True Path of a Jinchuuriki: Prologue (Revised)

(Italics: Thoughts/Flashbacks/Dream sequence. Bold: Title and Kyubi's / Demon's / Inner Characters's Speech. Underline: Time Skips)

A blond spiky-haired Shinobi dressed in a black traveling cloak with a long, slender, black katana strapped across his back, the sheath shining brilliantly in the sunlight, beneath his cloak he wore a thick ANBU vest and tight-fitting shinobi pants with Kunai holders and Shuriken holsters attached, as the sun began to set he stood alongside an older looking, white, spiky-haired shinobi of equal height, clad in an identical traveling cloak, the strong gust in the wind causing the bottoms of their cloaks flap violently, their gazes directed off the cliff they stood on, the border of the Fire Country before their very eyes, the outskirts of the dense forests of Konoha coming into immediate view. After a long silence the older shinobi turned to the younger one. "Starting to miss home Naruto?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto grinned and nodded, his gaze never leaving the horizon. "You think they'll remember me? It's been five years..." Naruto said as he gazed at the beautiful view.

The older man merely sighed at his apprentice's attitude and put his hand on Naruto's shoulder, Naruto's gaze shifted upward to meet his senseis. "What is it Jiraiya-sensei?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya merely grinned at his pupil. "I don't think you have anything to worry about Naruto you leave quite the impression." Jiraiya said with a sly grin. Naruto grinned at his sensei. "Yeah I guess you're right..." Naruto replied in a hopeful tone. Jiraiya began walking to the right of Naruto. "Right lets be on our way Naruto." Jiraiya said as he strolled down the dirt path. Naruto nodded in reponse. "Okay!" Naruto replied as he ran to catch up with his sensei. And with that final statement he left with his Master back to the village that hated him, but that would soon change when he show's everyone his bravery and skill, and of course the results of his intense training.

A pale eyed, long raven haired Kunoichi's eyes shot open, her breathing becoming heavy as she jerked upward suddenly, for a split second she couldn't perceive what was real and what wasn't, after a moment to compose herself she sighed in relief as she muttered to herself. "It was only a dream calm down Hinata..." Hinata said to herself calmly.

Hinata had grown quite beautiful between the age of thirteen and eighteen, her short raven hair was now long and silky, trailing a little past her butt, her once small chest were now so big she had to wear a white winter coat all the time to avoid being stared at with mindless lust. As she sat up in bed she was currently dressed in a pair of comfortable, white silk panties and bra. When she was younger she was nowhere near as comfortable with her body as she was now, but she knew there was only one man she'd allow to touch her...

For the past couple of years Hinata has been having nightmares that something horrific had happened to the boy she fell in love with, his name was Naruto Uzumaki and Five Years ago he left with the Toad Sage Master Jiraiya to train in order to become stronger after he failed to bring back his best friend from the verge of darkness.

Nobody knew when he would come back or if he would even come back at all, sometimes she hated herself for not being able to believe in him as much as she should but she wanted to see that he was okay with her own eyes. Hinata began to sob slightly, tears beginning to gather in her eyes. "Forgive me for crying for your sake Naruto but please come back to me... I miss you..." She said to herself as she couldn't help but smile slightly for his sake, her tears dripping off her eye lids and landing on top her beds sheets.

Tsunade sighed as she gazed downward at the village, the sounds of birds chirping filling the air with a clear blue sky above them, the bright sun illuminating the village and vanquishing the darkness left over from the night, she smiled lightly as she sipped her morning coffee and took a deep breath of fresh air, her office door opened slowly as Shizune entered the room, she smiled and stretched her arms upward.

"Good Morning Tsunade, what are you thinking about?" Shizune asked her long-time partner and good friend. Tsunade smiled at her friend who walked over and joined her on the porch attached to the Hokage's Office. "It's been five years since Naruto left with Jiraiya, it's been quite a long time hasn't it?" Tsunade asked. Shizune smiled and nodded. "Isn't it about time for them to return?" Shizune asked. Tsunade sighed, a serious look filling her gaze for a split second. "Let's hope so, because we'll be in trouble if they don't, something big has been put into motion..." Tsunade replied as she sipped from her bottle of Sake again.

