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Parties, Parties And More Parties!

Jess walked around the Kappa Tal party, it was the best party she'd ever seen. She was looking around and chatting with Lauren who had surprisingly made it through rush in one piece. Jess locked eyes with this really attractive guy; she started to make her way over when Rusty cut her off.

"Jess, I cannot believe you're here!" Rusty said

"Thanks Bro" Jess replied

"How was rush?" Rusty asked

"Pretty great, all the houses love me" Jess grinned

"Let me introduce you to Cappie" Rusty said. As kids Rusty and Jess got along great until Jess hit her teenage years, they ran out of things to talk about. That's when Casey and Jess became much closer. Honestly, who is going to talk about girl stuff with their older brother?

"I guess he is Casey's ex" Jess said following Rusty who had started making his way through the crowd,

"Hey Cap, meet my sister" Rusty said once he reached a guy with skater brown hair. Jess couldn't complain about what Casey had seen in him, he was quite attractive

"I already know your sister" Cappie said without acknowledging Jess

"No this is my younger sister" Rusty said pointing to Jess, who blushed because let's be honest Cappie was attractive.

"Hey Casey" Cappie said turning to Jess without noticing it wasn't Casey. "Wait you're not Casey too quiet" Cappie said when he took a double take

"That's because I'm Jess Cartwright" Jess said

"Another Cartwright at Cyprus, isn't there a rule against that?" Cappie asked jokingly

"Probably" Jess smiled

"So what are you studying?" Cappie asked

"I think I want to study you" Jess joked

"That could be arranged just check in with my secretary" Cappie said

"Will do" Jess said

"Spitter could you leave us alone for a minute?" Cappie asked

"Yeah sure" Rusty said heading back into the crowd

"Already going for alone time?" Jess joked

"No, not really just thought you'd want to be free of your protective older brother" Cappie said

"Oh thank you so much"

"No problem, so other than studying me what program are you in?" Cappie asked

"I'm Pre-Med" Jess said

"Well we could always play doctor, I'm a great patient" Cappie said

"Sure name the time and place" Jess said

"Did you know you're the funniest Cartwright I've met?"

"Actually, I thought Casey was always funnier"

"Let's get Jokey a drink" Cappie said swinging his arm over Jess's shoulders. Cappie introduced Jess to a lot of Kappa Tal's she was known as 'Spitter's Little Sister' it was great. Once she was able to get away from the Kappa Tal's she met eyes with the guy from before. Man was he something else; he was so hot like a guy from Laguna Beach; Stephen Colletti before One Tree Hill. He started to walk over to Jess.

"You're just so popular I couldn't talk to you until, you rid all those other guys" He said

"I guess boys know when there's a hot girl around" Jess replied

"They sure do"

"Thanks? I think?" Jess replied

"I'm Bryan" He said

"Oh very nice, I'm Jess" Jess told Bryan

"Jess would you like to dance with me?" Bryan asked

"Sure I'd love to" Jess replied as they walked out into the crowd of Kappa Tal partiers and started to dance. Onlookers like Cappie watched as the Casey look alike, Jess dance. He didn't know why but he had a feeling like her wanted to get to know her better, better than most girls if you know what he's like. Rusty saw his baby sister dancing with a boy, sure in high school she had her share of boyfriends some bad and some extremely weird. But this guy seemed to push him over the edge more so than usual.

Jess had put back a few more drinks through the night, and such. Somewhere Bryan had left and she was alone with a bunch of Kappa Tal's. She wasn't drunk per say more so tipsy.

"Jess, Let's get you back to your dorm" Rusty told her

"What Russ! We're about to do body shots" Jess whined

"Fine" Rusty said walking away from Jess. Instead he called Casey.

"Rusty you better be dying its two o'clock in the morning" Casey said when she picked up the phone.

"Sorry It's just Jess is still at the KT party and she won't leave" Rusty said

"She's still there? A Freshman's first party always end badly; I should know I speak from experience." Casey said

"Can you come get her to leave? I really rather her not…" Rusty paused

"I'll be there in a few minutes" Casey said hanging up the phone.

Rusty watched Jess do a body shot off Cappie, which was weird because usually Cappie didn't go for body shots of himself. He saw her go for the lime in his mouth right before Casey was going to walk in. This was not going to end well. But he saw Jess pause realizing that it was wrong and she backed away. That is when Casey entered.

"Hey Guys" Casey said as she walked over the group.

