Let you Feel

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Jennifer stormed into her office, glad it was the night shift. Not that there was much need at the moment, and there were few around to wonder exactly what had put the CMO in such a state. There wasn't an actual door to slam so she settled for going to her filing cabinet and roughly pulling one of the drawers open and grabbing a handful of files before slamming the drawer shut again. She sat heavily in her chair with her files in front of her. She needed something distracting.

Opening her laptop, she went into her music player, quickly picking the play list from when she had burned a CD to listen to while she was doing her cardio. The songs were loud and fast, songs that fit her turbulent emotions.

Since she was young, she had liked to use music to help calm her. She let the pounding beat of Bodies by Drowning Pool flow out of her computer speakers and over her. Jennifer took a deep breath and closed her eyes, letting the drums and bass help to take her rolling emotions and give them a beat.

She opened her files and started to work. Song after song, file after file disappeared. Jennifer hardly noted the passing time. She looked up from the next to last file and saw that it was now a little after 11 pm. She had been working for more than an hour. She was surprised at how much she had been able to get done. Maybe she should work while mad more often, she thought with a wry smile.

Jennifer decided that she was done with the loud angry music. It was time for softer music, something a bit more relaxing. She stopped her current play list and started a different one. The soft even sound of the piano started to play and Jennifer let out a small humorless chuckle at the irony of the moment. Closing her eyes, she listened to You Don't See Me by Josie and the Pussycats while taking a moment to think back on her date with Rodney.

First Rodney had been late. That alone might not have bothered her too much, but it was that on top of everything else. He didn't even have the decency to radio her and say 'Hey, I am running late.' She was aware that he got caught up in projects. Even she was guilty of it from time to time, but in a case like this, she would have been paying more attention.

They had both been so busy the last few months working on the drug that would remove the wraith need to feed on humans. The failure of the drug, the wraith attack on Earth, and then all the other things that had happened since they had started dating kept them both busy. So when things settled down a bit before the trip back to Pegasus, she thought that it would be nice to have a quiet evening just the two of them.

She had left the infirmary a little early that day. She wanted to make the night special. So she got to her quarters and made dinner. Having access to some amenities of earth was so nice. She couldn't cook much, but she had learned how to cook one of her dad's favorite meals, Cornish Hen with mushrooms and white rice. She had jumped in the shower after putting the food in the oven to cook. When it was finished, she turned her little oven to the lowest heat setting to keep the food warm and took the time to finish getting ready.

Just before 8 she took a last look in the full-length mirror to make sure she looked as good as she could. Her hair was in loose curls around her shoulders. There was a light dusting of a pale shimmering eye shadow. On her lips, she was wearing pink lip-gloss, which perfectly matched her dress. A spaghetti strap pink dress with a v-neck and almost no back came to a stop just above her knees. On her feet, she wore a pair of ballet style slippers, mindful of the fact that in heels she was taller than Rodney.

She dished out the food onto two plates, placing them on the table that she had set earlier. She grabbed a bottle of white wine and lit the candles that were also on the table and waited.

Five minutes after 8, she was fidgeting and picking at invisible lint on her dress. 20 minutes after that she was pacing the floor. Another 20 minutes later, she was upset and about to walk down to his lab and find out why he had not felt the urge to show up or radio her. That was when her door chime sounded.

Rodney came in when she opened the door, giving her a rushed and too brief apology for his tardiness. He said that he was overloaded, having to do everything alone because he was stuck with a bunch of idiots who wouldn't know pi from a phone number. He prattled on about how important his current project was and how yet again it was up to him to make sure that everything was perfect. He told her that it would serve the SGC right if he chose to no longer work for them and how much trouble they would be in then.

She listened to him talk, saying very little herself. Of course, as fast as Rodney was going she doubted if he would have noticed if she had said anything at all. She let him talk, aware that everyone needed to blow off steam from time to time, although that was becoming a pattern; him talking about whatever he was doing and then not reciprocating when she needed to let off some steam. It wasn't until he made an off-handed comment that she had finally had enough.

He said that dinner was a bit cold and chewy, and that was when she snapped at him.

"Dinner is cold because it was ready at 8, which was when you were supposed to be here, Rodney! I told you that I wanted to have a nice quiet evening just the two of us alone. I made a special meal, and you couldn't even bother to tell me that you would be late. I kept telling myself that you would be here any second, so I didn't put the food back in the oven to stay warm. Then when you do show up 45 minutes late, all you can do is blame other people for your inability to tell time! On top of that, you haven't even said anything about my outfit!" Jennifer was practically screaming at him by the end of her little tirade.

"Wh…I…I…Jennifer I…"

"No! I don't want to hear it tonight Rodney. I am not in the mood. Right now I want you gone." Jenifer watched as Rodney opened and closed his mouth for a moment or two before yelling again. "Now, Rodney! Go!"

"Well…Okay, if that is what you want." Rodney said quietly. He slowly stood up and walked out of her quarters, and never even looked back.

Jennifer didn't wait long after he left before leaving her quarters. She needed to get out and because she felt guilty for putting her work to the side for a special night, with someone who didn't seem to care, she headed to the infirmary.

Jennifer opened her eyes to see Ronon in the doorway to her office with a cut on his forehead, which was causing a steady stream of blood to flow down the left side of his face.

"If you are busy, I can go." Ronon said, watching her closely.

"No, it is okay I can use a break. Plus it isn't like there is a lot medically that needs my attention at the moment." Jennifer said, while standing up and reaching for her lab coat. She was grateful for the small smile that passed across his face. Hopefully this meant that they could be friends again, and the cold shoulder that Ronon had been giving her was slowly beginning to thaw.

They stepped into the main room of the infirmary and Ronon, having been through this countless times before, jumped up on one of the beds.

"Yup, you need stitches." Jennifer said, after looking closely at the wound. "You know the drill, lay down and I will get you fixed up in no time."

"You are sure you aren't busy? I mean, that isn't normal uniform for you." Ronon said, looking her up and down while she put on her latex gloves.

"Oh no, it is fine. Things just didn't quite go as planned tonight and I came back to work before I even thought about changing."

"Is that why the music?" He asked, with a nod to her office.

"Yeah, it helps me relax. Gets me out of my head for a bit." Jennifer said, glancing at the door to her office, where she could hear the faint sound of Love Story by Taylor Swift playing.

"What did he do?" Ronon asked, watching closely, not missing the look of sadness that crossed her face.

"What? Who?" Jennifer asked, turning her head away. She busied herself with making sure she had everything she needed to stitch up Ronon's head.

Ronon just watched her. Jennifer felt his eyes on her, and knew that he would get his answer out of her one way or another. Maybe if she gave him a simple summary or made up some lame reason her evening had not gone according to plan then he would leave it be. No, she couldn't do that. This was the first time in months he had really talked to her, not just a grunt or one or two word responses to questions about an injury. She wasn't going to insult him by lying to him; he would know that she was lying anyway so she would tell him the truth.

"Jennifer, it will help if you tell someone." He said, while using his thumb and forefinger to turn her head so that their eyes met.

"Okay." Jennifer said, taking and releasing a deep breath. "But remember, you asked for it."

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