Hi gang thanks so much for the reviews for my last fic. So I know some people are mad how Bulletproof ended with Clana but I'm not bothered. Anyone who has been in love and had it end without real closure can tell you seeing that person again can shake your foundation. So I really can't fault Clark for his residual feelings for Lana, and as much as I love Clois he and Lois haven't gotten to a place where they are 'together' so it's not like he's cheating on her. I would rather have Clana now so the relationship can come to its final end naturally and Clark can move on with his future and Lois with no worries or Lana baggage holding him back. Ok sorry for my rant

A little intro to the story this is a format I've never done before so I hope you can follow along ok. It starts off with Lois in present time and then she remembers a time which is what the story mostly is so I didn't italicize because it's a lot and I didn't want to give anyone headaches. So the memory has its own title called Hello Kal and I labeled the present time parts as well so hopefully this won't suck too badly.



Lois Lane Kent sat at the kitchen table looking at the pregnancy test before her and she couldn't help the grin stretching across her face. It was positive. She and Clark had thought it wasn't possible but here she was sitting at the kitchen table and his baby, just a beginning, nestled safe and sound inside of her. She smirked to herself, Clark will probably freak out and insist on taking her to Star Labs immediately or maybe even to the Fortress to make sure she could even carry this baby. It didn't matter though Lois knew she could, she was the chosen mate to Kal-El aka Superman, she was meant to have his baby. She glanced over at the coffee pot and frowned, her addiction to the drink was going to have to go on hold, the amount of coffee she could drink in a day would definitely not be good for the baby.

She stood up and her hand unconsciously went down to cover her belly. She walked into the living room and looked at the photographs on the mantle. Her wedding photo still amazed her even five years later. If someone had told her back when she had first arrived in Smallville that one day she would marry Clark Kent and would be deliriously happy about it, she would have died of laughter. She looked at Clark dashing in his tuxedo and touched the photo gently. God she missed him, he had been in South America for almost a week, there had been a massive earthquake and the loss of life had been devastating. Lois wasn't one to mope around but she wished Clark could be here to share her thrilling news. She knew he was beyond busy though. She knew the minute she entered a romantic relationship with him that she would have to share him with the rest of the world. To her the sacrifice was well worth it, though she may miss him terribly she knew when he came home it would be to her. Even Kal was in love with her. She chuckled when she thought of her last meeting with Red K affected Clark. In fact she had the opportunity to meet all the different aspects of Clark Kent aka Kal the dog and Kal-El last son of Krypton. She sat on the couch and thought about her run in with Kal 'the dog'.


Lois looked up from her desk and nibbled on her pen, she was looking for the right words to use to accuse the Metropolis Mayor of being a sell-out, a bastard and pretty much all around scum of the earth. The thing this man did with the tax-payers money was mind blowing. She glanced up and saw her cousin making her way through the bullpen. What was a normal occasion of Chloe visiting was different, her face was almost panicked. Lois stood up.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Chloe was working full time for the Justice League and was also Lois's lifeline to Clark when he was away on missions.

"Ok first don't panic." Chloe said grabbing Lois's arm pulling her into an empty conference room.

"Where's Clark?" Lois asked immediately

"Um we don't know." Chloe said cringing. Lois's mouth dropped and Chloe knew she was about to get hit with the Lane wrath. "He's ok we know that, um he was exposed to an airborne version of Red Kryptonite. We're not sure how or why there was even Red K in Morocco, or that it just turn into dust and be inhaled the way it was."

Lois sat down, her husband of two years had just been exposed to the one thing that turned him into an apathetic, woman chasing dog. She had heard the stories of how he acted on Red K, the cruelty he had shown towards some people, his need to jump from one woman to another. Lois stood and straightened her suit jacket. Above all else Red K just lowered his inhibitions, when he's in a bad place yeah he tends to act out but he was happy and things were going well so chances that her husband was off playing nookie with some faceless bimbo wasn't very likely.

"Tell me everything" Lois said.

