Lets all give a round of applause to the legend that is Stepahnie Meyer, she is a truly talented writer. And without her the world would be deprived of the Cullens. I claim no rights to the story, my story is based on her characters but exploring a different plot.

100 Years On

When Edward left Bella in the forest, Sam couldn't find her in time, Edward thought she was dead but didn't turn to the Volturi, instead he's anti-social and it's breaking the Cullens apart. Hours later after Edward left her she was transformed by one of her now coven pals Camilla, her diet consists of animal blood but she's not sure who inspired her to do so. In time Bella's memory of being human are very vague, and 100 years later when Bella and her coven move to Forks, they bump into the Cullens.

Chapter 1



"Edward," I cried out feebly as the rain continued to fall heavily from the sky, where it accumulated on the tree canvas above and fell in bigger drops to the floor of the woods. I was shivering from the cold; I don't know how long I had been lying here for, but I didn't care, without him my life wasn't worth living. I blinked and when I opened my eyes I jumped, standing in front of me was a beautiful black haired, pale skin woman with red eyes, whose beauty could rival even Rosalie's. If I didn't know better I would think that she was wearing contacts. But no, I was no now more accustom to the world of myths and legends, and knew she was a vampire... But not like the Cullen's. No, her diet consisted of human blood, "Vampire," I murmured

"Chris," I heard her whisper. In a matter of seconds and a rush of wind, a tall man with equally pale skin and golden brown hair stood next to her, his beauty like all Vampires was unbelievable as well. His eyes were also the deep scarlet red I had seen in James, Victoria, and Laurent's.

"Milla," I heard him whisper to her, "You found a snack." I felt my heart beat faster out of some weird happiness; I no longer had to live without Edward.

"No Chris!" she shouted as he slowly approached me, "I think... I want to keep this one,"

"Milla!" he replied, he sounded exasperated, "Can't you smell her. Her blood is so... appetising."

"No Chris," she replied whispering, "She knows what we are, I heard her. I can sense she is in the early stages of Pneumonia, I want to turn her."

"Ok," Chris muttered, "I don't think I will be able to resist." Camilla nodded as watched Chris turn and run away into the shadows of the tree. She slowly approached me and got down onto her knees.

"What's your name," she asked as she pulled my head onto her lap

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella." I replied as my strength started ebbing away.

"Hi Bella, I'm Camilla, I prefer to Milla, my mate's name is Christopher or Chris. He left because he doesn't think he will be able to resist your blood when I bite you to turn you. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, you mean to turn me into a vampire."

"Yes, now I know you don't know how this happens or what you are going to feel." I interrupted her before she could finish.

"I know exactly what happens, and what to expect." I said as I lifted my hand which had been bitten by James not so long ago. She took my hand gently and examined the bite.

"But how is that possible? You should be one of us."

"The venom was sucked out."

"Oh... Well, you know what is going to happen, and I'm sorry to have to put you through this." She said as she leant in so her mouth was next to the crook of my neck. "I'm truly sorry," she said before biting into my neck causing an ear splitting scream to be emitted from my mouth.

End of Flashback

"Izzy," I heard someone call from a distance, I shook my self from my daydream, and looked up to see Milla and Chris staring at me.

"Sorry," I replied "I was daydreaming, had a flashback again. This time it was of the night you turned me."

"I know you don't want to be here Izzy, especially now after one hundred years after being changer that being back in Forks is causing all these memories to come back, causing you distress. If you want, we can leave." I looked in to Milla's now Butterscotch coloured eyes and saw even though she was willing to leave she didn't want to. Chris and Milla after ten years of watching me feed and much persuasion on my part had changed their diet. And now ninety years later after another idea of mine, we were now deciding to settle down in one place so we could go out during the day.

"It's ok Milla, after all it was my idea to come here, and I'd hate to ruin all the effort you two went through of changing your diet." I saw her smile grow slightly, and knew she was currently resisting doing her happy dance. "Is it time for school?" I asked

"Yes, that's why we came to get you," Chris replied, "The Warrior," (The latest Mitsubishi Warrior) "Is going to stick out like a sore thumb, so we can either run there or drive it."

