Positive, Negative, Neutral

Summary: Rosalie Hale has a great life, but one night gets a little crazy. She finds herself staring at a little pink plus sign. Now what? She's a girl in college who doesn't know where to go, but somehow, Rose manages to find friendship and romance out of this mess.

A/N: All the chapters are named after songs! Some info...AH, a little OOC at some parts, and Jasper is going to be a Cullen...You'll find out why...

Chapter 1: Bottle Pop

First you take a drink, then the DRINK takes a drink, then the drink takes YOU.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

"Bella, Bella, Bella…. When are you going to realize that you can't spend your entire life reading." I say, sighing. My best friend in the world, Alice Brandon is nodding beside me.

"Come on, Bells. It's time you made your own adventures instead of reading about someone else's!" Alice said, "And what better place to start your adventure then a club?"

"Guys, I hate going out." My other best friend, Bella Swan said. "Rose, you know that I want nothing to do with a bunch of drunken guys who only want to get inside my pants."

"Yes, but that is why we ignore them and dance with only your best friends A.K.A...US!" I said. I am starting to get angry. Bella always chooses to stay home, but this time, I'm putting my foot down. She will come and that is final.

"You are not getting out of it this time so go take a shower and I will put your outfit on the couch for you." Alice said. Alice is my fashion obsessed friend. So of course, she does all of our outfitting and make-up choices.

"Ugh! Fine. But I will hate every second of this night!" she says, glaring at us.

"Good!" I said. "Hate is a passionate emotion!" Bella stomped to her room. The door slammed and seconds later the shower started. Good, she listened to us!

Alice raced off to get Bella's outfit together. I stalked off to my own room to get my own outfit ready. I'm planning to go all out tonight. I search for my lucky mini skirt. Every night I wear that skirt, I end up with some guy…. Ha! I got you! I do not, I am not a slut. Just kidding! But, the skirt does hug my hips great. I found my most revealing tank-top, and dressed quickly.

The line for the club was not that long and we got in right away. The music was thumping and people were already busy grinding up against each other and downing shots.

"It's LADIES NIGHT!" called out the D.J. "2 dolla' drinks until 3 AM!" Females all around us started squealing and screaming.

"Two dollar drinks? Let's go!" Yes: time to get drunk. Alice got drinks while I dragged Bella to a booth. Could you really blame me for wanting to get drunk tonight? Sophomore year of college is done! I finished my last exams and I hope to God that I might have actually passed them.

I need a drink.

"Rose." Bell whined. "This place is so loud, I can't hear my own thoughts!"

"Then don't think. Have fun, okay?" I said looking straight into her eyes as though I was sending a thought of reassurance to my shy best friend.

"Fine." Bella side, glancing around the club nervously. Alice showed up squealing and passing around various glasses filled with liquids of all different colors.

"There are some pretty hot guys here!" Alice bounced around.

"Try this stuff, Bella." Alice said, handing her a shot glass.

"Stuff? You don't even know what it is and you're going to give it to me?" Bella shrieked.

"Relax! It's Vodka." Alice said. "Now drink it or I'll kill you."

I selected a random glass and downed the shot. Bella took a tentative scrunched her nose. "That's disgusting!" She shouted.

"You're supposed to down it all at once; it burns your throat less!" I shouted at her over the thumping bass.

"You'll get used to it." Alice said. She wore an angry expression. "Drink some more, you've been a virgin for way to long."

"ALICE!" Bella complained, her face turning red. I rolled my eyes, downing another shot. If somebody doesn't start dancing with me I will die of boredom. I was sick of listening to Bella's woes. Sure, I loved the chica, but she's a pain in the ass sometimes.

Emmett's POV

I walked into this new club that my two adoptive brother's had dragged me into. "Trying new things." as Jasper had put it.

"Emmett, I'll get drinks, you and Jazz go get a booth." Edward said. Heh, sure, whatever; I'm technically not here on free will. I searched the hazy and loud club for an empty booth. My eyes grazed over three young women… they are beautiful.

The first one I saw was a nice looking brunette, who was sitting next to another female with pixie-like black spiky hair and an angry/amused expression. Then there was the blonde. She was amazingly gorgeous and laughing at the brunette, who had a disgusted look on her face.

I dragged Jasper nearer, close enough to hear them, and her beautiful voice. Her high tinkling laughter, like silver bells, rang through the air.

"You'll get used to it. Drink some more, you've been a virgin for way to long." The spiky haired girl said. The blonde begin filling her and pixie-girls glasses.

"ALICE!" whined the brunette, her face turning red. Edward returned, and then noticed the girls.

"Nice spot Emmett. Whoa, look at the brunette." Edward said as he handed me a glass.

"Screw the brunette," Jasper said, "Look at the pixie like one."

"Pfft!" I protested, "The blonde is amazing. Like a goddess."

"Awe, romantic!" Jasper teased. I glared at him, and then looked back towards the girls. The blonde was looking at me. The second our eyes met, she looked away.

"Well, fine!" I said getting angry, "Go ask pixie-girl to dance."

