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Summary: Two sets of twins; one set vampires and the other set vampire hunters. Both going to the same school with completely no clue of what the other is. At least until a certain vampire hunter develops a crush on a vampire he's had his eyes on and an unlucky meeting throws them together. AU, main pairing of Thiefshipping with a side of Deathshipping for texture and flavor.

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Oh, just to make this clear for everybody: In my story Marik is the hikari and Malik is the yami. I know most people have it the other way around, and I probably would too if I hadn't already started writing things like this. I've got a oneshot where the names are like this, and since I'm OCD-like I can't have it be one way in one story and then the other way in a different story. There. Did that make sense? Because I have a tendancy to make easy things confusing. Oh well, as long as you understood the first part it's all good! And one more thing, my rating will go up as the story progresses. There shall be yaoi! So now that that's over with, let's get this show on the road!

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"You're staring at him again."

"No I'm not!"

"Sure. And that isn't drool I see coming down from your lip either, right brother?" Quick as a flash Marik brought one tanned hand to his lips, meaning to wipe away said drool. His twin, Malik, sneered at him and began to snicker, a low, deep noise that made the receiver of it feel like a fool. And a fool Marik did feel. Once again his brother had tricked him into doing something stupid. What made it even worse was that he'd known all along that he wasn't drooling, but had moved as a sort of reflex, just in case. And why not? It wasn't like the person he was looking at (looking at, not staring as Malik has phrased it) wasn't drool-worthy.

"I don't see why you find the Thief King so fascinating," Malik commented loftily, rolling his eyes.

"'Thief King?'" Marik repeated.

"His own nickname. Certainly not one I'd give him. But I guess he has a pretty well-known reputation as being one."

"A king?"

No you imbecile! A thief!"

"Oh." That comment was rewarded with a swift but painful punch to the head. Not that he didn't deserve it, it had been a pretty stupid question, but he couldn't help it. Marik's brain was currently concentrating on the white-haired teen a few seats in front of him, not on whatever it was his brother was saying.

"Tch. Lovesick girl." Marik turned to give his twin a piece of his mind but Malik had already headed off either to his own desk or to go torment someone else—Ra knew he loved doing that. It was definitely unhealthy for a person to derive that much pleasure from someone else's pain, but Malik was his brother and he could accept his strange quirks. Plus those strange quirks allowed him to watch a certain student in peace.

The receiver of Marik's unrivaled gazes was a student known as Bakura. The students of Domino High either hated the guy or loved him. In the case of the female population, most of them loved him. In the case of the male population, half of them thought he was cool; the other half hated him for stealing their girls and other various reasons. Bakura himself didn't really seem to care what people thought of him. He made crude jokes, badmouthed teachers and other students, and could hold his own in a fight—all attributes that made him respected by others—but Bakura didn't care. Marik had never seen him hang out with anyone for more that a week, even the girls. He was a loner it seemed, and Marik though he was interesting. And just a tad bit hot. Though he wouldn't tell that to anyone.

"Why don't you go over there already?" Oh Ra, he was back. Unfortunately for Marik, Malik had somehow found out about this attraction he felt toward the teen he was watching and now refused to leave him alone about it.

"Why can't you just go torture someone else?" Marik asked, rolling his eyes and turning to look at his twin.

"I did. But that idiot Jounouchi came to little Yuugi's help, and you know Isis would be pissed if I ended up in the principal's office again. And besides," Malik grinned—looking like a psychopath in Marik's opinion, but then he was probably going for that—and took a seat in front of his twin's. "Sometimes brother, you're so much more fun to torment." Marik snorted and removed his gaze from Bakura to glare at the idiot sitting in front of him.

"I can't just go up to him and start talking about nothing Malik," He replied to the earlier asked question.

"Well," Malik grinned maliciously—a look Marik knew meant trouble, usually for him, "How about I get him over here to talk to you?" Before Marik could stop him from doing anything stupid and/or embarrassing to him, the slightly younger of the two was up out of his seat with a wicked grin plastered on his face and the pink tip of his tongue showing. His dark purple eyes were wide and he had begun to chuckle softly to himself. This would end badly, Marik could already feel it.

