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(Naruto's Point of View)

I've learn something today as I lay on the pretty damn comfortable bed in my room. I really, really hate being asked the same question multiple times.

You would think they would have figured it out by now; I don't have anything else to say! But no, these guys are so dumb they couldn't even pass a basic education test and therefore, do not understand what the hell is coming out of my mouth. I swear, if I hear that question one more time I'll snap and go on a massive killing spree.

"So tell me, what were those Humonculo things again?"

That's it. I'm killing this inquisitor. He's pushed me too far and I'm have to kill him. He deserves death and I'll be doing the investigation unit a favor by bathing in his blood.

"Now, now Wind." I hear the Fuhrer's voice as I pulled a kunai out of my pouch before I feel a slight tap on my shoulder. When and how he entered my room, I'll never know. Maybe I was so distracted by this jack hole he slipped in or that my senses are dulling, but it didn't matter as he was here now. "He's just doing his job. There is no reason to get so hostile. …But I think I'll take it from here."

I watch with satisfaction as the inquisitor realized how close I was to killing him before he quickly left the room. Turning my attention to the Fuhrer, I sit up slightly as Nightingale jumped into my lap and begun purring away. I automatically began stroking her spine as I keep my eyes on him as he walked over to the window and looked outside of it with a frown. "Silence the room for me."

While I was surprised at his demand and his knowing that I had a privacy technique, I did as he asked with a single hand seal. The room glowed a soft blue for only a moment before it reverted to its regular self. I noticed my other cats had gone into a panic from the glow, but I continued to give the Fuhrer my full attention as he continued looking outside.

I was curious as to what he was going to say, but I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. He liked to get to the point and this was no different as he turned towards me and gave me a flat stare. "Wind, I wish to know your involvement with the Death Cat?"

Well, that was something I didn't figure would come up this soon. While I had expected it somewhat, this was a little sooner then I expected to be asked about my relationship with the two tail.

Hell, did I even know what my relationship with her was? It was difficult to answer as the same reason I think I'm falling for her is the same reason pushing me from her and until I heard it from her from her mouth, I wasn't sure what to believe. Something told me the cat wouldn't come right out and say it and was waiting for something.

"That depends on why you wish to know. Until I am sure on exactly what is going on around here, I cannot give you that answer especially if you are working with the other Homunculus?" I responded letting the Fuhrer know I knew what he was now.

It wasn't that hard to figure out, it just took a little investigating and along with my ability to detect chakra, even if it is faint, allowed me to see what he truly was. And that scythe help out tremendously as I was beginning to understand what it was saying.

The Fuhrer surprised me however. Instead of getting an angry snarl or any reaction like that, he instead simply shrugged and continued to look out the window. "I tell you I am no longer working for them, at least now that my true master has returned. My job has now turned to giving her information and I want to make sure you are on my side."

"So it was the hell cat that created you?" I asked as a clearer picture began to form before me. "I see now… Then to be perfectly honest, Nibi is close to that of a lover but I'm unsure of everything as it stands now with all that has happened. However, we both desire the same thing… To bring our child back to life."

Seeing him nod, I wondered what was going on in his head. But I didn't have to wait long to know. "She mentioned that to me last night, but she did not say it was yours too. But nevertheless, it is good to know there is someone I can trust that can hold his own against my fellow Homunculi that won't betray master's cause."

"However, to keep from being detected by their master we need to continue working as before. It won't be hard to fool her, but you will have to complete the missions she gives me for you to make sure. Is that acceptable, Wind?" The Fuhrer asked me as he finally turned around and looked me in the eyes.

Sighing a moment as I ran my hand through my hair, I could only shrug my shoulders before I reached out and grab my pack. "Seeing as it is the only way to keep you from harms way my Fuhrer and it will benefit both Nibi and my search to bring our child back, it will be done."

Digging into it, I removed a single scroll before biting my thumb and drawing blood. Rolling the scroll out, I wiped my blood on the scroll before a small bird appeared with a small compartment attached to its leg. "Use this bird to contact me discretely and silently. The chamber where the paper is will only open for me and with a drop of your blood, you."

"I see…" The Fuhrer commented before catching the message holder I threw to him and examining it. "This is quite ingenious. I might have to make this standard procedure so some of the military's secrets don't leak out to the public domain as they have been."

Watching him examine it before tossing it back, the Fuhrer smiled once more before motioning towards the door. Understanding that I had visitors, I released the jutsu as a knock on the door came. "Well, that is all I wanted to know. Oh, by the way you have a week off to recover, Wind. So use it well!"

Opening the door, the Fuhrer smiled before patting the armored suit on the chest "Good to see you Alphonse. I was just going to see your brother."

