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Chapter 26- Power

Gohan could hear Videl screaming at him. She was definitely pissed off. He couldn't blame her; he had made out with her and let her fall for him while lying to her about who he was. Looking back, that may have not been the greatest idea. What could he say; he somehow managed to always turn into an idiot around the black haired girl. Gohan mentally sighed at the explaining he would have to do when all of this was over.

He had definitely been a little worried about turning super saiyan in front of his entire school. Hiding his power had been his goal since he started school, and now it was all in the open. However, as he glanced at the crowd, seeing almost everyone with their mouths hanging open, made him think.

This was who he was. A fighter, and a powerful one at that. Why should he care if people couldn't handle it? Why should he care if people accused him of using tricks? He had friends, the other Z fighters, who liked him for who he was. He didn't need to make more friends, he was happy with the ones he had. He had only gone to school to please his mother.

Gohan turned his gaze back to Cell to see him launch forward. Gohan, in turn, charged forward and the two met in the middle of the field hovering in the air throwing punches and kicks.

"You've gotten stronger," Cell stated as he took a kick to his side while blocking a punch to his stomach.

"Nice of you to state the obvious," Gohan retorted as he flew above Cell to charge up an energy beam. He raised his arms up and crossed his hands just above his head. "MASENKO..."

Cell could tell that Gohan was putting enough energy into the attack that it would definitely hurt him if the beam struck. He could dodge, but what was the fun that? He could cancel out the beam with one of his own, which is most likely what Gohan was assuming he would try and do. Then they would be having a battle of the beams, each trying to overpower and vaporize the other. Cell smirked, been there, done that. Why not try a new game...

Cell raised his power a little, allowing him to quickly move to the crowd, grab the black haired girl with the blue eyes and appear, standing on the ground, before Gohan, all before anyone was the wiser. He watched as Gohan froze and let his energy blast fade away. The look in his eyes was murderous.

In the crowd below, people were panicking and freaking out. Everyone now noticed that Cell had Videl as a hostage and the Z gang were mentally cursing themselves for being too slow to do anything and letting an innocent person get involved.

"Let her go Cell," Gohan called, managing to hide the panic he was feeling. Cell was holding Videl against him, with her back pressed against his ugly green stomach. His arms wrapped around her body, just below her chest, pinning her arms against her side. The spike that used to be a tail in the other Cell forms, but was now just a spike between his wings, stretched out of his back and became a tail once more, only to wrap around Videl's legs and the spike coming up to touch her throat.

"Why should I?" Cell asked, looking at Videl. His gaze lingered on her face then moved up and down her body. "Maybe I should just keep her and have some fun for myself. I think I would have fun torturing her, don't you?"

Gohan growled. He would not let Cell hurt Videl and he also couldn't let him use her against him. He needed to find a way to get Videl to safety, and then kill Cell without anyone getting hurt or getting the planet destroyed.

It was then that a realization came to him. He had to kill Cell. However, Cell had come to earth from a rip in the dimension; he wasn't brought back to life, which meant he was already dead. Gohan looked above Cells head and noticed the pale, floating halo. He already knew that Cell was a solid being; he had learned that through the fighting. So did this mean that if he killed Cell now, he would be erased from existence? Would he be sent back to hell? Gohan really didn't care or have much time to think about it, he just hoped that Cell wouldn't be one of those "I'm already dead so you can't kill me" situations.

His thoughts were interrupted as he watched Cell's tail spike leave her throat and gently started stroking her cheek. Gohan seared with anger and he could feel it deep inside him, some kind of monster that just wanted to rip Cell to pieces with his bare hands.

No... he could not let that monster loose. The same anger had come up the first time he fought Cell and he had let that rage take control of him. He had turned himself into something he didn't ever want to become again. If he did decide to let out that anger, he would need to find a way to control it and not lose himself in it and end up getting someone killed again.

Gohan had learned from Vegeta, that he got his power and his drive to fight through his anger.

