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Of New Students and Memories

It was a wet and rainy morning and had even been raining all night for that matter, not that she minded. In fact one could even venture as to say she quite enjoyed it. The figure on the bed stirred groggily after her alarm had so noisily gone off, waking her from her deep sleep.

Winry Rockbell yawned tiredly before slamming her fist down on the button of the black clock, silencing it for the time being.

"Another school day", she mumbled to her self as she got up.

Her room was what most people would call average, not that it bothered her. She had a nice sized bed with light blue sheets and white walls. She had a bookshelf full of random books she liked and a desk against one wall where she mostly did her homework at night and where she would tinker around with her "projects"…as she liked to refer to them as. Winry loved to take things apart to study how they worked…and even put them back together again in perfect working order.

Grabbing her yellow robe out of her closet, she made her way out of her bedroom. Being as quiet as humanly possible, she made her way to the bathroom where she quickly locked the door behind her.

She loved showers, she always thought of the hot water as relaxing, however since she would shower before school she usually couldn't bask in it for too long. Finishing up, she got out and dried off before wrapping herself in her robe and unlocking the bathroom door.

Holding her breath, she carefully turned the knob and peeked out into the hallway. Deciding it was safe, once again being as quiet as possible; she dashed to her bedroom and closed the door.

One would think it silly to be so cautious in one's own home, but for Winry it was a necessity. Trying not to dwell on the reasoning, she dressed in a pair of blue jeans that were slightly big on her, along with a black short sleeved shirt and a pair of white gym shoes. Looping her black belt around her pants, she took the time to grab her hair brush and make her way over to her full sized mirror.

Winry had never really thought herself beautiful although one could probably argue the fact. She had long blonde hair that she was currently tying into a high pony tail at the top of her head. Along with that she had blue eyes that she mused would probably be pretty if not for the horrid dark circles under her them. Her build was slim with a narrow waist and her height was medium for a girl.

Grabbing her blue messenger bag and a black hoodie, she made her way downstairs to fix herself a quick breakfast before she had to leave for school.

"Good thing he isn't awake yet", she thought as she grabbed a piece of toast. Glancing at the clock on the wall and realizing she only had twenty minutes or so to walk to school, she pulled out her mp3 player and left her house.

Winry didn't mind walking to school…even if it was raining out. Any way she could leaver her house early or for any reason she would gladly take.

It's not that she hated her physical house; she just hated the person who resided there with her. Winry's parents had died in a car accident when she was six…"that was almost ten years ago" she thought sadly.

She remembered everything from that experience. The way her heart leaped into her throat when the cops came by her grandmother Pinako's house, who had been baby sitting her at the time, to tell her what happened. The way Pinako immediately sent her upstairs so she could talk with the two officers. The way she didn't listen and hid behind the banister on the stairs to listen in on the conversation.

Winry didn't think she had ever cried as much as she had in her whole life then she did that one night.

After that one fateful night her life had spiraled into a whirlwind of confusion and sorrow. Even if she wanted to, she would never be able to forget the stuffy atmosphere of the lawyer's office. The cold, hard, plastic of the chair she sat on. The way her relatives argued and screamed like she wasn't even there. They argued over who would take custody of the six year old Winry…and no one had seemed to want to. Pinako was probably the only one who so willingly wanted the little girl; however the lawyer had argued that she may have been too old to care for such a young child that still needed to be constantly watched over.

After what had seemed like forever to Winry, it had been decided that her uncle on her mother's side would become her legal guardian. Cain was his name and he had probably taken the news of his sister's death as hard as Winry herself. So taking what few belongings she had, she had moved to a nice sized house in the suburbs and had lived their ever since.

Oh sure, life was fine once Winry got over the fact she was never going to see her parents again…at least for a little while it was.

As she got older, around twelve or so, her uncle had started to drink more heavily then what she had been used to as a child. And with that alcohol consumption came anger and along with that anger came abuse.

Now standing at sixteen, Winry was pulled out of her reverie upon reaching her destination…high school. Wiping off her wet face and pocketing her mp3 player she walked into the tall building.

"Have you heard?"

"It's a guy right?"

"No! It's two guys!"

"Are they hot?!"

"I think their names are-"

All around her all Winry could hear about was the new students that were attending their school that day. Two brothers from what she had picked up.

Not caring and reaching her locker, she spun the dial so she could take out her history, English and math books.


Spinning around, she let a small smile take over her face as one of the few friends she had came into view.

