Title: DreamLand

Summary: Girl dreams about boy. Girl also has visions about her being kidnapped and killed. Boy dreams about girl. Finds out through his sister's dreams that the girl is in trouble. Can he get there in time to save her?

Characters: Sara, Peyton, Dorianna, Charlie, Cliff, Uncle Jim, Nicholas(Nick), Jeannie, Grandpa.

Disclaimer: These characters are mine.

Rated: T

Author: This story was inspired by the Blue is for Nightmares Series. The character Nicholas is based on Taylor Lautner.


Chapter One – Sara

"Awee, how sweet was that movie Sara?" my best friend Peyton asks. We had just came out of our period seven class, where we watched Romeo and Juliet. We were now heading to our dorm to drop off our books before dinner.

"Um, truth is I thought it was complete bogus. I mean why do they feel the need to torture the less fortunate --- being me--- by watching sappy stuff like that?" I answer. I pull out my key and start fumbling with the lock.

"Okay, okay calm down Sara." Peyton takes the key out of my hand and switches the lock, allowing the door to open wide. "Someone needs to make herself some moon soap." She mumbles just loud enough for me to hear. Moon soap is a Wiccian spell to help women when they are PMSing.

"I'm going to forget I heard that Peyton." I growl. I'm not normally grumpy like this, but after watching Romeo and Juliet I can't seem to help it. Love has just been a sore subject for me lately. We go into our room and Peyton closes the door behind her. We both start changing out of our school uniforms. I put on a pair of dark navy sweat pants and a yellow sweater, yellow for clarity. Peyton puts on a pair of jeans and a "SVA" sweater on herself. I make my way to my jewelry box on my shelf and pull out my blue Virgo shaped pendant, blue for protection and strength. Which I could really use a lot of.

"So what is with you lately?" Peyton asks without looking at me, but I could still sense the concern in her voice. She had just been through a lot lately, I don't want to have her worrying about my problems too. Which were also a lot lately. Between my nighttime dreams about some mysterious guy and my daytime visions about some people trying to kidnap me.

"Nothing." I use my acting skills to the best of their ability. "Just stressing over finals." She looks at me skeptically, then turns away.

"Okay, I'll meet you down there then?" She says, noting that I still have to do a few things before leaving to the dinner lounge. I look up at her and nod, attempting to smile.

She leaves and I let out a huge sigh. I walk over to the corner of my bed and sit down, holding my head in my hands. Just then a sharp pain takes over my head. Everything turns black and I can't see. I hear voice of some people a little ways away from wherever I am. I can smell the scent of pine and hear the crackling of a near by fire. Where am I?


"Yup boss, we got one." I hear a males voice say. He wait a moment, for a response I guess. "Mhmm, I do know what to do if she doesn't corperate." More waiting. I can hear my heart pumping with each second that passes. "Okay I'll tell them boss. Chao for now." I hear footsteps getting closer. My heart beat increasing with each step I hear.

"Sara." When I hear my name I let out a sob. This isn't the same person I had heard seconds ago. It was my dad, but that was impossible he was dead. Killed by witch hunters when I was only five years old.

~End Vision~

With that I open up my eyes, now seeing the comforting sight of my dorm room, I replay my vision over again. Somehow I ended up on the floor. I slowly stand myself up and groan at the painful headache my vision left for me. After sitting on my bed for five minutes, I take an Advil and make my way down to the dinner lounge.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late," I say as I pull out my chair and set my tray of unnameable cafeteria food. "What's going on?"

"I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It's a secret." Dorianna, our next dorm neighbor giggles out. I roll my eyes and start chewing on the tasteless paste that the cooks here call food.

I look around the table at all my friends who've known me since grade six. There's Peyton with her short, blond bob and deep green eyes. Dorianna with her straight, black hair that runs down her back and baby blue eyes that any guy ---who actually has taste--- could get lost in. Cliff, Dorianna's on and off again boyfriend, who sports a light brown surfer dude hairstyle and blue eyes. Charlie, Peyton's boyfriend since grade six ---talk about longterm--- who has short, spiky brown hair and almost black eyes. Then there's me, green eyes, curly, long brown hair and so much more out of shape then everyone else sitting around me. I let out another deep sigh. Everyone looks at me.

"Exams still getting to you?" Peyton asks looking up at me with a sarcastic grin on her face.

"Haha, very funny." I reply dryly. Peyton rolls her eyes and starts playing around with her food. It hurts me how she is hurting about me not telling her what is going on. But I just can't tell her. Or tell anyone for that matter.

:You are aware that Pluto isn't a planet anymore right? That is probably why you fail your astronomy quiz." Dorianna tells Cliff.

"What?! Since when? You're lying to me. It's been a planet since like before I was born. Things like that just don't happen over night." Cliff goes hysterical. Charlie and I look at each other. He rolls his eyes and I laugh.

"Do you not read the newspaper? This happened like a year ago!" Dorianna snaps back.

"Are you serious? You don't just take a jump off a "Cliff" by talking nonsense like the news." We all stared at him blankly. "Oh come on. No? You don't get it? A cliff? Nope? Okay. We all roll our eyes at his idea of "pun" jokes.

"It's like you're living in your own world. Cliffland, come to our side, we have no news and live on the "planet" Pluto." Charlie mocks Cliff's goofiness.

"Hey! It's not my fault you . . ." Cliff's voice turns into a bunch of murmurs.


Just like a heat wave the blackness swarms over my whole body. Knocking the breath out of me. I feel like I'm racing through a black tunnel leaving the sounds of the cafeteria behind me. My body is completely numb and my voice says nothing when I try to let out a scream. All I can do is let myself go and pray to god this ends. Soon.

~End Vision~