E/O drabble challenge for Enkidu's birthday. I'm late cause I had to work but in hope of being forgiven, I humbly offer 10 drabbles that I hope will be meet with satisfaction and incorporate as many of the requested elements as possible. Happy birthday Enkidu, I lay these at your altar.

#1 Ribs

You want those ribs wet or dry?

Dean felt the ribs snap when he slammed into the edge of the tombstone. Solid cracks he could almost hear that sent shockwaves of hurt and nausea through his body. His gasp of pained surprise sucked rain into his windpipe and he doubled over in agony, choking and spluttering, legs sliding in the water and mud until he was laying against the very grave marker that had injured him.

He couldn't breathe. His chest felt like it was crushed.

Heart thudding, hands pressed to his ribcage.

A gun went off nearby.


He struggled to draw in air.

And failed.