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The next month went by rather quickly. Harry soon adjusted to all of his classes and grew friendlier with his housemates. He got along with most of them, even Zacharias Smith who could be very snobby at times. However, the Hufflepuff's tried their best to get along with each other.

Cedric Diggory usually visited with them once a week to see if they were doing all right in their classes, and if they weren't, he volunteered to help them out in anyway he could. Harry really liked the older boy, though Henry often said that someone couldn't be as nice as Cedric without having a reason for it.

Harry really didn't get to see his twin as much as he liked, but it didn't bother him too much. Henry over the last month had grown very serious about his studies. He didn't want to do much with his brother, unless it was to study for one of their classes. Harry got his work done, but he wanted to have fun as well.

Most of his evenings were spent with one or more of the Hufflepuff's boys playing chess or Gobstones. When he wasn't with his friends, he was thinking about Professor Quirrell. He had learned early on that the man was a fraud, but so far no one believed him. He was sure he had Henry convinced that there was something odd about the man, since his brother liked to solve mysteries, but so far they hadn't had time to talk about it.

His biggest concern was that the man was not really as nervous as appeared to be. His act was so over exaggerated; it was a wonder that the teachers hadn't noticed it. His other concern was that the last couple times when he'd try to get a better look at Quirrell, his concealed scar on his forehead would burn… which was odd. He couldn't remember it ever hurting.

He'd brought up his thoughts to Wayne and Ernie, but neither boy seemed to be very concerned about it. Justin told him that he looking into the matter too much. Harry wanted to believe him, but there was just something about the teacher that he didn't trust. He had learned years ago who he could trust and who he couldn't. Albus Dumbledore was one, and now Quirrell was another.

Something happened to take his mind off of Quirrell for a while though. One October afternoon, he was walking through the corridors, thinking about Quirrell, when he bumped into the Weasley twins. He didn't know the two boys well; all he knew about them was that they were the older brother of one of his classmates, and that they were pranksters. Often they pranked first years, so he felt a little nervous after he'd bumped into them.

However, they were staring at him as if they had seen a ghost, (which wasn't odd since Hogwarts castle was full of them) their faces were white, and they wore identical looks of shock. Harry was about to ask them what was wrong, when he looked down at something that one of them was holding. It was a very old piece of parchment that appeared to have a map on it…

"The Marauder's Map!" Harry exclaimed. "But how did you two get it? My dad told me Filch confiscated it years ago."

"You know about the Marauder's Map?" The twin who wasn't holding the map asked.

"My dad is one of the ones who created it," Harry answered. "My dad and Henry Potter's dad made it. They used to tell us about it all the time. They were the Marauder's," he pointed at the map. "My dad is Padfoot, Henry's dad is Prongs, Remus Lupin is Moony and Wormtail was a traitor who is in Azkaban now."

Harry had always wanted to see the map. According to Sirius, Remus and his father, the map showed all of Hogwarts. It would show anyone on it. At the moment, there were tiny dots moving around the map with names above them. He looked for himself on it, and when he did, his heart sunk. He found out the reason for why the twins were staring at him so oddly… Fred and George Weasley stood together on the second floor, and Harry Potter was also standing with them.

Harry looked up at the twins fearfully. Would they go running to Dumbledore? He knew that the Weasley's were Dumbledore lovers. Was the whole secret going to come out now? He started to breathe quickly, feeling a panic attack coming on. He closed his eyes, and tried to get himself under control.

"We noticed Harry Potter on here a month ago," Fred said (Harry could tell who they were now because of the map) "so we wanted to see how he was at Hogwarts… it's you."

Harry nodded, but didn't open his eyes. There was no point in denying it when it was right there in front of them. What were they going to do now? Would his father and Sirius go to jail? Would he end up in St. Mungos forever?

"Relax," George said, and Harry felt a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure you have a good reason for it. Are you under Polyjuice then?"