"Hey you! The asshole rabbit!" Malik called gleefully. Within a second every eye in the room was on him, most of them angry fangirls who took any insult to their object of worship as personal, and including one pair of chocolate brown eyes that appeared like they should be full of warmth and kindness but were instead harsh and hateful, that sent a cold glare which made Marik shiver and Malik laugh even more.

"An asshole rabbit huh? Then you must be the dumb ass porcupine who has no idea what he's getting into by messing with this rabbit," The white-haired teen said, and with one fluid motion was out of his seat and standing in front of Malik, who laughed even more, sounding so much like someone with more that just a few loose screws.

"On no, it's not me that wants you. My brother," Malik said, motioning to him with a nod of his head, still laughing. Bakura turned to look at Marik, and amazingly enough, his mouth changed from a harsh thin line into a lazy smirk and for a moment Marik thought that nothing horrible was going to happen. ...And then Bakura's fist connected with his jaw in a blow that knocked him off balance and sent him into a desk.

Marik got up slowly, rubbing his jaw where the punch had hit, pain already flaring up in that area and beginning to swell. Bakura was standing in front of him but the lazy smirk was gone and now he was outright grinning in an eerily similar way to his brother. Malik however, had lost his grin and now he threw a punch at Bakura. The first one missed but the second one connected with his cheekbone and made him stagger backwards. Bakura frowned, then chuckled softly and charged at Malik.

The students around the immediate area had created a circle around the two and were chanting the word "fight!" Others were cheering every time a punch landed. Sooner or later teachers were bound to come running to break up the fight. It was only a matter of minutes. Both of them would get in trouble if they were caught like this, but maybe if they weren't fighting when the teachers came they would get into less trouble? Marik hoped so at least. So he went into the middle of the circle to try and break them up.

Bakura and Malik were both throwing punches like crazy now, half of them not even hitting while the ones that were had started to bruise, but neither of them looked like they were anywhere ready to stop. Marik tried to grab Malik but ended up getting pushed aside and almost punched again. He frowned and pushed himself in between both of them, putting one hand on Malik's chest and catching one of Bakura's fists in midair. The other fist however, hit him square in the chest. Marik's breath left his lungs but he didn't loosen his hold on the other fist or allow Malik to move.

"Get out of the way Marik. I'm not done with him yet," Malik growled. He lunged forward and Marik moved in front of him.

"Enough Malik!" He shouted. He dropped Bakura's fist and turned to glare at him as well. "You too." The white-haired teen's chocolate eyes widened for a moment like he was unused to being reprimanded then narrowed and he scoffed disdainfully.

"All three of you follow me now!" The teachers had finally arrived. Marik took his hand off his brother's chest and looked at the teachers, four of them all with identical stern, disapproving looks on their faces.

"Nothing's wrong teachers!" Marik smiled cheerfully, hoping that the four of them were blind to the bruises the three of them bore and the scuffed up state of their school uniforms. "They were just having a small argument, nothing else."

"I meant what I said. The three of you will follow me to the principal's office or someone shall escort you there." The same teacher as before said this, and Marik's smile faltered. Looks like stopping the fight hadn't had any effect. They would still all be in trouble. Marik and Malik walked up to the waiting teachers and after a moment of rebelliously ignoring the teachers Bakura followed. One of the teachers told all the students to get back into their seats and the seven of them left, silently headed for the principal's office.

Malik and Bakura refused to look at each other as they walked, and Marik couldn't help but feel caught up in the middle of it all. Well, that was partly because he was in the middle of Malik and Bakura, but that feeling also derived from the tension that hung in the air. Sparks were flying between the two teens on either side of him and they hadn't even said anything or looked at each other. This was not how he had wanted his first real meeting with Bakura to go. Really, it was all Malik's fault that things had happened like this. The guy was talented at pissing off everyone around him it seemed. But try as he might, Marik couldn't get too pissed off at his barely younger brother. After all, the guy had only started fighting Bakura because he had gotten punched.

The three were led to the principal's office where they were all reprimanded for fighting in school and were suspended for four days. The usual. Marik thought this punishment was a little unfair, at least for him. He hadn't done anything after all. Soon after the principal left to call their parents. The three of them sat there silently, brooding, the air thick with an almost tangible tension. Malik turned to glare at Bakura.

