A/N: Hey Guys, I am currently in love with the series Demons, so I did a bit of thinking and came up with this idea, hope you enjoy.

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The raw morning mist bled across the cityscape. He might have been the last Van Helsing, but he still had to go to school. The familiar shuffle of peoples' feet on the floorboards mixed in with the sharp sounds of crossed conversations in the air around him. Then without warning, a familiar figure bounced up behind Luke and playfully smashed into him.

"Heya," Ruby chirped.

Luke grinned to himself, "Hi." Luke's eyes flicked over Ruby when he spotted a section of rough cloth, dotted with dark red, lashed around her right arm. "What happened to you?" he asked, pointing towards the bandage.

"That?" Ruby mumbled, "A stray dog of my estate bit me, it's nothing really." Luke opened his mouth to say something when Ruby swiftly changed the topic. "So," she whispered, "How's my Van Helsing?" Luke couldn't help but roll his eyes, "Well there was this Type 10…"

Now a blanket of night hung over the same cityscape. Night, the time when the Freaks came out to play. But all was reasonably quiet in the Stacks, except for Galvin's constant growing at the coffee machine. Luke was scanning a set of ancient text that Galvin had made him read, something about high level Half-Lives. Mina sat sedately next to him, drumming her fingers on a red and white striped mug. They had been expecting another night undisturbed of Half-Life attacks, until the maddened hammering began from outside.

"What the hell?" Galvin grumbled, striding over to the monitor for the outside cameras.

"What's trying to get in?" Luke questioned, straightening up.

"Nothing too powerful, looks like a Type 5," Galvin moaned, "I'll go get him."

He began to swagger up the steps leading to the door, clicking the safety of his Pulse Gun. Mina lowered her mug; Luke could tell what she was thinking by the expression drawn across her features. The only time anyone had come knocking on the Stacks's door was when that Rat Man had come to tell Galvin that was back, and that had resulted in him and Galvin almost drowning, and Ruby and Mina almost being blown up.

A thunderous click echoed about the Stacks and the banging stopped. Luke expected to hear the blast of Galvin's Pulse Gun, to hear another Freak being dispatched, but it did not come. In its place, a limestone white figure crashed down the steps and landed in a quivering heap upon the floorboards. Galvin stomped down the steps, eyes blazing with pure hate. "This Freak apparently has some news for us," he boomed.

The ivory figure scrabbled up onto its knees; it looked like a normal human to Luke, except that its eyes were as black as tar and a dancing serpent's tongue flicked from its mouth.

The Half-Life began to speak, faster than running water and in an un-naturally dry voice, " I'm begging you, please don't kill me, I have something very important to tell you."

"I'm not sure about the first bit," Galvin barked, "But hurry up and tell me the God Damn information!"

The Half-Life shrunk father into his heap, entire body quivering with fear, "There's something out there, something different, and very powerful!"

"Tell me something that I don't know," Galvin snarled, angling his Pulse Gun at the Freak's head.

"There's this creature out there though," the thing babbled, his speech becoming more incomprehensible by the second, "the most terrible creature!"

Before the next roar could surface from Galvin, Mina promptly cut him off, "What kind of creature?" The Freak twisted its head round to look at her, "Well, it was big…"

"Like that narrows it down…"Luke muttered to himself.

"…and it was furry and vicious, I saw it rip a human in half and bite one's head clean off…"

At the mention of the word 'furry' Luke heard an almost silent intake of breath beside him, Mina had begun to shiver, her hands balling into tight fists. A mix of what looked like hatred and fear had fallen across her face. Slowly, Luke placed one of his own hands over hers, stroking his thumb across her knuckles, and the pace of her rapid breaths began to fall.

Galvin was getting bored of this Freak's macabre monologue about what he had seen the creature do and how it had done it. With one swift motion the barrel of his gun was pressed between the Freak's eyes. "Go on," he taunted,"say it, one little word."

The Half-Life gave out one last trembling breath "…lupine…"

The Pulse Gun fired and in a flash of vibrant purple light, the Half-Life became a pile of ash. "Right then," said Galvin "we've got a high level Freak on our hands."

"Galvin, I don't think we should charge after it," Luke swiftly replied, eyes still focused on Mina's face.

Galvin clicked his tongue, "Maybe you're right for once, we'll re-group tomorrow."

"Thanks for the confidence," Luke muttered to himself, as his and Mina's chairs scraped back.

Helping Mina into her coat, Luke glanced back at Galvin, he was till staring at the pile of ashes. Mina's heels began to click on the stairs and Luke followed her, taking another look back. "Hey, Galvin!" he cried.

Galvin looked up, "What?"

"Don't do anything stupid."

Galvin curtly answered back with an edge of steel in his voice, "You obviously don't know me that well."

Luke was tempted to throw back a comment about but he thought better of it. Following the echoing footsteps of Mina, he left Galvin alone in the Stacks.

Galvin's gaze was focused on the heap of ash. He shut his eyes and thought hard, the Freak could have only been talking about one kind of Half-Life. Casually, he scattered the ashes with his foot, whilst mumbling to himself,"You better be right about this."