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Summary: A sad smile spread a cross her face. "I guess both of us are destine, to never be in the light of the sun." – A story about a human outcast and a her growing friendship with the gargoyles. (and before you ask no she is not a vampire)


~A New Friend~

A girl stands on a chair scrabbling through the shelves for the disinfectant medicine that she needed for her new friend. By being only 5`4" she needed to stand on her tip toes just to see the top of the tall shelves.

"it's not here either" She grumbles to her self.

She jumps off the chair and takes it over to the next shelf. She looks back at her new friend. He was laying on the blanket, she had put down on the floor for him.

"Try holding out for just a little longer k?" she says with a small smile doing her beast to cover her worry.

Her new friend was a dog like creator, its skin looked almost lizard like, but it was smooth and soft most likely cause of his thin layer of fur. He was a light-blue gray color and was, from her point of view built like an ox's. He seemed like he could easily take down any one if he wanted. But at the moment he was like an injured puppy unsure of what to do about his pain. Just above his front left paw was a deep cut into his leg. If it had went any further in, it most likely would have gone to the bone. The wound bled heavily, and she had to change the bandages twice in the past half hour.

This was her reason for looking for the medicine in the first place. The medicine was a disinfected and aid in blood coating. She knew this manly from personal experience.

As she searches for the medicine, she couldn't help thinking, how in the world her mother was able to unpack all their stuff and have a place for it. In less then a day they had bin there, was mind boggling to her.

Something caught the corner of her eye. She took it and looked closely at the label to making sure it was the right one. Once she was sure, she announced "Fond it!" to her friend.

She leaps off the chair and practically runs to her friend but makes sure to be careful when sitting next to his injured paw. She opens the first aid box next to her and grabs new bandages and two cloths.

She places a hand on top of his head and genteelly pets him.

"I'm going to change your bandages and put some medicine on that wound of yours ka?"

She says to him, her voice sounded both clam and caring.

He lets out a grunt, which she assumed was his yes. She pets him a few more times before carefully taking his paw and moves it to her lap. He finch the moment she started to move his paw. The movement was only a small one, yet it gave this strong creator so much pain. She looks at his face seeing it full of pain, she felt so sorry for him.

He was such a nice creator and yet someone hurt him, most likely trying to kill him. A rush of anger went through her as she thought of someone trying to kill him, most likely being motivated by fear or greed like most humans were. Once the pain of the movement subsided for him, she continued to carefully take off his bandages. Doing her best not to cause him even more pain. Once she got through a few of the layers some drops of blood fell onto her pants. Not that she cared about it; she never cared all that much about what her clothes looked like to begin with.

Once the bandages were off, she took a cloth from a bowl of water to her left. She was easily and quickly able to clean the cut. She tossed the cloth back in the now bloodily water, before taking a new cloth from the first aid kit. Spreading the gel like medicine she had found all over the cloth.

"I'm going to rap this cloth around your cut; it's going to hurt a lot, so brace your self." She explains to him so he was able to prepare him self.

She quickly raps it around his leg. He jolted and gave a whining growl from the pain. He tried to pull his paw away but she kept a firm grip above and below the wound on his leg. Once he stopped she loosened her grip while glancing up at him. He wasn't impressed he had 'that was more trouble then it was worth' look.

"Trust me, it'll help you a lot, in the long run" she reassured him.

His facial expiration didn't seem to change, not that she expected it to.

She pets his head hoping to change his attitude a little.

"just bare with me for a little while longer, all I got to do is re bandage it and then you can have your paw back ok?" her petting seemed to have relax him little.

He let out a huff and placed his head on the lower part of her lap. He didn't look happy about it, but at the same time he knew he didn't have a real choice. If she didn't know any better she could have sworn he was just a weird looking dog, he was so similar to one.

She took the new bandages and quickly bandaged up his leg, it was a lot easier and quicker to put bandages on, then taking them off. Which her friend was pretty happy about cause the moment she was done he put his foot under himself, making sure she couldn't make it hurt anymore. She notices he kept his head on her lap; it seemed to bring him comfort. But she didn't mind, she actuality was happy that he trusted and liked her enough to do so. She half expected him to stand up and walk away from her when she was done, giving her the cold shoulder for the rest of the night or at least for an hour or two.

She scrummed backwards a little, to lean against the couch. Much to her friend's grumbling-complaints of her movement. She half ignored him knowing he was complaining about her moving and not his pain. She reached behind her and garbed the remote from the couch. She flipped on the 32" T.V. and started searching for something to watch, considering she wasn't aloud to move. He let out a sigh of relief and curled up closer to her, his whole body relaxed at the sound of the TV. She guessed that his owner must watch a lot of TV for him to relax, just from the sound of it. She placed her non channel changing hand on his head and pets him gently as she continues to try and find something on.

Once she found something decent to watch, her mind seemed to drifted off to how she met her new friend only a few hours ago.