"Don't even start!" Marik scolded. Malik "hmph'd" but stopped glaring at the other teen. Marik sighed and turned his head ever so slightly to look at the teen with the wild white hair. He hadn't said anything yet or even acknowledged the other two and Marik was starting to wonder if maybe he should say something to him. Maybe apologize for his brother's actions, even if he had been the one to start it.

Just as he was going to say something the door to the office opened up and another teen walked in. He looked so much like Bakura that Marik had to double take to verify that it wasn't. This boy had the same white hair, the same brown eyes, even the same build as the other. But where Bakura was harsh and cold this boy seemed soft and kind. Marik felt like he could easily grow to like this guy.

"Bakura!" The boy said, rushing over to the teen that was his double, hardly noticing the other two in the room. "You got into another fight? Didn't you just finished your suspension for the last one?" Bakura grumbled something in response but Marik didn't catch it. As if seeing them for the first time, the other white-haired teen looked at the other two occupants of the room and smiled politely.

"Hello, I'm Ryou, Bakura's twin brother. I'm sorry for whatever it is that he's done," He smiled.

"Hey!" Bakura cried indignantly, "It's not my fault! He's the one who started it!" He pointed at Malik accusingly, who stood up and growled at the one who had spoken.

"You want to continue our little fight? Didn't get enough of an ass-kicking the first time?" Malik growled, smirking at the same time, creating quite the sight. Marik thought he actually saw Ryou shudder a little bit.

Bakura stood up from his chair as well, knocking it over and smirking just as evilly as the one he stood across from. Marik quickly reacted before the two could start fighting again and grabbed his brother's arm.

"Enough! Stop acting like a child! You already fought and proved nothing by doing so except landing yourself a suspension! And I thought that you didn't want to get yelled at by Isis! She's already going to now, but you know she will even more if she finds out you started another fight right after the first one!" Marik said. Malik glared at him and back at Bakura before growling again and tearing his arm from Marik's grasp.

"Fine," He huffed and sank back into his chair, pouting. Marik laughed at his brother's antics and faced Ryou again.

"Sorry. Bakura's right, my brother kind of did start this whole thing. He can be a bit out of it sometimes. He was tormenting Bakura," Marik explained.

"Really?" Ryou asked, quirking an eyebrow. "Usually it's the other way around." He laughed then. "I guess I'm just surprised that for once this wasn't Bakura's fault."

"I am still here you know," Bakura said crossly. "Don't let him take all the credit. I'm the one who threw the first punch."

Ryou sighed. "I should have known you couldn't have been completely innocent in all this."

"He deserved it. Asshole called me a rabbit. Do I look like some kind of rabbit to you?" Bakura mumbled to himself. Both Ryou and Marik laughed slightly at this. A rabbit. That really was a brilliant comparison his brother had come up with. Those weird flaps his hair had did look a bit like ears, he supposed.

The principal came back into the office then and Marik quietly sat back down, hoping not to get into any more trouble. He informed them that he had called their sister and that she would be expecting them at the house. He told Ryou of Bakura's punishment and then that he could go back to his class and Bakura could leave. The four of them left the office. Ryou and Marik said goodbye to each other and set off in a different direction. Malik trudged behind Marik as they left the building and headed around the back of the school where his motorcycle was parked.

"I want to drive," Malik stated.

"You don't know how. Now get on the back," Marik commanded.

"I'm a fast learner," Malik persisted.

"I really don't think Isis would appreciate us getting into a traffic accident on top of this suspension business. Now shut up and get on the back of the motorcycle. I'm driving," Marik said. Malik pouted but did as was asked of him and climbed onto the bike. Marik got on too and kicked the kickstand up before speeding off. He really didn't want to hurry home and face the wrath of Isis, but unlike most people, leaving her alone to cool off would not help her disposition. Stewing in her own juices would only make matters worse for them, something Marik was not keen to have happen. So he hurried home as fast as he could.

The house was strangely quiet when the two arrived home. Rishid would still be out at work somewhere, going door-to-door selling people things. Their adopted brother hardly ever talked, even at home, but he was evidently quite the businessman. Since moving to Domino city a year ago he had already gotten two promotions. Isis should have been at work at the museum but had no doubt left when she'd gotten the call from the principal. She should have been here somewhere, perhaps sharpening some kind of weapon to punish them with, but instead the house was deathly quiet.