"Oh… Thank you, Fuhrer." Alphonse respectably said as he allowed King Bradley by, who was walking a brisk pace as he probably had work to do.

Moments later, before Al could even close the door, a soldier ran up and almost barged in. "Sir! Have you seen the Fuhrer come by here? He was suppose to be in office…"

"He's fine, soldier. As long as he is within the Central office, don't panic and use your brain. Think what would the Fuhrer be doing out of his office after a few soldiers have been injured and are located within Central." I stopped him before looking him straight in the eyes to convey what I was speaking.

It was an effective way to get people to listen to you, but some were immune… Like that god damned interrogator!

"Thank you sir! I know where he is now!" The soldier responded before rushing down the hall as he had a good feeling the Fuhrer was at the elder Elric's room.

Shaking my head as the door finally closed, I noticed Alphonse had begun playing with the cat he had adopted. "Are you sure it is fine that I leave him here?"

Smiling at the kid, despite the fact he was only a suit of armor, I nodded as I slid to the side of my bed and out from under the sheets. "It is absolutely fine. Even if I'm not here to take care of them, Lira will be here everyday to do so for me. So don't you worry, your cat will be fine."

I could tell that had comforted Alphonse, but I could see something was wrong. Okay, that was I lie. I could hear there was something wrong as his voice seemed more subdued. It was physically impossible to see that there was anything wrong. He couldn't show a visible emotion… Except that one time when he blinked.

Not even sure how that was even physically possible, I shook my head before lifting my body off the bed before I began searching through my clothes, finding something suitable. "So you want to tell me what's wrong while you are here?"

There was no doubt in my mind Alphonse was shocked, especially after he gasped and turned his head swiveled towards my direction. Before he could even utter another syllable, I stopped him. "I know these kind of things, Alphonse. As a ninja, I was trained to understand emotions… Something I never really was able to do properly until recently."

"You were a ninja?" The metallic boy stated, stunned yet questioning as I hadn't said that before.

"Yes, but we're not on the subject of me here. We're talking about you. Now spill or I'll have to tie you down to tell me." I commented, letting him know he wasn't going to leave without telling what was wrong. Something happened to him at the fifth lab and I wanted to know what.

Seeing the boy look at me with a flat face, which at least was normal as suit of armors shouldn't even have faces like his, I really began to wonder what had happened when he looked down and clenched his fist. "I… When both of you went in, I was attacked by another suit of armor with a soul transmuted to it."

Becoming a little more interested, thinking at first it might have been something trivial, I now gave him my full attention as I laid my clothes on the table and sat down. "While he couldn't hurt me… It is what he said that is causing me to wonder if my… If my existence here now isn't something that was fabricated by another…"

Narrowing my eyes for a moment, I waited to see if Alphonse would continue. When he didn't, I moved over towards him. Before he knew it, I brought my foot into his metallic head and knocked it off. "You really are stupid."

Scrambling to get his helmet as I picked up my clothes and headed to the bathroom, he placed his head back on before yelling at me. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"

Rolling my eyes, I sighed before simply turning and gazing towards him. "What person would sacrifice his own limbs to create a puppet soul that would do whatever he wished yet treat him like his own brother? …There isn't a single damn one and I have known a lot of people that did fucked up things!"

Watching as Alphonse jumped back in surprise, scaring all the cats in the room, I turned my head from him and sighed. "Alphonse, I don't know what happened between you and your brother, but I do know this. He loves you and whether you may be a puppet soul or not, that is all that should matter."

Having a good feeling that I had made Alphonse at least think about those factors, factors he had probably forgotten about those and focused on only what the other suit had told him, Naruto opened his bathroom door. "You should go see your brother… He's probably worried about you."

Walking in and closing the door, I sighed and rubbed my temples lightly. I can now understand what Pa and Ma had gone through with me, to a small degree at the least. But at least now, Alphonse won't think of running off. There was no doubt in my mind that was what he would have done if he went to his brother first.

Setting the shower to how I prefer it, I was glad to hear the outside door click signifying Alphonse had left. At least I did one good deed today!

(Naruto's PoV End)

(Nibi's Point of View)

God, now I remember why I hate trying to be considerate. No one listens to me, even if I could kill every single person here with my bare hands!

"No, I'm afraid I can't help you…" The man said to me as I looked at the entrance to the Devil's Nest.

I twitched as my chakra began to flare. I had to interrogate three people, kill one of them, ask a few people around town and all I ever got was 'I'm afraid I can't help you.'

The hell if this guy didn't know if he was here! The chimera I killed had a god damned match box with Devil's Nest on it so he had to at least be here. Grabbing him by the throat, I slammed him against and almost through the wall.

