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Jacob and Renesmee have never seen each other before. In fact, the wolves know nothing of her existence yet.

Multiple POV's

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Jacob & Renesmee

Ten years ago, a vampire broke the treaty between themselves and the Werewolves when he bit a human to save her life. The result of the misunderstanding was chaos, and many lives were sacrificed to pay the price.

On this night, everything changed.

~Act One: The Party~


There were only a six things I knew for certain:

One: We were werewolves.

Two: They were vampires.

Three: Humans, all of the outside world, knew nothing of our existence.

Four: They didn't cross into our lands, and we avoided theirs... Until today.

Five: I wanted all the bloodsuckers dead... and so we hatched a plan to get rid of them once and for all.

Six: The imprinting was sudden and strong, something I never expected, and never had the chance to escape. I had gone in to do my duty as Alpha, to protect the humans, to protect the pack, to keep the leaches from killing on our lands... I departed with an unalterable love for the only daughter of my eternally sworn enemy.

I did my best to ignore the stares of the pack, but they were waiting for my order. I owed them one.

It all happened so fast. This morning the pack was playing a game of football at the beach when Billy informed us of the grave news: Three humans had been found dead just that morning, every ounce of blood drained from each of their bodies.

We ran into town to observe things for a while, and returned with very few options. My cut-offs were still damp from the rain as I sat tracing patterns into the lined fabric. There was hardly a chance to breathe before action needed to be taken.

"The Cullen's haven't been hunting on our lands," I said, my voice weak and brittle. "It's the others. The ones we saw today."

"But why?" Leah demanded, stepping forward and shoving several others from the pack out of her way. "Who are they, Jake? You're not expecting us to turn our heads to this, are you? Bella is long gone! She has been for a whole fucking decade!"

I felt a growl erupting from my chest, and my lips inevitably pulled over my teeth. "I damn well know that, now don't I Lee?" Still, I faced down, staring at nothing but the light wooden table in front of me. I couldn't believe I still wanted to protect Bella. No, not even her really, just something in that damn house.

"They claim to be vegetarian, but they have humans gathering in the house already. I could smell them in the forest." Sam muttered under his breath, readably stricken with reproach. "Their feast." He added, disgusted. "Whether it is the Cullen's hunting here or their friends, we cannot permit it."

His voice radiated authority. His eyes were stern, yet calm; the epitome of a good leader.

I still couldn't breath. I still couldn't think.

I had seen him today; The bloodsucker who stole Bella's humanity - stole Bella from me. Casual as any day, he was pumping gas into his silver S60 R Volvo as if he hadn't a care in the world. My fingers bore holes into the wooden table just thinking about that damn expression on his face. It wasn't until Billy cleared his throat loudly that I released my firm grip.

Since when would Bella allow something so revolting? She'd become a blood-sucking monster too, just as I always knew she would.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so weird if it was just the Cullen's throwing the large house party on Halloween night. But, as it was, this multitude of strange, unfamiliar Vampires collected in the small town of Forks was anything but ordinary. No human took particular notice of them, even the cloaked ones - it was Halloween after all - but we did. We could smell them.

"What did you find out? Quil, Embry?" My eyes darted from one to the other. "What kind of stuff were they gathering?"

"I don't know, Jake." Quil sighed, pulling his prepubescent Claire bear into a protective hold with his hands on both her shoulders. "Party favors, champagne glasses. Though they don't exactly strike me as wino's."

My expression darkened. "A Vampire/Halloween party. Open invites to all humans! Why the hell not? How convenient!" My hands curled into tight fists. I felt a strong heat radiating through my entire body, both weakening and strengthening me at once. "The Cullen's have been quiet since the fight. Why now? Who are these other bloodsuckers anyway?"

"We have to go." Sam demanded, still calm as his eyes glanced towards me for final approval. "We don't have another choice. It's too late for the three found this morning, but the other humans aren't dead yet. It's guaranteed that they will be if we do nothing. It's our duty as 'The Protectors.'"

