This is just a few drabbles I came up with today while I was supposed to be studying for exams... they're all already written and everything, so updates will be fairly quick... which is different, I know, but try not to be alarmed XD

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Tai stood on the balcony, watching the people below rush by. He slurped at his ice cream, dripping the sweet substance all over himself and most probably, the pedestrians below as well.

His mom slid open the glass door and came at him with a damp dishcloth to wipe off the sticky mess.

"Mom?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, what is it, sweetie?"

"When I'm ten years old, I'm going to be as big as a house."

"As big as a house, huh? That's pretty big, Tai."

"I know. But I'll be a big boy then." He said proudly.

"Yes you will. When you're ten years old, you'll be my big boy." His mom stated, tapping him on the nose. "You'll be my big boy, and I'll be old." His mother chuckled, wiping her son's hands off.

"Don't worry mom," Tai said consolingly, "I'll still come visit you."