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"W-what's going on?" James asked. "Lily! Harry! Henry! He's going to get them-"

"You are behind on the times dear boy," a kind voice said.

James blinked and looked around. He was sure that he was in the Hogwarts hospital wing, but because he wasn't wearing his glasses his vision was blurred. He reached over to the bedside table to find them. He had to wonder if he had just been knocked out from a Bludger during Quidditch, maybe it was all just a dream.

"Dumbledore?" he asked once he had his glasses on.

He sat up quickly; there was a pain in his chest. The older man put a hand up and pushed him back down on the bed.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"How much do you remember from last night?" Albus asked.

"Voldemort! He found us, Peter must have told him. We were just about to put the boys to bed when he came. I tried to hold him off but he stunned me! Where is my wife? Where are my sons? He didn't get them did he?"

Usually there was a twinkle in Albus Dumbledore's eyes, but there wasn't as the old man gazed at James. He bowed his and let out a small sigh. James didn't need an answer, he knew before the old man told him. His wife and sons were dead.

"They boys are fine," Albus finally said. "It seems Lily sacrificed herself for them. Although, I can't be sure which boy actually caused the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Young Harry has a cut on his forehead, but Henry is covered in cuts. I believe it may have been Henry because he was shielding Harry when we found them."

"It had to have been Henry," James said with some pride. "Harry only shows magic if he has a temper-tantrum but Henry can do magic when he wants. He's been doing it since he was six-months-old. I just don't understand how a baby could stop Voldemort. You say he defeated him?"

Albus explained that something happened to make Lord Voldemort disappear, but not kill him. He had a theory that the man was too weak to carry on, but if he were to get powerful again, he could have come back. Henry would be in danger because on the prophecy. He was clearly the one that was meant to defeat the man.

"But didn't the prophecy say that he would mark the boy as his equal?" James said remembering. "So if Harry is also has a cut-"

"The fact that Henry defended Harry with his magic shows it was him Lord Voldemort was after. I have a theory, and my theories are usually correct, that he tried to attack Henry but your son cast some kind of protection and his curse bounced back and hit him. Harry was merely injured by the explosion of your home. Henry was injured from trying to defend himself and his brother."

"If you're sure," James answered.

To him, it really didn't matter which was the one. He would protect both boys for Lily. He felt intense grief when he thought about her death, and tried to push it away. He would have time later to grieve but for now he wanted to see his boys. Harry had been injured and Henry was sure to be in shock after defeating the most powerful evil sorcerer of time.

"Where are my boys?" he asked.

"Remus Lupin is watching them at his home. It is heavily warded. You may still be in danger; we haven't found any traces of Sirius Black. He may want to do you and the boys more harm."

"Sirius!" James shouted and realized what Albus was saying. "No, you don't understand. It wasn't him. It was Peter! We switched Secret Keepers after we spread the word that it was Sirius. We didn't think anyone would go after Peter… you see? He must have been the spy, not Remus! We thought it might have been him who was passing the Order's information but it wasn't. Oh why didn't we see it before? He's been acting so strangely lately and not even a week after we make him our Secret Keeper he betrays us. We have to find Sirius! He'll be angry with Peter and he might do something stupid. Where's my wand? I need to send him a message."

"Are you sure?" Albus asked in a kind voice. "Are you sure that you switched?"

James scowled. It was obvious the man thought that he was dazed after being stunned. He nodded his head and looked around. His wand lay on his bedside table. Someone must have retrieved it from the couch. He grabbed it and quickly performed the charm for his patronus, but he added a message to it.

"The boys and I are fine. Don't do anything rash. Meet us at Hogwarts! Don't try to find Peter yourself, we'll make sure he is sent to Azkaban for life!"

He knew that if Sirius found Peter, he would try and kill him for betraying them. When his friend saw red, it was hard to pull him back out of it. He hoped his message would be enough to stop the man from doing anything stupid.

"Now we must discuss what to do about Harry," Albus said.

"What do you mean? He wasn't hurt too much was he?" James asked alarmed.

"Oh no no," Albus said in a kind voice. "It's just as I said earlier, Lord Voldemort can come back. As Henry will be his target, we'll want to train him so he can be prepared to defend himself. You'll want to devote a lot of time to training him. You are now a single father. We can send Harry to another family, so that he doesn't get in the way."

"What?" James asked normally he showed respect to his former Headmaster, but this was too much. "I've just lost my wife and now you want to take away my son? I need both of them. If Henry needs to be trained, it won't hurt to prepare both boys. Remus and Sirius can help me if I need it, and I have other friends as well."

"Well, if you insist," Albus said.

"I do insist. Don't worry about my son's, we'll be fine. You should be worried about the Death Eaters that are still running around. You should warn Frank and Alice Longbottom. They've always been on the top of Voldemort's list. They'll need protection as well. Now, I want to see my son's!"

"You'll have to wait," Albus said. "Madam Pomfrey isn't pleased with your condition."

James felt frustration. He was a grown man, he should be able to do what he wanted, but apparently it wasn't going to be that way. He glared at Albus but didn't say anything. He just wanted to see his friends and babies. Hadn't he been through enough for one evening? He also wanted to be alone so he could finally feel for Lily.