Title: When you think
Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.
Rating: R ish
Disclaimer: I own nothing, sucks but hey thats life. The title is from Taylor Swift's, Tim McGraw (amazing song).
Summary: After getting a new job Jimmy moves the family to a small town in Tennessee, southern accents, and country music are about to be a big part of Marissa's new life. Could a summer romance with a hot blonde turn into more is the big question and if so what's in store for them. Read and find out 'cause I'm not even sure yet.

When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.

Today Marissa Cooper was a 17 year old Harbor High Junior. Tomorrow she'd be a Senior in some small town in Tennesse with a population of one hundred. Okay, so maybe it wasn't that small, but it was small and she was not looking forward to leaving her friends, the beach and everything she had grown up knowing. California bred was what she was and never did she think that would change, that is until her father got a new job and decided that it was best to move his family to the other side of the country.

Angry didn't come close to explaining how mad, pissed off, or infuriated she was at her father, but she loved him and what was best for him she'd try and make best for her. Her parents were driving out in the family SUV but thanks to the wonderful ideas of her best friend, Summer, the two bests would be driving out in Marissa's Mustang. Julie, Marissa's mother thought it would be a good idea to have Summer come out for two weeks and help her daughter get settled so the idea had been an easy sell. Still, Marissa was not looking forward to their destination, one she knew she wouldn't be leaving for at least a year, until she could get into UC Santa Barbara and move back to California.

The drive was long but fun, the two girls had mapped out their route, for the most part with a few pit stops for bathroom breaks; Summer's bladder wasn't the strongest with all the coffee she was ingesting to stay awake.

"Its okay Coop, country music isn't all that bad. I mean have you looked at Brad Parsely or what ever his name is? He's hot, and Carrie Underwood, I voted for her on American Idol. Oh and that new girl," she snapped her fingers a couple times, "what's her name again Swift something?"

"Taylor Swift?"

She nodded. "Yeah that's the one she's cool. Tall and skinny like your scrony ass. Another hour and we will be there and from what your mom said, the house is huge, and your dad will be making more money, so that means new wardrobe."

The tall brunette nodded. "I guess you're right, it still sucks."

"Coop have I taught you nothing, now you can put that saying to good use. Save a horse, ride a cowboy." The shorter girl swung her arm around over her head and both girls laughed.

As the GPS told them, even though the things lie most of the time, the girls had arrived in the small town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee home of the Vols. "Yay!" Came a sarcastic cheer from Marissa who rolled her eyes when she seen the sign.

As they drove down the main road in town, they seen a few guys enter a diner. "Dammnnn Coop you got some fine new meat, that is for sure." The minute the words left Summer's mouth the GPS lost signal, it couldn't calculate the distance because it didn't register the address.

"This is just great." Marissa hit the steering wheel with her hand.

"Actually it is, pull in and we can talk to the hot cowboys, told you this might be good." She did as her best friend asked and pulled in and sure enough within a second of parking the car two guys were walking towards them.

Summer was right, they were good looking and they had smiles like no one they had seen from New Port. "Hi ladies, I'm Luke, and this here is my buddy Zach."

"Hey I'm Summer, and this is Marissa." The taller girl waved.

"You girls just passing thru? No offense but y'all don't look like your from around here."

Marissa gave a slight smile. "Actually my family just moved here, and we got lost."

"GPS give out?" The tall blonde, Luke, asked. Both girls nodded and he asked to see the address. Shaking his head he showed the Zach who nodded. "I know where this is. It's a nice house up there, practically brand spankin' new." He gave the girls the somewhat simple directions and they thanked him and put their seat belts back on.

"You got any plans tonight?" Luke asked.

The girls shook their heads. "Nope, not yet." Summer smiled at Zach.

"Bunch of us are all going down to Fubar for a few drinks and some Kareoke, it's good fun. You don't have to sing or nothin' just thought it'd be good to hang out."

"We now have plans." Summer responded without even looking at the horrified look on Marissa's face. "See you boys then." Marissa gave another small smile and followed the directions that Zach had given her.

"There is no way we are going to that, I have unpacking to do."

"Oh no, we are going and you are going to enjoy line dancing or whatever it is they do out here. And did you hear those accents, to die for."

Marissa smiled. "Okay they were pretty hot, least we got some good eye candy."

"That's what I'm talking about, now lets get home, find some hot clothes and hit the town."