I nodded in complete agreement, and looked past Sam to Emily. She was standing behind his chair, her face clouded with worry as she stared helplessly back at me. She nestled deep beneath a soft quilt surrounding her shoulders with her arms draped firmly around Sam's neck to borrow his warmth. They had been growing older together for the past seven years now. I could see it in their eyes that their time together was precious.

"This is too dangerous." She shook her head, her voice hollow and broken. "It's practically suicide."

Sam placed a comforting hand on hers.

"We'll be fine, Em." I reached for a tall, red-tinted bottle on the kitchen counter. "With this crap Billy made, they won't even pick up our scent."

It was about eight years old, but it worked. A vampire had yet to detect us when we used it.

"Yeah, we'll just smell like the rest of them," Embry said, wrinkling his nose in disgust. "Vile."

I kept looking at Sam to see any change in his expression, but he was firm. He wouldn't back down from this. It needed to be done, to protect Emily if nothing else.

My eyes then snapped over to Seth. He was leaning against the door frame, his legs crossed and his expression hard. Though he was younger than me, I trusted his judgment probably more than anyone here.

He nodded once, and I nodded back.

"Then we agree?" Sam asked, first eying the pack, and then me. "This could be the end of the fight, Jacob."

The end of the fight. All I could think about was the end of Edward and Bella Cullen.

"I nodded, didn't I?" I snapped, regretting it the instant his calm eyes narrowed at me. This was not how the Alpha was supposed to act. "Sorry. Just give me a minute, Sam."

"Would you chill out Jake!" Leah screeched at me, but I ignored her easily by cupping my hands completely over my face.

A few deep breaths, and I would be fine. After filling my lungs several times over, I lifted my head. My eyes scanned the room. "This doesn't happen until I give my signal. Understood?"

There was a total of two dozen werewolves crowded within centimeters of one another, a few more on the way. It was enough to take action, to burn the leaches to hell if they didn't finish us first.

Each one in the pack nodded in agreement.

A low grumble erupted from my chest. Tonight I would say goodbye to Bella for the last time. She was no longer human, no longer a part of me. She hadn't been for a very, very long time. I'd lost every parcel of love for her the moment he changed her.

The bloodsucker!

I hated him; Hated them.

Tonight, the leaches would pay.

Good riddance.

It was nearly ten in the evening when the pack headed west. At ten fifteen we stopped our journey through the woods, just about quarter of a mile from the Cullen's house.

The strong scent of the gathered vampires was overwhelming. I felt a sick knot forming in my stomach, and we hadn't even made it to the driveway yet.

Embry, Sam, Seth and I phased back to human form. I yanked the large black cloak from the wire at my ankle and threw it over my shoulders. A black mask hung by it's band from my mouth, and I wrapped that in place as well. Our hair was the problem. All four of us had black hair down past our shoulders. I would have been more than willing to chop it off, but there was no need since our heads would be covered by the heavy hoods of the black cloaks.

The dreaded part was soaking our skin in the vampire musk. The moment it touched my flesh, I felt a crawling sensation tingling at every hair on my body, offending every pore.

Seth held a palm to his nose until that too had to be doused in the fowl stench. After that, we made way for the front door.

The rest of the pack would wait in the forest until the signal was given; A very distinct howl. My howl. And then we would all attack, knowing not everyone would make it out alive. If something happened to me, they were to retreat, no questions asked.

Sam, Seth, Embry and I all glanced at each other and nodded. Not a word was spoken.

Only a few cars lined the driveway, probably meaning the new leaches had arrived by foot. I couldn't help but have to fight the urge to steal a few parts from the Cullen's line of expensive wheels. I could do a killing with a 383 Mini Ram/ 450 HP but I shrugged off the temptation. I might not even live through tonight, so why bother?

Getting inside wasn't difficult. We smelled like them, and every face in the room was covered by a mask, only recognizable by hair or stature depending on what they were wearing.

Vampires swarmed in the large room by the stairwell. Tall bloodsuckers, short ones, all beautiful by their own definition.

The scent scorched the inside of my nose, causing tears to well up in my eyes. I had to bat them away quickly before anyone else noticed. For a minute I rested my hand on Embry's shoulder to keep my footing steady. Vampires were graceful; They didn't stumble to the ground like I felt I might, and they didn't - couldn't - shed tears.

