Chapter 30 Two Years Later

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It had been two years since the attack on Konoha by Orochimaru and his Sound ninja. The devastation was still fresh in the minds of many even though the village was completely rebuilt. To an outsider it looked as though the village had never been harmed or even suffered an attack of any kind, but those who lived there knew better. The two years since the attack had so far been peaceful for the village. A lot had changed though, and to most things would never be the same.

Hinata walked slowly through the villages streets with a single flower grasped in her hand. Her head dipped looking at her own feet as she walked, while her eyes were sad and solemn. The streets around her bustled with activity, but she paid no attention. Hinata was lost in her thoughts. Her feet suddenly hit soft grass and she looked up at her surroundings. The grip on the flower tightened momentarily, but loosened again as she continued her walk.

Hinata saw her destination and stopped in front of it. Her eyes traveled the hundreds of names inscribed on the stone before her. The path of her eyes traveled down to the last couple of names, and tears leaked from her pale eyes as she fell to her knees. It's been two years but it still hurt so badly. She hid her face in her hands as she sobbed loudly. She knew she should have healed by now, but the impact of those events two years ago will stay with her forever.

Her shoulders shook as she cried rubbing her hand over the names of the stone. She couldn't help but feel it was all her fault. If she hadn't have wondered off alone Kabuto would never have been able to grab her. It was something that should have never happened. She hung her head and cried.

After awhile her sobbing was interrupted by a strong hand on her shoulder. The hand rubbed small circles on her back comforting her. Hinata didn't look up from the stone. She knew who it was.


"They wouldn't want you to cry today you know." The raven-haired man spoke quietly.

"I know. I just miss them." She replied.

"You'll see them again and until then they're watching over you."

She could feel his arms wrapping around her melting away all her sadness. She smiled faintly reading the names. It was true they were watching over her, and it wasn't a permanent goodbye. She wiped her tears and stood.

Sasuke had witnessed this behavior from his fiancée before. During the first year of her return she visited the memorial stone every day, and sometimes all day just staring at all the casualties of that day. He knew she felt a great deal of guilt concerning the day she was taken, and no matter how many times he or anyone else told her it wasn't her fault she never believed them. Her path of healing from the loss would take some time, but she was progressing. She rarely visited the stone anymore except on the anniversary of the day, but he had a feeling she'd want to visit today.

"You okay?" Sasuke asked quietly.

Hinata nodded slowly. She placed the flower she'd brought in front of the stone and bowed before leaving.

"You know you've been acting a lot like Kakashi lately."

"I'm sorry for being late on today of all days."

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's no big deal being late for your own wedding." Sasuke teased.

"Knock it off!" she huffed at the remark only to earn a smirk from Sasuke.

Hinata mock glared at the raven haired man. Sasuke grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers as he walked her back. She had slipped away from Sakura and Ino who were helping her get ready for the wedding. During the walk back Sasuke and Hinata saw Kiba and Akamaru walking up to them. His face was serious. Sasuke smirked.

"Let me guess Sakura sent you?"

"Sent me? More like ordered. She threatened to beat me to a bloody pulp if I didn't find Hinata." He stated flatly.

"You really must be a glutton for punishment." Sasuke stated to Kiba in a teasing tone.

Kiba just grumbled under his breath with a slight blush across his face as he walked back with them. Sasuke smirked, and almost laughed at Kiba's reaction. Kiba eventually let go of his feelings towards Hinata, and found that there was someone else he could love just as much if not more.

It was about a year ago when Kiba came across a very drunk Sakura. She seemed really depressed and his mood wasn't that bright either so he sat down with her at the bar to keep her company, or maybe he was just feeling lonely himself. They drank for while in silence before they started talking. Kiba spoke of his feeling towards Hinata, while Sakura spoke only of hers towards Sasuke. The two knew exactly how the other felt and out of their mutual feelings of unrequited love a relationship between the two was formed. It wasn't long until the two were a couple.

They walked until they reached the new Uchiha residence, which Sasuke was pleased about. There were just too many bad memories so it was like a fresh start for him. The image of his fallen clan no longer plagued him as he looked around his house. It was nice, and he felt comfortable there with Hinata.