Screams filled the streets as the civilians around panicking and fleeing seeing what I had done. However, I paid no heed to them as I growled and my fingers lengthened into claws, cutting into the flesh of his neck. "Listen here you worthless pile of shit, either tell me whether Greed is here or not or I will fucking rip your throat out and devour your intestines before your friends!"

I think he's listening now. The sheer amount of terror on his face could tell me that, but it was the smell of urine trickling down his leg that let me know he would listen. "HE'S INSIDE WITH THE OTHERS! Please don't kill me!"

Tossing him to the side as he no longer had any purpose, I no longer was going to go with the 'nice' approach. It wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I might as well go with what all bijuu do best. Cause havoc and destruction. Those things seem to get people's attention and fast.

Breaking down the door with a single kick, I entered with my chakra burning around me. Almost immediately, half a dozen people jumped before me, all of them being chimera. However, I cared not what they were as my target was now standing in my presence. "Greed… GET THE FUCK OVER HERE NOW!"

The look on his face would have been priceless if I had not been pissed. Having most of my time spent trying to find this place after visiting the toads and informing Pride of his new duties kind of helped the fact that I was trying to bring my child back to life!

I could tell his henchmen were about to do something and at least Greed could tell I wasn't in a good mood. "Stand back immediately… All of you will be slaughtered if you try anything."

Seeing that they were listening, Greed stepped towards me before pocketing his hands. "Well, well. I wouldn't have expected to see you right after getting free, mother. What is it that you want of me?"

Not in the mood for his attitude, I struck out and grabbed him by his hand, my clawed hands tracing his Ouroboros tattoo. "Enough with the shit, Greed. I have enough to deal with and I won't hesitate to erase every last part of your being! I need you for a job."

Greed knew he didn't have a choice in the matter. He was going to have to listen to me as I let him go and he began to rub his hand. "Geez, alright. I don't know what's wrong, but I'll handle it."

"Good. Now that you are listening, I will warn you once, if you fail I won't hesitate to obliterate you and create a new Greed." I laid my law down, letting him know the stakes before continuing. "You are to head to the Ishbalin territory to a city called Loire. Nothing is happening there yet, so you won't have much to do…"

"But, that will be the final point where a Philosopher's stone will be created thanks to Dante's manipulation of the military." I announced I knew of her plans know thanks to Pride's information.

I knew Greed knew what I wanted off him immediately as he smirked. "Ah, so you want me to move in and claim the stone for you just like old times? Fine, I'll do so but I want to know what in it for me."

Outstretching my palm, a golden energy spewed out of my palm in a fiery sphere like pattern. I simply smirked as Greed immediately could tell what the orb was. "I will give you this, a Spirit of Immortality, if you succeed and follow my instructions like a good boy."

Dismissing it, I knew there was no need for Greed to even answer. He wanted everything there was to have, so he would obey me now that he knew what I was prepared to hand over to him. It might have been much, but I would do anything just as my other half would. "Just make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of others, that is all."

"You have my word, mother. I will make sure soon as the stone is created, I will protect it with my life to give it to you." Greed responded, a devilish grin spewing from his mouth.

I only grinned back before turning away. "That is good my son. Now I'll be on my way… Be sure to watch for any signs of my presence. I will keep you informed of what's going on."

With a billow of dust, I disappeared into the shadows, seeking my next target. This one would be even harder, but I had no choice.

I had to cross back to my home world to see if there was anything I could salvage of my ex-vessel. After all, she held the key that would make all of this work.

(End of Nibi's PoV)

(Edward's Point of View)

God, I hate it when Winry is around. It not because she isn't one my friends or someone I don't care for, it is just that she chews me out for every little thing when it comes to my automail! At least this time she didn't chew me out as badly as she has done before, but still…

At least Al is back to normal. He had been acting kind of strange until he came right out and said what was on his mind. At least he doesn't hate me for causing him to lose his body, but I wonder what made him think that he was a puppet soul? Eh, that doesn't matter. What matters is he's back to normal.

"EDWARD! Will you listen to me?" Brought me back to the world as I got hit upside the head with a wrench.

"AH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU CRAZY WITCH?" I screamed back, for some reason feeling the need to curb my cursing. I normally didn't do that much, only around Winry it seems.

Hearing her huff and turn from me, I sighed before she finally spoke. "You kind of zoned out and I asked you if we are at his room yet. I kind of want to see Al's new kitten!"

Feeling a large bead of sweat falling from the back of my head, my eyes twitched and I had half a mine of creating the blade out of my automail for fear effect. Thankfully, Alphonse nodded as he pointed to Naruto's door. "Yeah, his room just over here."

Knocking on the door, it didn't take long for there to be a response. However, hearing "Come in." and a familiar female voice really didn't bode well for me. I simply stepped away from the door and pointed to Alphonse. "You first Al."

