Alex walked outside with her guitar swung over her shoulder and three beers in her hand. She set the beers down on the table, one each for Luke and Zach. Sitting down on the lawn chair that was facing the back window of the house she couldn't help but smile at the sight she saw.

"Good to be home Al?" Luke asked as he drank some of his beer.

"Amazing, I hate when work takes me away like that, I'm think I need to cut back doing the travel, just isn't worth it anymore."

They started strumming on their guitars and messing around just as they always had. In the back window a little red head held himself up on the chair so he could look out the window.

"Let's go up there and play for the little guy." Zach suggested, causing them all to get up and sit on the porch.

A moment later a little girl with shoes on the wrong feet came up to the door so she could listen too. Smiling Alex watched as Marissa came over and picked them both up and asked if they wanted to go outside. Carrying them out she sat down in between Alex and Luke.

"Braydon if you walk all the way over here I'll teach you to the play the guitar." Luke said as he looked at the little guy in Marissa's arms. Instead of answering he held up his sippy cup out to his uncle. "I think I'll pass bud I got the good stuff." Luke smiled and held up his beer.

The little girl looked up at Marissa. "No sweetie that is only good stuff for uncle Luke."

Smiling Alex picked up the older child and set her on her lap. She put the guitar strap over both their shoulders and held her fingers in the right place above the strings and then let her strum down.

"I'm going to be the next Taylor Swift momma." She looked from Marissa to Alex causing them to look at each other and smile.

A few weeks later Alex's airport limo finally came to a stop in her drive way. Climbing out she was immediately jumped by her daughter.

"Peyton Lee" She heard Marissa yell from just inside the house.

"Mom!" The girl squealed as Alex picked her up and spun her around.

When her wife finally walked outside Alex felt her heart skip. She was carrying Braydon in her arms and the two switched off when she walked over to Alex.

"Hey mom want to see what I made a school?"

"Of course." Marissa put her down and the little one ran back into the house. Smiling Marissa got Alex's bag from the trunk and paid the driver as the three left outside walked back into the house.

Closing the front door the little blonde with sparkling blue eyes came down the stairs holding a piece of paper. Alex went to take it from her but she shook her head. "Have to stand outside first momma."

Smiling they all made their way to the back porch and looked out over the field. FInally Peyton handed Alex the paper which brought a tear to the womans eye. The picture showed them exactly as they were at that very moment. Their little family all together looking out at their yard from the back porch. "It's beautiful, I think it should have a perminent spot on the fridge."

Marissa leaned over and kissed the corner of Alex's lips and smiled. "View is always better looking in."

"I completely agree with that except its even better when you're actually in it. Which is why I've decided no more travelling unless it's with you guys and I absolutely have to." Peyton smiled and wrapped her arms around Alex's legs as Marissa wrapped her arms around her waist and Braydon had his head against hers. In that moment she knew that she had everything she could ever need and want right then and there.

The End