Dark music lit my ears, burning them. The muscles in my jaw tightened. It sounded like a sweet massacre about to happen.

It was dim, very dim. Candle light decorated every inch of the trim against the walls. Fancy, blood-red candles set around a large chandelier to illuminate the rest of the room in a soft crimson glow.

Then I noticed the humans dispersed throughout the crowd, laughing and chatting away without a care in the world. They were the only ones touching the bar of food.

I pressed my lips into a fine line.

Bella... How could she be a part of this?

The difficult part was practicing restraint when I finally spotted him.

"Calm down, Jake." Seth cautioned after hearing the low growl hissing through my clenched teeth.

Edward Cullen was standing in the crowd looking oddly uncomfortable. (Good!) Even with the costume, I knew who he was. He wore a simple pin striped gray suit and black mask. How could I forget what he looked like? That stupid hair!

"Cleaver!" I scowled, "Did he pick that out himself? I'm shaking in my Nike's."

Instantly, I felt Sam's cautious eyes on me with excruciating clarity.

Edward was smiling, though it was obviously forced. His teeth were clenched together, half grimacing at the dozens of leaches surrounded him. I had to fight to keep my mind clear so he wouldn't be aware of us being here, but he seemed way to preoccupied to focus solely on me. It was as if his mind was hyper-aware of the other leaches and not worried in the slightest about anything else.

They had to have seen us coming, one way or another. It didn't take a psychic to predict this would go against the treaty, broken or not.

I wondered briefly if any of them noticed me staring daggers at their host, but I didn't care. I wanted him dead more than any of them. I wanted to cut him into tiny pieces and burn the remnants to black ash to make sure he'd never come back.

This "party" merely strengthened my conviction.

The end of Edward Cullen. I almost laughed.

"Twenty-three in here," Sam whispered. "We should check the other rooms."

Seth nodded, "I'll head downstairs."

My eyes snapped to the left, giving Seth a warning glance. "Hey," He turned to me, eyes wide. I felt my Alpha instincts kicking in. "Just... be careful would ya? Snap necks if anything happens."

One quick grin and a nod of the head later, he disappeared into the crowd.

My eyes skimmed the large room, taking in the dozens and dozens of bloodsuckers filling my view. It didn't take long to spot what I was looking for next.

Sam grabbed my shoulder when I suddenly noticed Bella by the stairs.

"Calm." He ordered.

Why did everyone keep saying that!?! I knew damn well I had to be calm!

It wasn't until his hand tightened that I realized I had stepped forward. My nose flared and I inhaled a sharp gasp of breath, forcing myself to stand still.

She looked like them. Visibly cold, hard as stone, and unnaturally beautiful. Why I had expected something else, I had no idea. Maybe I expected the old Bella to reappear. I wanted to hear her excitedly call my name, and watch her face light up when she saw me - like a child on Christmas morning.

She didn't glance my way at all.

Behind her stood Alice. She still bounced with grace as she took the last step, if that's possible. Following behind her was the beauty queen herself. Blonde as ever, I was sure.

The three of us stepped to the side, attempting to blend with the crowd. It took mere seconds for us to be separated, but I didn't care. There were things to take care of, and my despising attention eagerly focused back on the happy couple.

Edward moved like liquid through the dimly lit room, the crowd reforming slowly around him. It bothered me how the mass of leaches parted for him like they were all connected to one mind. - eerie enough for me to feel a sick knot in pit of my stomach.

His expression was unreadable, as his eyes fixed straight ahead; strait to Bella.

I made my way through the crowd carefully, observantly, watching as some of the female's black eyes captured and followed me as I passed by. I didn't look twice. Unlike the other humans here, I could easily decipher the look of hunger apart from lust.

Edward's lips were moving swiftly against Bella's ear. He was talking too fast for me to catch on, but I knew it wasn't something particular worth celebrating. Bella's expression was hard, and distant. Her head flicked gently up the stairwell as if to point without making it too obvious to anyone else but him.