---------------------- Flash Back----------------------------------------------

She sat on a stone bench on the far left side of a walk thought garden behind a very high class five star hotel. Listening to her music through big earmuff type earphones and reading a large book. Besides the few special designed street lamps that lit-up parts of the walk way and a few lights of rooms on the higher floors it was pitch black. Of course that is to be expected around 1:30 at night. She wasn't too worried being out here on her own or of anyone sneaking up behind her. One of the reasons being the fence around the garden was 12 feet tall and went all the way around the garden with electric wires on top and spikes along the walls.

She hummed to the song as she flipped to the next page. She wore a black coat with white strips down the arms and sides over a dark grey T-shirt with dark navy blue pants.

Her brown hair was up in a pony tail with some hair left on the sides of her face, going down just below her chin, and bangs that almost went over her eyes.

Her humming stopped when she heard a rustle coming from behind her (her earphones were low enough to hear noises around her). She took her ear phones off and let them hang around her neck and placed the book on the bench. She turned her self around on the bench and looked at the vine brush; she had this strange feeling that something was in there. With her earphones off she could now hear a low growling moan coming from that direction.

*is that a dog?* she thought to her self *it sounds hurt.*

She stood up and walked towards the sound till she was about two feet away from the brush. Whatever it was she didn't want to provoke it. She carefully made her way to the side of the brush; she knew there was a gape between the brush and the fences, and figured it must be hiding there. She looks into the gape, to see an outline of a big four legged animal. It had a similar size to a dog yet the shape was unlike any dog she knew of.

*I wonder if it's some kind of mix breed?*

"Hey, you ok there?" she asked curiously looking at the dark figure.

It seems to have, just notice her as it lift its head up. It's movements, even breathing seemed to stop. It lasted for a few moments before it's eyes glowed and it's growl became dangerous.

She toke a step back and lowered glaze, making sure whatever it was, it didn't think she was trying to intimidate it. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest; the sudden glow of its eyes greatly startled her.

*ok no animal I know of has eyes like that.* She toke a deep breath to calm her pounding heart. The creator was still growling so to make sure her eyes wouldn't wander to his eye's she made sure to make her eyes focus on his feet. That's when she notices the large cut on his left leg, and the large amount of blood that was flowing out. Suddenly her 'always help ones in need' nature kicked in.

She wasn't sure how bad the injury was from this distance, but still knew that if he didn't get help soon it might become life threatening. She knew it wasn't an option to force him out; he had to come out on his own accord. She slowly, sat on her knees keeping her eyes on his feet.

"I want to help you" she says, his growling stop, but didn't showed any signs of moving from his spot. After 20 minutes or so, with no sign of him moving and his stare still glued on her. She laid on her stomach; to further show him that she meant no harm. Actions always seemed to work better for her then words. It only took a few more minutes once on her stomach, for the creator to start taking a few steps closer to her. As she remained still on the ground she notices it looked like it was hard for him to move, like he was fighting with his body to move.

It took him a long time to make it all the way over to her. But once in front of her he let out a whining growl. Still on her stomach she began to sit back on her knees, the creator watch her every move. Once on her knees the strange dog like creator took a painful step towards her and rubbed his head on her left shoulder.

She petted his back, "good boy"

she took a handkerchief from her pocket.

"could you rise your paw for me?" she asked showing him the handkerchief.

"If you can." She quickly added

With much effort he raised his injured paw, she quickly raped the hanky tightly around his cut.

"That should help a little until I get you inside,"

she gave him a few more pets before standing up. "stay here, I'll be right back."

He did as he was told and watched her run into the hotel. She quickly came back with a cart with different odds and ends of electronics on top. Pushing the cart up beside him. she raised the part of the long table cloth draping over the cart.

"climb in I'll sneak you into my room."

With a little of her help he was able to fit into the bottom of the cart; he was just able to fit lying down.

Pushing the cart through the hotel and onto the elevator up to her room was easy; with next to no one being up and around this time of night.


Suddenly his head jolted, and he began to stand up.

"What's the matter boy?" she asked him as she helped him stand up.

Once fully up on all fours he limped away from her making his way behind the couch. She quickly stood up to follow him, only to just as quickly fall on the couch.

"dam my legs' asleep."

She propped her self on the couch and looked behind (instead of trying to stand up again).

She notices very small streams of light begging to seep through the curtains.

"great the sun must be up" she says dully

Looking down at her new friend, she saw him turn from flesh to stone. Blinking a few times before rubbing her eyes to make sure lack of sleep didn't just cause what she saw. Opening her eyes once again seeing that her friend was for sure stone. Having gained some feeling in her legs she made her way around the couch. Getting on her knees to better examine him, she gently touching his now stone face as if it were fragile glass.

A sad smile spread a cross her face.

"I guess both of us are destine, to never be in the light of the sun."

She sighed, before standing back up.

"Yawn, I better get to bed. I haft to be down stairs before lunch."

She looked around seeing the bloody bandages, blankets along with odds and ends of the other things she used for her new friend.

"right after I clean up" not truly wanting to, but knowing she had to. "why do I get the feeling this is going to be a long day" she grumbles to her self.


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