Secret 4

Note: Yes, I'm updating and trying to finish my old stories.

"Well, what have you found out?" Obi-Wan asked his former apprentice turned brother. The older Jedi stood there with his hands on his hips and looking slightly annoyed. He stared at Anakin's back. He seemed to be taking his time, fussing with his cloak while they had Sith to catch! "And how did you find anything out anyway? I was the one down in the Jedi Archives reading dusty data disks! And what are you doing here anyway? You have no business bothering the Senator. That assignment is long over."

"Because Master," Anakin replied as he finished fastening the cloak about his neck. "I went straight to the source…"

"The source? What in the Force does that mean?" The words had confused Obi-Wan as they made no sense at all. "Anakin, stop blabbering nonsense!"

"But it's not nonsense Obi-Wan…" Anakin insisted as he finally turned; the cowl of his dark brown cloak pulled forward over his face. It cast his features in darkness and he hoped it hid his new red eyes. He sniffed at the air then, his nostrils flaring. There was a new tantalizing scent in the air but he was unsure where it was coming from. It was rich and sweet, the most delicious thing he had smelled in a long time and it sent a fresh burst of saliva into his mouth. He licked his lips then, wetting them slightly. Suddenly he was hungry, very hungry…

Obi-Wan stood still in Padme's apartment, sensing something was different. His blue eyes scanned about the nicely furnished living room. He still didn't know what Anakin had been doing here and he didn't like that. He was too attracted to that Senator and he couldn't really trust him to do the proper thing. Anakin often acted on instinct, like leaping out of airspeeders without warning. There was movement in the far doorway, a pale hand appeared. A moment later Padme herself was visible. His mouth dropped open as he took in her hugely swollen stomach, one hand cupped underneath it. She leaned heavily on the doorjamb for support, her dark hair hanging free about her shoulders.

"Master Jedi…" Padme called to him. "Please, I need your help. Anakin has done something to me…"

"I'd say he's done something!" Obi-Wan declared in shock. He could feel the new life in the room with them now, the life that existed inside her swollen stomach. He had never spent much time around pregnant woman and hardly ever seen any before, so it was a big shock to see how huge she had grown. He watched the younger man run to help her, wrapping an arm about her and helping her to the orange sofa. Once she was seated he heard her sigh in relief, Anakin perched on the sofa next to her. The sofa faced the huge window and busy air traffic rumbled past in the airlanes. The view was breathtaking, the cityscape stretching out before them. Even the Jedi Temple was visible in the far distance. The light from the window fell on her, lighting her face.

"No, I don't mean this…" Padme laid a hand on her stomach, rubbing it gently. "He's …"

"Hush, Padme." Anakin tried to sooth her, his voice gentle. "It will be fine."

Anakin truly wanted to believe his own words that it would be fine but he had never expected for his former Master to catch them. Obi-Wan wasn't supposed to know about the baby or about the marriage. It was against the rules of the Jedi and he feared what may happen if the Jedi found out. He was sure Obi-Wan would tell them, wouldn't he? Of course he would! He followed all of the rules and was the perfect Jedi. But he had never been in love and couldn't understand. Padme was like air to him. He couldn't stay away from her and he desired to possess her. Luckily, she had desired him too and so they had gotten married in secret. And now was the worst time to get caught as he was a newly born Sith.

That tantalizing smell was in the air still. If anything it had grown stronger. He had never smelled anything like it before and he frantically tried to guess what it could be. He felt an odd pressure on his gums then and realized his fangs were growing! Then Palpatine's words came back to him, that sometimes new Sith desired to bite Force users like Jedi. Ever so slowly Anakin lifted his eyes from Padme to the Jedi. Obi-Wan was standing by the window staring at them, his hands on his hips. It dawned on him that the delicious odor he smelled was coming from his Master!

"No, Anakin, I'm going to tell him!" Padme insisted as she lifted a hand and placed it on her husband's shoulder. "Ani, I know you must be worried out of your mind, but this is the best thing to happen to us! Now you don't have to carry this burden alone. Obi-Wan will help you! But I have to tell him…"

Anakin tried to listen to her words. He knew what she was saying was important but he couldn't concentrate on them at all. That mouthwatering aroma was overpowering everything else and all he could do was stare with hunger at his unsuspecting Master. He instinctively knew that Obi-Wan hadn't sensed the change in him yet, hadn't noticed his hidden red eyes…no, he was sidetracked by Padme's more prominent display of late pregnancy. Ever so slowly he ran his tongue over the long fangs in his mouth. The points were extremely sharp and made for piercing skin. He could imagine how wonderful it would be to bite him, to quench this thirst…

"Tell me what?" Obi-Wan asked in utter confusion as he waved a hand at her swelled body. "How could you allow this to happen? You know it's forbidden!"

"Ani is ill I fear!" Padme blurted out as she wrung her hands in worry. "He's not been himself since he arrived here today and his eyes look wrong! I fear they were damaged in that crash! Please Master Jedi, help my husband! He should go to the medics…"

Obi-Wan blinked, the unexpected words confusing him. He narrowed his eyes and stared at her. While he was nowhere as close to the Senator as Anakin, he had always thought her eyes had been dark. If that was the case, then why did they suddenly look yellowish? The Jedi stepped forward so he could see her better. The light from the window was falling on her and he could see her face clearly. Was it some sort of reflected light from something? "Senator, are you all right? Your eyes look strange. They have this yellowish cast to them…"

Anakin tensed his muscles as he prepared to spring. That smell was driving him insane and he just had to feed! The next second he leaped from the sofa, his arms outstretched for the unsuspecting Jedi. Obi-Wan had stupidly moved closer and within easy range due to his curiosity and concern over his wife.