"Ed, are you afraid she will be half naked again." Alphonse taunted me which caught Winry's ire as she gazed towards me with what seemed to be an unholy rage.

Twitching at my metallic brother, knowing he was trying to get me into trouble, I opened the door before shielding my eyes just in case she happened to be wearing nothing but the towel again. "It is just us! Al wanted to come over and check on his cat before we head out tomorrow."

"I'm not in the towel. You don't have to shield you eyes so don't worry about me pummeling you." I heard Lira speak before sighing in relief as I drop my hand to see she was sitting next to the window, which was oddly open, and peering out as if she was watching something.

Walking in behind me, Alphonse bowed lightly. Why, I don't know. Maybe he thinks she some kind of royalty, which was possible as the clothing she seemed to wear was very elaborate and seemed fit for a woman of high stature. "Hello Ms. Lira. This is our friend Winry."

"Hello, nice to meet you." Winry stated, unsure how to act as Alphonse had actually bowed and I wasn't really doing anything of the sort.

"The pleasure is mine." Lira responded before she turned to me. "Naruto is out training right now. If you wish to speak with him, he's right out there."

Seeing that she had tilted towards the window, I looked out before my jaw almost broke from its hinges. Did he just run up the side of the building to avoid the burst of flames that came from his clone? What the hell was going on here?

Really unable to focus on anything else, I got clocked in the head as I apparently wasn't listening to Winry again before she grumbled and walked out to the window. The next thing I knew I had to cover my ears as she let out a girlish scream. "OH MY GOD! This was the guy you were talking about? He's nothing like what you said… He's a dream boat!"

Twitching my jaw as it hung open, I gave her my best impression of a fish before Lira chuckled at Winry's reaction. "Yeah, he gets that a lot… Especially when he isn't wearing a shirt. …But hands off, he's mine."

Having no clue where she got one of Naruto's blades and pointed it at Winry, who slowly began to back away from the window, I sighed before slipping out to have a word with him. Despite liking his as much as I like Mustang, he was at least someone I could trust right now. He saved Alphonse in a critical situation and I owed him at least that much.

Stopping nearby, making sure to stay out of the way of his battle with his clone, I waited until he noticed me. Thankfully it didn't take that long as he took out his clone with a single blow to the throat that made me cringe. "What is it you want, Elric?"

Twitching at the tone of his voice, I put it aside as he at least make a pun on my small stature. OH GOD DAMMIT! I JUST CALLED MYSELF AN A INSIGNIFICANT PIPSQUEAK!

Getting over my own burn of myself, I sighed before speaking. "I just came by to say thank you for what happened back in the lab… And for helping my brother out a few days ago."

"There is no need to thank me… I was only doing what was best at the time. Besides, if you and your brother stay alive it only benefit me. After all, anyone else searching for the stone is an ally, for the most part."

I couldn't help but frown at that, but he had a point. And at least with that exception at the end, I was pretty sure he was mentioning the Homunculi we ran into at the lab. "No matter, I still owe you for that. …But there are a few things I want to ask."

"You wish to know why I seek the stone, don't you?" Naruto asked as if he seemingly knew what one of my questions was going to be.

Being unable to deny that, I simply nodded as that was one of the things that was bothering me about him. "Yeah, that is one of them. But there are a few other things more pressing then that. One of them has to deal with her as she seems to hold a lot of power here and does that have to deal with how you got your rank?"

It looked as if Naruto was thoughtful for a moment; as if he was contemplating if she did have anything to deal with how he got his rank, it didn't take him long to answer me. "I'm not really sure how she holds power here, but there is no doubt she has strings here so my rank could very well be because of her manipulation, not that it matters as it really means nothing to me."

Understanding where he was coming from, mainly because I never liked to pull my rank on soldiers, I stretching out my shoulder. It felt as if my automail was lagging a bit, probably because it was just installed. "Meh, I kind of figured. She doesn't seem to be the kind to tell you what's going on."

Naruto only nodded in agreement, probably having trouble with her in that department as his eyes twitched at Lira before he turned back to me. "Yeah, she has that bad habit. I swear I won't know what going on till it is almost completely done and then I'll be in a fucked up and caught in a no win situation."

Trying not to laugh at that as I felt like that all the time, I bit my lip before sighing. "There is one other thing I want to know even though I'm pretty sure I know the answer now. …Why didn't you tell us human lives were needed to create the stone?"

Seeing that he wasn't going to give me an answer as it was self explanatory, I sighed once more before scratching the side of my head. "Never mind, I have a good idea of why you didn't. Anyways both Alphonse and I will be heading out to my teacher's place in Dublin. I'll give you a call if I find anything out about the stone."