"It's quiet. I don't like it," Malik spoke up, mirroring his very thoughts.

"You don't think something could have happened do you? Should we be worried?" Marik questioned his look-alike, both of them now quite uncomfortable with the situation they had found themselves in.

"Oh yes, you should be very worried." Marik yelped at the sudden cold voice and all but leapt into his twin's arms. Both of them spun around quickly, identical looks of stern anger at being tricked etched into their faces as they recognized the sound of the voice. Isis stood before them, looking sterner that either of them could have hoped to and creating a very intimidating air around her as she glared at them with the full might of her elder sister powers.

"Gods Isis! You nearly stopped my heart!" Marik said, no longer feeling quite as threatening as before but still glaring at his sister. Couldn't have her thinking he was actually scared of her, oh no.

"And nearly made him piss himself," Malik mumbled, rolling his eyes. Before Marik could even think of retaliating Isis had shut them up with a look. She grabbed both of them by the arm and yanked them up close to glare at them at eye level. Two sets of violet eyes met one set of pissed off blue and became extremely nervous.

"What in the world were you two thinking?" Isis asked, carefully enunciating each word. She sounded calm. Marik was scared. He had expected anger, fury, screaming and yelling, maybe some throwing and smashing, perhaps even some crying and had braced himself accordingly. He hadn't been expecting this deadly and scary, calm, collected person in front of him. He was reminded of the calm before the storm. Oh man, they must have really pissed her off this time.

"It wasn't our fault," Malik scoffed, either not caring about this calm mood or just too stupid to notice. Marik nudged him in the side as a warning but the idiot continued. "I was just trying to get Marik together with his love interest and the bastard punched him." Isis was quick to raise an eyebrow at that.

"He's not my-!" Marik started to protest. He quickly shut up when he remembered the mood Isis was in. He had always seen himself as the smarter twin out of Malik and him. Sure, his brother could be smart sometimes but the guy just didn't know when to shut up. Now was one of those times when that knowledge would have come in handy.

"I don't care whose fault it is. This boy might have hit Marik first but I'm sure the two of you are just as much to blame as he is. I've heard that the principal suspended both of you for four days. I think that's a very lenient sentence, seeing as this isn't the first time you two have been in trouble. As it is though, I don't want you missing any more school so I'll have to come up with another punishment for you two. I've given it a bit of thought but I haven't come up with anything suitable yet. So until I do I want you to go up to your rooms and if I hear even one peep I will make you both wish you had never been born," Isis finished, frighteningly calm the whole time. At the end of her monologue she released both teen's arms and then, even scarier than the calm voice, she smiled. Both twins booked up the stairs to their rooms and slammed their doors shut.

Despite herself, Isis's smile widened. Things had gone much better than expected. She had really thought that Marik and Malik would have put up more of a fight than that.

"Guess I'll have to text Rishid later and tell him that his idea worked. Hmm. Am I really that scary?" Isis mused out loud. She shrugged, decided she could ponder that later. Right now she had some punishments to come up with.


"Ryooouuu!" As soon as he entered the house he shared with his twin brother Ryou heard aforementioned brother call his name. Ryou shrugged off his coat and book bag, hung up the coat and put away the book bag, and headed into the kitchen where he found his brother fiddling with a red apple on top of the counter. That is, both Bakura and the apple were on the counter.

"Off the counter Bakura," Ryou scolded. Bakura sulkily slid off the counter.

"I'm bored," He complained. Ryou rolled his eyes at the other.

"Well then maybe you shouldn't have gotten yourself suspended. You'll have to be bored for four whole days," He said. Bakura groaned and banged his head against the counter, then moaned softly in pain.

"Why did I do that?" He asked himself. Ryou chuckled softly and smiled.

"I really should punish you, you know," He chuckled. Bakura more or less ignored this comment, knowing fully well that his brother would do nothing of the sort. Instead he picked up the apple he'd been playing with and took a bite out of it. He chewed it for a moment, then quickly swallowed and made a face.

"Bleh. I always forget how much I hate these things," Bakura said.

"Then why do you keep eating them?"

"They're so red and shiny-looking. They look delicious."

