eyes as Emmett chuckled, eating his usual apple wedges before the first show.

Victoria looked at me and asked, "Are you going to give me a hard time, Edward?"

"Don't I always?" I smirked, giving her my smoldering eyes as she gave a light tug on my leash.

"Yes." She smiled more, "You are one of my favorite vampires. You always put up a good fight."

"So do I!" Emmett reminded, never wanting to be left out of Victoria's love.

"Yes, so do you, Emmett, I still love you, don't worry." Victoria gave him a nice kiss on the lips now while I waited, shaking my head chuckling at them. Emmett has been here the longest, one of the first dancers to work at Fire a few years ago. I had been here a couple of years now and every time Victoria showed me any affection, Emmett got threatened.

"Jealous." I teased him, slowly walking after Victoria through the curtains, down a long black hallway. At the end of this hallway was the red line on the floor. This is the line between me and the customers. Once I cross it, I belong to them.

One thing I loved about working here is that the club is very dark. I never see myself in a mirror anywhere in the club and I can act as weird as I like and not be humiliated, because I am kind of anonymous in the blackness. There are lights so the women can see me, but to me it feels like being underwater. I become a different person when I cross the red line and Edward Cullen doesn't exist. I feel safe this way.

Victoria crossed the red line now and gave me a hard yank on my leash.

It begins.

I fell to my knees and roared hard, pulling backwards slightly, not giving her that much of a real struggle. But we always made it look good.

"Come on, you stubborn little PRICK!!" she groaned, struggling and dragging me over the red line now, into public view.

I am now captured vampire, being dragged to my cage to entertain mortal women. Edward is gone now.

"RRRRRRRR!!!!" I growled, bucking back again, slowly being moved towards tables of women, getting closer to human blood.

"Don't be afraid, ladies. I've got him under control." Victoria announced as she brought me closer. Right away I heard screams, giggles, and cat calls.

"This is our vampire." Victoria had a little microphone on her lapel as she spoke.

I lunged away and hissed loudly as the human women as they screamed louder, liking me already, it seemed.

"He's being very naughty tonight." Victoria groaned, pulling me harder, "And he's going to be punished by all of us, later tonight!"

Screams, giggles. I crawled reluctantly, struggling a little more.

"But be careful, he bites." Victoria said with a sexy twang in her voice, getting eager shouts from the customers, "He's very dangerous so we keep him in his little cage over here."

I crawled behind her through the tables, and felt a few hands reach out and touch me briefly as I continued my fake struggling. Getting closer to the cage, I made one last attempt at freedom by roaring, leaping up and grabbing a table where three younger girls were sitting. They all screamed as I growled, showing my teeth and clutching their table, looking right at them as Victoria dragged me away by my hair.

"Bad BOY!!" Victoria threw me into my circular cage, closing the door as I hissed again at her, my face angry and lethal. I lunged forward at her, reaching my arm through the bars and grabbing her dress as she turned, about to start the show.

Women were howling at us, laughing and cheering as Victoria turned to me, and using the disconnected leash, she whipped my hand until I retreated into my small little cell, growling in slight pain, holding my arm, licking the hurt area as more women roared.

"If you're good, later, maybe I'll let you have some friends in there with you." Victoria threatened me with the leash again while I growled defensively now, showing full teeth, "How about it, girls, who wants to spend a little time in the cage tonight?!"

The volume was enough to pop my eardrums out as they all screamed and howled again.

"Alright, ladies!" Victoria went to the main stage now, leaving me in my cage, but that didn't mean I just stood there, bored. I had to keep playing my part as kidnapped vampire.

She was announcing the first dancer, Jasper. The room went dark and police sirens blared, red and white lights danced around as if a police car was approaching. Then, you could hear Jasper's voice on a police radio, responding to a call, sounding very official.

He was onstage how, in sunglasses and his navy blue police uniform, his baton in hand as he began his routine. I couldn't even watch him right now, I had to play naughty vampire.

My cage was elevated on its own little platform, but I was near the right side of the audience, surrounded by tables. I was also to keep the women revved up between dancers so they didn't get bored.