Getting a simple nod, I turned and was about to walk off when he spoke. "Just like you, I want the stone Edward… But now this, while I will help you get your bodies back, my need for it is still greater then yours."

Rounding on him, I was ready to fight as my fist clenched tightly. How dare he think that we didn't need the stone as much as he did? "And why is that, huh? Do you have any idea of the hell we've been through, do you?"

I hate this bastard. He fucking chuckled at me. I was ready to run up and punch him in the face, despite knowing that everyone from his room and anyone else that heard me yell was watching when he spoke in a silent tone. "I know all too well, Elric… But you know nothing of the feeling of seeing your own child's blood splattered across an entire room while your lover was tortured before her life faded as she had something a group hell bent on destroying the planet wanted."

My entire body froze. It could have been that I was afraid as I had never seen some look so furious that I feared my own life was in danger before. But to be truthful, I think I froze because of what it was he said. Now that I knew at least why he wanted the stone, I had the utmost respect for him, if not a little fear.

Feeling the tension of my body finally begin to release and the fear that had washed over me moments before vanish as if something had possessed me, I panted a few times as I hunched over. Lifting my head so I can see him, I took a few more breathes before finally gathering the strength to speak. "I see now… You want to bring her and your baby back…"

"Only my child… I can accept her fate as it was almost my own. …However, my baby did not deserve what happened to her." Naruto stated as his entire body shook before he fell to a knee as if he began to convulse.

Before I knew it, Lira was at his side and had wrapped him in a comforting embrace. Just as she did that, she looked at me for a brief moment and almost growled at me. "Go away… Now."

Knowing I had probably set off another episode like Hughes did at the hospital, I did as she said. I didn't want to stay any longer, not anymore. But now that I know what I do… I'm not sure if I could use the stone to bring our bodies back.

Not until I was sure that his child was back in his arms.

(Edward's PoV End)

(Naruto's Point of View)

It was well past the normal time it took me to wake up, but for once I really didn't care. I still had a few days off to recover from what happened at the lab. Sure I was fine now as my body knew how to recover faster thanks to the fox's presence within it for so long, but it still didn't hurt.

Especially if what I think happened last night actually happened.

The last thing I really remember was that I was talking to Edward before telling him the reason I wanted the stone. The rest was kind of a blur as I'm pretty sure I had another seizure like episode. I knew Nibi was there and she was comforting me, but I really don't know how she was doing so.

But now as I lay here in bed, bare as the day I was born, lying next to an equally nude demon cat, I am pretty damn sure some things happened last night. But why would she do such a thing? Wasn't that kind of taking advantage of me, not that I can complain that much as… Damn.

However, it was the principle of the matter. I still wasn't over Yugito yet, despite knowing that she was never really faithful and it was more then likely Nibi that who I had fallen in love with. Not only that, I really didn't trust her too much and I really wasn't going to till I knew everything.

Yet as I laid there with her head on my chest, her purring causing me some very big problems as I wasn't in the mood to really do that now, I sighed as it looked like I wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

Once again, I was glad that I didn't have to work today or anyone come by as that would not be fun to deal with as I didn't want to get mauled by the hell cat. However, something dawned on me as my eyes twitched. Cats didn't purr when they were asleep. "You've been awake this entire time, haven't you?"

"Of course." Was all she had said contently, making me twitch before I groaned as my hand covered my face.

"Will you tell me why we are in bed together, much less naked?" I complained as she finally lifted her head off my head and gave me a shit eating grin.

Seeing her face change rather fast, Nibi sighed making me wonder what had caused her to shift moods suddenly. "I'm sorry… Nothing I did yesterday was able to bring you out of your shock, so I went with the only I could think of. I only meant it only to calm you and get you to sleep…"

"So we did… That's great." I spoke, my anger getting somewhat the better of me as I glare at her.

Nibi only nodded once before looking down, tears streaking down her face. "I didn't mean for that to happen, but you thought I was her and… I… I just can't stand it. I miss our baby too, you know! I just wanted to anything to get rid of that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach, even if it is only temporarily!"

As her words hit me, something I never really thought of before occurred to me. While she was demon, she was just like me. She was an emotional wreck that was desperate to get back what she had lost. And just like me, she was willing to do whatever it took to bring her back.

I felt numb. All this time I had believed I was the only one hurting, but here she was, suffering just as much as I was. Maybe she didn't have to go through all the things I had in my life time, but her heart was bleeding just as mine was as we suffered the one thing any parent dreads.

Unsure of what I was doing as I was listening to my instincts, I gently lifted her head till our eyes met. Trailing the same hand over her face, I wiped the tears from her before bringing my lips to her.

