True Path of a Jinchuuriki Ch 17: Existence

(Italics: Thoughts / Flashbacks / Dream sequence. Bold: Title and Kyubi's / Demon's / Inner Characters's Speech. Underline: Time Skips)

A lone golden haired figure stumbled onward through the seemingly never-ending dense forest, an empty look in his eyes as he stopped for a moment, staring upward into the cerulean sky with similar colored eyes. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence? The man thought to himself but it was all in vain, if he kept forcing himself to think such things he would probably never regain his memory of the past. Pushing those thoughts aside he kept walking, a strong feeling that he would obtain the knowledge of his past soon enough... He only hoped it wouldn't come at the cost of his own life...

Three Months Earlier...

Naruto spat up some blood and his vision began to blur as Sasuke gripped his neck, choking him as he struggled desperately to breathe. Sasuke loosening his grip just enough to allow the minimum amount of oxygen into his lungs. "Do not worry I have no intention of killing you, I want you to witness the opening of the Gate of Eden..." Sasuke explained, the ground trembling around them as the ruins of the Forbidden Fortress dissolved before their very eyes. A moment later an intensely bright white Light shot upwards, uniting the earth with the heavens as an enormous gateway manifested, the trembling coming to a halt as Madara and the rest of the brotherhood of darkness suddenly appeared in front of the gateway in time-space.

They all looked at one another and nodded in acknowledgment before proceeding into the gateway, a brilliant flash of light expanding outward, blinding the visions of Kakashi, Konohamaru, Neji and Hinata emerged from the ruins beneath the Gate of Eden. As the light faded there was no trace of anyone, friend or foe. Neji and Hinata immediately activated their Byakugans and scanned the scarred battlefield for any sign of their ally. After thirty minutes of searching all they could find was a bloodied piece of a black traveling cloak. Hinata grabbed it tightly in her hands, tears escaping the corner of her eyes. There's no way... Naruto has to be alive I know it! He can't be dead! He just can't be... The Hyuuga Heiress thought to herself."Oh Naruto-kun..." Hinata muttered aloud between sobs.

Three Months and Three Days Later... (Present)

Three days had gone by since Kitsune lost the little peace he once had in this harsh, unforgiving reality. After Kitsune became that demon he wasn't sure if he was even human anymore, was he human or a monster? He only hoped his lost memory would provide the answers he sought. After he ventured out of the endless dense forests he found himself traveling a dirt road, a fairly large town appearing in the distance, countless roads packed with people all traveling their own paths. As Kitsune kept persisting despite his fatigue he got into town fairly easy, he wasn't sure how he did it but he could sometimes feel enormous energy rush through him allowing him to accomplish more than he thought possible.

He was just grateful for it and didn't question it too much. As he walked through the gate entrance nobody seemed to notice him as he blended in with the crowd of merchants, commoners, and various others as well. But despite the peaceful feeling radiating throughout the town Kitsune had to face the harsh reality he had no money, food, water, and equally importantly a place to sleep. Despite that he had to keep moving, if it meant his survival he would resort to stealing. As he wandered through the crowded alley he had no worries about pickpockets because of the fact he had absolutely nothing of value. An ironic grin on Kitsune's face at the ludicrous thought as he took a right into a secluded alleyway, intuition influencing his every step.

As he ventured further down the back street the alleyway opened up to a widened, fenced off area. Part of the fence broken down in some sections, pieces of junk metal littering the ground around him. As Kitsune stepped into the middle of the area the sounds of footsteps echoed from all around him, shifting his gaze as dirtily dressed men surrounded him, closing in as she unsheathed small knives and switchblades. Kitsune put his hands up defensively. "I'm sorry I don't have any money or belongings to give you, I have no hostile intentions but if you attack me I won't hesitate to defend myself, now please leave before I change my mind..."

