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Sleep deprived

Detective Elisa Maza could barley keep her eyes open.

Elisa was unwillingly volunteered to work at a 'Health and Rights' conferences, as a semi guard; pretty much she was there just to make the tight suits of the conferences feel better. Elisa wasn't the only cop there, her partner, Bluestone and a hand full of other officers who had actually volunteered to do it or were unwillingly volunteered to do so by a higher up; like her. So now she was sitting in a chair, outside a meeting room, with nothing to do; wasn't making staying awake any easier.

She only mange to get a few hours of sleep, since the rest of her night was spent going from one end of New York to the other trying to find Bronx, or simply any trace or sign of him.

Broadway had taken Bronx with him on patrol, when suddenly; they were attack by an unknown enemy. There was only one guy, with weaponry and a jetpack style that Broadway had never seen before. Bronx and Broadway were separated during the brawl, or at least that's what they all hoped. Broadway had put Bronx on the ground, before trying to go after the guy, but before Broadway could turn around to attack. The enemy; that was covered in black from head to toe, shoot at Broadway with his laser gun. Broadway had managed to dodge the shoot, but the blast sent him flying into the Hudson River. By the time he had resurfaced, Bronx and the enemy were gone. Broadway tried to look for them but they were nowhere to be found. Broadway wasted no time in, informing the rest of the clan about Bronx and it took less then a minute for them to separate into two flying groups, along with Elisa on the ground, even Bluestone; her partner and fellow cop, tried to help look for the K-9 gargoyle. Brooklyn and Lex had found some blood a few city blocks away from where Broadway lost Bronx. But it was getting to close to sunrise and had to return. They guessed that Bronx had found a place to hide, until his injury could heal. One unspoken thought through the whole clan was that, Bronx had been captured by the enemy or worst…


Elisa snapped out of her thoughts and looked up. A waiter placed a fancy cup on a matching small planet, next to the table she was sitting by. She could smell that the cup was filled with coffee. Elisa also notices two cubes of sugar, two packets of cream and a tiny spoon on the small plate.

"Sorry I didn't know how you liked your coffee" the young waiter apologised to her. He only looked about seventeen and had jet black hair, wearing the usual waiters black pants, black sleeveless jacket vest with a long sleeved white shirt.

Elisa looked up at waiter puzzled, "I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong person, I didn't order anything" Elisa wouldn't even want to try. In a fancy high class place like this, a single cup of coffee probably cost 11 dollars and their cups weren't even that big.

The waiter looked at her up and down "black hair, dark skin, red jacket, I'm pretty sure you're the person Alex told me to give the coffee too."

The female detective looked at the waiter with a raised eyebrow "Who's Alex?"

"Oh, Alex is the tech support; she works the lights, projectors, mic' and you know techy stuff like that." He listed each while he was pointing to an invisible board with the list on it. "Alex was the one who told me, to give you her free coffee. She said you looked like you really needed it" the waiter explained.

Elisa relaxed hearing that it was a girl and not a stuffed suite that might have been hitting on her. "She gets free coffee?" she questioned.

"Yeah, a lot of employees here get free coffee"

Elisa wish the police department had a similar deal.

"But Alex's hates the taste of coffee, so it's probably not that much of a sacrifice for her."

Elisa couldn't believe that somebody didn't like coffee, but on the other hand she had heard and seen stranger things.

"She told me to give you all the coffee you wanted, and put it on her free coffee tab, so just flag me down if you need more" he explained while still holding a platter of cups. "I don't mean to be rube, but I haft to get going now." he said as he quickly made his way down the hall and into another room.

Elisa poured the two creams into her coffee and stirred it with a small spoon. She lifted the cup up to her nose, letting her self breath in the aroma before taking a good long sip of the fancy coffee. Elisa had to admit, it was some amazing tasting coffee, or maybe it was just her tried body rejoicing at the input of caffeine. Either way, she defiantly needed to thank Alex, who ever she was.

After her third cup Elisa was beginning to feel much more awake, even if it was through a pure caffeine rush. She had mange to flag down the same young waiter again.