I wasn't sure why I did, but it felt like it was the right thing to do. We were suffering over the same thing so maybe; just maybe, this could help mend our hearts for now. At least until we gained possession over the stone and brought our daughter back.

Just as it felt that she was beginning to bring herself into the kiss, a rapping at the window caught our attention and broke the kiss. For some reason I felt as if the emptiness in my heart had been filled, even if it was ever so slight. But at the window, I caught what it was that broke the kiss.

"Great, the Fuhrer is calling me. …There goes my week vacation." I grumbled before slipping out of bed and opening the window to let the bird in.

As it landed on my shoulder, I opened the compartment and pulled out the note within. Reading it quickly, I suddenly realized why King Bradley had contacted me. "Well… Shit. Looks like I can't ignore this one."

Feeling Nibi next to me, somehow already being dressed if not a little sloppily done, she looked over my shoulder to read the note. She immediately frowned at what she read. "Go and make sure he lives. Now that he knows of the corruption in the military, we need to keep him safe and silent. At least for now. We'll need his credibility after this is all over."

Frowning as I didn't like what she said, I turned towards her only to see she was at my drawer, throwing my clothes at me. "I'm sorry love, but I cannot tell you anything of now. I know you and you will try and stop what is about to happen, so it is best you are left in the dark. Besides, that is when you do your best work."

Gritting my teeth, knowing that something bad was in the future, I was ready to do something before Nibi swept to me. With a quick peck on the lips, she immediately vanished leaving me no way to question her as I had a feeling she wouldn't be around for a while.

Sighing as this was becoming an annoying trend, I slipped the clothes she threw at me before smirking as I saw she had added my cloak to the mix. "You know, I should use this thing soon. After all, that would be a waste if I didn't."

Strapping it to my shoulders, making it look more like a cape, I made sure the cats were fed and water before exiting through the window, closing it to make sure no one got in thanks to a few seals I had placed. Seeing it was sunset, I had to act fast as I knew things would go down quickly and if I wasn't there in time, Hughes would not make it.

Running up the wall and making it to the roof, I had to pull out a map as I had no clue where the hell the street number and apartment I was suppose to go was located. Thankfully, thanks to the fact that everything was symmetrical, it was easy to find the exact spot. However, it was good distance away.

"Well, it is about time I used the modification Nibi has made to this thing." I commented as I raced my chakra through my system before leaping off the building. Closing my eyes for a moment to focus, I lightly clapped my hands together and kept them in that position as I focused onto my cloak.

I immediately felt the pull of the wind around me and it felt as if I hand stepped foot on land. I kept my forward momentum going and rushed towards where I heading, not touching the ground as I whipped by everything faster then I could physically move. So thankfully, no one could see me running on air.

Nearly passing by my target destination, I landed on the roof before glancing back at my cloak with wide eyes. Now that, I hadn't expected. It was as if I was flying, but running. That would save me a load of time as I've heard those trains were killer.

Focusing my attention on my mission, I was tempted to use my sensei's infamous jutsu to get inside when I noticed my target had entered the building with the Fuhrer's secretary, as if she was leading him here. "Great, just great. I'm going to have to deal with one more Homunculi now."

Using my stealth honed through years of training, the years that I was actually trained in stealth, I slipped into an unwitting person's apartment. He didn't know I was here, so I wasn't going to bother him as I quickly exited, making sure to keep the door closed silently.

Seeing the number on the door, I cursed as I was in the three hundreds. The room he was heading to was in the two hundreds. "Lousy fucking apartment building… Don't even bother with one through ninety-nine."

Racing down the stair way, I stopped as I noticed Maes and Ms. Douglas were slowly heading down the hall to the door. It was best I stayed hidden till the right time. However, someone else had the same thought I had. "Damn… the green haired one is hiding just on the other side of the hall with a gun. Now why would that be?"

Thinking as Hughes went in the room; only one thought crossed my mind. They had a back-up plan in case Hughes got out of the trap they had set up for him. While I knew nothing of his abilities, something told me he wouldn't go down easily and get out of it. He was a family man, after all.

Hearing a scuffle, I knew it was just about time to jump out when Hughes burst out of the room. Seconds later, the woman with lances came out after him. But then to my surprise, the morpher had changed into a familiar woman, Maria Ross if he remember her name and shot Lust in the chest, making her back off.

Just as the fake Ross was about to lead them, I decided to change my appearance as well. A quick transformation and I had taken Sasuke's appearance and decided to act. Using a regular knife, not to give myself away, I aimed and took out the fake Ross with a blow straight to the head.

Almost immediately I had to avoid a push knife thrown towards me with very good aim. Now if the speed was better, it could have been a threat but Hughes was only human and it didn't seem we were to powerful in this world.