"Hinata! Come on! The ceremony starts in twenty minutes." yelled a heavily pregnant Ino with a hand supporting her lower back.

Sakura had been waiting outside as well. Ino immediately grabbed Hinata by the arm and drug her inside, leaving Kiba, Sakura, and Sasuke standing outside. Sakura sighed as Kiba walked over to her.

"I thought she was bossy before she got pregnant. I almost feel sorry for Sai." Kiba mumbled to Sakura.

"Baka!" she said while trying to conceal her smirk at his comment.

Sakura smiled thinking of her former teammate. In the beginning she thought he was just a jerk, but eventually he grew on her and everybody really. She'd never known him to show any true emotions until that day two years ago, when Ino was dying. Sakura witnessed Sai's first real emotions. He was worried for Ino's safety. Since that day Sai had managed to form many bonds though he still wasn't great at showing his emotions, but at least he had them, and one thing was for sure that he loved Ino.

When Sai found out Ino was pregnant he rushed right to the library and took out every book on child birth and pregnancy. He constantly refers to the books when he's confused by Ino's reaction or behavior. Sakura chuckled thinking of the time Ino found a certain book in Sai's possession. The title read How to Deal with Hormonal Mood Swings. Ino really lost it that time. Sai was seen later that very day returning the book to the library sporting a black eye.

"Hey forehead! Let's go!" yelled Ino poking her head through the door effectively pulling Sakura from her memories.

Sakura rolled her eyes at the way she'd addressed but let it slide this once. Ino was pretty close to her due date and she didn't want to be the cause of Ino going into labor early, though that was the only reason she remained quiet.

Kiba opened his mouth to speak and Sakura already knew what he would say. "Shut up. Don't say it." she said raising a fist threateningly. Kiba smiled at her strange display of affection. Sasuke walked over to Kiba as Sakura walked away.

"Yup that confirms it. You're most definitely a glutton for punishment."

"Shut up." Kiba said but he couldn't conceal his smile as he watched Sakura walk away.

Sasuke entered his house to find a very disheveled looking non-orange clad Naruto with two young children clinging to his legs yelling loudly. He smiled at the sight of two children over taking Naruto.

"Uncle Naruto! We want ramen! We want ramen!" yelled the children in unison.

"Sasuke control them! PLEASE!" yelled Naruto excitedly trying to pry the children from his legs.

"You mean Konoha's future Hokage can't handle two small children?" the raven-haired man replied mockingly.

"Yea let's not talk about that." answered Naruto grumpily.

The position of Hokage was a sore subject for Naruto. After the attack Tsunade resigned as Hokage and gave away his position, and to a lazy ass at that! Yes she gave Shikamaru the title of Hokage, although in Shikamaru's defense he asked if he could pass the title directly to Naruto, but she ordered him to take the title. On a lighter note Shikamaru promised he'd choose Naruto as his successor as soon as he was able to. The council had certain rules about the Hokage's retirement and how long you must serve as Hokage before passing the title on.

The two children who had previously clung to Naruto's legs had let go after finding a new target to torture. They ran across the room quickly.

"DADDY!" they cried in unison attaching themselves to Sasuke's legs.

Sasuke looked down at his children and smiled upon seeing their bright faces shinning up at him. He never thought having a family would feel like this. He'd never been one to show his emotions before, but ever since he got Hinata back, and saw his children for the first time things changed. He had truly changed. He no longer felt it necessary to hide ALL of his emotions from the world. He could still be a strong shinobi while being a good father and a loving husband.

"Daddy!" the little girl wined loudly tugging her father's pant leg.

Himiko even at two years old wasn't afraid of anything. She'd challenge anyone to get her way, sometimes even trying to challenge her own father. But that usually didn't go well seeing as how she was a daddy's girl all the way, and of course her father was just as stubborn. She had his raven hair and onyx eyes, but she had her mother's nose and petite body stature, but by no means was she weak. Even at two her chakra was immense and she quickly was learning to harness it. Himiko reminded Sasuke a bit of Itachi. He had a feeling she'd be a quick learner and a prodigy. He had no doubt she'd have sharingan, and would develop it quickly.

