Dae flared her nostrils, putting a hand on her forehead, eyes wide. The light orange walls around her seemed to hold dancing squirrels.

"So what was the verdict?" Angeal asked coolly. Geez, you'd never know he and Zack had just kissed; the guy spoke in a complete monotone!

They ignored Dae and Zack went on to say "I need more sleep."

"You do. Don't forget how often I catch you playing video games at midnight."

The brunette turned and looked out the tall window to give the men some privacy. Not that it helped any; she could still hear them. Nonetheless, she opened it and leaned out a bit. The streets far below were busy, cars in a traffic jam and people abundant.

"Ooooh, look, a dog!" She whispered. It was a cute border collie, all ginger colored with long hair. It sniffed at a fire hydrant, wagging it's tail, and ran downwards in Dae's vision. She had to lean over further to keep seeing it, and lean over she did. Then everything flipped upside down, the floor disappearing and her head spinning. Her face hit a wall of stone and her nose gave a sickening crack as her arms flailed wildly.

Then she realized something had a painfully tight grip on her right ankle and looked up, expecting to see the devil staring down. After all, Dae had committed so many fan fiction sins, going to hell wouldn't be much of a surprise. Especially when her demise had been falling from a health department.

Instead, the man named Angeal was staring down at her, holding her ankle as she swung in the air for a few moments.

She shrieked. Since she was upside down, her skirt had succumbed to gravity, revealing chocobo panties to the entire universe, life stream not excluded. She gripped the hem and jerked the skirt back up.

Angeal was scowling. "You?" he growled. "They are trusting you to take care of our health."

For a horrifying second, Dae's chest tightened and she thought he would drop her; he seemed to hate her. But he jerked her back into the room as she wailed "Noooo, my panties have been revealed!"

She flopped onto the floor, eyes directly in front of Angeal's shiny black boots. She could feel Zack's perplexed gaze.

"What's wrong with Dae?" Said madwoman dutifully remained on the floor.

"She belongs in an asylum."

Hey, that was not nice! At least she wanted to help people! Dae decided that Angeal was a poopie anyways.

"Are you ready to be examined?" She asked meekly, rising in an absurd manner; she tried to make it look like a dance. Not wanting to place herself in further peril, she stared at a shiny spot in the center of his forehead. Well, it was logical to her; meeting his eyes would anger him more, right?

"Fine." He rumbled "But I'll be watching you."

Oh…Now if that wasn't as creepy as her and the general's hallway-staring campaign, nothing was.

Then she caught their eyes on her nose.


"Your nose." Zack answered slowly. "I think it's broken. There's a lot of blood." Although, Angeal didn't really looked like he cared, in fact, Dae thought she could detect nonexistent smugness in his stare. She touched her hand to her nose, wincing, then pulled her fingers away. A thick red liquid covered them. Then she shrugged.

"Oh well." She turned to Angeal. "Please follow me."

"Stay out here. You know I don't want you watching me during any kind of medical examination." He told the smiling guy sternly. How anyone could treat the happy-go-lucky SOLDIER so strictly was beyond comprehension.

Dae gestured for him to sit on the bed any pulled out a thermometer. Like she was going to touch Poopie's forehead.

The black stare was nerve wracking. She could practically feel it burning holes in her flesh as she pointed the thermometer towards his mouth. Her hand shook, and she thought she could feel herself sweating as she pushed it in. She aimed to put it snugly beneath his tongue, but it slipped and went down his throat.

"Shit!" He choked.

"Oh my god I'm sorry!" She screamed, waving her hands around while Angeal put his on his throat. Dae stuck an entire hand in his mouth, then yanked it out.

"You idiot!" He yelled. "How on earth does somebody do something like that! I said you were dangerous!"

Poopie turned and threw the door open. Zack immediately hid some of the fanfiction behind his back. "What happened?"

"We're leaving." He firmly grabbed hold of Zack's hand and walking out slamming the door. Dae could hear the voices fading, but caught a distinct "Damn, that's hilarious!"She rubbed her forehead. Well, that was just dandy! Her cellphone rang yet again, and she answered it.

"Oh, hey dad...No, I swear I don't look at gay porno on your computer...Are you sure it wasn't you?...........I'm way more intelligent than that, I delete the history.......Yeah, I'll tell Marmelade you said hey....No, I don't have a dance partner for this Saturday.....Well, everyone can't have a sexy squirrel as a dance partner; Sorry to be such a disappointment!"

Dae turned and ran smack into someone. He was wearing a red outfit almost identical to Sephiroth's. Keen eyes mirthfully narrowed as he snorted.

"Who.." He snickered "On this planet..are you talking to?" Then he pointed at her nose. "What happened to you?"

She covered it with her hand. "Who are you?"

"Genesis." He put a hand over his heart in a sweeping gesture, dramatically reciting a string of nonsense.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus and-"

"What?" Dae breathed, squinting.

Genesis paused, taken aback. "Loveless, Act I. The most amazing piece of literature. I find truth in it, I find perfection hidden among it's pages." He gave her a smug look.

Her eye twitched. She had absolutely no idea what a book had to do with truth. They call them libraries for a reason. Or so she thought. However, she crinkled her nose to say.

"You're an idiot!"

His jaw dropped in surprise. "What?" Genesis seemed to be frozen in place, completely unmoving. He slowly said "No one's ever said that to me before."

Dae covered her mouh with a hand. She hadn't expected that to come out. That's what happened when her brain didn't screen what was about to leave her mouth.