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Chapter 1- Getting Ready

A young man woke up in his nice, soft bed, with the sun shining through his window. This young man happens to be none other then Gohan Son. As he slowly opened his eyes, he began to remember what day it was.

**Flashback- 1 week earlier**

"GOHAN!! COME IN HERE FOR A MINUTE" a very excited Chichi yelled out the window. As Gohan flew into the kitchen, he saw the look of joy on his mothers face. Gohan's little brother, Goten, was sitting at the table looking at Chichi as well. They were both curious as to what she was so excited about.

"What do you want mom, I was training" Gohan whined.

"Stop complaining. Do you remember our deal we made 6 years ago after you came back from fighting Cell?" Chichi asked.

"Oh no……." Gohan knew what was coming. 6 years ago, after the cell games, Gohan made a deal with his mother. She agreed to let him keep training as long as he wanted, but in return, he would have to go to school when Chichi said. He then remembered last week, when his mother sent him to Satan City where he wrote a very long exam. He didn't know what the exam was for, but he now had a very good idea.

"I just got of the phone with Orange Star High and your in!" she said. It was obvious how excited she was.

"But mom I don't want to go to school!" Gohan pleaded. "I've already learned everything that you learn at school"

"I'm not sending you to school to learn Gohan, I'm sending you so you can make some friends your own age. You start in one week. Next Monday will be your very first day of school. Oh im so excited." Chichi turned away and started cooking dinner. Gohan just stood there. He didn't want to go to school.

**End Flashback**

Now it was Monday morning and Gohan was climbing out of his bed. He had gotten used to the idea of going to school after his mother had told him that he could keep training, he just had to go school before he did.

When Gohan came back to his room, after having a very fast shower, he found some clothes layed out on his bed. He picked them up and put them on. When he was dressed, he looked in the mirror. He wasn't very happy. Sure the clothes were comfy and all, but he looked like a total nerd. Red pants and a white shirt with a black vest. Gohan decided that it wouldn't kill him (Vegeta might if he saw what Gohan was wearing) and he walked out of his room to the kitchen.

"Oh Gohan, you look so handsome!" exclaimed Chichi as she looked Gohan up and down.

"Thanks mom, but why can't I wear my normal clothes?" Gohan asked as Goten came bouncing into the kitchen and sat across from Gohan at the table.

"Because Gohan, you would have worn a Gi to school if you could" Chichi explained. She was right.

"Fine, but when I come home, im changing" Gohan stated. "Also, I was just wondering, but, how am I going to get to and from school if you said not to show any of my powers?"

"You can still fly to school if you want Gohan, just don't let anyone see you. We don't want people thinking you're strange" Chichi said as she looked at her naïve son.

Gohan, Goten and Chichi went on to have breakfast, with Gohan and Goten inhaling their food.

When they were done, Goten began to whine about Gohan leaving him all alone all day while he was at school.

"Don't worry Goten, I'll be back later and we can play" said Gohan. This cheered Goten up. He gave his brother a hug and ran off to his room to play until Gohan came home.

Chichi handed Gohan his capsule lunch and watched as Gohan flew off into the skies.

(Italics is thought)

Let's see, thought Gohan. Im aloud to use my powers, I just can't let anyone see me. Okay- should be easy enough. It's like I have a secret identity and I have to keep it a secret. Who knows, this might be fun!

Gohan flew toward Satan City preparing for his first day of school!

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