Harry shook his head. He opened his eyes. Could he trust the twins? They didn't seem the type to tell on people, but the whole world wanted to know where Harry Potter was. There was even award money for the person who found him. The Weasley's were a very poor family. Would the twins turn him in for the money?

"It's a potion that can only be taken once," Harry answered. "Sirius and my dad gave it to me when I was four…"

And he began to tell them his story. He felt as if he was betraying his father and Sirius, but he was hoping that if he got the twins to understand, they wouldn't turn him in. He told them what happened when Dumbledore baby-sat him, to the time when he'd been found by Sirius at the Orphanage, to becoming Sirius Black's son.

"They call me Harry at home, but at school I have to be known at Jonathan Sirius Black. Only Professor Snape, Henry, and the sorting hat know the truth," he said in a defeated voice.

"We aren't going to tell anyone," Fred finally answered.

The twin's looks of shock had changed, and now they were staring at him with the pity that he hated. He was so sick and tired of people feeling sorry for him.

"We just wanted to know how Harry Potter was at Hogwarts when no one knew where he was," George added.

"Your father knows where you are though, and you don't seem to be mad," Fred added.

"I'm not mad. I didn't attack Henry, and I didn't attack the workers at the anger management center. Something odd happened the night Dumbledore baby-sat us, but I don't know what!"

Harry looked back down at the map again. He was sure his father and Sirius hadn't thought of the map at all. They knew that it never lied since they were the ones who had written it. As far as they knew, it was still in Filches office, and they were sure if someone did find it, they wouldn't be able to work it.

"How did you get it?" Harry finally asked.

George gave a small shrug and explained that they had stolen it from Filch when they were in their first year. It had taken time, but they had figured out how to work it, and they used it to sneak out of the castle, or to wander the corridors at night.

"It's strange that you and your brother have different memories from that night," Fred said. "If it was anyone else but Dumbledore, I would think that he had messed around with your minds."

"But Dumbledore wouldn't do that to a pair of four-year-olds," George added. "Still, something doesn't add up from your story-"

"Well, I'm not lying," Harry said.

"Don't worry," George said.

And he believed him. Harry could tell by their facial expressions that they weren't lying to him, and he felt relieved. This wasn't good though. There were more people who were in on the secret, and the more people who knew about it, the more he was in danger. He would have to tell his father and Sirius about it at Christmas. He knew better than to put it in writing.

Harry noticed that Quirrell hung around the third floor corridor a lot and that made him even more suspicious of the man. He wasn't sure who to go to about his suspicions though. He wanted to talk to one of teachers about it, but he wasn't sure which one to talk to. He was very nervous around McGonagall, he didn't trust Dumbledore, and he really didn't talk to the other teachers, not even his Head of House. Hagrid and Snape were the ones he talked to often, so he debated about which one he should approach.

One afternoon in Potion's class, he noticed Professor Snape was in more of a bad mood than usual. He snapped at everyone more than usual, and even reduced Hannah Abbot to tears. He picked on Henry as well, who was always a target for him. Harry didn't know why the man didn't like his brother, but he usually found something criticize his twin about.

Henry had learned from the first day not to mouth off to the Potion's master. Instead, he would yawn, as if bored by the Professor, which only enraged the man even more.

"If you're so tired, don't show up to my class next time," Snape snapped that day when Henry did his usual yawn.

"Are you giving me permission to miss next class than?" Henry asked.

"Ten points from Ravenclaw!" Snape snapped.

Henry gave a small shrug. The boy knew that he would earn them back for his house by the end of the day. Usually the Ravenclaws glared at Henry if he lost points, but a few of the others had lost points as well, so none of them could really be angry with him for it that day.

The Ravenclaw's and Hufflepuff's were relieved when the class was finally over. Harry took his time to pack up his stuff that day, and then he approached Snape's desk when everyone was gone. Since the first day he had talked to him, he had decided to do it more often, so Snape didn't look surprised to see him approaching.

"I'm not in the mood for small chit-chat today, Black," he said that day however.

