A/N: Yet another late story for last weeks drabble challenge. I feel like a kid turning in homework after the due date, but it was already 5am when I posted my last one…and besides, I'm playing by the rules this time. 100 words on the dot.

Disclaimer: Seasons 1&2 on DVD are the closest I come to owning them, and even that is dangerous. I can watch them over and over and over…


"Just say it already."

"Sammy, no."

"Its just three little words. First word is 'I'. "

Dean groaned, moisture welling up in his eyes.

"Don't do this to me.."

"Might make you feel better. Second word has four letters. Third word has three..."

The nausea took hold again, Dean's head already over the toilet as he heaved, back muscles tense from kneeling for an hour. Sam squatted down beside him, rubbing his shoulder in sympathy.

"Shouldn't have gone for dessert."

"And I already told you-I don't care if this is food poisoning, I'm never going to say 'I hate pie.'"