"Drive," I said at the same time Milla had said "Run." We both looked at each other before I carried on, "We're going to need to fill in details in the school office. We are too far from the school to walk at human speed, we would need to drive." Milla nodded in agreement as I managed to change her mind.

"Fine," Chris said admitting defeat, "But I'm driving."

"I call Shotgun!" Milla shouted making me jump slightly; I smiled as I stood up from the floor and followed them out of the room and towards the car, taking us to Forks high.

* * * * * * * *

"C'mon," I said as I lead the way, "Before the crowd starts gathering," truthfully I had no idea where I was going; it was more of an instinct that was leading me. I entered a building, and to my surprise it was the student reception. I walked over to the desk, followed closely by Chris and Milla. "Excuse me," I said to the short dumpy lady sitting behind the desk

"Yes?" she asked

"Miss..." I paused as I looked down at her name plaque on the front of the desk, "Simpson, we were told to come here and fill in the relevant forms so that we could attend."

"Oh yes, you must be the..." she paused as she looked down at the forms below her, "Ford siblings?" We nodded in reply; this had been the surname we had decided on before applying for the high school "Do you mind me asking if you are triplets?" she asked as she handed us the forms

"Not at all, we were actually adopted, but because we are all eighteen the courts decided that we should remain together but be independent of guardians. We also inherited our parents car, and money and house. We sold the house moved here." Chris explained as me and Milla filled in the forms for all three of us, at slightly faster then normal speed. We handed the forms back to the slightly shocked Miss Simpson, who then proceeded to hand us each our own timetable and map. We thanked her and then walked out of the building.

"What you guys got?" I asked looking down to see I had calculus first, I felt a deep sense of loathing well up inside of me, I can't remember attending school as a human, but I obviously must have despised the subject.

"Gym," they both replied before turning to smile at each other

"Lucky, I got calculus." Although the word Gym seemed to deepen the sense of loathing I had for calculus... maybe I disliked Gym as well. "Remember stick to human reaction speed and stuff." I said to which they replied with a nod before turning round and heading in the opposite direction.

* * * * * * * *

Calculus hadn't been too bad; I found that I easily remembered what Mr. Short, who by the way was not short at all, but was actually 6'4", taught us. I then had English which I had with Chris and Milla, in which I was told we would be reading and studying Romeo and Juliet, I knew I would like this class would Chris and Milla as I regularly watched them act out scenes from the book, and the teacher, Miss Morgan also seemed to like me.

Anyway, it was lunchtime, me Chris and Milla had been able to get out of the classroom fast; we were able to get through the lunch line to get our props, before any other students turned up, and made our way to one of the tables near the back corner of the cafeteria.

"So you two made any friends?" I asked them

"No," Chris replied, "Humans seem to be repelled by us, although attracted at the same time, I also doesn't help that we join halfway through the first semester." I nodded about to reply, but saw Chris and Milla's gaze was no longer on me, but something behind me, which was now casting a shadow over me.

"This is our table." I heard a deep voice say from behind me.

"Is it really?" Chris asked looking at the person standing behind me... well people as the person referred to it as 'our table' "Where's your name?"

"Right there... wait, where's it gone?"

"Right," Milla said as she rolled her eyes, causing the person behind me to chuckle.

"You can sit with us if you want," Chris replied

"We were going to ask if we could," a high voice asked from behind, her voice sounded soft, and like she was singing... like vampires. "We were wondering why there were three vampires in school."

"And why does that concern you?" Milla asked, sounding slightly rude

"Because," Another voice said behind me, this one was filled with a hint of venom, "We have a permanent settlement here. And if you ruin that for us, we will also have to move."

"Rose, look at their eyes." This was a male vampire, not the same as the first one, "They are like us, animals right?" he asked

"Yeah," Milla replied, I heard movement behind me, as the four vampires behind me moved to take the free seats around the table.