"About an hour ago Clark, Oliver and Bruce were in Morocco, there was a terrorist threat they were trying to stop. Clark looked through the ground and saw the bunker with a bomb below them. He spun through the dirt to the bunker and disarmed the bomb. Problem was when he came up Ollie noticed he was acting different. It was like he stopped the bomb, so his job was over, end of story. He told Ollie since he stopped the bomb they could clean up the mess. When Ollie asked him what was going on with him, He just smirked at him told him he was taking the day off, deal with it and flew off. Bruce was the one to notice the red soil."

"I should find him" Lois said nibbling on her lower lip.

"Lois, don't forget how Kal can be." Chloe said her tone concerned.

"Don't call him Kal like that." Lois said. "He's still Clark, it's not like Bizarro, he isn't a separate man. He's still my husband, just a little less restricted. I'll be fine."

"You already are." Both women stopped as the dark and sultry voice interrupted their conversation. Lois looked up to see her husband standing in the doorway leaning on the frame. He was wearing black jeans and a black buttoned down shirt that wasn't tucked in. He looked delicious Lois thought but then blushed and then remembered that he was still her husband and it was ok to have these thoughts.

"Clark" she said jumping up from the table. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him close. At least if he was with her she could keep track of him until the boys figured out what it was going to take to get the Red K out of his system. She felt relief as he wrapped her close to him.

"Hi baby" he said in her ear. He tilted her face up and kissed her hungrily. Lois returned the kiss forgetting for a second that her husband was drugged. When she remembered that little fact she pulled away but stayed in his embrace.

"Honey, you inhaled Kryptonite, are you ok?" she asked stroking his cheek. She knew he could be combative on the Red K and didn't want to do anything to make him angry with her.

"I'm fine, Lo" he said kissing her again. He pulled away and looked into her concerned gaze. He sighed and looked over at Chloe. "Ahh now it makes sense. I got exposed to to Red K and the Justice League and Chloe couldn't wait to come running to you to warn you about what a monster I am." He said sending a glare in Chloe's direction.

Chloe returned the gaze, at least he wasn't rubbing her old crush on him in her face.

"Look at me." Lois said, turning his face so he was looking at her again. "I hear your name and Kryptonite in the same sentence and I get scared. Scared for you." She said. Clark smiled at her and stroked her hair.

"Come with me baby." He said taking her hand and leading her out of the room. He headed for the elevators and Lois had to jog a little to keep up with his long strides.

"Kent, Lane where in blazes do you think you're going?" the voice of Perry White boomed through the bull pen.

Clark stopped and Lois looked at him concerned. "I know right now you don't care but please don't do anything to get us fired." She said quietly.

"Lois and I are taking the day off." He said with a smooth smile.

"The hell you are" Perry yelled. "Lois has an article on the mayor due by print today and I haven't seen anything from you on the committee meeting you were supposed to cover."

Lois felt Clark tense. "You know what, I'm tired of sacrificing so right now I want to be with my wife and that's what I'm going to do." With that the elevator bell dinged and Clark pulled her into the empty car. The doors closed and Lois looked at him stunned.

"Are you nuts we're going to lose our jobs." She said smacking his arm even though she knew it wouldn't do any good.

"So what" Clark said his voice raising slightly. "You have more talent in your pinkie then everyone in that bullpen. Any newspaper would scramble to have you. So let him fire you, you'll just get a better job." He said his arms folded across his chest.

"That's nice and all but I happen to like my job." Lois bit out getting ticked off.

"You don't need it." Clark bit out. "I can take care of you, and you can write for whoever you want."

Lois leaned over and slammed the emergency stop button. "Well I'm glad that you feel that way being you're of sound mind and all. Some of us aren't as fortunate to be under the influence of Red K and not give a damn about anything. I for one like my job, I earned my job and I earn my keep every day I work. I don't need you to take care of me like I'm a mindless female who is scared of her own shadow."

Clark gripped her shoulders and pulled her against him. "Do you think I would want you if you were?" he said through gritted teeth. "I love you because you're my equal you can keep up and I don't have to worry that you're going to fall apart like some dependent female. But I think you're better than taking orders from some editor. I'm tired of taking orders from a guy who dresses like Robin Hood and another who dresses like a giant bat. I'm tired of having to leave you every time they find themselves in a jam. Let them figure it out for themselves for awhile. You and I can just leave, we can go anywhere in the world and just be together."