Kitsune said in a threatening tone, a pulse of black chakra emitting from him as his eyes glowed with a slight hint of bright crimson. The men appeared to get angered at this remark moving in closer as they gripped their weapons with an intensity in their eyes, Kitsune observing this through his cold, empty gaze. "Don't you disrespect me you brat!" The man in front of him yelled as he stabbed his blade forward in a sudden movement. Before the man could even blink Kitsune appeared behind the man, his empty, cold cerulean eyes gazing off into space as he held his attacker's wrist in a tight hold, the blade falling to the ground, the sound of the metal impacting the ground echoing throughout the empty alleyway. "Damn it brat let me go!" The man yelled, the other men growing in anger as they hesitantly approached Kitsune.

"Enough!" A voice called from above them. The men halting their actions and gazing upward as a spiky, raven haired man stood atop the building towering above them, clad in a full-body black cloak, his cold and calculating gaze scanning his surroundings. "But boss this guy was-!" The man tried to say but the raven haired man towering him held his hand up to signal his silence. "You still don't understand do you? Not one of you is a match for this man..."

Later that night…

The raven haired man from earlier grabbed a bottle of alcohol, pouring two glasses and walking over to a nearby table, Kitsune sitting across from him at the table, broken from his thoughts as the man set a glass down in front of him. "Sorry about earlier, my men have many qualities although unfortunately manners are not one of them." The man said with a grin, sipping his own drink. Pulling the glass from his lips with a sigh of relief. "Damn that's refreshing..." The man said as he wiped his lips clean. Kitsune gazed at his reflection in the intoxicating liquid, putting it to his lips as he consumed a third of the glass' contents, putting the glass down on the table. "So do you have a name?"

The raven haired man asked as he put his glass down. "Kitsune... That was the name I was given..." Kitsune said in an empty tone. "Strange name, in this place I am known as Zack the Blade, are you from around here Kitsune?" At these words Kitsune gripped the glass with a bit more pressure. "I don't know..." He said, a detached and distant look written into his very facial expression. "I see… You must have lost your memory when you crossed over..." Zack said, sipping his drink. Kitsune gazed up at Zack with a look of confusion reflected in his gaze. "Crossed over? What the hell are you talking about?" Kitsune asked in a curious tone. Zack put his drink down, his facial expression reflecting absolute seriousness.

"I've seen that look in your eyes before, you must be from the other world, you see about three months ago an ancient ruin up north began to glow a strange color and witnesses claim strangely dressed people emerged from the ruin then disappeared just as fast as they had arrived, there had always been a legend in many cultures that the ruin was a doorway of some kind, and that the people on the other side of that door possessed a special power they generated from their souls and bodies. Haven't you realized you could go longer without eating? Without rest? Even though you've forgotten your past your body still remembers how to tap in to this power within you." Kitsune gazed at Zack wide eyed, Zack's words impacting him like a ton of bricks.

"So you're saying I'm from this other world, that means if I can get back through that door I might be able to get my memory back..." Kitsune though aloud. Zack laughed at this, Kitsune gazing at him curiously. "What's so funny?" He asked. "I'm sorry you just don't understand how this world works, the military has taken siege at the entrance to the doorway and civilians aren't allowed to enter..." Zack explained. Kitsune took a moment to absorb the information. "What's a military?" He asked. Zack sighed in response. "They're the kind of people with a kill first ask questions later mentality, Not the kind of people you can reason with unfortunately, and since you're from the other side they'll probably consider you a spy and execute you on the spot."

Kitsune was about to reply but Zack covers his mouth, pulling out a long, slender, concealed, sheathed blade from his black cloak. "Somebody's coming..." Zack said in a lowered tone. Unsheathing the blade as the sound of footsteps approached, the door swung open, one of Zack's men standing at the doorstep with a blank expression on his face. "Boss... I'm sorry..." Those were the man's last words as he fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming beneath his body. As the man's body fell to the ground with a thud Zack's eyes widened. "Watch out!" Zack yelled as he grabbed Kitsune by the collar of his brown traveling cloak and jumped out the open window, a split-second later the room they just escaped from was filled with the sound of gunshots.