I climbed up the poles that made my cage and pretended I was trying to find a way to get out. Tugging on the bars a little, hissing, on my knees, never standing yet…still a slave. I peeked at some women to my left, through the bars, looking innocently at them, tilting my head to the right, as if trying to understand what creatures they were. They were in their 30's, it seemed to me, but attractive.

"The vampire's staring at you." One of them said to the other, nudging her with her elbow.

I would have to win the ladies over if I wanted them in my cage tonight. I made big money when they paid to get in my cage with me.

The other woman looked me over more closely as I crawled sexily over closer against the bars, purring in my throat. I had learned to do that quiet nicely.

"Jesus, he's hot." One woman at the table commented as I gave a little hiss in her direction.

"Awww, you scared him, Nancy, nice!"

They all laughed as I gave them a little smile, curling my arms out of the bars and around each other, holding the bars as I pressed my shiny chest against them, turning my head a little to the left, to engage more of them.

One woman was very creative there. She was in her 20's, a college girl maybe, and her table was very close to my cage. Offering me a strawberry through the bars, I guessed from her drink, she was trying to tempt me over to her end.

I dropped to all fours and crawled over to her, purring again, her friends started laughing and giggling excitedly as I approached.

"Oh my GOD!" the girl with long blonde hair holding the strawberry looked nervous, trembling a little as I got closer.

Playing my part very well, I realized a vampire wouldn't eat a strawberry, but, I was here to please my girls. I almost thought of passing up the strawberry and just taking her wrist into my cage and biting it, but it was early in the night, that play would come later and I didn't want to scare the customers away.

I inhaled the strawberry, almost timidly at first, like a deer would do, but then I showed her my trust after a minute and opened my mouth fully, taking the strawberry deep into my mouth, and closing my wet lips over her fingertips, licking and sucking, kissing them in appreciation.

"GOD DAMN IT!!" she squealed, "His mouth is SO SOFT!"

Purring, I closed my eyes and let her pet my hair, still on all fours .

"I think he likes you, Rosalie!" her little friend with black, spiky hair laughed.

"Of course, I'm feeding him." She smiled at me, not taking her fingernails out of my hair. I had to admit, it felt very nice. This one was gentle. But, like I said, the night is young. I was sure to be in lots of pain later tonight after these girls got a few drinks in them. Young girls are brutal.

"He doesn't want that." The black haired one said, taking out stacks of singles, fully prepared.

Oh, my girl! Yes, I like this table.

"Give him this." She said, handing the blonde five singles.

At this, I climbed upon the bars, curling my legs in so I was off my feet but my entire body was up against the bars, waiting for her.

I held on with my hands at the near top of the cage as she fumbled a little, lifting the hem of my tiny leather bottoms near the side of my hip, and placed the five singles inside.

She went to move away but I dropped to my knees and reached through my cage, pulling her back to me by her jacket, giving her a lick up her mouth and then taking her in for a long, closed mouth kiss. If she wanted more than that, she could pay me more.

I let her go with a rough shove, knowing younger girls liked this kind of thing.

She stood there, speechless for a moment, then turned to her friend and screamed, "GIVE ME MORE OF THOSE!"

She was grabbing her friend's money like an animal. See? It doesn't take long to go from innocent young girl to raging attacker.

I also saw a third girl at their table who was just watching, and had an open notebook in front of her. What's her deal? Is she taking sketches of me or something? I put her out of my mind, staying in character as the blonde gave me a ten dollar bill now, and this time, touched my chest a little as I pinned my body to the bars so she could give me my gift.

I growled huskily as she touched me and her little spiky haired friend stood up and joined her, too, giving my ass a firm squeeze before she was through. I let them take as long as they wanted, they were being gentle with me and they were very hot so I enjoyed the moment.

"Do you talk?" the short black haired one asked curiously, smiling up at me.

I decided to shake my head no, looking sad. I would talk to them later, when they came to my cage.

"Awwww." She looked sorry for me.