Riza Hawkeye was the same age as Winry with reddish brown eyes and she even had a similar shade of blonde hair as Winry. She was dressed in a pair of loose fitting black jeans and a royal blue tank top with a light blue shirt worn open on top of it. Although Riza had a tendency to come off intimidating, she and Winry had gotten along ever since the day they had met many years back.

"Hey yourself", Winry greeted back. "Did you have a good weekend?"

"It was alright…nothing too much happened", Riza replied. "You?"

"Nothing worth mentioning". Even though they had been friends since the playground days, Winry had never once told Riza what happens to her at her house. She didn't want her to worry nor get involved as she knew she would.

As the two girls headed to their first class Winry was telling Riza of her new job at a small coffee shop she had just gotten.

"I just found it kind of funny that the guy is the manager and I'm the only one who knew how to fix the damn thing." Winry said.

Noticing her friend's lack of attention, Winry fallowed her gaze to a tall man with black hair and onyx eyes.

"I can't even begin to fathom why you like that guy", she said.

Riza blushed a light pink at being caught staring at her long time crush before she started to defend herself. "You don't have to," she said with a laugh.

The conversation had continued with Winry teasing Riza relentlessly as the two girls made their way to math.

During this time, the principle was busy greeting the two newest students that would be joining them. They were two brothers, both with blonde hair, however that's were the similarities ended.

"Thank you for showing us around sir", the youngest brother said. His name was Alphonse Elric…or Al as he was most commonly referred to as. His hair was a dark shade of blonde and he had brown eyes. He was dressed in a pair of dark blue baggy jeans with a dark green T shirt. Al was the more polite of the two brothers and had infinitely more patience as well.

"'cus it would have been impossible for us to get around otherwise…" was the snide mumble of the older of the two brothers. Edward Elric had deeper, blonde hair that he usually wore in a braid down his neck and startling, gold eyes. He was dressed similarly to his brother but his shirt was red and he had on a black and red hoodie over it. He was somewhat on the short side and had an even shorter temper to go with it.

"Brother!" Al harshly whispered as he elbowed him in the gut. "Stop it!"

If the principle heard him, he made no qualms about it and chose instead to finish their tour with a return trip to the office so he could get the two boys their schedules and out of his hair. "Now first period will be ending momentarily so I advise you both to head to your second period classes. I hope you two have a good first day and hopefully I won't have to see you two back in here. Say for maybe…behavioral purposes?" the principle said casting a side long glance at the older of the two brothers.

"I'm sure you won't sir." Al said politely while dragging his brother by the sleeve out of the office and into the now deserted hallway.

"I guess I will see you later then?" Al asked his brother.

"Yeah, I'll see you around lunch or something…see ya!" Edward said with a smile as both brothers turned and walked in opposite directions.

By the time her fourth period science class rolled around, the lack of sleep Winry had had the night before was starting to catch up with her. It was with that thought in mind that she was thankful her seat was in the back corner…the teacher rarely called on her. Just as the teacher had finished calling roll and was about to jump into a lecture about cells the whole class was startled by the door being flung open.

"You are who now? And why are you coming into my class ten minutes late?" The teacher asked.

Edward laughed lightly and replied, "Sorry about that…I got a bit lost being my first day and all…I'm Edward Elric."

The teacher sighed, but identified him on his list of students and told him to take a seat anywhere and to not be late again.

Spying an open seat in the back, Edward ignored all the whispers surrounding him by the other students and took a seat next to Winry.

"Now that the interruptions seem to be over with…" the teacher said casting a brief glance at Edward, "open your books to page ninety – eight".

Tuning him out, Edward turned his gaze to the girl next to him. "She's kind of cute", he thought. "Hey!" he whispered.

"What does he want?" Winry thought. Not wanting to get into trouble and not even sure she wanted to know what it was he wanted, she chose to ignore him.

"Hey!!" Edward said starting to get a tad impatient. He couldn't understand why she was ignoring him.

Winry was stunned, shocked and even a little afraid as to what happened next.

"Hey! I'm trying to talk to you!" Edward said as he grabbed her arm, forcing her to face him.

Winry's blue eyes widened and she felt her face heat up as she was met with a pair of slightly annoyed golden orbs.

"Ms. Rockbell! Mr. Elric!" the teacher exclaimed successfully grabbing the attention of every student in the room, "I will not tolerate such interruptions! Detention for you both after school today!"

"You can't do that!" Edward said trying to get out of it, "I'm new!

The teacher just turned his back, continuing his lesson not seeming to care about what the boy had said.

"What the hell?!" Winry thought angrily, turning to glare viciously at the man beside her. "What a wonderful way to start the week".

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