"Wha…." Obi-Wan blurted in shock as Anakin sprung at him without warning. He got a glimpse of glowing red eyes that resembled bits of burning coal and sharp fangs protruding from his open mouth. A look of hunger was on his face and for a split second he felt that hunger coming through their link. Then the younger man collided into him, knocking him over. He crashed to the carpeted floor, landing hard on his back with the other on top of him. Red hot panic shot through him as his thoughts swirled around in wild chaos. Before he could even think of doing something he felt Anakin press he hot mouth against his bare throat. Suddenly it became all too obvious what was going to happen. He frantically tried to shove Anakin off of him, to call on the Force for aid, but it was too late. Anakin's fangs pierced his skin, biting at his jugular. It felt like a sharp pinch and not the flesh-tearing injury he had feared. He felt the teeth slip out of the freshly made punctures and then Anakin started to suck hungrily.

By the Force, he's drinking my blood!

The room seemed to start spinning then as the Jedi grew dizzy, his head stuffed like cotton for the moment. His body felt especially weak and he could barely lift his hand in a lame attempt to shove Anakin away. And he could sense himself changing as something moved outward from the bite and started to take him over.

"Anakin!" Padme exclaimed loudly, fear tinting her voice. "What are you doing?"

Some part of Anakin heard her cries but he quickly dismissed them at not important. Hot blood filled his mouth, salty and sweet. It just tasted so good!

Padme heaved herself off of the sofa and slowly bent, reaching for her husband. He didn't seem to hear her words and that worried her greatly. There was something wrong with him, seriously wrong with him. In all of her life she could never imagine Anakin attacking Obi-Wan like this! With great difficulty and her legs spread wide to keep her balance, she managed to grasp a handful of his long wavy hair. Pulling for all she was worth, she tried to yank him off of the Jedi. "Anakin, stop! You're going to kill him!"

His mouth was pulled away from the feast and Anakin blinked his red eyes, suddenly feeling confused. Ever so slowly his senses came back to him and he realized he was sitting on top of Obi-Wan's stomach. His former master and good friend was laying prone on the floor, a dazed look on his face. Confusion swirled around in his head as he didn't understand why they were on the floor like this.

Then he noticed the blood on Obi-Wan's neck, the two tiny puncture holes.

A hot burst of fear flooded him then, his chest constricting tightly as he recalled the bloodlust he had felt just moments before. Palpatine had warned him about this and had ordered him not to bite any other Jedi, but he hadn't said it would be like this! Being near Padme had not triggered such a powerful desire to feed and so he hadn't been prepared at all.

And as he stared at the puncture wounds, his emotions numb, the skin knitted itself back together and the wounds vanished.

He had just created another Sith!

Palpatine was going to be furious with him!

Anakin desperately thought of what he should do and his mind came up blank. He just didn't know. He quickly scrambled off of the Jedi and instead knelt beside him, one hand placed on the other's shoulder. "Obi-Wan? Are you all right?"

The Jedi seemed to come to his senses then and sat up, his eyes locked on Anakin. "You bit me! What in the Force is wrong with you?"

Anakin duly noted that the other's eyes were now a fierce red. He sighed, knowing there was no help for it now. He had turned the Jedi into a Sith. He had done exactly what Palpatine had warned him not to, creating an apprentice. The unusual thought made Anakin pause. Was it true, was he now the Master and Obi-Wan was his apprentice? If so, could he now control the other's actions somehow, stop him from blabbing to the Council?

"Anakin! Your eyes!" Obi-Wan blurted out as he pointed a trembling hand at the younger man's red eyes. "You're a Sith!"

"So are you…" Anakin calmly explained as he knelt on the floor waiting to see what the former Jedi would do.

"I am not a Sith!" Obi-Wan insisted as he slowly climbed to his feet. "Don't be absurd! Just because you bit me that does not mean I'm a Sith!"

"But that's how it happens, how it spreads…" Anakin also rose to his feet, his cowl no longer hiding his new appearance. "You see, I found the Sith Master. That's what I meant when I said I went to the source."

"But how…?" Obi-Wan's mouth dropped open, shocked. He heard the words but couldn't believe it, even with the proof staring him in the face. "We've been searching for him forever and you just find him like that?"

"It's Palpatine…" Anakin explained as he turned to gaze out the window at the never ending traffic. "He offered to make me immortal and we are now, the three of us. We won't ever die or grow old. And we're immune to everything it seems. I saw Dooku earlier today and his head is back on his body. He was eating nuts and playing sabacc with Maul."

"What? That's impossible!" Obi-Wan blurted but he feared it was true. He had seen Maul, had he not? He knew in his heart it had been Maul. If what Anakin was saying was really true, then it would be impossible to destroy the Sith. Feeling depressed, Obi-Wan collapsed onto the orange sofa, his face in his hands. "We'll never beat them now…"

Anakin helped his wife to the sofa and seated her next to Obi-Wan. He stood there staring at the two, clueless as to what to do next. He hadn't planned on biting his former Master, it had just happened. Did Palpatine know? Would he get angry if he did? "What do we do next?"

"We have to go to the Council with this…" Obi-Wan stated as he lifted his face from his hands. "The Council knows the second form of Sith exists but knows very little of them. Perhaps we could prove useful in discovering what can kill them…"

"But they'll kill us!" Anakin blurted without thinking.

"And that is exactly the problem – they can't kill us." Obi-Wan reminded him with a frown. "Sith seem to be immune to everything, even lightsabers slicing their heads off. What else is left?"

"I don't know…" Anakin shrugged. In his heart he knew going to the Council was the right thing but he was scared to do it, too. What would they say? What would they do? He feared they may separate him from his beloved Padme as well and he couldn't stand that at all.

Obi-Wan stood and moved towards the door. "Come along, Anakin. The Council will want to know how this thing spreads…"