"Oh come on, a man who doesn't talk is BEAUTIFUL!" a housewife said from her table, her friends all laughing with her. Even I had to smile at that one.

They came over to the other side of my cage now and waved their money at me. I hated to leave the college girl's table but I couldn't dwell on one table too long. I crawled over to the housewives and took the first lady's bills into my teeth, giving a little growl of pleasure.

I leaned up against the bars for them and five pairs of hands were on me instantly, even coming through the bars and grabbing my ass. I was used to it, but it always surprised me, the straight laced looking moms always made me feel like a piece of meat.

"Nice ass." A couple of them commented to each other as they fondled me, one of them even slid her hand down the back of my pants to feel my bare skin there. I smiled and looked pleased by them, purring in contentment.

"Forget the ass, I have something better up here." Another was rubbing my crotch without a drop of shame, roughly moving up and down with her palm, I instantly felt myself harden, an involuntary reaction but one that always earned me some extra gifts.

"WOAH!!" they cried and howled at me as I looked down at them with smoldering, deep eyes.

"God damn, it boy," the woman stroking me said, "Here…my husband couldn't do that if he tried!" And a $50 bill was placed gratefully in my pants, at the front.

Later, after they went, I tucked it down inside safely. After the college girls fed me with their strawberry, I was starting to receive lots of little snacks from other tables. They seemed to love it when I ate from their hands and licked and sucked their fingers. I'd have to do this again, it was getting me nice tips.

Victoria had come by a couple times during the night, joking with the customers that they were "spoiling her vampire" and being way too sweet to me. She said I was a bad vampire and needed discipline. Great, thanks Victoria. Now they'd start hitting me.

She told them not to feed me with fruit, but later, when they could come in my cage, they could really feed me. That stoked the fire even more and I had to hand it to Victoria, she knew how to keep these ladies in the mood.

Emmett had done his number and got lots of attention from the women, as always. He almost stole some of my girls from me but then when I hung upside down in my cage, using my legs to hold me around the bars, I got their attention again. I held the bars near the bottom with my hands, pretending like I was tied there, my leather cuffs around my wrists making it look like I was bound.

I purred and growled and hissed as every woman in the place came up and took her turn stroking me through the bars. In between dance numbers, I was having my back scratched by one older woman with gray hair. I was on all fours, as close as I could get to the bars while she gave me perhaps the best back scratching of my life. I like experience and believe it or not, older women were the kindest, most of them. Never insulting, never too rough, always admiring and appreciative, always generous with tips.

"You are a sweetheart, aren't you?" the woman said as I purred, not wanting her to stop. God, I am a sick fuck.

She only scratched my back and was now putting a folded one hundred dollar bill near my mouth, not stuffing it down my pants. What a great lady.

I took the money into my fanged teeth and bowed my head, letting her stroke my hair and she did, with such a soft touch. Slipping the money away securely while she petted me, I looked up finally and smiled at her, sticking my face through the bars a bit, inviting her to kiss me, parting my lips and giving a little lick to the air with my tongue.

She was so cute she blushed and leaned in, giving me a little peck on the lips, then ran off. I liked her and she probably wouldn't come near me again.

I turned and looked around, seeing the girl sitting there alone with her notebook, writing as I crawled over nearer to her, trying to see what the hell she was doing.

She saw me and jumped, giving a little scream as I hissed back at her, playing my role.

"Sorry." She said, turning a little pink. It looked like she wanted to say more but she hesitated.

I always felt challenged when there was a girl I couldn't get the attention of while dancing or working. This one presented a real test. A notebook she had with her! Maybe one of those smart girls who thinks they're above all this debauchery. I would get her to abandon that notebook if it took me all night.

It was close enough. I decided to take my chances and do it.

I reached down and snatched the notebook from under her hand, and yanking it into my cage, getting my back against the other side, as far away from her as possible. She yelled at me and stood up, coming to my cage and reaching inside to try and get me.

"Hey, that's MINE!" she shouted over the music, "Please? I need that! It's for school!"

I ignored this and opened it, making a face as if I didn't understand the strange marks inside, like a dumb vampire animal. In the darkness, I couldn't see much anyway, except the words VAMPIRE MAN in big letters. She is writing about me.