"What Himiko?"

"Up! Up!" the little girl demanded loudly.

"But you need to go with Aunt Sakura and get ready for the wedding."


The Uchiha sighed. He was trying to reason with a strong willed two year old who thought she was in charge. He had no idea where this came from. Certainly stubbornness was not a trait of the Uchiha. Sasuke looked his daughter in the eye and she stared back un-waivered.

"But if you don't go you won't get to wear your special kimono!" Sakura interrupted the staring contest from behind Sasuke.

The two year old looked over to Sakura and happily ran to her ready to get dressed up. Sasuke looked in disbelief, but was otherwise happy he'd at least done his job ensuring Himiko got dressed. Sometimes she could be a bit difficult, but other times she was a sweet angel.

Sasuke looked down at his left leg where his son clung to him looking up. He smiled warmly at his son. He never thought he'd be a father, nor did he ever think he'd like raising children but he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Come Sanosuke we have to get ready now."

Sasuke scooped up his son and carried him toward the room in which all the males in the ceremony were getting ready.

Sanosuke was completely opposite from Himiko. They maybe twins but they were two very different children. Sanosuke was normally a very quiet boy and very shy. He wouldn't approach new people without his parents or Himiko with him. His timid behaviors obviously came from his mother's side as did his eyes. Hinata and Sasuke waited anxiously for the twins' eyes to open, and when Sanosuke did it was obvious he'd inherited the byakugan.

No one was really sure how it would work really. The two different doujutsu's and how the children would inherit them, but it seemed like eye color they would have one or the other. His skin like his sisters was pale, but unlike his sister and parents his hair was much lighter more like Hinata's father Hiashi, but he had Sasuke's facial features.

As he walked by Naruto he spoke to the blonde.

"You're not attending my wedding looking like that. Are you?" stated Sasuke looking Naruto's wrinkled attire over.

"WHAT! It was your children that did this to me teme!"

"Whatever you say dobe. You ten times as messy as both of my children combined." Naruto grumpily followed Sasuke to get himself ready for the wedding.

~ Hinata and the bridesmaids~

Ino stood in front of Hinata pulling at her hair with a brush in one hand and a comb in her mouth. She'd been working on her hair for quite some time now. Hinata sideways glanced at Himiko to make sure she was dressed, which she was thanks to Sakura, who didn't mind helping out at all.

Sakura was fixing Himiko's hair when the door opened to reveal Hanabi.

Hinata's banishment from the clan was revoked after the battle two years ago. Hanabi sent out some guards to find Hinata. Her original intentions were merely to return Hinata to Konoha safely and nothing more. She felt her bond with her sister was worth that much, but when Hinata was returned Hanabi looked at the infants she carried in her arms.

They were the most beautiful things she'd ever seen. How could her father have banished and tried to kill Hinata when she carried something so precious? Hanabi no longer felt her sister a traitor. From that day on in Hanabi's eyes she was anything but a traitor, and fought to have Hinata's banishment revoked.

Hanabi entered the room smiling. Hinata was finally getting married. She walked over and hugged Hinata carefully trying not to disturb Ino's work.

"I'm glad you were able to make it." Hinata said to Hanabi.

"Like I'd really miss this! My sister is finally getting married to the man she loves."

Hinata smiled through Ino's poking and prodding as she fixed Hinata's hair and makeup. Sakura kept Himiko occupied for Hinata.

~ 40 Minutes Later~

The weather was nice and the sun was bright, without a cloud in the sky. Everyone migrated outside to the gardens where the ceremony was to take place. The guest took their seats and waited for the ceremony to begin. Among these guest was the former Hokage.

Tsunade gave up the title of Hokage after the battle because she couldn't protect the village like she had promised. For a long time afterwards she let the guilt eat away at her, but finally she started to heal from the ordeal. Her former talents in healing weren't forgotten, and even though she couldn't use those techniques, she had no problem explaining and teaches those techniques. Now she spent most of her time instructing genin at the medical core, and delivering babies at the hospital.

Today Tsunade was all smiles watching the wonderful shinobi the village had turned out. She looked up at the sky and praised her sensei for his work as Hokage.

