Bad Author Notes: Sorry this is a short chapter but it's the way things played out. I had plan on post multi chapters but the two bone-head are fighting and won't let the chapter move forwards. I'm hoping my posting this chapter they get them to stop fight long enough for me to finish the chapter.

"What about the kid's parents?" Jack asked as he loaded his plate with his second helping of Nana's extra special secret ingredient spaghetti.

"You remember the Hatter's and Seuss's, right?" Trent asked. "They're pretty much the same. I think it's something in the water."

"The water?" Daniel muttered, staring at the glass of ice water he'd been about to take a drink from.

"We've got really good water filters along with a UV light to sterilize it," Trent reassured him. "Dad visited Mexico once and only once. After that he had the system installed."

"That's a bit of a waste since the public water system is tested regularly," Carter said.

Trent shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah but you never feel as squeaky clean after a shower in regular water versus showering in water that's been filtered to hell and back."

"He's got you there, Carter," Jack chimed in. "Plus no chlorine taste."

"Is it possible that Uncle Thomas is right about the water," Senior Airman DeMarco suggested. "I mean we know that the aliens are here now, but could they have been here longer than we thought? Maybe they did add something to the water and the Hatter's and Seuss's are extreme cases of what it can do."

"I'm glad I don't drink the water at school," Trent murmured to himself.

"I'll need to get a sample of the unfiltered water and have it sent to base for testing, sir," Carter stated with a thoughtful look on her face. "If there is anything in the water given the nature of the beings it's possible it may be mechanical in nature."

"You can get that from the hose in the garage since it's not hooked to the filter system," Trent suggested. "Dad wasn't afraid of the cars getting Montezuma's revenge."

Carter nodded her head. "I'll do that after dinner."

"Could we be jumping to conclusions?" Daniel asked. "I mean we might be misinterpreting their actions."

"No way!" Trent said venomously. "You didn't see the bruises on Mikaela or the fear in her eyes. There is no way any of this could be a misunderstanding!"

Daniel shook his head. "We're assuming that the bruises came from them but what if there was a different reason… maybe she was mugged."

"No," Trent shook his head. "You don't know Mikaela. She's a hell-cat. No way someone could hurt her like that and still live. Besides I would have heard about it if something like that happened."

"Then perhaps there is another reason why the girl stays with Witwicky," Teal'c chimed in.

"What are you thinking, Murray?" Jack asked.

"Power," Teal'c answered simply. "Over my life I have seen many who cling to those in power to better their standing in the new order of things."

"Or she could be acting like a spy. Gathering info for when truth comes out and people start to fight against them," Trent suggested.

"Which is another possibility," Jack admitted. "Right now the girl is a complete unknown and we should avoid approaching her," Seeing Trent was about to protest, Jack quickly finished up with, "right now. If we find out that she's being held against her will or acting as a spy then we will approach her but not before then. Is that understood?"

"Yes," Trent said as the others nodded their heads.

"If the girl is acting as a spy or staying with Witwicky out of fear, then approaching her could put her life in danger," Jack looked directly at Trent. "For her safety we can't contact her."

"I understand," Trent's shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Could you approach any of her friends?" Daniel asked. "Just to let them know that you're worried about her. That you think she may be in a bad relationship and that as a friend you're worried about her."

Trent thought for a moment before nodding his head. "Yeah but they're going to ask why I don't talk to her about it."

"Because you're a man and you realize what an idiot you are," Carter suggested. "And that you're afraid to be seen as the jealous ex-boyfriend trying to break up the new relationship."

"Tell them that Nana said you were an idiot for disrespecting her and that she was right in dumping you for being such an inconsiderate jerk. Tell them that while she doesn't want to be your girlfriend anymore, you still want to be her friend and as a friend you're concerned about her," the elder DeMarco suggested.

"Do you think they'll believe it?" Trent wondered.

The elder DeMarco looked Trent in the eye. "Is it the truth?"

Trent nodded his head. "Yeah. I mean I would love it if Mikaela and I got back together again. Mikaela is really something and I let my pride and ego get in the way."

"Then her friends will believe it," DeMarco stated.

"Once we've finished here, I'll contact the General and update him on what is going on," Jack said. "I'm going to request he send a couple more teams out here to help us."

"What do you think he will suggest we do?" Daniel asked.

Jack paused for a moment before saying. "Try to make contact and discover exactly why they're here and if they're friendly or not."

"And if I'm right and they're not friendly, then what?" Trent asked.

"We do what we have to do to defend the planet."

"As you can see sir, the person has been into the Hoover Dam incident file and researched the Witwicky family history," Madsen explained to the John Keller the US Secretary of Defense.

Keller nodded his head as he looked over the report Madsen had presented. "Do we know who's doing it and why?

"Not at this time, sir. Glen is trying to find out but we're having trouble. It seems that someone at Cheyenne Mountain doesn't want us to know to who the IP address was assigned too. Which is strange since Glen and I can hac… find the IP address for almost everyone assigned to N.O.R.A.D."

"You said this IP address was assigned to Cheyenne Mountain?" Keller looked up at Madsen suddenly.

"Yes, sir," Madsen replied, her brow furrowed in confusion at Keller's reaction to that bit of news.

"Why would someone be looking into this?" Keller asked himself.

"Sir?" Madsen said questioningly.

"I think I know who or I should say what special agency this IP address belongs to. And I understand why they're looking into the matter but the question is why are they looking into to," Keller explained.

"I don't understand," Madsen replied.

"Let's say that this agency deals with unusual things," Keller stated

"Like alien unusual?" Madsen raised one eyebrow questioningly.

Keller gave a half shrug in reply. "But the question is why are they looking into it. They should have been briefed about the matter already."

Madsen let out a very un-lady like snort. "We're talking about the US Government, sir. You know how it is. Put in a request to have a light bulb changed and 3 months later they come and do it or you receive a message denying your request because they don't know what a light bulb is and therefore there is no need to change it."

"The military is more efficient in matters like this than the civil government," Keller replied.

Madsen gave him a look of disbelief.

Rubbing his forehead as if to ward off a headache, Keller asks, "Do you have the location where this IP address is being used?"

"Glenn still working to get an exact location but we do know the person is in Tranquility, Nevada," Madsen answered. "He should have the exact address shortly."

"Good," Keller said as she stood up from his chair. "Once he has it send the address… send it to Agent Simmons and Banacheck."

"Sir," Madsen questioned in mystified tone of voice.

"If you're correct and someone did drop the ball on informing them then they would have sent the biggest and most stubborn son of a bitch in the Air Force. If he had been in the Marines he would have been a fine officer," Keller explained. "But the only way to deal with an SOB like O'Neill is to send another SOB after them."

Madsen blinked a couple of time as she processed what the Secretary of Defense had just said. "I think some people would consider that to be cruel and unusual punishment, sir."

"Yes but those people have never met O'Neill or Simmons. If they had, they would agree with me," Keller replied with a slightly evil smirk. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to rip someone a new one because SGC should have been informed."