Curiosity instantly overwhelmed me. I felt a magnetic pull upstairs. I had to know what was up there.

With careful steps, I took four fleeting strides forward, staying as far away from any Cullen's eyes as I could. Edward had taken his wife's hand and lead her into the crowd. None of them saw me, and even if they had, I wasn't sure they would care. Their minds seemed oddly preoccupied.

I took the steps three at a time, making it to the hallways in less than half a second. There was a crowd gathered up there as well. My mind began counting the leaches one by one, not bothering to include humans. They would be cowering in the corner when this began anyway.

Further down the hall there were more of them, mixing company with humans, both male and female. These mortals were fully seduced at this point. Alcohol raged in their bloodstream, and they soaked up every disgusting lie the leaches told them. To them, these creatures were beautiful, angelic, unnaturally kind. It was all a part of the facade; The trap.

I growled under my breath, feeling my hands coil into trembling fists.

I stepped to the side as they passed, averting my eyes away from the disgusting leaches throwing vulgar taunts towards their unsuspecting prey.


I had to physically scrape the palms of my hands with my nails to keep from phasing and ripping the damned bloodsuckers to shreds.

Still, like a bad accident on the side of the road, I couldn't keep my eyes away.

One of them, a female, very small in stature, gazed up at me. She was slim and dark-skinned, hidden beneath the overly large cloak occupying her shoulders. Her eyes were wide, black, and hungry. I pressed my lips together in a cynical smirk, knowing she would die hungry too. Her clothes were clean, but saturated heavily with the stench of blood.

She was standing, hand in hand with another tiny leach. A male. His eyes jetted towards me as well, both looking intensely interested in something they saw in me, but I didn't care. Whatever it was wasn't important anymore.

The time was coming... very soon. Soon enough to save those humans clinging to their every word. That was all that mattered now.

My eyes didn't leave hers until I was fully around the corner. I was left with the image of her eerie smirk painting her full, blood red lips. It made me shiver despite my lack of fear.

For now, I needed some air. The overwhelming scent of those monsters made me feel bile building in the back of my throat.

At the end of the hallway there were three doors. Any of them would work as long as there were windows, but I chose the one on the left.

I pushed the thick doors open, and stepped into the dimly lit room. When they closed behind me, I was left in a pitch blackness that even a wolf could make out barely more that a hint of shadows in.

An open window didn't seem necessary. Leaches had obviously come and gone, but none seemed to stay long. The air was clear here, relaxing, and I inhaled deeply to let it coat my defiled lungs.

But there was a second scent mixed in that I didn't fully recognize. Something sweet, enticing... almost enchanting.


My breath instantly caught in my throat, and my body froze to a quick halt. I could have sworn I was alone.

When I caught my breath again, I mumbled, "Sorry," and turned to leave as fast as I could. It was the only reaction I was prepared for after indulging in the beautiful aroma.

"You don't have to leave." The voice was soft, warm like velvet. The only reason my feet stopped was so I could hear it again. "It's a bit strange out there, don't you think?"

It surprised me that I wanted to stay. Something here made me curious. Whether it was the enticing scent or the velvet voice, I wasn't sure.

"Sure, sure. I guess." Why I responded at all, I had no idea.

The female voice chuckled lightly, but said nothing more.

I craved to hear it again, so I asked, "You sit in the dark often?" I couldn't stop the wave of laughter that broke my words. That surprised me too; The sudden calm after being filled with such intense hatred.

"The dark was inviting. I can't stand what they are doing out there. Dinner," - she said it with disgust - "isn't served until midnight. I'm waiting for the hungry ones to get tired of waiting so I can get the humans away from here."

I exhaled every ounce of breath in my lungs. A smile tugged at my lips that I wasn't sure was pure doubt or something else. "You're not hungry?" Why was she telling me this? It had to be a lie.

Another chuckle. "Not for human blood, no."

A vegetarian. Like the Cullen's claimed to be? It was unfortunate that she would have to die with the rest of the leaches.

"Won't you get into a lot of trouble for something like that? I would hate to piss off a few dozen bloodsu- er vampires." I cringed at the word. Funny that I was about to do that very same thing.