Despite this, I didn't hesitate as I rushed towards him and grabbed him by the collar and broke through someone door. Seeing a window and ignoring the screams of the wife, I dragged Hughes behind me before jumping through the window, using my body to shield Hughes before landing.

That was a bit awkward as I had to hold bridal style, but I dropped him immediately. "That was not Ross, Lieutenant Colonel. That was the Homunculi that could transform that Edward told you of."

He looked at me for a moment before cursing as he picked himself up. "Fuck, you could have at least told me it was you before we made that jump!"

Jumping over and pushing him away, I rolled away from the lances that pierced the ground where we stood before. "We don't have time for that right now! We've got to get out of here now! Do you have a car?"

"No! I was driven in a cab! How the hell did you get here?" Maes yelled back at me as he took off on foot, running towards Central as I chased behind him.

"I ran!" Was all I said before I pulled out another knife and speedily made a transmutation seal, forming a wall of concrete to block the lances sent towards us as it seemed the female Homunculi wasn't going to give up her chase.

Now if I was on my own and my job wasn't to protect the Lieutenant Colonel, I would have stood my ground and fought her. But since his safety was first and I knew there was two more of these guys, I had to make sure I got him to base.

As Hughes stood besides me, a few of the lances pierced through and barely missed either of us when he looked over at me. "We've got to get to a phone booth and call for help… But I'm not sure if anyone will come to help. Wait… Do you have the direct number to the Fuhrer's office?"

"Better… I've already had someone coming to pick me up before I came across you." I suddenly stated as I noticed a familiar person driving by before… "Oh fuck… Duck!"

As the gun fired, I cursed as his aim could have been better but thankfully the person's aim wasn't too great while driving as the bullets only grazed them. Getting tired of this, I turned to Hughes. "Is there a sewer line below here?"

"Yes but why… AHH!" He didn't even finish. After I heard yes, I broke through the concrete road and dropped us to the sewer water below. Almost gagging as I spat out the horrid tasting water, I knew we couldn't stay here long as I grabbed Hughes' shoulder. "Come on, we've got to move."

After a few moments of running and no one chasing us, I begin to let my guard down. But something wasn't right. They wouldn't have cut off their pursuit so quickly if Hughes was a threat to their plans for what he had found out. So why wouldn't they give chase down here?

As if he had the same thoughts I did, Hughes stopped and began to look around. "Something is seriously wrong about this… Why would they not be coming after us any longer? Unless…"

"Don't even point the finger at me." I growled as I knew what Hughes was getting at. If I was him, I would have had the same thoughts.

Hughes didn't react and instead pointed his push knife towards me. "But I can't be sure either. That very well could have been Ross back there and you could be the one that transforms like Uzumaki said. I'm afraid I'll need proof of who you are."

While he did have a valid point, we really didn't have the time for this. Especially now as it felt as if I was being watched…

I couldn't help but be shocked as the water from behind Hughes began to rise. There was no way they had a creature down here, as if they expected us to go this way. But then an all too familiar feeling began to settle in as it formed around him.

It seemed Maes had noticed something was going on behind him and had turned around to see the water forming behind him. Then suddenly it crashed around him and swallowed him into its stomach.

Not going to allow Hughes to drown, I used a replacement and switch myself with Hughes. "GO! GET OUT OF HERE AND GET BACK TO BASE! I'LL HANDLE THIS!"

Good, it seems Hughes was listening to me now. I'm glad to see that he now believed who I was and ran towards off, knowing where to head. However, now I was in trouble as I couldn't breathe and it seemed as it the water was trying to force its way into my orifices to drown me. It also seemed that this water was much denser then it should have been and that made it difficult to move.

I wasn't going to let that happen and seeing that I had shown off an ability only I could use, there was no use of holding this disguise either. I would have to kill this Homunculi to make sure our everything would go according to plan.

Soon as I released the transformation, I used my chakra enhanced strength in order to move and force my hands together to complete the circuit. Immediately all of her watery body was blown away from me as the force of my winds was too great.

Landing in the water, seeing that she began to form into the shape of Ms. Douglas, I stayed my ground as I looked towards her. "You… Why are you here? What is Pride thinking? Unless… He thinks he can betray us with a new tool at his disposal."

Spitting out the water in my mouth, I gazed at her as my chakra began to soar. "Don't ask me what he is thinking, I just follow my orders. But now that I am here, it is clear I can't let you live."

"What can you do you? You may be strong enough to kill Envy in his human form, but I'm on a whole different level. You can't kill what's not killable!"

I only smirked at her before I raced behind her. She was too slow to even see me move as I landed on her back. This made me grin as this would be a great way to reveal stress as I whispered into her ear. "Well then, won't we have a fun time to see how you die?"