Well if she wants this back, she is going to have to pay dearly.

"Please, vampire boy?" she was talking to me now like I really WAS a dumb animal. Her pretty little friends came back from the ladies' room now, wondering what was going on.

They looked at me with big smiles as I shoved the little notebook down the front of my shorts, getting a loud reaction from the brunette trying to get me. I reached up over my head to the bars there and began doing pull ups, slowly, pretending to ignore her.

"Great, now he's working out, sweat all over my notes!" she complained as I smiled to myself, still doing it.

"And you're complaining, why?" the little black haired one said. The blonde one just stared at me, smiling in a daze.

"He is so YUMMY!" the blonde one was enjoying my workout.

"He took my notebook." The brunette informed, "I need it back."

"Well," the short black haired girl went to her purse, taking out more singles, "Give him a few dollars and I'm sure he'll give it back to you, DUH!"

The little one seemed to think that I would do anything for a few dollars. Wrong. It would take twenties now to get this book back. Now that I saw its worth to the brunette.

The brunette waved the singles at me like I was a hungry dog and these were biscuits. I'm surprised she didn't make kissing sounds to lure me over.

I ignored her, doing some of my stripper pole moves, crawling up the bars upside down, yanking my body back and forth on them, as if thrashing around, trying to get out of my cell, growling in frustration.

"It's not working, Alice." The brunette complained to her friend.

"He wants more, then." Alice pointed out correctly, muttering, "You know these guys do anything for money…you just have to give them the right amount."

Then this Alice girl began making kissing sounds, calling me.

"Here, boy." She called as I hung upside down now, my hands dangling limply as I tilted my head at her.

"Look, boy…140 dollars!" she waved a few bills, and I began to slowly come down, falling to my hands and knees again, taking my sweet time to crawl over to the trio.

"Don't talk to him like a dog, Alice!" the blonde one scolded her, "He's a vampire. Be nice to him."

"I'm just trying to get him to give the book back, spare me." Alice frowned a little at her blonde friend.

Now, sometimes a big tip could be snatched away at the last minute, so I soon got wise to that early on in my employment here. I would give her nothing until I had the money safely tucked away.

I crawled to the bars, sticking my nose out a bit first, hoping she'd put the money in my teeth. She didn't.

"No, no." she talked to me like I was three years old, "Give Bella her book and you can have this."

Want to play it that way, huh? Okay, I have a few tricks of my own.

I moved back a bit and took the notebook out of my shorts, opening it where the writing was and taking the paper, a few pieces of it, gently into my teeth, not ripping yet, just threatening.

"NO, DON'T!" this Bella girl pleaded as I turned my eyes up to hers, waiting with a fiendish smile on my lips.

"Give it to him, Alice!" Bella shouted at her friend.

Victory is mine.

"You are bad!" Alice agreed with Victoria's warnings and tossed the money inside my cage.

I smiled back at them, not wanting any hard feelings and nicely put the closed notebook in my teeth, crawling over and giving it to her. Gently, she took it, and even said, "Thank you, vampire," to me.

I gave smile and offered my lips to her.

"Oooh, Bella, he wants to give you a kiss!" Rosalie sounded thrilled for her friend, "It's SO great, you have to!!"

"Oh, no thanks…." She blushed a dark red and I smiled warmly at her now.

I gave a grunt of displeasure and knocked my shoulders to the bars, giving her one more chance. Come on, Bella, let's be friends. No hard feelings.

But she chickened out, rushing over to her nearby table with her book, making lots more notes now.

Victoria came by then and asked the three, "Is he behaving himself, girls?"

They laughed, saying, "Oh yes!" and "He's VERY GOOD!"

Only Alice grumbled, "No, he IS a bad boy, like you said!"

I growled at her. I was playing good vampire tonight. I wished they'd come back next week to see me play BAD vampire, that was lots worse and took lots more energy for me.

"I warned you." Victoria shrugged and turned to me, slamming a bat against the bars.