"Not unless they catch me."

Fair enough.

"Are you always this trusting with someone you've never met?" I needed to know. "What if I say something?" I stumbled on the leg of a chair when I stepped ahead, reaching my hands forward. My fingers grasped onto something lucky enough to be made of very sturdy wood. A dresser maybe.

"I don't take you for the type." She answered, adding, "Watch your step."

"Ha!" I snorted, "What do you take me for then?" I kept my hands in front of me, searching. I had to know the face that went with the voice, but the sound and scent I was trailing dimmed every time I got close. I felt her beside me, making the hairs on my forearms stand straight, and twisted around sharply. My fingers traced thin air. She had moved.

My first thought was that she was afraid of me, but then I heard her laugh when she barely avoided my touch again, as if it were a game. My fingers grazed something soft. A light wisp of hair.

"You're a puppy," she chuckled. "I can smell you."

My mouth opened to respond, and then snapped shut instantly. Did she say... puppy?! I was struck completely speechless.

Alpha! I'm Alpha! But at that moment I did feel as weak as a puppy. My eyes blinked several times in attempt to focus in on the darkness surrounding me. A shadow, a silhouette, anything! I needed to see her.

"Your scent is pleasant to me though," she continued, "Like pine needles. I don't agree with my family in the slightest." The humor in her voice quickly melted into concern, "But beware that the others will catch on soon. Whatever you've used to disguise yourself is fading."

I simply couldn't get passed the idea that this lovely voice called me a puppy. The fact that she had discovered me seemed all too unimportant in comparison.

We lapsed into silence then, all except the excessive drumming of my heart mixed with hers. It was then that I was momentarily struck with a burst of clarity, remembering the gruesome sight just outside this room.

"You're all monsters!" I growled suddenly, trying to fight the seductive temptation building in my chest as if it were some sort of black magic. "Doesn't matter if you're vegetarian or not. You're a leach! It's disgusting. Why are you even here if you hate it so much?!"

I hadn't expected the instant guilt that hit me like a metal bat to the back of the head. She was there to save them, same as me. I was just to much of an idiot to think before I said anything.

But then I heard her laugh, an addictive sound. "I've offended you," she noted, brushing off my insults as if I never opened my mouth at all. "I only called you a puppy because you are young and gentle with me. No doubt you've had the chance to kill me by now, right?" Her voice dropped to a soft whisper, "Any other Werewolf would have."

"Uh," I shook my head, dumbfounded, and attempted to clear my thoughts. Why hadn't I killed her? Why hadn't I had a single urge to harm her in any way? "I won't hurt you." The words spilled out of my lips without resistance, and they were 100 percent true. I couldn't hurt her.

"Why?" Her enchanting voice was slowly inching closer.

"I d-... I don't know." I grabbed the bothersome mask surrounding my eyes and ripped it from my head. The strap broke and I threw it to the ground. My hand reached out into the empty space in front of me again. I knew she wasn't far away from me now. "What's your name?"

"My name?" She sounded hesitant. "If they discover you, and the wrong person hears you thinking my name, you'll be dead within a single breath. I would find that quite upsetting, I think. I don't like death."

I didn't care if they killed me. I wanted to know her name more than anything. "I'm Jacob." I sputtered, hoping to encourage her response. My hands were moving frantically through the dark room, tracing the walls in search of a light switch, a fuse box to mangle, anything at all. I could dimly see the shapes of furniture, the drapes, and two lined closet door frames in the corner of the room. Still, I didn't see her, and I knew she must be teasing me.

A light chuckle left her lips, echoing off the hallow walls, "Jacob."

It was weird to hear my name sounding so pretty.

"I want to see you." By now I felt halfway ridiculous. My words were spilling out so fast that I didn't have a chance to edit them first. "I have to see you. Where the hell is a light?"

She laughed again, "Is it that important to you?" And I felt the warmth of her breath reach the tips of my fingers.

"Yes." I answered instantly, knowing it was true, though I didn't understand why.

"Then I suggest you flick the light switch behind you, Jacob."

My first thought was wondering why I hadn't reached lower, but then - Wait! Warm breath, beating heart...

