Heyy guys , i ' ll probably be writing a lot more often now , just to let you know . enjoy !

Chapter Three – Sara

I slowly gained back my conscience and saw that I was back in my dorm room with a warm, wet hand towel on my forehead. I look around and find Peyton, Charlie and Dorianna standing by my bed.

"Oh thank god." Peyton exhales loudly. "What the hell happened back there?" I try to get up to see everyone better.

"No you don't" Charlie says as he gently pushes me back down into my bed. "You took a pretty bad fall you did that pass out thingy."

"I – I, uh." I sigh, I can feel the pain of my injured head forming. I take a few moments to rekindle my mind. "Okay, so I guess it's time to tell you guys truth." They all stare at me like I am crazy, which this will probably sound like since I did in fact just injure my head. "So, all of you know that I get visions from the future." I say even though all of them don't need reminders. "Well for about the past month or so I've been getting them spontaneously. They are about me getting kidnapped by witch hunters, or at least that is what I'm guessing they are. In these visions my dad is there and I think he is trying to give me hints about what coming." I leave out my dreams I've been having about they boy, because these are my own private dreams. I see Peyton and Charlie just looking a time, Dorianna's eyes trail off.

"Hush now just lie back and I'll go and get you some green tea." Peyton says calmly. She turns out of the room and it's just Charlie, Dorianna and me.

"She doesn't believe me." I say swallowing the lump in my throat, threatening to burst out in tears at any given moment.

"Sure she does Sara, she just can't believe that this is happening again." Charlie says with a comfortable tone.

"Thanks," I say. Before Peyton comes back with the tea I'm already in a deep sleep.

* Start Dream *

I open my eyes and see him, the boy. He is coming towards me, with spiky brown hair and slightly above average height. That is all I can see of him at the moment. Suddenly the scene changes, we are in a crowded amusement park. I can't see him, but I know that he is coming towards me through the crowds.

Suddenly I see him, he is walking closer and closer. "This is it," I think to myself. "I will finally see him." Our eyes lock to each other's. I see the color for the very first time, they are a warm chocolate brown that any chocoholic would dive into at the first sight. He takes one more step towards me.

"Finally," he whispers, a smile forms on the side of his mouth. He looks like an angel from heaven. I can't help but to go up to this total stranger and rest my head on his shoulder, knowing that we have both waited for this moment for a very long time. He wraps his arms around me and traces my spine up and down with his strong hand. I pull away from him and look into his eyes again.

"Hi, Nicholas." I say, not knowing how I somehow knew his name.

"Hello, Sara." Nicholas answers. I smile and lay my head back down on his shoulder.

* End Dream *

My eyes flutter open and I let them adjust to the darkness of my dorm room. Once they are adjusted I look around to see if Charlie or Dorianna are still here, they aren't. Peyton is snoring lightly in the bed next to mine. I roll over to see the clock on my beside table, it's 1:34 a.m. On the table is the tea Peyton had gone to get me. I pick it up and sip it lightly, it's bitter and cold. I let out a sigh.

"At least I know his name know." My thoughts trail back to the dream I just had. "It felt so real, I can't believe it wasn't. Hopefully I'll dream about him again." I play around with my blankets and get comfortable, before I know it I'm in a dreamless sleep.