Naruto and Jiraiya stopped for a moment in front of the Village Gate, their gazes meeting, both of them nodding in sync and walking through the gateway, as they past the guards post one of them. "Is that?" One of the guards asked the other. The other one smiled excitingly and nodded. "I think it is." He replied. Naruto and Jiraiya walked through the village and after a moment of silence Jiraiya spoke. "I have to turn in a progress report to Tsunade and besides I haven't had a drink with her in four years. I'm sure you want to get reacquainted with some of your friends as well so consider this a break." Jiraia said to his apprentice. Naruto flashed his trademark grin, bowing slightly. "Can do Jiraiya-sensei!" He replied eagerly.

And with those words Naruto Uzumaki disappeared in a puff of smoke. Jiraiya smiled and walked to the Hokage's office as he began to think. Something tells me Naruto might get into some trouble...Jiraiya thought to himself as he walked down the spiral staircase of the Hokage Tower. Immediately dismissing the thought and descending the steps. Ah he'll be fine, I trained him after all...Jiraiya thought with a confident grin.

Naruto grinned wide as he ran carelessly through the streets of Konoha with the same smile on his face that he wore back when he was a Genin. Our young hero got many curious glances from the young women of the village but due to Naruto's blissful ignorance and carefree lifestyle he paid no attention as he casually walked into his favorite restaurant: Ichiraku's Ramen Stand. Naruto sat down at his favorite seat in the restaurant. "Hey Old man can I get a Miso Pork order?" Naruto asked Teuchi.

Teuchi appeared annoyed by this remark and shifted his gaze in his direction, a deadly look in his eyes as he spoke. "Who you calling an old man!?" Teuchi asked threateningly. Naruto waved his arms in front of himself apologetically. "Sorry Teuchi I didn't mean to insult you!" Naruto pleaded desperately. Teuchi's suddenly lightened up and his anger suddenly dissolved. "Naruto is that you?" Teuchi asked. Naruto grinned wide and threw his hands up in a peace sign. "The one and only!" He announced.

The usual sounds of the village filled the air as Teuchi placed a bowl of ramen in front of him, Naruto was on the verge of drooling as that heavenly aroma filed his senses, staring at it as if it were a holy object. He shifted his gaze upward at Teuchi. "How much?" He asked. Teuchi grinned. "First bowls on the house for my favorite customer!" He replied with a large grin. Naruto raised his fist in the air.

"Hallelujah for ramen!" Naruto cheered.

With that statement our hero dove headfirst into his well-earned meal, a few moments later three voices appeared, Naruto couldn't make out what they were saying but the voices were growing louder as the sources approached, the door to the ramen stand opened smoothly as a wild looking, black haired shinobi entered, what appeared to be fangs were replacing teeth toward the edges of his mouth, runes made of red face paint smeared across his face.

To his right was a heavily cloaked shinobi with very dark sunglasses covering his eyes from view, giving him a mysterious look, behind him was a tall, slender, pale, oval-eyed, long raven-haired Kunoichi dressed in a white winter jacket, and Kunoichi pants made out of a white, tough yet comfortable material, Naruto couldn't help but be impressed by her beauty but he knew her from somewhere but he couldn't put his finger on it... Then suddenly it hit him, it was Hinata.

Naruto who had already finished his ramen stood up and approached them, they all looked up at him in curiosity and without another moment to think. "Hey there Kiba, Shino, Hinata, it's been a long time." Naruto said from behind them. Kiba, Shino, and Hinata all turned around in response. A moment later Kiba and Hinata's eyes widened. "Naruto is that you?" Kiba asked, a look of disbelief on his face. Naruto grinned wide. "Good to know I was remembered." He said happily. Hinata's gaze never left Naruto. Naruto's here what do I do?! Damn it Hinata he's right in front of you, talk to him! Hinata thought as an internal struggle emerged within her.

Hinata bit down on her lip in frustration, Naruto noticed her tense up a little and shifted his gaze in Hinata's direction. "Hey Hinata, everything alright?" Naruto asked with a look of concern. Hinata avoided his gaze, their eyes meeting for a split second before she pulled her eyes apart, muttering an apology as a deep blush covered her face and she was gone, just like that. Naruto turned to Shino and Kiba. "What was that about?" He asked them. Without receiving an answer Kiba and Shino thought in unison:

You may have gotten stronger but you're still the same hyperactive idiot...