"HEY!" she yelled at me while I snarled and hissed back at her, away from her side of the cage, "You wanna be whipped?! DO YOU?!"

Oh yea, that's in 30 minutes, isn't it? Damn.

Roar. Take that, Victoria.

"Behave in there or I'll make you CRY!" she threatened, smiling at the women and returning to the main stage to continue the show.

"Nice, you got him in trouble!" Bella scolded the short one as they received their drinks from their male waiter, all shirtless and wearing the white collar with black tuxedo tie, wrist cuffs to match, along with the tight black pants. I was waiting tables later tonight, after my vampire gig was over.

"Oh, that's all part of the show, relax!" Alice informed.

This Alice is well acquainted with these places. I've never seen her here before, though.



"RRRRRRR!!!!" I growled louder, inside my cage, the door open, and my wrists bound over my head in the bars on the ceiling of my cell.

It was time to whip the vampire and for $30 each, the customers could give me 5 lashes with the leather whip Victoria had purchased with me one day.

This whip was nasty looking, and made a great whipping sound when it made contact, but it didn't hurt much at all. It didn't hurt ME, anyway, and it left no marks.

There was a large line waiting to come in here and let me have it. After the punishment of the vampire, after he was whipped into being a good boy, another line would form so that women could come in the cage and join me, the door closing us in alone so I could dance with them. I was the only one who danced, they grabbed.

The blonde and Bella with the notebook hated watching me being whipped. They didn't take part in that and every time I was struck and screamed, they got very upset. Even Bella shouted, "You are terrible women, hitting something so beautiful!!"

Maybe I'd see her later in the cage. Maybe she'd come to comfort me after my beating.

Alice, again, told her it was all an act and I wasn't being hurt at all. I wished she would shut up already. She was starting to anger me a little bit.

For over an hour, I was whipped into submission. Victoria came into the cage after the line was gone and slammed the door, only her and I in there now.

I gave a couple dry sobs, hanging there limply from my wrists as she checked to see if I would be more obedient now.

In her microphone, Victoria disciplined me.

"Are you going to behave now?!" she shouted, whipping my back again.

LASH! "RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" I arched my body up tight, raging out with my roar.

"Yes or no?" she asked, striking again.

LASH. "AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" I hollered, clenching my fists and kicking my bare feet.

"Yes?" she grabbed my hair, yanking my head backwards as I closed my eyes.

I nodded, broken. I even panted harder, as if in pain.

"Can I bring humans in here?" she asked me, "Will you promise not to kill them?"

I nodded again.


I screamed out again, in agony.

"Say it." Victoria demanded, "You can talk. He doesn't like to speak to humans, he likes to speak to other vampires through their minds. But I think he's ready to speak now. Say I promise."

Growling, I hesitated. All the customers watched and waited.

Victoria put the microphone to my face.

"I…promise." I used my deepest and smoothest voice, getting a club full of screaming, wild women forming a line outside my cage door.

"A vampire's promise." Victoria said into her microphone, "If you can believe that, and you're brave enough…dare to enter the vampire's cage. Tell me what you want and I will supervise the vampire. But beware…he is very naughty and doesn't always obey."

I think every woman in the club left their table at that point. All I saw behind me were empty tables.

Even Bella's table was empty. I smirked, glad I'd be seeing that group in here tonight. They looked fun.

Vampire music played overhead, dark, spooky Haunted Mansion type music. Humans began to pay to get into my cell. I was released from my cuffs sometimes, other times they paid to have me restrained so they could touch me, kiss my neck and chest, a few of them even bit my nipples. I was used to this and I smiled and laughed, hissed when something particularly daring would happen. I tried to speak as little as possible to stay in character, but no one seemed to mind that. It was my body they wanted, not my conversation.

One woman came in and wanted me tied, hands above me. I just slipped my hands into the little cuffs in the ceiling and pretended I was bound, but could get out anytime. But I never broke the illusion. Anything they did to me was fine. Victoria smiled at me the whole time, loving the way I pleased every single one of them, never showing disgust or reluctance. I wore the big smile, the sexy, aroused eyes for every single one of them.

