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A request fic for Sondra Starfire on GaiaOnline –

AU. In the midst of Europe's Industrial Revolution, bourgeois member Sakura is sold to an underground slave-trading ring, only to be bought and purchased by a mysterious doctor named Kabuto… Is there something more going on than just a bit of black market dealings and experimental medicine?


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There was something going on around her, she just knew it...
Now, if only she could open her eyes, get a glimpse of the world, figure out where she was - it would all be fine. With far more difficulty than it should have been, pale eyelids flickered open, revealing bright green eyes that would have put the most beautiful plants to shame... If the plants were green, for in all her years, Sakura had never seen but ash and soot colored bark and -
Sa. ku. ra?
Yes, that was her name, wasn't it? It was fuzzy, but she could remember that much. But now, where was she?

A shout - loud and boisterous - and Sakura felt her body shudder as her brain shut down on her again. Then there was tugging and Sakura got up as gracefully as she could, doing her best to walk as one of her status should. She failed, of course, couldn't even feel her legs as she was half-dragged towards the stage. And then, she felt her face heat up, her cheeks going as pink as the wisps of hair that clouded her already blurry vision.

Already on stage was a man standing behind a podium, talking loudly (she saw the movements, heard the noise, but it made no sense, not at all) and gesturing towards the middle of the raised platform where two women were...

Two women were...

Sakura shuddered. The two were inappropriately dressed; well, that wasn't true - they were not dressed, not at all. Their large breasts were hanging lewdly towards the stage as the two crawled around on all fours, their bodies contrasting in all ways as the two moved together, coming close. One was darker skinned, scared, her eyes cat-like and predatory while the other was all cream, eyes skittish like a deer - the only similarity was the pitch black hair that covered their heads. Sakura watched transfixed, the two came together, lips gnashing and their hands exploring - she was likely to continue staring slack-jawed if the person holding her didn't push her onto the stage roughly.

Turning her head slowly, she could see many faces, indefinable and meaningless to her. She heard the man talking again, hearing snippets of his words: "untouched,""learned," "fallen." What did they mean?

What did it mean...


Kabuto sighed, twisting his hand in the precise manner to allow the crimson liquid in his glass to air and breathe. Although these sorts of people were like him, this was certainly not his crowd. His eyes flickered to the right of the stage as another set of girls were dragged on stage and forced to do more demeaning acts for the satisfaction of the people gathered around.

Common whores, the lot of them. And he was not talking about the drugged girls on the stage either. Itachi had quite a nice operation underground, overall, but he could never understand why someone so calm and composed would orchestrate an international slave trade ring in London. Some of the people who frequented these sorts of things, he knew well and wish he didn't. Cursing both Itachi and Herr Kunst - whom he lost a bet with - Kabuto sullenly sat back and glared.

Another girl, even more disorientated than the rest, was thrust onto stage while the other two "performed." This was an oddity - green eyes, pink hair, pale skin, virginity still intact. Not your common whore. The auctioneer (wasn't his name Deidara, or something?) was rattling off about the girl; she was fallen from grace and was training to be a nurse prior to that fall. Such a fact perked Kabuto's interests. He needed a new assistant after the... poor accident with Tayuya.

"500 pounds." Someone started the bidding before Deidara even finished talking.

" Bah! 2000!"


"Three and a half!"



"I'll bid ten thousand pounds!"

From his vantage, Kabuto could see Deidara's attention snapping from one person to the next, a maniacal gleam in his eyes. He was practically foaming at the mouth at the implications.

"Ten thousand pounds! Going once... Going twice... An-"


Everyone turned towards Kabuto, who had calmly raised his hand and smirked. Deidara gaped for a moment, before composing himself. "Ten thousand, five hundred pounds, going once, twi-"


Kabuto glared at this person, some dark haired young man who vaguely reminded him of Itachi... Well, as if that whelp will keep him from a new assistant...


The boy jumped up. "Twelve"

Smirking, Kabuto gave him a look that said 'you lose.' "I go twenty thousand pounds."

The boy's smug look instantly disappeared. Kabuto would have given a maniacal chuckle if he was so inclined. Composing himself again, Deidara cleared his throat. "Going once, going twice, sold! To the man in the glasses." The girl was escorted off stage just as unsteadily as she came in. "You may pick up your merchandise at your leisure, so long as it is by two in the afternoon tomorrow sir."

As the next girl was brought onto the stage, Kabuto stood up and strode purposely towards the exit, fully ready to pay for the girl or, more likely, call in the favors that Itachi and his little rats owed him. Keeping all the girls drugged and susceptible to the wiles of the men wasn't exactly cheap, now, was it?

To be continued