I swallowed the lump in my throat, astounded. "You're huma-!"

Before I had the chance to break a breath, a dim illumination stretched across the room. I squinted by the sudden burst of light, taking in the tall paneled windows on either side of a large crimson-quilted bed.

A bed. Vampires don't sleep.

My eyes cornered quickly to both sides, as if I were searching for an impending threat about to jump out from the dark. Instead, I turned, instantly focusing on the young woman behind of me. Her index finger still balanced on the light switch by the door, her expression painted in similar shock as mine.

At that moment, I was met with the most breathtakingly wide, chocolate-colored eyes I'd ever seen.

Bella was instantly forgotten. It was as if no other female - no other person - had ever existed until this very moment.

I couldn't remember where I was, or why I was there. I'd forgotten my vendetta, forgotten the pack waiting for me outside, or the bloodthirsty vampires just behind the closed bedroom doors. The only thing focusing in my world - the only thing that mattered - were those eyes.

My heart swiftly stopped beating, and my mind eagerly surrendered to my body's movements.

It took one stride to get to her, and I took it as swiftly as my trembling legs would allow.

This angel inhaled a deep breath when my hands grasped around the small of her back, and tugged her warm body flush against mine. There wasn't even a slight hint of resistance as she draped her arms around my neck, allowing me to lift her up. Her legs caged around my waist. Her skin felt like warm silk - not cold stone.

My eyes flickered over her face, taking in her perfect lightly-toned skin, and crimson-kissed cheeks. Blood pumped through her veins. Her heart was beating rapidly, surprisingly faster than mine. Her eyes were feathered with thick, black lashes, and her full, pink lips parted with heightened breaths that dampened the skin at my chin.

When her eyes trailed to my mouth, I could hear myself panting.

"Jacob." She breathed out my name slowly, and touched my cheek with her palm.

I gasped, being suddenly aware of how the imprinting had affected her as well. My mind filled with colorful swirls, memories and details. It was astounding!

Similar to me, everything in her world had changed. She had a possession of me, and I was willingly hers. It confused her, but she didn't care.

'My Jacob,' she called me.

There was more she showed me then. Very suddenly, I knew the song her father had played for her every day since she was born. I knew her favorite color, and how the most simple things intrigued her as it would a small child. I knew which aunt she favored, her half human heritage, and her amazing physical and mental growth rate.

She had been waiting for me, dreaming of me. In her dreams I wasn't quite so tall, but she liked it. To her I was perfect, I was safe, I was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen... I was everything.

These visions flowed through me like a calm river of cool water, both beautiful and refreshing.

There was no hatred to be found in her at all; not for any human, Vampire or Werewolf. It was the purest, most genuine emotion I'd ever felt.

She showed me everything except her name, hiding it from me like gold in a locked safe. I knew why, because I knew of her father's mind-reading talent.

Edward and Bella were her parents, and I didn't care. Thinking twice about it wasn't even an option presented to me when everything was so entirely about her. I couldn't move, breathe, speak or love without her.

Most importantly, I knew her aging had stopped. We had both been presented the option of living for a very, very long time.

Loving her forever.. would anything be more beautiful?!

It was instant, and it was overwhelming. Even more overwhelming that a single touch allowed me to know so much about her so quickly; Her half-Vampire talent.

I knew that I would never truly love anything again, except her.

When she pulled her hand away, I was left stunned beyond realization. Her angelic face was all I saw, and it was so close to mine that our noses nuzzled together. There wasn't time for words, not a moment either one of us was willing to exchange before our bodies heatedly spoke for themselves.

With a light, hungry whimper, her lips impatiently brushed against mine. Before I remembered to breathe, my fingers were in her long, bronze-colored ringlets, and we kissed. Our lips met with a fierce passion, drowning out the music downstairs, the sounds of our swift heartbeats, heavy breaths, and the dim light illuminating the room.

A solid desire - physical, emotional, and animal - wildly ripped through both of us. Everything had vanished except the two of us - our lips, our bodies, our entangled souls - and the crimson-quilted bed in between the tall-paneled windows.

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