I thought one woman in her 40's would suffocate me. She kissed my lips while I was "tied" and grabbed my hair, shoving her tongue into my throat, not letting go for a very long time as our tongues wrestled against each other. I tried to kiss her back but her kiss was hard and angry, surely some man had earned her wrath and she was taking it out on me, revenge kissing perhaps.

Victoria almost stepped in to save me but just as I thought I'd pass out, her time was up and she let go of me. I panted heavily, getting oxygen at last as Victoria smiled at me.

"You okay, vampire?" she asked me, really concerned.

"I'm fine." I winked, smiling, "Wow. What a kisser she was."

With a laugh, Victoria went to the next group of girls, taking their money and hearing what they wanted.

It was the three girls! The one with the notebook, Bella, I think I heard them call her. I wondered what they'd like me to do with them.

"No cuffs, vampire." Victoria said to me and I took my hands out of the cuffs, holding the bars at my sides as I took my stance, waiting for them to enter my little domain.

"Just dancing." Victoria opened the cell door and I smiled. They were nice girls.

I began to dance slowly, closing my eyes and moving my hips in little circles, still holding the bars behind me. They were almost afraid to cross inside for a second and I peeked up at them from under my lashes.

"Come in." I said in soft tones to them, "I've been waiting for you three all night."

Girlish giggles danced into my ears as the blonde haired one entered first.

"Come on." She said to her two friends, grabbing the brunette and dragging her in, the short one trailing in last, nervously.

The cage door slammed shut, scaring the crap out of all of them as they screamed, jumping in fright.

"Welcome." I purred with suave joy as I took the blonde's hand into mine, kissing it like a gentleman.

"H-hi." She stuttered, her eyes roaming over my pecks. Before she knew it, I spun her around and had her back against the bars, and I was leaning against her, moving my hips suggestively against hers.

"HOLY SHIT!!" the blonde screamed below my smile as I pushed my chest against hers, wanting my oil smell on her clothes to take home with her.

"WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!" the blonde was screaming for help from her friends, but they stood behind us, just watching with open mouths.

I ignored her squeals and showed her my vampire teeth, leaning in to find her neck, moving her collar out of the way, and just gently pressing my fake fangs to her flesh, my tongue giving her perfumed skin a wet lick.

"OHHHH MYY GODDDDDD !!!!" she was jelly in my arms now as I grinded into her a little with my leather crotch.

Then I felt a small pair of hands groping my ass behind me. Is that the notebook girl? I spun around, hissing at the little spiky haired one. She smiled back at me, liking my vampire play.

"God, you are CUTE!!" she said to me as I hoisted her up over my shoulder and took her to the other empty side of the cage, giving her butt a couple light smacks and squeezes as she screamed out, laughing.

"No killing!" Victoria smiled, warning me as I worked these girls.

"Perhaps." I growled, putting little Alice against the bars and placing her legs around my waist while I held the bars at her sides, not letting her down.

I buried my face in her blouse as she screamed and held the bars also, for support, helpless to even swat me away. I didn't bite or anything, just stuck my face in for a second, and I gave her a nice little vampire bite, too, as well as some soft kisses along her jaw.

I put her down and she scampered off near the blonde one. I looked at the notebook girl and gave a low dangerous growl, my smile sexual and prowling.

"Oh God….no…" she backed into the corner, trying to get away from me but I soon caught her, looking down at her, pinning her body against me and the bars as I whispered to her, "What do you desire, notebook girl?"

She giggled at me and her skin was absolutely purple with her blush.

"Don't be afraid." I purred in my vampire voice, "I won't bite…much."

"Oh, Bella, let him bite you, it's fucking AWESOME!" Rosalie laughed.

I eased my face into the crook of her neck, breathing hotly there, preparing to bite softly with my pretend fangs. All the women loved to be bitten by the vampire.

"Wait, no." she changed her mind, "Can I…just…kiss you?"

She looked ashamed to ask me this, as if she was a dirty girl. I actually find innocence here, refreshing and strange. But I loved it.