"Hey Casey" Cappie said, "Body shot for you?" he asked

"No thanks Cap, I'm here to take Jess back to her dorm" Casey said

"Big Sis you came to pick me up?" Jess asked

"Sure thing little Sis, Let's go" Casey said taking her arm

"Okay, I have to tell you something anyways" Jess said, Jess was definitely drunk she tripped over thin air on the way to Casey's car.

"What is it Jess?" Casey asked, Jess looked up it

"I met a cutie" Jess said

"Cool" Casey said

"Yeah" Jess said

"So why didn't you leave with your roommate?" Casey asked once she got into the car after helping Jess.

"I think she um, went to Omega Chi or something with a guy he offered her a tour of the house" Jess said

"Oh okay, next time take it easy with the drinks okay" Casey told Jess

"I'm not drunk!" Jess yelled

"I know, I just don't want to see you be taken advantage of" Casey explained

"Can you just take me to my dorm, I'm tired" Jess said yawning

"Of course" Casey said as she pulled her car out onto the road and drove off. Casey walked Jess to her dorm room to ensure she made it to a safe place, once they made it into her room. Jess flopped down on her bed quickly fell asleep. Casey wrote Jess a short note and left some Tylenol beside the note and left the room.

Jess awoke the next morning confused about how she made it to her bed. All she remembered was talking to a very cute guy last night; she couldn't even remember his name she was so sad. As she went to stand up she had a wicked headache, she stumbled over to her desk and saw a note.

Hey Baby Sis,

So you've got to experience a real party and now the really sucky hangover that comes with it. Never get wasted at a KT party you get the worst hangovers. Okay, so here's some Tylenol. You're probably slightly confused right now so I'll explain, you got drunk, Rusty called me and I drove you home. Anyways have a shower, clean yourself up and check under your door for your skit night invite. I'll see you tonight

-Big Sis

Casey was such an awesome big sister to her, maybe she knew the name of the guy. Jess looked over to see Lauren fast asleep, so she took a few Tylenol and went to have a shower. When she got back she found six skit night invites to her and two for Lauren. Tri Pi, Gamma Psi, Moo Gamma, Delta Pi, IKI, and ZBZ; her choice was obvious ZBZ.

"Hey look who's awake" Jess said to Lauren when she noticed she was awake.

"I like my sleep okay?" Lauren said

"Amen to that" Jess agreed

"What are those?" Lauren asked

"My skit night invites, there's two for you" Jess said handing the two that were Lauren's. The two girls talked about whom they had been invited to for skit night. Lauren had been invited to Gamma Psi and Zeta Beta Zeta.

Both girls had decided on going to the Zeta Beta one, of course it was the obvious choice. Jess hadn't told Lauren about her sister being a part of Zeta Beta but it didn't matter, nor did it?

Later in the day Jess was out walking around Campus trying to get a feel for how it was and maybe so she wouldn't get lost too many more times. Jess walked over to a coffee cart and ordered a white chocolate mocha, while she was waiting Cappie started talking to her.

"Come here a lot?" Cappie asked

"First day, but if it's good I predict I will be here a lot" Jess replied

"So how is lil'o'Cartwright liking CRU? Better yet how much did you enjoy that party?" Cappie asked

"I love Cyprus Rhodes, that party was awesome." Jess smiled

"Well there is one every night so just come on over to the KT house whenever you would like" Cappie smiled

"I'll keep that in mind" Jess said, was Cappie hitting on her? She wasn't into him that way; she was into that Bryan guy. She looked around and saw Casey and Max walking by she grabbed her drink and ran after them, Cappie followed.

"Casey" Jess called

"Yes?" Casey turned around trying to pretend she didn't really know Jess.

"I got the Zeta Beta invite, thanks" Jess said catching Casey's drift.

"Hey" Max threw into the conversation.

"Lil'o'Cartwright wait up" Cappie yelled

"You know Cappie?" Casey asked

"I think I met him last night" Jess said

"Hey douche" Cappie greeted Max "Case"

"Cap" Casey replied

"Well I just wanted to thank you for the invite, and tell you me and my roommate will so be there" Jess said

"That's great Zeta Beta would be lucky to have you two" Casey smiled

"Aren't you two rela-" Cappie started to say before Jess put her hand over his mouth.

"See you tonight" Casey said walking away with Max. Jess took her hand off of Cappie's mouth.

"Don't want the sorority world to know you're related to Casey quite yet?" Cappie asked

"Unfortunately I wanted equal consideration, which if I can't get it at ZBZ there's always IKI" Jess joked

"It's understandable" Cappie replied

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