I looked from one to the other; the first one I saw was a huge male he had muscles all over his body, straining the t-shirt he was wearing. He had the same pale skin as all vampires, but also had the unusual colouring of the butterscotch golden brown that me Milla and Chris possessed, his hair was short and curled. The next was a tallish blonde, whose hair was halfway down her back; her beauty was second to none except Milla. Next to her was a very short female, she had the same coloured hair as Milla, however she wore hers short, and slightly spiky he features reminded me of a pixie. And next to her was another male, he had longish blonde hair, and was smaller than the large one, similar height to the blonde female.

"What are your names?" the black haired pixie one asked?

"Mine's Milla," Milla replied introducing herself, before pointing at Chris and introducing him, "and this," she said gesturing to me causing the other four vampires to look at me, "Is Izzy." Their gaze lingered on me longer then I thought it should have, making me feel a little uncomfortable, causing the blonde male to look at me with curiosity.

"I'm Alice, this is Jasper," she said indicating the blonde male who was still shooting me curious glances. "Emmett," she said indicating the scary big brown haired male, "he's not as scary as he looks," she said, causing him to poke him to poke his tongue out at her, "And this is Rosalie, she is as scary as she looks." She received a death glare from the blonde.

"Why are you feeling uncomfortable?" Jasper asked me

"You were all looking at me, and I don't like being in the spotlight... Wait how did you know that?" I asked him

"You know some vampires have special gifts?" we replied with a nod, "I can sense people's emotions, and can manipulate them."

"Right... Do any of you have powers?" Milla asked

"Just me," Alice replied, "I have visions of the future, but the visions change. They are based upon the decisions people make, and so change with the decisions. What about you?" she asked

"All three of us actually, I have the ability to sense what is wrong with vampires and humans, any illnesses, diseases, mental problems, I can also heal them." Milla replied

"Carlisle would love to have your power." Emmett said interrupting us

"Who's Carlisle?" Chris asked

"He's our adoptive father." Alice replied "He has been on the animal diet since he was turned, and now is all but immune to the scent of human blood. He is one of the best Doctors because of his heightened senses."

"Izzy's been on the animal diet since she was turned, she even persuaded me and Chris to change our eating habits as well." Chris replied

"Oh," Jasper said surprised, "Carlisle would love to meet you, not many newborns have the restraint." I knew if I was human I would be blushing

"So what are the rest of your powers?" Rosalie asked as she looked at a corner of the ceiling, seemingly un-interested.

"I can move objects with my mind... telekinesis." Chris said, giving a little demonstration with the fork on his tray

"I am a mental shield; I am able to block anyone's powers that affect the brain. I am also able to apply my shield to others." I replied

"Nice assortment of powers," Alice complimented, she looked over my shoulder to someone behind me, "Oh no, here comes Mr. Sunshine himself," she whispered, "This is our brother Edward; he has the power to read other people's minds. But he's been in a depression for over a century, for reasons I think best be better explained by him."

I saw out of the corner of my eye a tall male vampire, with a ruffled just got out of bed hair look, his hair colour was oddly coloured, not quite brown, not quite ginger... bronze. He seemed very familiar to me, but I couldn't place my finger on it. He sat down opposite me and looked down at the food that was his prop.

"Edward this is Milla, Chris and Izzy, they're vegetarians as well." I smiled; I had used this term to refer to the diet we were on as well. I watched him, but he refused to look up. Well that's kinda rude; I don't care if he's in a depression. I flicked my hair out with a movement of my wrist, and saw the five new vampires freeze as they inhaled the scent my hair gave off. Edward slowly looked up at me with confusion on his face

"No... Bella?" he asked confused


He looked away into the trees as he spoke again "Of course, I'll always love you... in a way. But what happened the other night made me realise it's time for a change, because I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not Bella. I am not human." The icy planes of his perfect face were not human. "I've let this go too long. And I'm sorry for that... You're not good for me Bella."

End Flashback

"How do you know her name old name?" Milla asked

"Edward," I said, I felt a knot in my stomach, as my throat constricted making it harder for me to talk.

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