The two lovers stared into each other's eyes lovingly. Sasuke's onyx eyes were softened while he gazed into her pale eyes. Their hands were intertwined.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride." Spoke Shikamaru lazily, as Hokage he had to perform these things all the time especially when he was friends with them.

'Troublesome.' He thought remembering that Kiba and Sakura would soon be tying the knot and once again he'd have to perform such a pain in the ass ceremony.

Sasuke grabbed Hinata and kissed her deeply causing some whistles and cheering from the guys. Hinata kissed him back with the same amount of passion while wrapping her arms around Sasuke. The kiss deepened even more almost as if they were alone.

"Whoa guys! Get a room!" called Naruto while Kiba whistled loudly at them.

The two broke apart and Hinata's face was red with embarrassment. Sasuke just wore a satisfied smirk. His arm was around Hinata's waist as they made their way through the crowd of guests who wanted to join in the merriment.

Everybody gave their congratulations to the newlyweds. After a while everyone settled in to mingle with the crowd. Himiko and Sanosuke ran about under the watchful eye of Kurenai.

Hinata had opted for a less formal buffet style of catering for the wedding. Hinata fixed a plate of food for herself while Sasuke and Naruto talked off to the side. Hinata walked forward and right into the back of Shikamaru, but luckily her food hadn't gotten on him.

"Ano Shika- Hokage-sama." Hinata corrected herself.

"What a drag. Just call me Shikamaru. I don't even want the title." answered Shikamaru sulking about being Hokage.

"You're quite busy the next coming month. Aren't you?" asked Hinata to Shikamaru.

Shikamaru sighed deeply. It was true he was one busy guy and especially with all the upcoming weddings. He had Kiba and Sakura's, followed by Sai and Ino, and then of course his own wedding was fast approaching. Again Shikamaru sighed deeply.

"He sure is! And he's being such a cry baby about it." interrupted Temari.

'Troublesome woman…' he thought with a smile.

"But who will marry you two?" Hinata asked Temari.

"My brother will. Shika and I are having a big wedding in Suna." Explained Temari.

"I see. Congratulations." Replied Hinata thinking how funny it was the way some things worked out.

Temari moved to Konoha after the attack and Hinata's return. She'd been serving as the go between for Suna and Konoha.

"What am I doing now?" interrupted Gaara as he entered the conversation after hearing his name.

"You're going to marry Shika and me!"


Hinata giggled and made her way to a table with her food. She looked over and saw Kurenai feeding Himiko and Sanosuke with Hanabi's help. Sasuke settled down next to her soon after with a plate of his own.

"So did everything go as you planned?"

"It went better than I could've imagined." She answered placing a kiss on his cheek.

~Elsewhere ~

"Hey Naruto-kun I need to talk to you." called Shikamaru.

"Yea what do you want Shika?"

"It was funny when you called the old hag Baa-chan but do you really have to call me that? I hate being called Shika." Growled Shikamaru.

"Um yea. It sets the same tone as Baa-chan did for Tsunade."

'Whatever it's not worth arguing over..'

"It's about your request to move."

"What about it! You didn't turn it down did you?"

"No, but is Suna where you really want to live?"

Naruto looked down at the ground blushing slightly. Shikamaru just sighed and shook his head.

"It would seem the rumors are true then."

"What rumors?!" yelled Naruto loudly.

"The one that you and the Kazekage are together."

Naruto just stood there wide eyed and gaping like a fish at Shikamaru's comment. His cheeks burned red. Shikamaru turned and walked away.

"I accept the request." He said with a smile though his back was to Naruto.

~ hours later~

Sasuke walked with Sanosuke on his shoulders and his arm wrapped around Hinata's waist while she held Himiko in her arms. The day was over and they were tired. The children were barely awake from the busy day they had.

Before long they made it home and placed the kids in bed.

Sasuke grabbed her arm and led her into the bedroom. Hinata followed with a smile. He pulled her close into a kiss. Her arms wrapped around him in response to the tight way he held onto her, it was as if he thought she'd vanish.

"I love you Hina-chan." He whispered into her neck.

"I love you too." She whispered back.

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