Harry knew that Professor Snape liked to pretend that he didn't like the visits, but he knew that he man was starting to soften up. Usually he would look up expectantly when the boy walked over.

"Are you all right?" Harry asked. "You're in a worse mood than usual."

"That's really none of your concern, Black," Snape answered.

"I won't stay long today," Harry said and he sat down in the chair in front of Snape's desk.

The man sighed when he sat, but didn't say anything.

"There is something odd about Quirrell… I'm not really sure yet, but I think he is only pretending to be nervous. His stutter is exaggerated, and when he jumps, it's just… I dunno… it just doesn't fool me."

Snape stared at him for a few minutes, but didn't say anything.

"You're not the only one who isn't fooled," he finally said. "However, that really isn't your concern either. I've been looking into his behaviour as well. So has Professor Dumbledore. Your job, Black, is to do your homework, and pass. And while we're on the subject on that, I want to see better results with your homework. Your essays are barely passing. Instead of spending time worrying about Professor Quirrell, I want you to spend time working on your homework."

Harry nodded. At least the Professor's knew that there was something odd about the man as well.

Henry hated Professor Snape. He could understand why his father had been enemies with the man back when they had been in school. It didn't matter how hard he tried in the classes, the man picked on him. It made him angry because, he had the second highest marks in the year; Hermione Granger was the top student. Usually teachers like the students who weren't struggling.

The odd thing was, Professor Snape liked Harry. It wasn't odd that the man liked his brother, since everyone seemed to like him; it was just odd that the teacher liked one brother but not the other. From the stories he had heard from the Marauder's, Sirius had almost gotten Snape killed, so why would the Professor like a boy who looked exactly like one of his childhood enemies?

Everyone liked Harry though. The boy was a very likable person, but Henry couldn't help but feel jealous. He only had the Ravenclaw's on his side, and it had taken time for him to win them all over. The students from Ravenclaw and Gryffindor liked Harry along with the Hufflepuffs.

Recently he'd noticed his brother hanging around the Weasley twin's who liked to pick on first years. He just didn't get it. He was glad that his brother was finally pulling out of his depression, but he just wished he knew how his twin managed to win so many people over so he could do it as well. Professor Snape only favoured the Slytherin's, so it didn't make sense.

Henry wouldn't have been surprised if his brother suddenly became friends with the bully, Draco Malfoy. So far it hadn't happened, Harry seemed to hate him as much as the rest of the first years who weren't Slytherin, but if his twin could be friendly with the teacher that everyone hated, he could end up friends with the biggest git in the first year.

What bothered him the most was that people only wanted to talk to him because he was The-Boy-Who-Lived, no one wanted to get to know him as Henry Potter, a student at Hogwarts. What was worse, were the stupid questions some people asked.

"Do you remember what you-know-who looks like?"

"How did you manage to protect your brother from the curse?"

"Has anyone found your brother yet?"

"Is it true that your brother is mentally imbalanced? Is he in St. Mungo's?"

"I heard it's your fault that your brother disappeared. Do you feel guilty for that?"

How anyone thought it was his fault was beyond him. Harry had attacked him and he hadn't even said anything about it at first, it was Dumbledore who had told his father about that night. However, something very odd happened that night, so he wasn't too sure, all he knew was that it wasn't his fault.

The only people who seemed to be real friends were Harry, Neville, Terry and Hermione. At times he wished he didn't have to be The-Boy-Who-Lived so he could have a normal life. He wished that Harry had been the one that had defeated Lord Voldemort when they were babies. It was his brother who had the easy life.

The only advantage he had was that he knew more spells than any first year, or even the third years because of the lesson's he'd had with Dumbledore. He was also probably one of the better duelers at the school. He would be able to win a fight against a fifth year if he wanted to.

Most of the time, he worked hard at his studies and tried to have a friendly competition with Hermione. Although she was in Gryffindor, she was slowly becoming a good friend of his. They would arrange times in the library to study for an upcoming test. She would sometimes drag Neville along, and the two of them would have to tutor the boy. However, he was able to help them out with Herbology.