After the first fight with Cell, Vegeta went through a depression phase of sorts. He didn't want to keep training because he knew that he would never be good enough. He had made it a mission to become stronger than Goku, and when Gohan surpassed his father, Vegeta knew he would never be stronger then Gohan. One day, Vegeta had come up to Gohan while he was training in the forest. Gohan was still letting the anger control him when he turned super saiyan 2 and Vegeta told Gohan that he was going to train him to control his power so he wouldn't accidentally blow up the planet. Vegeta then ordered Gohan to be at Capsule Corp the following day at 5:00 am to commence training. Excuses would not be permitted. Since then, Vegeta has helped Gohan control his power and they both had become stronger during the years.

Gohan remembered asking Vegeta once why he decided to help him when they were in the kitchen taking a break from training for food. Vegeta had responded with an 'I told you, I don't want you accidentally blowing up the planet' and a glare that told him to never ask again if he wanted to keep living pain free. However Gohan did notice the small glance Vegeta had given Bulma and Trunk who were in the other room watching some cartoon movie that Trunks was very much enjoying.

Gohan decided that Vegeta had learned that living on earth with a family wasn't so bad. Vegeta might not get the greatest guy award but Gohan knew that if anything happened to him, his family- Trunks, and Bulma, as well as all his friends, would be devastated.

Vegeta meant something to someone.

Just like everyone else on the field looking up at him.

I anything happen to anyone of them, whether it be Vegeta: the man who was a sort of father figure and had taught him so many things much like Piccolo had, Videl: the beautiful girl he found himself caring deeply for, or another student: someone who was a complete stranger. If anything happen to anyone, if would somehow affect another person and that in turn could affect somebody, a massive chain reaction.

That's what he had to keep in mind. He needed to remember that everyone was connected.

Gohan then noticed that it was a very quiet. Everyone was looking at him, watching and waiting to see what he would do, even Cell. Gohan had made up his mind. He wanted to end this now. He wanted everyone to go home to their families and be with the people they cared about. He wanted this over with. He turned his gaze to Cell as he slowly descended from his spot in the sky.

"I'm ending this Cell" Gohan said as he watched the spiked tail continue to stroke Videl's cheek.

He felt the anger. It felt like the muscles on the inside of his stomach were tensed and hot. He forced himself to relax, keeping his mind on that feeling. He raised his power level, still focused on that feeling, trying to keep that hotness in his stomach and not let it go to his brain. Gohan closed his eyes, feeling the light wind against his skin, hearing the electricity lightly crackle around him, slowly feeling the hotness spread from his stomach.

Gohan knew that the hot feeling was his power, the build up of energy Vegeta had mentioned when he passed out at the lookout.

Suddenly, the sensation wasn't flowing anymore. It had stopped, as though it had hit a wall. Where had the wall come from?

He had felt a wall like this before, when he was in the hyperbolic time chamber training with his father. Back then, he had let everything go and felt that wall crack and had felt immense power for a few short seconds before he passed out. That was the same wall that had completely broken when he first turned super saiyan 2. Did that mean that this new wall was the door to a new level of super saiyan?

Gohan began to push at the wall. He was completely unaware of everyone's eyes, watching as dust and rocks from the earth rose around the golden haired fighter.

Gohan was focusing on his power. He had never felt this power before. He let out a scream as he pushed the power as hard as he could, continuing to raise his power level, waiting for that wall to break and all the built up energy to break free. He tensed a bit as he felt the wall crack and that flowing sensation continued. Heat was flowing through him and he suddenly became aware of more hair hanging in front of his eyes. Was his hair growing?

Suddenly, a feeling of tiredness came over him. Gohan didn't like it. What was happening? He stopped pushing at the wall, stopped screaming, and stopped raising his power level. He relaxed his body after realizing how tense he had become. The tiredness immediately vanished when he relaxed.

Gohan could feel the power surging through him. He now felt awake, calm, and incredibly powerful. His mind was racing however, as he looked at Cell who had an uncertain look upon his face. Gohan looked at the Z fighters who were off to the side. Vegeta and Piccolo looked shocked and perhaps a little worried. Krillin, Yamcha and the rest however, had a smile on their face looking confident and hopeful.

Gohan felt like a new person, but he hadn't broken down the wall, only cracked it and chipped away a few pieces. He was now sure that there was another level to the super saiyan form, but he had not reached it. What he had now, on the other hand, was definitely enough to defeat Cell.


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