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Rereindaela hopped up and down in her bus seat excitedly. Finally! Shinra had finally accepted her appeal for a health and wellness department! She had worked seven years in the Science Department, gotten disgusted with Hojo, and worked two years in the Materia Department. However, she knew how important SOLDIER was to Shinra, and the Science Department taking care of their health seemed like a catastrophe waiting to happen. So, she had made her appeal, and they had conceded that she was right. She was currently riding the bus to the company;most of the things she would need in her department had already been moved into her area. Of course she would be the head of it, it was her suggestion after all!

She was twenty-one years old. She had long mocha brown hair, always in a low ponytail, olive colored eyes, and lightly tanned skin. She was not skinny, but not extremely fat; she had a tiny tummy that she called "pokeable". She was of little height, about 5"3, and capable of making extremely retarded facial expressions. Her clothing today, and most likely from now on in her new department, was a sleeveless turtle-neck white shirt, knee length white skirt with two inch slits in the side, and white ankle boots with no heels whatsoever. Also, since it was a little cold, she had on a completely unmatching plaid jacket.

The bus pulled in front of her destination and Rereindaela hopped (literally) off, waving at the other passengers, whom she did not know. She pushed the glass door open, precariously balancing her briefcase and coffee in one arm. Other executives who knew her stayed clear, including those who only knew her as "The crazy girl that invented giggle materia". To tell the truth, it had been rejected, but she still carried the prototype with her. That's why her briefcase was so heavy. That, and the Legos.

She entered the elevator, saying hello to the other passengers. She was very friendly, but people seemed to look at her funny, which she didn't get at all. You just didn't push away kindness.

Her boots clicked agains the floor of the long hallway, and she stared down the door with "Health and Wellness" written across it. She glared, then smirked, then stuck her tongue out. With a deep breath, she finally opened it and stepped through.

"WHAT!?" Rereindaela's jaw dropped. Her department had a front room, and three rooms attached, which she would use for patients, because nobody else wanted to work in here. But, all the furniture she'd asked to be brought in was in the front room, all over the place.

"I can't believe this..." She muttered "I'm gonna hafta organize all of this myself! Stupid Turks, I bet it's their fault!"

This was another crazy thing. Every time anything went wrong, she always blamed it on Turks. It was not for any reason, Reno had absolutely nothing to do with it; Rereindaela had never even met a Turk before. You can compare it to how people are always blaming the government.

She sat her coffe and briefcase in a corner, and did the jelly dance real quick, to warm up. Then, she opened the door to one of the other rooms and tried to figure out how to fit one of the three twin sized bed through the doorway. She decided on moving the matress first. She tried to pick it up. The stupid thing wouldn't budge.

So she had her hands stuffed beneath the matress, straining to pick it up, face screwed up in frustration when someone entered.

"Umm, is this a bad time?"

Rereindaela turned, still bent over, to ask "Huh?" She looked the newcomer over. He had shiny black hair, tropical blue eyes, and a confused expression. He was definitely good looking.

"I was supposed to start coming here at 8:30 to have checkups, from the head of the department. Is that you?"

She still didn't bother straightening up, hands still beneath the matress. "Yes, that would be me. I'm Rereindaela."

He furrowed his eyebrows cutely. "Rerayn-Rereau-Re"

"You can just call me Dae."

"Oh, thanks! I'm Zack, by the way. Zack Fair, a hero in the making!" He struck a pose, hands on hips, grinning at a spot on the ceiling. "Are you having trouble?"

She finally decided to stand back up, grinning back. "Uh, yeah! Everything hadn't been put where it should go." She turned her head to the side, muttering to herself. "The damn Turks did it...Turks need to stop tracing me...Swear they planted...tracking device....shower...."

He scratched the back of his head, confused. "Would you like some help?"

"Yes, that would be great!"

She showed Zack where everything was supposed to be, lending a hand where she could. When everything was in it's proper place, she collapsed at her desk. Zack hadn't even broken a sweat, and he was the one who actually did the work.

"Okay, I guess it's time for your checkup!" She gasped, wiping her forehead.

Rereindaela stood. "Please follow me." All business now.

He followed her to one of the other rooms, and she gestured for him to sit on the bed. The thing about her workspace was that it had a homey sort of feeling; she didn't want people to be uncomfortable.

"How are you feeling lately?" She put a hand to his forehead to feel his temperature.


She crossed her arms. "I've a suggestion for you. Would you like to hear it?"

Zack was still grinning; he hadn't stopped. "Yeah!"

"Get more sleep. It doesn't show very obviously, but you need to stop moving so much and just rest."

"Where did you get that?"

"It's a talent." She blinked a few times, staring. Just plain staring. Then her phone rang. She held up a finger, telling Zack to wait a moment.

"Hello?......Oh, hey mom.......yeah, they took the idea...yeah, I get to be in charge....uh, I'm working ........Yes, I wore the outfit you picked out...Er, actually I did wear the 'disgusting plaid jacket'......No, I did not throw away the giggle materia...Or the yaoi fanfiction....I love you too....Bye!"

She closed the cell phone, huffing. "Finally! Mom is so annoying!"

Zack cocked his head to the side. "What was that about giggle materia and yaoi fanfiction?"

"I'll show you the materia, but not the fanfiction. Unless you want to see it?"

The poor guy didn't know what he was getting himself into when he excitedly nodded, and the short girl led him back out. She plopped down at her desk, flicking open the snaps on her briefcase, and lifted the lid.

An odd assortment of items greeted the eyes. There were a bunch of neatly stacked papers, a yellow orb, legos, and a plastic bag full of water with a goldfish swimming around inside.

"Oh, hey, Marmelade! Sorry I left you there, I just forgot about you!"

Zack, laughed, plucking the orb out. Olive eyes stared at him as he casted it. A girlish giggle left him; he soon began to giggle hysterically. That's when the phone decided to ring.

"Mmmyellooo? Health and Wellness Department!"

"This is General Sephiroth. Doctor 'Swimmy', I require your presence in my office."

Heh, Swimmy was the fake last name Rereindalae had given to join Shinra. How did Sephiroth know that she'd made it up? Damn Turks!