"Fine." Jasper said. We all watched as he approached the girls.

Rosalie's POV

I sighed, and scanned the club. My eyes fell on three men. One had honey blonde hair, and was fairly handsome, another had bronze hair, and was fairly handsome, also.

But they didn't matter. My eyes were on the big, brawny one. He was gorgeous. Amazing hair. His eyebrows pulled together with anger. Then his eyes met mine. I looked down quickly, my thoughts racing. He looked so familiar!

Then, the honey blonde one was at our table.

"Hey!" He said over the music. I was beginning to get annoyed with it. How is anyone supposed to talk with the bass so loud? "My name is Jasper. What are yours?" he said casually. We introduced ourselves, but both Bella and I could tell that he was only interested in Alice.

"Well, Alice, would you like to dance with me." Jasper asked, smiling. Of course.

"Wow." Alice said, "Yeah, sure!" Glad she was getting some action. I looked back over to their table. The brawny one was looking at me again.

The bronze haired one laughed and shoved the brawny one towards us. After what looked like an argument, they both walked over together.

"I'm Emmett." The big one said. Emmett… Freaking familiar! I couldn't place it where that name came from, but I know I heard it somewhere. Probably in one of my classes. "And this is Edward…" Emmett finished.

"Uh, umm..I- Rosalie." I said, stuttering.

"Bella." Bella said quietly for the second time.

"Come dance with me?" Emmett offered towards me. Shock. But then again, his eyes had been on me and only me.

"Yeah!" I said happily. We moved to the dance floor and began to sway and talk.

"So," He began while moving to the beat, "How old are you?"

"I'm 21!" I rushed out. God he was probably out of college and looking for older women… and there goes another hottie. "You?" I asked quickly.

"I just turned 22 not too long ago." He said. Yes! Success! A hot guy who is only one year older than me. Perfection.

"Let me buy you a drink!" Emmett shouted over the noise. I agreed to one drink… then another… then we joined a group of people and I straddled Emmett while pouring tequila into his mouth. Then another drink was passed my way. Then Emmett pinned me down and Alice poured tequila in my mouth. Where the hell had Alice come from?

I knew I was drunk. Everything was blurry and I talked all slurry. Ha! Blurry and slurry rhyme! Wow, I am really drunk. Drink… again… no more… Emmett was drunk, too. He looked hot under the strobe lights and he was laughing at nothing.

"Emmett?" I screamed out over the noisy music. What time is it? I might puke… no wait… I'm g-g-gooood! Ha."I feel like we can really connect!" I shouted. "You know? Like… We is soulmates!" I hiccupped. Ouch.

Then, we were kissing. No, making out was more like it. When we came up for air, gasping, we only let our hands roam over each other's bodies.

"Let's go to your place." I yelled loudly.

"No can do, unless we manage to somehow steal Eddie's car keys." He chuckled. His laughter was booming loud in my head like the bass in the song.

"Let's find him." I complained. I wanted him, no needed him right now.

I found Alice first. She was on Jasper's lap, her hands shoving his shirt up, and her tongue jammed in his mouth.

"Hey, break it up." I said annoyed. Alice turned towards me and glared.

"I don't have to!" She said, sounding like a three year old.

"You do if you want to go to Jasper's place." I said; I was ready to drag her by her perky hair. Her face lit up, all bright and happy. She got off of his lap. "Let's go."

We found them fast. They were sitting across from each other in the booth that we had abandoned and they were… talking. Do they know how to have fun? Bella sighed when she saw us stumble over, "Do you guys ever stay sober?" she asked.

"Nope!" I said giggling.

"How do you stand drinking a lot of alcohol?" Edward asked. "It only makes you throw up!"

"Not if you can handle it!" Alice announced. I looked over at her and noticed that her shirt was too far over. I got an eyeful of her boobs.

"Alice, fix your shirt. I don't like seeing your boobs." I stated rather loudly. She looked down, and then fixed it laughing.

"Come on, Bella, let's take care of the three year olds." Edward announced.

"You're a three year old!" Emmett and Jasper shouted together.

Once we were home, Emmett said something that sounded like "Food tummy yum" and wandered off. Jasper and Alice resumed their make-out. They stumbled off and someone's door slammed. I wandered off suddenly needing to piss. Once finished, I fixed my mussed up hairstyle. "Where's Rose?" I heard Emmett asked, and then there was a horrible retching sound…followed by Bella's shriek.

"Emmett!" shouted Edward, "You idiot!" I walked out to quite the sight. Bella was drenched in vomit; Emmett was apologizing over and over again… even though he was facing the wrong direction. I busted a gut laughing at the humorous sight. "It's fine Edward. This isn't the first time this happened." Bella reassured, "Rosalie puked on me once." she said smirking.

"Shut up!" I said, grabbing Emmett by the collar of his shirt. I dragged him to what must be his room. I must have been right because he slammed the door.

Our lips met, and I didn't stop there.

And uh, yeah. That's all I really remember.

A/N This chapter is...Bottle Pop by The Pussycat Dolls

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