Title: The Little Black Dress (3/3)
Author: Aerial312

Pairing: Alice/Jasper
Rating: M
Category: Fluff/Romance
Disclaimer: I own nothing…I just borrow.
Feedback: Greatly appreciated.

Timeline: Set during Twilight, after the prom.

Alice and I walked out of the prom holding hands. She was swinging them back and forth between us.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

I shrugged.

"Admit it," she laughed as we made our way across the parking lot. "You like to dance."

"I do like to dance," I insisted. "I just prefer when it's not in the context of a lot of people."

Alice had me on the dance floor the second we had walked into the tackily decorated gymnasium. For me, it was a good thing that we danced all night. It kept me occupied the whole time, so I didn't have time to focus on all the humans. For the few hours we were there, despite the crowd, my world revolved around nothing but Alice in my arms.

"Are we running or stealing Rosalie's car?" I asked, raising an eyebrow in amusement as Alice contemplated the red convertible. Rosalie and Emmett were still locked together in a passionate embrace on the dance floor.

"She'd kill me," Alice sighed.

"I was hoping we'd run," I told her. I still entertained thoughts of dancing alone in the woods with her.

Alice smiled at me thoughtfully. "You are such a sappy romantic sometimes." She stood on her tiptoes to kiss me on the lips.

"You love it," I laughed, pulling her tightly against me.

"I do," she smiled.

We clung to each other for a moment on the edge of the parking lot that was empty but for us. After a moment, she pulled away, frowning.

"What is it?" I whispered in her ear.

"I don't know if I can run in this dress. I mean, my legs are open, but it's tight down to there and—"

"I can carry you," I grinned.

She thought for a moment, and then nodded. I scooped her into my arms, and made a quick glance around to make sure no one was looking.

"We're clear," Alice announced, tightening her arms around my neck.

In a flash I was off, running into the woods. Trees whizzed by on either side, the wind whipped around us as I darted through the ancient forest. After a moment, I came to a halt in a tiny break in the heavy woods. I kissed along Alice's nearly bare shoulder line, and gently placed her on her feet on the mossy ground. She grabbed the back of my tuxedo jacket tightly, burying her face in my starched white shirt. I kept my left arm firmly around her back, and traced the outline of one of my favorite bare triangles with my right, as we slowly began to sway back and forth to our own silent soundtrack.

My cheek rest on Alice's choppy, black hair. She'd tried to tame it in to 30's style curls, but after an evening of endless dancing, it was just as unruly as ever. A spiky tuft tickled the side of my face as I lowered my lips to kiss along her neck.

"Hold me," she murmured, pushing up onto her toes.

In a fluid motion, I lifted her up with one arm, cradling her against my body. Alice took my ear in her mouth, biting me ever so lightly, and I very nearly dropped her the sensation was so intense. I came to my senses quickly enough to pull her hard against me before I could lose my grip. Alice laughed, and clenched her knees around my waist. She ran her hand down my throat, and in a swift motion demolished 3 buttons of my tux shirt.

"I thought you liked me to dress up," I laughed, huskily.

"I do," she answered absentmindedly, as she tried to carefully undo the remaining 4 buttons.

"If you keep demolishing my clothes…"

Alice giggled into my neck. "We should go home."

"You don't want this to happen in the middle of the woods?"

"With all the hype we've built up about this dress, you really want to tear it off me in the forest?"

"I just want to tear it off you," I smirked.

Alice swatted my arm hard, but playfully. "Home."

I chuckled. It made no difference to me whether we did it on the forest bed or on our own bed. But obviously it mattered to Alice, so I tightened my grasp and took off into the woods. A minute later, I flew out of the trees, and across our lawn. We passed Carlisle and Esme on the porch without a word, charging up the stairs. It certainly wasn't the first time they'd been rushed by in the heat of the moment, but it usually wasn't Alice and I. Kicking our door shut behind us, I clambered up onto the bed, laying Alice down on the soft purple quilt beneath me. She quickly finished removing my already hanging open shirt, and it was tossed to the side.

Alice rest her hands flat on my chest, running her thumbs lightly along the puckered scars. I took a sharp intake of breath as her fingers continued down my side, tracing each and every half moon blemish she encountered. After 60 years together, Alice knew just how to touch me to drive me insane. Hell, she'd always known how to touch me to get me going. One of the more fun applications of her powers…

Alice pulled herself up to her elbows, and repeated the ministrations of her fingers with her tongue. At this point, my mind was blank. I was completely at her mercy. She shifted us, so that I was lying on my back on the quilt, and she was straddling me, the black satin dress hiked up to her waist. I snapped the lacy scrap of a thong that she was wearing off with a flick of my wrist, as she continued licking her way methodically down my abs. Her hands were busy as well, undoing my belt and the button of my trousers. Her lips reached my belly button and kissed firmly, her tongue darting into the crevasse.

I reached down and cradled her chin in my hand, nudging her mouth upwards to meet mine. My hands slid up the front of her dress, a smile forming on my face when I remembered she wasn't wearing a bra. I thumbed her breast through the smooth fabric, and Alice bucked her hips into mine. It occurred to me that the way the skirt of the dress was pooled around her hips, I didn't have to destroy it. I didn't even have to remove it.

"No," Alice protested, fluidly propelling herself to stand on the floor. "Not with the dress still on." She pulled my pants swiftly off, and my boxer briefs soon followed.

I laughed, sitting up and smiling. The hem of her dress had fall back down to where it belonged, long in the back and shorter in the front. "You want me to tear it?"

Alice stepped back towards me with a coy look on her face. She ran her fingers into my blonde curls, pulling my face into her plunging décolletage. "Jasper, I have been seeing this play out in hundreds of different ways since you picked this dress. In none of them is it still on."

I chuckled into her smooth, hard skin, shifting to my knees on the floor beside her. She was only just taller than me when I knelt. My head still resting between her breasts, I slowly traced the outlines of the four exposed patches on her front. Alice was getting impatient, but I continued my slow path, sliding my hand beneath the lone black diamond of satin that lay over her midriff. Carefully, I broke the connections on all four points of the diamond, tossing the small scrap of fabric to the floor, as I kissed a straight line down. Alice ran her hands along my back, rocking her hips into my arm.

I circled her bellybutton with the pad of my thumb, and she released my shoulders, sighing in frustration at my deliberate pace. The sound of tearing fabric made me look up. Alice had snapped the last connection on the bodice of her dress, and tore the thin spaghetti straps in her rush to slither out of it. She kicked the pool of black satin aside, and pulled me to my feet. I was thrust up against the wall as she leapt into my arms.

"Impatient are we?" I asked, my laugh turning into a deep moan as she settled herself in place and surrounded me.

I closed my eyes, relishing in the barrage of arousal and lust that was emanating off my wife. We moved together in a frenzy of passion. She finished with a yell, and I followed a split second later, pulling her as close to me as possible. Alice laid her head against my chest, purring contently. There was nothing that was better than making her this happy.

"Did this live up to your expectations?" I whispered,

Alice laughed softly, her cheek pressed to my bare skin. "I never saw the wall." I could feel the corners of her lips pulling up into a deep smile.

"I believe the wall was your idea," I chuckled, pushing off of it with my back, now that my legs were no longer jelly.

"Not so much an idea, as the nearest firm surface," Alice grinned.

I lay her on the bed, and started to push myself off her to lie on her side.

"Don't," Alice ordered. "Stay there, just like that."

"Ready for round two?" I asked, with a smile.

"I'm not the only one," Alice smirked, reaching out for my lips with hers.

It was going to be a busy night.