Lois looked into his eyes and she could see past the front of the Red K as she heard the things that Clark hid deep inside, bubble to the surface. This was why she told Chloe to not talk about Clark as if he was different people, he wasn't he was still her husband just not holding his normal baggage inside. She stroked his cheek truly hearing the things coming from within. Clark on his own would never admit resenting his powers or what he does as Superman. But with the lack of inhibition he was able to put words to the feelings that he just normally shoves away and buries inside. Normal people vented and got their frustrations out but not Clark he kept everything bottled inside. Maybe being on Red K was good for him. She didn't want him addicted to it or anything but it gave him a chance to let everything go.

"Ok we'll go away, but not like this. I will tell Perry we are taking some vacation time and you will tell Oliver that you are unreachable, and then we will go away just you and me." She promised. He pulled her tight against him and kissed her deeply and Lois moaned as his tongue explored her mouth. It always amazed her that no matter how many times she kissed her husband it always was exciting and new. He moved her against the wall of the elevator pressing his body tight against hers.

"Security cameras" she said against his mouth. She knew that when he got like this Red K or not she couldn't resist him. He pulled away and glanced at the camera and she watched as his heat vision shorted out the wiring. She knew he didn't look head on into the lens so no one would figure it out that he had done it directly. Satisfied that they were now truly alone he looked at her and gave her his trademark grin that made her knees melt.

Their mouths met in a hungry mesh of tongues and teeth as they ate at each others lips. Clark gripped her skirt and lifted it around her waist. He gripped her panties and ripped them from her body. She gave him a dirty look.

"I liked those" she said with a disapproving glare.

"I'll buy you more" he said kissing her neck, steeping between her legs.

"You say that every time you rip my panties." She said wrapping her right leg around his waist.

"Complain, complain, complain." He said as she reached down to undo the button of his jeans she pulled the zipper down, she pushed his pants and boxers down and he gripped her left leg and lifted her up against the wall. She wrapped both her legs around him and he led his throbbing member to her entrance. He pushed inside of her slowly.

Lois wasn't having it though. "Faster" she ordered. Clark gripped her and thrust inside of her all the way to the hilt. She tipped her head back and he took advantage of her position as he buried his mouth in her neck sucking and nipping at the skin there. He thrust deeply in and out of her and Lois moaned and dragged her nails down his back. The elevator was quiet except for the sound of their bodies hitting against the wall of the elevator and their mutual moans of pleasure.

"I love you." She said as he nailed her harder and harder.

"Love you too, Lo" he gritted out. He thrust a few more times when he felt her orgasm hit and she screamed as her body clenched around him and the feel of her internal muscles tightening around him sending him over the edge. He came deep inside of her while she stroked his hair. He lowered her gently to the ground and they both sighed as he left her body. After a few minutes and some kissing they managed to straighten their clothes. She leaned over and hit the emergency release button.

"You should probably head home and I'll go back up and talk to Perry." She said stuffing her ripped panties in her purse and shooting him a look.

He sighed and she looked at him curiously, for a minute she had forgotten he was Red K infected. Sure their lovemaking had been rough and raw but Clark sober was capable of that feat.

"We should just leave" he said he was leaning against the wall he had just had her previously pressed against.

"Don't start" she warned. "As soon as the Red K wears off you'll thank me for keeping your job."

"I don't want to work here anymore." Clark said with a sneer and she saw the effect of the drug again. "Let's just go away, from all of this."

Lois sighed and looked at the flashing numbers on the elevator two more floors to go. Dealing with Clark like this was like dealing with a petulant child, no wonder why Martha hated Red K so much.