"You think everything looks delicious. And you never like any of it," Ryou mumbled. He pulled a chair out from their table and sat down. Bakura followed his example and sat across from him, taking his apple with him. He twirled it idly on the table in an almost hypnotic fashion. Ryou's mind began to wander and he thought of the other twins they'd met today.

"What do you think about those twins we met?" Ryou asked, hoping to start a conversation. The twirling of the apple stopped and Bakura's eyes narrowed.

"What about them?" He asked a little harshly. Ah, he didn't like them. Of course. Bakura didn't like anyone who could beat him at anything, and if he hadn't started the fight then that could count as being bested in something, even if it was something Ryou would rather have him not be better at.

"I just think they were interesting, that's all. It's not everyday you meet another pair of identical twins," Ryou said calmly, trying to not set his brother off even more. Bakura looked at him, then suddenly he started to smirk.

"You like one of them don't you?" Bakura smirked. Ryou blushed suddenly as that comment, involuntarily realizing that they were both attractive.

"N-no!" Ryou stuttered, shaking his head furiously. Bakura's grin only widened.

"So, which one was it that caught your eye?" He asked.

"I-I don't know their names," Ryou replied.

"The one who was talking to you is named Marik, the one with the porcupine hair is Malik," Bakura informed, not letting lack of knowledge deter him from finding out which one Ryou had the hots for. Ryou, meanwhile, gave him a questioning look as this piece of information was brought to the table.

"They're both in my class so of course I would know their names," Bakura defended himself, catching the drift of what Ryou's look had been about. If you dislike them so much then why would you know their names? Having answered this, Bakura continued to interrogate Ryou. He wouldn't let his brother get away with that little change-the-subject-to-Bakura trick. "So, now that their names are in order, which one caught your eyes?"

"Malik," Ryou answered quietly, turning his gaze away. He knew Bakura would be surprised; indeed, even he was surprised that he had chosen the obviously more psychopathic twin when both looked equally good. He couldn't help it -every time he pictured the two he saw Malik pouting in his chair inside the principal's office, looking adorably cute in a twisted kind of way. What could he say, after living with Bakura for all these years he must be starting to get some kind of fetish for crazies. Ah, such a far cry from before...

"The crazy porcupine? Honestly Ryou, your taste in men has gone terribly downhill. Sure, he's hot and all, but the guy's an ass. He wouldn't be any good for you," Bakura said. Ryou felt an urge to remind Bakura that he too was an ass, but resisted because it would have been mean. Instead he flipped the proverbial table.

"So does that mean that you prefer Marik?" Ryou chirped cheerfully. Bakura raised his head to look his twin straight in the eye, wondering when the other had become so cunning.

"Tch, no," He replied indifferently, making it appear completely that no, he hadn't realized just how good-looking that face of Marik's was before he had thrown his fist into it. Of course Ryou didn't buy that for a moment, only smiling that all-knowing smile even more.

"Well you just said that Malik was good-looking, and Marik does look exactly like him but isn't mean, so it makes sense. I even think that he likes you a little bit," Ryou elaborated.

"And just what makes you say that, little brother?" Bakura questioned.

"Well he did stand up for you instead of his own brother," Ryou smiled. Bakura frowned.

"Only because I really didn't start the fight," He protested. Ryou didn't reply again, just kept smiling away, infuriating Bakura more and more.

"Don't you have homework to do?" He snapped harshly.

Of course," Ryou said, not even fazed by this outburst, mainly because he knew he was right. He left the room still smiling. Bakura picked up his apple. The juicy inside had turned brown from not being eaten. He took it in both hands and tossed it into the garbage. Perfect shot.

Marik liked him. Even if it was his brother that had started the fight, Bakura had punched him in his face without any warning, and yet the bronze-skinned teen had still stuck up for him. No one did that unless there was a reason, and Bakura was willing to bet that it wasn't just because he was a truthful person by nature. No, liars knew other liars. This kid was one and he had done it to earn some favor points. And even before that fight, hadn't the teen been looking at him? Yes, he had noticed that. At first he'd assumed it to be just another idiotic girl, not the exotic-looking person that it was. That had been a surprise. And now with even Ryou picking up that Marik liked him, that gave it more credibility. Which was just wonderful. No doubt this would complicate life immensely.

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