Requiems of the Past Life

By Shari


The wind rustled through his dark hair, causing several locks to fall forwards into his eyes. With a slight degree of irritation he moved a hand to brush them aside as he surveyed the busy Tokyo suburb. For how many centuries, in how many reincarnations had he walked these streets? Through the ages he had searched and finally he had found them. He had waited one thousand years and countless rebirths he had endured until their paths might cross again.

The darkness in the world at that time was drawn to him, making him strong and feeding off his bitterness and hatred. A black link was formed between him and the demoness and she granted him power. For a thousand years it lay dormant within him, lurking just below the surface and waiting.

Yet his awakening came too late and by then Metallia had been quietened once more. Without the link, his powers began to fade and soon there would be nothing left. Even his body, which was a vassal for evil and nothing more, was beginning to show signs of fatigue.

Such injustice had been done to him for he had waited so long for them to be reborn and now he was dying. So his hatred and fury grew and out of it something new, a greater power, was formed. This power and all that remained of his spirit would be used to obtain what was rightfully his and end his suffering that had lasted countless lifetimes.

Why should they be granted happiness and all he was given was pain? The children of the Moon were deceitful and had long seduced the Earth with lies disguised as hope. Even their own were treated with contempt and he, being of mixed origin, was not welcome in their Kingdom. He had become an outcast to both worlds, shrouded in shadow and forgotten for all time. His fate had been decided long before his birth and now was the time for him to take his revenge out upon those who had damned him.