"Too bad" she watched as he opened his mouth but she beat him to the punch. "And don't give me any more attitude Clark Kent, I've had just about enough of it. You've lost your inhibitions not your mind. Now I get you're stressed. Ok, I understand that and that's why we are going to go on a nice quiet vacation. But don't start with me. "

She watched as Clark looked at her darkly and then his face broke into a grin. "God baby you are so perfect." He said pulling her in for a deep kiss. The sound of the elevator arriving on its floor and the doors opening broke up their kiss. Lois was shocked to see Oliver and Bruce standing there. She watched as Bruce sprayed a green substance in Clark's face and Clark fell to his knees in agony. Oliver pushed them back inside the elevator and hit the door close button so as to avoid any bystanders.

Lois dropped to Clark's side. "What the hell is your problem?" she shouted at Bruce. She knew the green substance was kryptonite and friend or foe she didn't take too kindly to anyone getting near her husband with that poison.

"It is for his own good." Bruce said stonily and it took everything to not get up and smack the bat brain herself. Lois wasn't Bruce's biggest fan, she didn't truly trust him. Sure he was a member of the league and fought besides Clark but she caught him looking at her sometimes in a way that a man did not look at his friend's wife.

She glared at Oliver who didn't look thrilled about doing what he just did. "I'm sorry Lo but it's the only way to get him off the Red K."

"It probably would have worn off eventually, spraying him in the face with Kryptonite not such a good plan." She bit out. She looked back at Clark, his breathing had been shallow but was getting better. Lois used her sleeve to wipe away all of the traces of the green spray. It might have gotten in his eyes. Oh god what if it had blinded him. She patted his cheek and he came around slowly.

He opened his eyes and focused on her and see was so happy she kissed him.

"Crap" he muttered. "I was on Red K wasn't I. My head only hurts like this when I'm around that stupid rock." She helped him sit up. She watched as his face screwed up in thought and she knew he was remembering everything he did while drugged. "Perry" he said looking at her worried.

"It's ok I'll figure it out you'll be fine, just relax ok the green kryptonite might still be in your system." She said shooting another glare at Oliver and Bruce's direction.

"Lo we had to do something, who knows how long it might have taken the Red K to wear off." Oliver said.

"I had everything under control." She heard Bruce snort and she gave him the death glare. "We were leaving to get away for awhile. He wasn't about to go release chaos on Metropolis."

"We have a duty to make sure the people of Metropolis are safe if that ever did happen." Bruce said and before Lois could hit him Clark spoke up.

"Lo, honey Bruce is right, they were doing what they thought was right. I'm assuming Chloe called you?" Oliver nodded. "They were right to want to take precautions."

"You're not a monster with a ticking time bomb waiting to go off." Lois said.

Clark pulled her close and kissed her gently. "My protector" he said with a smile.

"Damn straight" Lois said. Oliver and Lois helped Clark to his feet. It didn't go unnoticed that she didn't let Bruce near him.

"Go home and let me tell Perry we're leaving and you can plan where we're going to go." She said giving him a gentle kiss.

"I'll make sure he gets home ok" Oliver said and Lois nodded, even though she was still unhappy about the kryptonite spray she trusted Oliver.

She watched as her husband and Oliver walked out back into the Lobby followed by Bruce. Lois hit the floor for the bullpen as she thought of what she would tell Perry.


Lois smiled as she remembered that day. She had told Perry that Clark had been drugged by some crazy person and that he wasn't himself. The editor just shook his head but accepted her explanation because those kind of freak things always seemed to actually happen to Lois and Clark. They had indeed taken a vacation and for one week the world had to survive without Superman because he was with his wife on a deserted island, performing all of his husbandly duties. She smirked at that thought. Her hand caressed her belly.

"Never doubt little one your daddy and I love each other deeply and we are going to love you so much." She heard the front door bell ring and she peeked out the peephole and grinned when she saw who it was.

"Mom" she exclaimed happily opened the door and was pulled into the embrace of Martha Kent. Lois knew she was in trouble, no way would she be able to hide her pregnancy from Martha.

Ok so there is the first installment. I hope it's ok. The next chapter will be when Lois remembers an encounter with Kal-El the last son of Krypton. Also sorry for the Bruce Wayne hate. I love Bruce and Batman but I can't stand any kind of Bruce/Lois relationship. So I thought I would put that little shut down in there of Lois not wanting to have anything to do with Bruce.