Harry would sometimes join them with one of his Hufflepuff friends, usually Wayne Hopkins. He knew better than to bring Zacharias along. His brother wasn't doing as well in school as he was, but his marks weren't bad. He guessed that he was too busy trying to figure out the mystery about Professor Quirrell.

It wasn't that Henry didn't believe him about the teacher, he did, it was just that he was too busy too worry about it. If Professor Quirrell wanted to pretend that he was scared of everything, it really wasn't their problem. He wasn't hurting anyone after all, and Henry just wished that he was a better teacher.

His opinion changed Halloween night though. The Great Hall was decorated for the day; there were giant pumpkins all around the room, thousands of live bats and other decorations. It was just as his father described, and he was glad to finally be able to be part of Hogwarts tradition.

In the middle of the feast, Professor Quirrell ran into the room yelling about a troll being in the dungeons before he fainted. This struck Henry as very odd since he knew that the Defense Against the Dark Art's teacher had a gift with trolls. He looked around the room to locate Harry, but it was pandemonium, everyone was screaming from fear. After Professor Dumbledore managed to calm everyone down, the prefects led them back to the Great Hall, so he didn't find time to talk to his brother.

However, as soon as he was in his Common Room, he hurried up the steps to his dormitory to find his mirror. He just hoped Harry had his on him.

It took a few minutes for him to find it. "Jonathan Black!" He yelled into the mirror.

Harry didn't appear at first, and it took a couple of tries before his brother was peering out at him.

"This is a first," Harry said. "We haven't used these since we got them."

"Yeah well, forget that," Henry said. "Don't you find Professor Quirrell's behaviour strange? He has a gift with trolls, so why would he be scared of one? Why didn't he stop it instead of interrupting the feast?"

Harry seemed to be in the middle of eating. The food from the feast had been sent to the Common Rooms. He didn't answer at first because he was chewing on something.

"I think he let it in as a diversion. I think Professor Snape knows it too, because he didn't go with the rest of the teachers," Harry answered.

"A diversion?" Henry asked.

"Maybe to get to the third floor corridor. I noticed him hanging around there a lot lately. It's supposed to be blocked off. Maybe he wants whatever is hidden there," Harry said with a shrug. "Didn't you say that you think it's something from Gringotts? The thing that was almost stolen?"

"So you think he is pretending to be scared just to fool everyone? So he can get whatever it is that is hidden? I just wonder what it is," Henry said.

Neither boy said a word at first. Both knew that they had a mystery to solve, and neither one would be able to rest until they had found out exactly what was going on. They just stared at each other.

"I hope Hermione, Ron and Neville are okay," Harry finally said.

"What do you mean?" Henry asked, he didn't really care for Ron, but Neville and Hermione were his friends.

"Ron was making fun of Hermione earlier I guess, so she cried all day in the bathrooms. I saw Neville forcing Ron to go with him to find her. She is Neville's best friend, so he is very angry about what happened. I think he was going to try and fight Ron, actually, but Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas stopped him."

Henry was very angry as well. Hermione was a good person, so he didn't understand why Weasley would bother her. He didn't know much about the boy except that he hung around with Dean and Seamus.

"Good thing I didn't hear about it then," Henry said angrily. "She has enough with the girls in her dormitory; she doesn't need anyone else bothering her. I think everyone is just jealous because she is a Muggleborn who is at the top of the year. I told her our mum was the same way."

"The Weasley twin's know our secret," Harry said. "But they promise they won't tell. They managed to get the Marauder's Map from Filch, and they noticed Harry Potter running around on the map. They found out it was me."

This isn't good Henry thought to himself. Too many people were in on the secret. He was sure the twin's wouldn't tell on them, but what if someone let something slip? There was just too much at stake. They were going to have to talk to the Marauders during Christmas. Something had to be done.

"Anyway, I am going to go finish eating. I think we need to find out what is hidden in Hogwarts though," Harry said. "Then we can stop Quirrell."


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