As she turned to me in shock, she had no time to react as I had formed a Rasengan and drove it into her chest. Water began to splatter everywhere as she scream in pain as her water particles splattered all over the sewer.

However, I did not like what I was seeing. All of the water particles simply began to gather together as if there had been no damage caused. But it was no cause to panic as I walked towards her forming body as she yelled out at me. "See! Despite all the pain you may be able to deliver, you can't do a thing to kill me."

"Well I see tearing you apart didn't work. But let's see how you like fire?" I grinned as I went through the necessary seals before breathing in and breathing out a stream of intensely hot flames.

At first it seemed to work as the flames evaporated a lot of the water in the area and even worked on her to an extent. The problem was the more water it put out, the less effective it was as the water was fizzling it out, creating a super heated mist that took away my vision.

I was suddenly swarmed by water that tried to wrap around me as it did to Hughes, but I was ready and easily able to jump back. However, the water lashed out as I was jumping and got me across the chest. Sliding back, I easily stood up as it only stung and hardily did the damage the fat one's tackle did.

"Well, fire was a good idea… But I forgot water puts out fire. But there is something water is very bad against and I know just what that is now." I spoke in a dastardly voice as I noticed Ms. Douglas face was all she had visibly formed to fight me.

I then begin to realize why Orochimaru and any other person like him I knew used such a voice. Not only was it fun, but it made it easier to tell what your opponent was about to do thanks to their reactions. So as she rushed me, I prepared myself

After all my fights with Sasuke, I had finally decided enough was enough. I had to learn lighting jutsu as they were simply too much of a hazard to counter with just about anything else. The thing was, Konoha had practically none. However, the Cloud… Well that was a different story.

Going through a series of seals as Douglas almost on me, electricity began to spark around me as I brought my hands in front. She didn't have a chance as I jacked up my chakra for this, making a dazzling show as bolts of electricity sparked from my chakra.

It seemed as if there was hundreds of them, but it didn't matter as she started screaming as her body began to evaporate almost on contact with each one. And what of her body that wasn't being evaporate was being knocked back from the force. I had taken her face out, but it quickly reformed as it didn't seem to matter as she was liquid.

But it was then when I noticed something. Her body had begun to revert to its normal, bare body as it seemed my electric attack had an effect. It was then the same pinkish-red stones I had collected after I first killed the one that could transform, began spewing out of her mouth as if she had began vomiting.

Picking them up, I gave them a quick looked before I looked down at her then back at them. It was if I had an epiphany as I crushed the stones in my hand, turning them into dust. "I see now… Those stones are your life force and each time you die, you spew them."

Seeing her look up at me, she suddenly transformed into water and attempted to get away. I wasn't going to let that happen as I focused my chakra and used a water jutsu and drained her body back to my direction before I splattered her against the wall.

Soon as she began to reform, I formed another set of seals and was ready to attack. "So all I have to do is keep hitting you until you spew every last one!"

Bolt after bolt, powerfully charged lighting bolts crashed into her like rain. I was not going to let up as I knew if she escaped, she would inform her master and whatever it was Nibi and the Fuhrer had plan would be foiled. I could not allow that to happen as it was the only way I was going to get my daughter back.

As I felt my chakra beginning to lessen faster then it normally would, I finally gave it a rest as I had almost forgot Kyuubi was no longer within me to refill my reserves. But to my surprise, I saw her reforming once again, however, this time she didn't move as the amount of stones around her told me the story.

She might have had one or two left, but she was still alive and I couldn't let her live. Using the only lighting jutsu I had learned in the leaf, I felt like the avenger as lighting burst at the palm of my hands and the sound of thousands of birds chirped filled the sewer passage.

Seeing her terrified look as she looked me in the eyes, felt as if I was killing someone's mother. It stalled my strike as I looked down at her for a moment longer before closing my eyes as another feeling washed over me. "You… You were the Elric's mother, weren't you? Before you turned to what you are now."

The look she gave me didn't matter. It was the eyes that gave it away. They were the same as his… This was the sin that they bared. But despite that, I drove the electricity into her head, her body immediately dispersing into water vapor from the strike.

Ripping my hand from the ground as Chidori was a little excessive for the job; I opened my eyes before turning to where Hughes had ran. "You should have got out of here like I said. What if I had lost?"

"You didn't, so it was best I stayed back anyways." Maes stated before he looked at Naruto sheepishly. "But, the real reason is because I have no clue which way it is to base."

Almost face faulting at what he said, I sighed before walking over to him and led the way. But I know that wasn't the truth to why he had stayed. He did so because he was the head of the Investigations Unit and why he stayed was clear.

He needed to learn everything possible about the Homunculi. And now we knew how to kill them so they wouldn't come back.

(Naruto's PoV End)

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