"You want another coffee miss?" he asked with a smile.

Elisa shook her head "no, I'm fine for now, but do you have a minute?"

The waiter nodded and politely said "yeah, it's a little slow right now so it should be ok, what is it you need?"

"I was wondering if you could point out Alex to me, I want to thank her." Elisa said taking a glace around only seeing a few other waiters and exhibitors, wandering around, while most of the other people where in confess rooms.

"Well I don't know where Alex is right now. She rarely comes out to the main halls; she prefers to use the employ halls to get around. The only reason she probably saw you, was when she was helping one of the exhibitors set up." The young waiter explained.

"Does tech supports, do that often?" Elisa asked, it seemed a bit odd for a tech to just randomly, go out of there way, and even comfort zone to help an exhibitor set up.

"No, Alex just likes to help out whenever she can. She's just always kind hearted like that" he said with a slight blush, reviling that he most likely had a crush on Alex. "Though a lot of people find her scary looking," He said in almost a sad tone.

'She probably dress up like a Goth' Elisa thought to her self.

He glance around making sure no one was close enough to hear "just between you and me, most of the people here would probably find a fork put in the wrong place, scary."

Elisa couldn't help but crack a smile, the kid had a pretty good sense of humour.

Suddenly an alarm went off; Elisa was instantly on her feet. "What's going on?" Elisa asked looking at the teenager.

"It means we need to get to the entrance area and now" the waiter said the last part in a panic.


Elisa did her best to try and find her partner in the huge crowd of people.

Bluestone; her partner, herself along with a hand full of other cops in a room with 2 dozens hotel employs and a hundred or so, female and male tight suits. Trapped in one large entrance room with all the windows and doors locked, Elisa mentally prayed that no one in here was cloister phobic.

"Matt, what's going on?" Elisa asked finally catching up to her partner in the entrance area.

"It seems that there was a wild life Protection and Salvation Company and they brought down about, a dozen or so exotica animals by the request of investors." Bluestone explained.

"And let me guess, their loose now?" Elisa inquired

"heh, you haven't even heard the worst part" added Matt with a dull roll of his eyes "the animal's handler isn't even here. He's not suppose to be in New York until early tomorrow morning, only the feeder is here"

Elisa sighed "great, then shouldn't we at least get these people out of the building."

Matt shook his head "nope, the feeder said 'there's a chance that one of the animals could get out' so until further notice all exterior windows and doors stay closed." He said the last part with a flat tone "apparently the feeder is trying to get a hold of someone who's bin an assistant to the handler for years"


A group a people spread apart in a panic, the partners looked at each other before wasting no time in finding out what was the problem. Both their eyes grew a size bigger as they saw a 7 foot long snake sliding around on the floor. Bluestone instinctively took out his gun and aimed at the snake.

The next thing Elisa knew, her partner was hissing in pain. She looked over to Matt; just now noticing the gun in his hand, with a girl about 5'4" wearing black pants and black hoodie. The girl had her partner's wrist in a death grip, forcing his arm to point downwards towards his feet.

"Put that thing away now" the girl in black said with such a dark and deep tone, that Elisa could visibly see a chill run down her partner's back. The hooded girl released her grip from his wrist leaving behind crescent marks on his skin, from thoroughly digging her nails into him. Bluestone rubbed his wrist slightly before, reluctantly putting his gun away. The Girl stood perfectly still next to him, watching his every move and making sure the gun was put away. She didn't move until Bluestone's hand was off the gun and crossed over his chest.

The girl gave a slight nod of approval before walking towards the snake. She placed her hand in front of the snake. Elisa notice that the girl wore a pair of black gloves, and began to wonder if the girl would of drawn blood from bluestone's wrist if she wasn't.

The snake's slim frock tong vibrated in front of her hand before retracting it back. The hooded girl genteelly scratched the top of the snakes head with two fingers. The long snake looked to be enjoying it; as it closed its eyes and looked like it was about to purr. She easily picked up the long reptile and casually draped it over her shoulders as if it were an overly large scarf.