Tsunade smiled and poured her and Jiraiya a glass of Sake, putting Jiraiya's glass down in front of him as she brought her own glass to her lips, draining the harsh yet sweet liquid in the glass, a moment later she pulled the glass away from her lips and set it down on the desk in front of her. "It's been a long time Jiraiya, and the report you turned in was quite excellent, but is he really as strong as you say?" She asked her fellow Sannin and long-time friend. Jiraiya laughed quietly to himself. If only you knew Tsunade... He thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted however as Tsunade spoke again. "Well?" SHe asked.

Jiraiya merely smiled at his friend. "Test him, I guarantee you'll be happy with our work..." Jiraiya said with a confident grin. Tsunade smiled at her old friend. "Is that so? I look forward to it then..." She stated. Jiraiya smiled and raised his glass. "To new beginnings!" He said happily. Tsunade grinned wide and toasted their glasses, banging them together lightly in celebration. "I'll drink to that!" SHe said gladly. Jiraiya laughed at that comment. "Yeah but you'd drink to anything..." He said to himself quietly. Tsunade's gaze narrowed as she locked gazes with Jiraiya. "What was that?" She asked in a threatening tone. Jiraiya smiled to himself. "Nothing at all, just talking to myself." He replied. Tsunade smirked in response "Yeah that's what I thought..."

Naruto closed his eyes as he stood in front of the old Team Seven Training grounds, opening them suddenly as a pale-blue orb of swirling, concentrated chakra manifested in his open palm, slamming his fist into the wooden training post. "Rasengan!" He announced, the incantation echoing as the vortex of energy came into contact with the wooden post. Causing it to explode, wooden shards scattering across the entire training area. As Naruto finished up his training and wiped the sweat from his face he heard a voice speak from behind him. "Naruto is that you?" The familiar voice asked.

Naruto shifted his gaze, turning his neck around as a tall, pink-haired Kunoichi dressed in a tight-fitting dark red vest, and pink Kunoichi pants that exposed her well endowed features, Naruto smiled and began walking towards her. "Hey Sakura, it's been a while huh?" He said with a grin. Sakura smiled at him. "When did you get back?" She asked out of curiosity. "Just a few hours ago." Naruto replied with a smirk. Sakura grinned. "Is that so? Want to sit on the grass and catch up?" She asked. Naruto smiled and nodded his head in response. "Sure thing Sakura." Naruto said in reply. As they sat down Sakura couldn't help but ask herself one thing. What happened to Sakura-chan?

Thirty Minutes Later...

"...And then after learning a few new techniques I combined them with the ones I already knew to create combinations, and also Jiraiya taught me how to use this." As Naruto said that he slid his Katana from it's sheath and held it up for Sakura to see, the blade was about twenty-five inches and made of a smooth black metal, running along the middle of the blade on each side were runes of unknown origin that gave the sword a powerful yet mysterious look to it. Sakura smirked and said: "Nice sword... Now let's see you use it." Naruto grinned and closed his eyes, without looking at her he spoke. "You might want to back up for this..." He said.

Sakura did as Naruto asked as Naruto held the blade in front of his face in a fierce offensive stance, a look of extreme effort written across his facial expression as his chakra enveloped the blade, a moment later the runes running along the blade began to glow a bright crimson, Naruto's eyes snapping open. "Ninja Art! Chakra Blade!" He announced, the incantation echoing as the entire sword glowed a bright, pale blue. Naruto held the blade to his side and rushed toward a nearby tree with a burst of chakra-enhanced speed and reappeared next to Sakura, before she could even blink the trunk of the tree he had just charged toward slid off the stump to the ground with a loud crash, the section where his blade sliced becoming very visible. Sakura was speechless at Naruto's skill with a blade, after a moment of silence Naruto spoke again. "And that's only one of my new techniques, pretty awesome huh?" He asked with a confident grin.

Hinata sat in her bedroom alone, curled up in a ball as became lost in thought. Why Hinata? Why did you have to run away? He was right there! You spends years trying to figure out what to say to him and when he finally arrives you run like a frightened little girl? Damn it Hinata! She thought to her thoughts echoed in her mind she punched her pillow in frustration, biting her bottom lip. "Damn it, what can I do to get the courage to talk to him?" She muttered to herself.

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