Would you believe it? Odd Couple actually has a sequel, if just to prove that it did have a happy ending.

It's called Even Pair and (in the spirit of a thousand fanfics just like it, dear god) it covers the trials and travails of courting a man like Prowl, as told by Jazz, and the trials and travails of being courted by a man like Jazz, as told by Prowl. Only, Prowl still has his knight in white skin in his head and is having trouble moving on, even after years and years without him. I was flirting with the idea of writing it out in full, but I just don't have the time. What I can offer you is the cliffnotes and fragments of the story I was going to write, all to be found (in order, as it would be written) at my LiveJournal. Look up the username Demzbebe and you will find them there.

Now, some of you may be railing at what seems like a last minute switch to an 'enemy' pairing. Even as I adore the LockdownxProwl relationship and I count every one of the 49 chapters I wrote to be totally worthwhile, I'm particularly proud of this (expanded) happy ending. If you've read anything by anyone Greek, you should know about tragic flaws, and Lockdown couldn't escape his particular hamartia, which was a lethal combination of pride and misaligned priorities. Tragic as it is, it's also true, and I'm just glad that Prowl managed to grow past losing him. I can't say I support JazzxProwl in every circumstance, but after humanProwl's various demons get put to rest and he grows into himself, they are exactly what the other needs in this particular universe.

Give it a read and maybe you'll agree. That said, thanks again for sticking with me, guys. You've been the most amazing readership anyone could ask for, especially with as many potshots as I've thrown you. I hope it was mostly good; that there were more smiles than pouts. Heart you and catch you later!