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107. "You and your new blue dress have taken away my breath."

Words: 546


Mitchie descended the stairs slowly, her eyes darting to and from her four best friends, to her boyfriend to her parents. Connie and Steve were sporting proud smiles and cameras. Jason, Nate and Tess were smiling in obvious approval.

But, Shane's expression was the one she was most anxious for, yet at the same time, most afraid of. What if he didn't like the dress? Or my hair? What if the corsage doesn't match! Uh-huh… I think I'm going to barf.

Mitchie seriously considered giving in to her adrenaline and turning and heading back up the stairs. Then she remembered how many hours it took her to get ready for this moment, and how many dollars her parents had to fork over to buy the dress and matching shoes and accessories. This will not go to waste, she silently commanded herself, before stepping down the last step.

"It's a fabulous dress, Mitch," Caitlyn praised. "I'm totally jealous."

"Yeah, Mitchie, it's beautiful. It may not be as expensive as mine, but it's totally as pretty." Coming from Tess, that was a really big compliment. It was rare Tess climbed down from her high-horse to praise someone wearing something from a department store.

"That colour looks lovely against your skin, honey," Connie said, before snapping a quick picture. Her father murmured his approval.

"Looking wonderful, Mitch," Nate said, smiling at her.

"Thanks guys," Mitchie said, ducking her head to hide her pink cheeks.

Shane was at her side in an instant, brushing his hand from her temple to her jaw and back up again.

"That blush is lovely. The dress is pretty, Mitch, but it pales in comparison to the beautiful lady wearing it," he whispered. Mitchie was grateful she had chosen to wear water-proof mascara, as she felt the tears gathering behind her lids and didn't want to ruin her make-up.

"Thank you, Shane."

"Okay, group shot," Steve called, ushering the teenagers into the hall.

"Alright, Tess up front with Nate, then Jason and Caitlyn and Mitchie and Shane in the middle," Connie directed. "And hurry up too; you don't want to be late for prom."

"Coming Mrs. Torres," everyone called, stepping into their positions. Steve snapped the picture, allowing the teenagers to leave.

"Bye mom, dad. I'll see you guys later," Mitchie cried, grabbing her clutch and following her boyfriend through the door.

There was a limo parked in the driveway and the other two couples had already disappeared into it, probably to give the two a brief minute of privacy.

Shane wrapped an arm around Mitchie's waist; pulling her to him. "You and your new blue dress have taken my breath away," he said, before closing the gap between them and pressing a gentle kiss to her lips. The porch lights flickered above their heads and they broke apart grinning.

"Come on," Shane said, taking her hand and helping her down the porch steps.

"One second," she said, turning back and ringing the doorbell. "Peeping Toms," she muttered before ringing the bell again.

"Bye mom and dad!"


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