"Where would you like it?" I leaned over her, giving her my bedroom eyes, pressing my slick hairless chest into her breasts.

"Um…" she blushed again, "On the lips. My mouth!!" she quickly added that last part, afraid I'd go for her other lips. I chuckled to myself.

"An honor." I purred, opening my mouth and planting the softest, wettest, most passionate kiss I could create, wanting her to get her money's worth. It was not cheap getting into the cage. And all she wanted was a single kiss. I liked this one.

Her two friends were howling behind me as I moved my hips into hers while I delivered my kiss. My hands held her face firmly so she couldn't escape me until I was ready to release her.

Wow, I actually enjoyed that myself. I stared down at her, kissing a baby kiss on her chin, never taking my eyes off hers as I placed several little loving kisses on her innocent little face. Well, innocent and bright crimson red face.

Finally I asked, "How was that?"

She stared up at me, speechless. Her notebook hit the floor with a little slap and I gave her my boyish smile, laughing a little at her reaction. Very innocent. Very cute. She'd make some boy a nice girlfriend. Maybe in a few years I'd be the dancer at her bachlorette party.

"Alright, enough, YOU!" Victoria saw their time was up now and she pushed me back against the bars with her bat. I pretended she was actually holding me there with it, even though she wasn't really.

"Goodnight, ladies." I cooed to them as they slowly filed out. The notebook one was the last to leave, her eyes fixed on me. I smiled at her again and said, "Goodnight, notebook girl."

She blushed again, getting her book from the floor and leaving me to the 200 women who were next in line.

"Cuffs, vampire!" Victoria announced the next couple women as I smiled and slipped my hands into the cuffs overhead, waiting.


Oh my God, that was without a doubt the best damn kiss I have ever had in my life. I don't even remember walking from the cage to our table again but I must have because now I'm sitting here, staring at my watery Sex on the Beach.

"Jesus Christ, he is amazing!" Rosalie gushed as she took her seat again, still watching the vampire as two women were in there with him now, feeling up his legs and grabbing his ass cheeks, taking a long time to explore every muscle there while his hands were helplessly up over his head.

"Ukkk…" I hated watching what those women were doing to him, "Some women are such pigs, I swear. Look at them! Oh God, she's sucking his nipple and squeezing the other one! Now she's BITING it!"

"I'll bet she paid $500 to get to do that to him." Alice commented, watching with a sleepy smile.

I looked at his face, the vampire guy's, and thought I'd see disgust or humiliation there, but he was enjoying it, eyes closed peacefully, moaning and groaning in pleasure!

Then he smiled and kissed their lips, just like he'd kissed mine! Part of me felt stupid. This was all an act for him. He was that way with every single woman here.

I thought our moment was kind of…special. It was for me, anyway. But how could it mean anything for him? He's being ravaged and kissed like this by every woman here.

I opened my notebook and made these observations in writing when Alice leaned in.

"So, are you going to ask HIM?" Alice smiled at vampire guy.

"He is perfect for it." I answered, "He already baffles ME. He is my favorite of all the guys we've seen here. The best looking, that's for sure. And he looks nice, personality wise. I wish I knew his name so I could do a background check on him."

"Well, after he's done being raped, you can maybe ask that Victoria woman with the microphone something about him. Maybe you can talk to him backstage or something." Rosalie suggested, "It's not like he's a rock star, you CAN speak to him, you know."

"Oh Jesus." I peeked over at him and three girls in their mid-20's, scantily clad, revealing lots of skin and total sluts were surrounding him, roughly rubbing him all over and kissing his back, his chest, one girl had a tight grip on his hair and was savagely attacking his neck. One of them even stuck her face into his crotch!

And still, he seemed to be loving it, loving every single thing they all did to him. He was definitely someone I could do a great paper on. I knew there was more there than just the body and face. I wanted to get into his head and know what made him do this for a living, what was going on in his mind while these women molested him this way. He wore a smile but I knew better. I wanted to get to the bottom of this vampire man.

And in that moment, I chose him to be the subject of my thesis. All I had to do now was…convince him to talk to me.

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