Elisa saw another shiver run down her partner's spine, and judging from the look on his face he was creped out too. She had never pegged him as being phobic of snakes, but she made a mental note about making sure to torture him about it later.

"Oh thank goodness you're here!" came the voice of a guy that didn't look any older then 22, as he did his best pushing through the crowd towards the girl and snake. Just as he mange to squeeze through the last of the people into the clearing with the girl. The 22 year old looked like he was about to topple over. The hooded girl grabbed his arm and supported him until he gained his balance back.

The guy scratched his head nervously through his long brown hair "I'm so sorry Alex, I don't know what happened" he said in both a panicked and sympathetic voice.

Elisa eyes grew wide at the name, she scanned the room and saw the waiter from earlier smiling proudly and admiringly as he looked at the hooded girl in a sight daze proving that she was defiantly the same Alex, that was giving her free coffee. Elisa didn't know what she couldn't believe more, that this girl; Alex, was both an assistant handler and the tech support, or the fact that she was both these things and didn't look much older then 14.

Alex looked up at burnet man with the snake looking quiet comfortable and relaxed on her shoulders. "It's alright Drake, right now we need to find the others and get them back in their cages, we'll figure out the how later" Alex said in such a calm and comforting voice, that it instantly reminded Elisa of Goliath's.

Alex simply said "excuse me" as she began to make her way to the door that lead back to the hallways, which connected to all the different conference rooms. The mob of people made a path for her with out a fuss. The 22 year old; Drake, who Elisa now assumed was the feeder fallowed closely behind her.

Alex's hand was about to grasp the doors handle, when Drake quickly piped up "Wait, what if the cooperate is still in there. Shouldn't we bring a cop with us just encase."

Alex looked up at him, with a sigh she turn around to face the room and pointed directly at Elisa, "The black haired woman in the red coat can come, but no one else" and with out another word Alex turned on her heel opened the door and quickly closed it behind her. The feeder looked at the door before looking at Elisa with pleading eyes.

Elisa looked at her partner and he looked at her, they both nodded to each other seeming to be on the same page. Elisa made her way towards the door, she could feel everyone eyes on her as the feeder opened the door for her. Once in Elisa saw Alex leaning on a table with a hand to her chest slowing breathing in and out as if she was scared and trying to calm herself.

Elisa heard the click of the door closing fallowed by a girls voice "nice job out there Alex, I know how much you hate being around people, epically a large group like that." Said a girl that had brown hair streaked blond, wearing a black pair of pumas, jeans, and a light blue t-shirt that said in black lettering 'I get A+++ in talking'.

Alex lifted her head and looked at the new girl. Her hood was finally at an angle were Elisa could see Alex's face or at least most of it. Alex was wearing a pair of sunglasses that closed around her eyes not allowing any light to her eyes, her skin was almost ghostly pale, and her hair was a dark brown.

"Mom said you had to let me come." The girl stated, and even though Elisa couldn't see Alex's eyes through the thick sunglass, she could tell Alex rolled her eyes as she let out a small groan. Elisa also didn't haft to be a detective to tell that these two were sisters.

The Girl turn to face Elisa "Hi, my names Leeann" she said with a smile as she extended her hand toward the female detective.

Elisa smiled kindly at Leeann and shook her hand "Elisa Mazda"

In the corner of Elisa eye she saw Alex hand the snake to the feeder. Drake draped the snake over his shoulders but not nearly as casually or relaxed as Alex had been.

"Please, put him back in his cage" Alex asks the Drake politely.

"Sure thing, it's easy to handle these guys once you've calmed them down." He said with a smile "but…" the feeder suddenly looked very uneasy "I don't think I can handle Eliza or Ramona"

"It's alright, I'll keep them with me until I can get back to their room." She reassured him, and Elisa could see a small gentle smile through the shadow of Alex's hood. He smiled back at her before quickly making his way down one of the halls.

Alex turned her head and looked at Elisa and Leeann. With a sigh Alex waved her had to fallow her as she walked down a different hall then the feeder.


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