As the smoke cleared a lone, faceless figure dressed in a black suit walked into the room, looking around and then looking down at the man shot moments before dead on the ground, a sinister smile graced his thin lips as he spat on the corpse a single time. "Pathetic…" The man muttered under his breath.

Three Hours Later…

Zack and Kitsune sat by an open fire deep in thick woods north of the town they escaped from. "It's really ironic isn't it? My past brings those around me nothing but misery, a life I don't even remember…" Kitsune said as he gazed upward at the night sky. "Although you may not have any memories of your previous life, those experiences made you the person you are today, live a life without regret and it will be a happy one, I guarantee it." Zack replied as he held his sword up, gazing at his reflection in the metal of the blade. "Zack you've just met me and already I've troubled you enough, so why? Why are you helping me?" Kitsune asked. Zack's gaze shifted upward at the night sky, losing himself in the masses of light overhead as he became lost in thought.


A slender, spiky raven-haired boy ran with all of his might, gripping a stolen loaf of bread as angry shouts followed his movement, jumping over a few boxes as he attempted to escape through a secluded alleyway. As he swiftly proceeded down the alleyway he was cut short as a tall, shadowed figure appeared in front of his escape route, panicking he gazed over his shoulder only to find he was trapped like an animal! The shadowed figures smirking at his fearful behavior as they readied their blunt weapons and cracked their knuckles threateningly as they closed in on the fearful thief, the sound of a child's agony echoing throughout the night.

After the men got tired and bored they left. The bruised and bloody boy tearing off a piece of the damaged, stolen bread and eating it with a fierce determination in his gaze. His will to live overwhelming, wanting more than ever to possess the power to defend himself against the society that had birthed him into poverty, if he could possess power and live free with no regret his life would be a happy one, he had a feeling in his gut, in fact he was more sure of it now than ever…

A few years had gone by, the boy was now a young man and did things he was not particularly proud of, but in this harsh world he did what he had to in order to survive. He was alive and that thought alone shined through the darkness in his heart. He was alive and intended to keep it that way, regardless of the cost. One day the young man was walking along a coast line, attempting to cross a border, after about an hour of travel the boy came across a male body that had washed ashore, a strange head band wrapped around his forehead, dressed in a foreign black cloak.

His face and hair hidden by his hood. He walked up to the seemingly lifeless body and pushes him lightly. "Hey are you alright?" The young man said as he attempted to nudge him awake. Suddenly the man's eyes opened and a split-second later the man unsheathed a sword the young man failed to notice, pinned down on the ground as the cold blade pressed against his throat. The boy was speechless and unable to move due to the sheer amount of pressure holding him down and of course a cold, steel blade pressed against his throat.

But strangely enough even in this life-or-death situation the young man showed no signs of fear, on the contrary, he was smiling. The man was taken aback by this and removed the blade from the young man's throat. "What is your name boy?" The young man smirked. "I have no name, I'm not even considered a person so there's been no need…" The man absorbed the boys words, silent for a full minute. "Very well then I shall give you one, your name will be…"

Flashback End.

"Zack was the name that he chose for me, that man became my master, taught me everything I know and looked out for me, he never did tell me his name but whoever he was I owe him my life more than a hundred-fold, when I was nobody and had nothing he took me in, and that Kitsune is why I am helping you." Zack finished. Pulling out a bottle of alcohol out of nowhere and bringing it to his lips as he uncorked the bottle and proceeded to drain a good portion of the bottle's contents. Kitsune nodded subconsciously, lost in thought as Zack's story struck something inside of him, an unnerving sympathy for him.

He was snapped out of his thoughts suddenly as Zack spoke again. "Don't feel sorry for me, I don't need your pity, I'm still alive today and that's what matters, now come on we need to keep moving and leave no traces or they'll find us sooner than you think." Kitsune nodded in acknowledgement as he gathered the little things he had, removed any traces of their camp site and continued onward into the unknown.


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